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The great Freeman Fly and his Wife Jamie return to THC to talk about the last few awards shows and what insight we can get from the symbols and imagery used during the big performances.  We also talk about the interface between cutting-edge technology and the occult which we’ve seen several times throughout history and again in modern times with CERN and other projects.

In the Plus show, we talk more about other areas of tech magick: Mind transfer technology, clones, AI, quantum computing, and more. Then we swing back into Jamie’s wheelhouse to talk about the work she’s been doing on Beyonce and some insights into her life as a high priestess of monarch slaves. Boom.

You can check out the hours and hours of great stuff Freeman and Jamie do at or click some of these links below to get to specific pieces of Jamie’s work that were relevant to today’s show:

Beyonce: The Queen B –

The 2015 Super Bowl – Grammy Ritual Spectacle –

Some photos from the Don Peyote Tour we took together summer of 2014:

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  1. Listen Greg-After interviewing eric dubay, how could you not mention flat earth to these ‘researchers’-who beleive in space stations etc-
    I don’t mean to be negative or degrading but unless you did this interview before eric dubay-i really dont understand why you wouldn’t pose the question-your podcast rocks the earth-quite literally-fuck researching other people-your established now-i dont understand why guests are more important than the host-why dont they research what you have done-ive listened to all your plus shows and can tell you i have been rocked by eric dubay-hook, line and sinker-
    i make a request(and probably you already have this covered knowing you), to learn more about flat earth idea-
    something like that has to be explored and has to be so much more important than anything else!
    -anyhow i still enjoyed the show but was disappointed in what i would sum up as a side track(terrible thing to say i know)-
    no disrespect intended-i just wanna concentrate on big lie and not get caught up in speculations-
    let me just ask you straight up-do you think flat earth model makes sense?
    sorry for such a long post and so many questions and annoying opinions but
    keep up great work and thanks for you courage-fair play to ya

    1. It’s totally not unusual to find THC episodes to be self contained. Some obviously cross pollinate, but others don’t. Just because I did a flat Earth episode, doesn’t mean we’re becoming a flat Earth show.

      THC is about various perspectives from researchers, and me trying to help them make the best case for THEIR positions, not change their minds. We might do another Flat Earth show down the road, but until we have a guest where that is there forte’, you probably wont hear about it. Just like I don’t ask Cryptid researchers about fracking, or UFO researchers about vaccines, it just doesn’t make sense.

      I thought I was pretty clear in the wrap up for that show. I think the flat Earth theory is more interesting than I initially thought, but ultimately, I think it’s too big of a secret to keep. Thanks for listening though!

      1. As far as what we have to be aware of possibly happening in 2015 or 2017 you should interview Rebekah Roth. She was a flight attendant for 35 years than retired after a few years after 911 in 2004. She used her expertise as a senior flight attendant to examine how the official story of 911 did not jibe with what she knew about airline procedures during a hijacking. She wrote a book called ” Methodical Illusion” a fictional book about what happened on 911. She is so well researched and would make a great guest for THC.
        Also, I found Eric Dubay to be fascinating and would like to hear other flat earth theorists in the future. Great job Greg!

    2. Flat Earth thing is interesting but it’s just another theory. And pretty thin theory. Why are there no ancient texts about it like there is with the Sumerian texts in which Earth is a sphere. I really think Flat earth is a last ditch effort by the fundamental christians who take bible literally.

  2. Freeman and Jamie are possibly the only two satanic symbolism researchers that don’t make me feel hopeless and overwhelmed about the present situation and that’s because they are clear that there are no saviors…not in the sky and not in the alternative community either. It’s up to each and every one of us to find are own path, our own answers and solutions and to develop the perseverance to stick to our principles. At least that is what I get from listening to them.
    What does concern me a little is the over use of the word occult. Most of us know that occult simply means hidden. There’s no inherent evil in the word occult but when it’s used constantly to describe rituals et al done for evil/satanic purposes it takes on an evil meaning and can easily be misunderstood and misrepresented by an uninformed public. Imo, we have to be careful about things like that. For example the so-called Katy Perry occult super bowl ritual. How the hell can an event like that, viewed by millions be occult (hidden)? Call it what it is…satanic, not occult.
    I’ve heard Freeman pronounce Samhain phonetically, i.e., sam-hane when the correct pronunciation is sow-en or sow-een. Some may find that nitpicky on my part but I generally admire their research ability so it bothers me when I hear them miss the mark on basic stuff like that.

    1. Yes, JKBM!! You put into words what was bugging me about this interview. As I get a little more into the “occult” what really stands out to me is that these symbols, rituals, etc. are tools that can be used for good or ill. I’m always hoping there is some anonymous collective using occult ritual for the good of humanity that just doesn’t advertise in the same way as the more Satanically inclined.

      1. I really like Freeman’s work. His website is full of important information. But words are important and I think we have to be careful about the language that we use so we don’t put out a message that wasn’t intended. I’m sure he knows there’s a difference between occultists and dark/satanic occultists.

