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Remember when Parler started to get a ton of traction and then Google and Amazon shut down their ability to host? Urbit solves this. 

"We think the internet can’t be saved. The way things are going, MEGACORP will always control our apps and services because we can no longer run them ourselves.

The only way out of this mess is with a completely new platform that’s owned and controlled by its users.

Urbit is a new OS and peer-to-peer network that’s simple by design, built to last forever, and 100% owned by its users. Under the hood, Urbit is a clean-slate software stack compact enough that an individual developer can understand and control it completely.

We built this new stack to give people a single integrated tool for communicating and building communities – a tool they can trust, control, and extend to their liking. We want to do away with the terrible user experience of the current ‘frankenstack’ of apps and services that we all use today."


https://urbit.org/overview - Read more here


All in favor of creating a higherside chats community forum on Urbit say I.