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On the anniversary of all the jay sex that happened in washingtown, I'd like to say a hearty "thank you". Not just to those that were there that day, but also to the protestors on the other side that blazed a trail, (sometimes literally), for the neovikings and geriatrics to follow. (They're not sending their best people, Folks). The French and Canadians also deserve an honorable mention, and probably others too..

I believe that together you showed the Global Effete that we are not, and never will be, completely impotent. Even if you tinker with our DNA and reduce the human race to a collection of slugs, we will crawl on your eyes while you sleep. 

I'm sure there are MANY points on which we disagree, but bravery like yours is desperately needed in modern society. 

(My belief is that the upheaval was largely a reaction to people being subjugated by nonsense and locked in their homes for a couple of years, and then, when they are thoroughly isolated, they are told by the only sources they trust where to direct their ire... if anyone wants to know).

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