        I think there is a force for good working behind the scenes and I also think that individually we can do our part both quietly and vocally. Hopefully the ranks of those doing that will continue to grow in number.

  3. i boldly disagree with you greg-it makes total sense to ask them-
    i asked crow about gluten, i guess you think thats dumb-
    but i don’t believe in stupid questions or for that matter specialists-
    this is what i mean-
    if you cannot figure out if the earth is flat seems pretty irrelevant who is doing what with beyonce or whatever-
    also eric dubay said some pretty strange things about crow and his latest videos are pretty good-
    its too big greg!

    1. I thought Dubay was interesting and made good points, but then I googled his arch enemy Stephen Christ and he was interesting too. One or both could be insane. This just proves to me you can make a conspiracy out of anything, because at the heart of it, we really know very very little about anything in the universe.

  4. giuliacan, if you want to make the argument that the reality of the shape of the Earth is a greater conspiracy than the ideas and information that Freenan and Jamie are putting forth, so their information is unrealavent, then I trump your Flat Earth theory with the fact that our whole reality is not even existent until we observe it. Our reality has been proven, beyond any doubt, to not even exist… BY SCIENTISTS! The top theoretical physicists in the world have went on record saying that the likelihood we live in a matrix type of reality is something like 10 to the 80th order… and you are talking about if the world is flat or round? If you can not know if you are living in a biological or digital reality, it seems pretty irrelevant whether the Earth is flat or not.

    Sorry, I had to let you know how it felt. Just let them do their research, you do yours, I will do mine and then we can merge it all together to figure out what’s REALLY going on.
    I get that you think its like we are all working on big jigsaw puzzles in different areas and you think yours has more pieces and is bigger, but you must realize, its all the same puzzle. Only when you realize that all of everyones pieces are of the same puzzle, can you realize how their pieces fit together with yours.
    Look into the “Occult” teachings to see if there is hidden knowledge or rituals concerning Flat Earth. If its true and is hidden knowledge, it is then by definition, Occulted, and will most definitely be found in the wisdom of the occult practices and rituals. The matrix type reality is all over in the wisdom of acient occult knowledge. Go find yours.

    1. 1)its not my theory
      2)i am very aware of michael talbots holographic universe and it was a greatly inspiring read
      3)nothing is proven beyond doubt, everything is based on an assumption
      4)that boom was embarrassing
      5)thanks for letting me know how little i realize, that was cute
      6)i still think the earth could be flat and want to learn more-
      as eric dubay said, you dont go back its like 9-11-
      thanks for you correspondence-
      anyone else wanna hear more about antarctica?
      an expert on curvature-
      p.s rediceradio sucks nothing about antarctica or flat earth in 1000 episodes(nearly)
      p.s.s sorry if i am an asshole, i dont mean it, i only want to help-

      1. giuliacan, I see that you finally realized a dash (“-“) isn’t a period, I’m so proud of you. Oh look, you numbered your reply, how nice.

        1):::sigh::: Really? You mean to tell me that I have to explain to you that because you made it clear on here that you like a theory, when I say “your theory”, that I don’t mean that its actually YOUR theory… a theory that was theorized before you wre even born?
        2) I got my information from scientists and physicists before I knew of Michael Talbot, but yes, his information is thought provoking in similar ways but is not the only source for my argument.
        3)That’s true. I meant to say “beyond a ny REASONABLE” doubt.”, but your point is taken.
        4) To be honest, I did contemplate it when the thought arouse to write it but felt the boom was sufficiently placed given the fact that I had just turned your own logical premise against you to prove the idea you wanted to cultivate and focus on was just as unimportant as the ideas of those you were making your statements and arguements against. So its not too embarrassing. What does everyone else think, was it a good “boom” or no? No feelings will be hurt.

        I DID, however, feel embarrassed, for you, when I read your post asking a guy who makes his living off from interviewing guest on a variety of subjects to barrage his two guests (and close friends to him, who they themselves, make their living talking about occultic happenings amongst the elite and in the public domain) about Flat Earth theory topics which has nothing to do with what they were talking about. To imply that you want Greg to focus on Flat Earth ideas with all his guests because you think that its more important than what anyone else wants to hear or talk about, is ridiculous. Yes, flat earth is interesting, but not everyone buys into it and everyone wants to hear a variety of different kinds of shows and my man Greg needs to pay his bills by providing more than flat earth theory shows… and here you are jumping his ass for not barking about flat earth theory to two of the best minds researching the occult underpinnings within the elite and all around us in our everyday lives! Now THATS embarrassing.
        Wait for it…. ☆★º•○●-_~`¤{[¡ BOOM! ¡]}¤`~_-●○•º★☆
        p.s.~now that one was a little embarrassing.
        5) Your welcome. I thought so as well.
        6) I think there are some interesting points made and that more research on the subject us well warranted.
        Your welcome and thank you for your cooraspondences as well. We should do thisvagain some time.
        -boom- ←aftershock from the first “boom”
        I would love to gear more about Antarctica and Flat Earth Theory.

