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Where's the beef ? | Anyone order from Texas Slim's Beef Initiative?

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Inspired by this recent podcast, I decided to order from Texas Slim's beef initiative. Have any of you tried ordering from them? If so, what was your experience like? Gotta say, if you are in a hurry try calling them first to get details before you order! Policies/delivery details are vague and need to be updated online and they are also backordered. I am in a food desert in downtown Cleveland and hoping to get my delivery next week sometime, fingers crossed.

If anyone in Cleveland has some suggestions for good meat/produce delivery options please let me know. I am carless and new to the downtown area. Trying to avoid the usual suspects for food delivery service.

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We live south of Cleveland and had a CSA & flower share with a biodynamic farm in Canton, Simon's Organics Family Farm. They are a small family run business, literally, the parents, three (now adult) children and one helper, who also offer up a Herdshare. My family hunts and fishes so we have not signed up for the herdshare, but I would absolutely recommend it.  I've met the family, the cows, chickens, and goats and traded some wildcrafted Chaga for eggs/butter (super yummy!). And they are treated with love, have an amazing amount of pasture and land to roam, live, thrive and the husbandry is done with compassion and gratitude. 

Here's a link to the Organic Herdshare.  A cool part of this is that with the share, you along with others "own" the herd and as such have the ability to receive raw dairy products. 

The CSA veggie & flower shares were a little disappointing to be honest; so we are not doing that with them again.  To be fair- it was good, just not enough produce or variety for what we personally can grow; add that to 2 hours round trip drive time and it just doesn't make sense for us to duplicate.  However, for folks not able to grow their own food and want to support a friendly local family doing things beyond organic with their services to the community- then the Simon Family Farm is where it is at!

** For the herd share I am not sure they offer delivery options, though there are folks within the share in Cleveland who take turns getting the meats, so perhaps that could be a win-win for you? Check it out!