  5. In Romania of all places. Another great show Carlwood.
    Love your humility and curiosity and great choice of guests.
    Love this show. If you’re going to FYM, we’ll have to have a
    higher side-by-side chat. Cheers mate!

  6. I’m with you, giuliacan. I’m quite disappointed that Red Ice hasn’t broached the flat earth yet. But they will. And chromerhino, I have lost all faith in “theoretical” physicists. It’s all theory, not facts. Flat earth is an experienced fact to me. I want to hear more about flat earth, please, but for god’s sake, I don’t want to hear from Mark Sergeant. What an idiot.

    1. That’s completely understandable, but I’m refering to actual experiments that have been done by physicists (that actually prove things with real experiments).
      But I understand where your coming from with reguards to theoretical physicists and theories in general.

  7. tick, tick, tick, tick- BOOM
    way too long-i read it and all but jolly gosh i am sorry i wrote so much myself-
    they say you should never get into a fight with a fool because one can not tell the difference between the two-
    i guess i am the fool most of the time-boom at myself!
    honestly to clean this whole thing up-i didnt like jamie and freeman-the reason being that they sort of subtly bicker like a normal couple-
    greg did a good job mediating and i have heard this before-so i am not a fan-
    Looking forward to next show Greg-
    peace and love

    1. Lol
      Here’s a fool, there’s a fool, everywhere there is a fool’s fool. I’m a fool, your a fool, everyone is a fool’s fool.
      I noticed they would interupt to make a connection with something else or add a comment often too. I, personally, like the information they bring forth and feel they look at things from many prospectives. They might come across, to some, as biased in one way or another, but I feel they speculate on the intent of those who are in charge of the rituals in the way they want the public to react. But I could be wrong.
      I am also looking forward the next show.

  8. Hey Greg. This is my first comment being that I’ve just signed up for plus. Just gotta say i love the show and how you run it. I’ve only recently discovered it but I’ve listened to the majority of your journey and find it inspiring that you pretty much broke free with your own individual passion. I hope to do the same eventually and support myself independently. That being said I would like to hear a show with someone who can help give some guidance on things like defeating the courts at their own game, breaking free of my social security number, and reclaiming the name my parents gave me by dissolving the corporate fiction that they call to the stand in court. I’ve done some research on this but it seems to work different in every state, unless I’m missing something (i live in Ohio). I know you’ve had Kate of Gaia on but i find Kate a little hard to follow on the train of thought. Anyway, my wife and i appreciate you brother. One Love

  9. These guests were misinforme. Thinking that ancient man like the Aztec didn’t have advanced technology and didn’t have a grasp on mathematics is just incorrect. With that said still a fan of the show and I look forward to your next show.

  10. Firstly, I must echo the sentiment of others that this is the first podcast I have ever spent money to subscribe to. Thanks so much for your laid back style and willingness to explore any topic.

    Freeman’s comment about white people being from Mars is fascinating. If you are familiar with comic book writer Grant Morrison’s run on Jusice League years ago there was an entire storyline involving evil, white, shape-shifting martians invading earth covertly by pretending to be great heroes and doing wonders for mankind. The story is fascinating and bears a read. In the end they are defeated by (spoilers) having their minds wiped and being “psychically imprisoned” in human bodies. (end spoilers) Morrison is a writer in the vein of Alan Moore and Philip K Dick and others very versed in occult, magick, and the high strangeness culture.

  11. Thanks for the podcast, Greg. My friend just turned me on to it a few months ago and I just subscribed to the plus show.

    I thought of something during the first part of this interview when they mentioned owl symbolism. I have been interested in that for a while now, especially how much of it you can see when you go shopping in various stores. I know some people would say “it’s just an owl, who cares?” but I have noticed the owl symbolism everywhere. It starts to get a little creepy when you have owls staring at you in almost every store. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but I find it strange.

  12. i love when Freeman and Jamie are “in town” they have some really good stuff and p.o.v.’s. As I listened to this episode, I couldn’t help but think about something that was mentioned by Freeman. In the part that he comments about a performance during the Grammy’s, and how it could have been used as a way to trigger a “sleeper” agent. This might be a bit of a stretch, but I thought about the German airliner going down with 16 school kids on board (child sacrifice?) and how the co-pilot “acted alone!” Granted, the Grammy’s were in Feb 8th and the airline crashed a little over a month later… but I can’t help but think about how that pilot could’ve been a sleeper agent and how the kids might have been a sacrifice to some degree. Just food for thought! Great show, as always, keep up the good work my man!

  13. Hi! Been Subscribed For A While but when exactly are new episodes released? Noticed it seemed to be on different days. Was wondering if it is specific days or weeks? Thanks!! 😀

  14. They sound like jackasses when they talk about the oto. He even missprounced the full name, as soon as I heard that I had a bad feeling about these two. Sorry Greg, love you just hate these two.

  15. I didn’t look threw all of the comments so I apologize if it’s already been mentioned. No Doubts  music video for “Don’t speak” is based around them picking Gwen from the group. Thinking about the video gave me goose bumps when they started talking about them breaking groups up. Awesome show!!

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