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The REAL mindwar and the Solution I discovered. PROVE ME WRONG! PLEASE!

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I don’t have a lot of time and I assume neither do you so I will make this brief but although it is short please do not underestimate its importance.

I recently discovered (by the grace of God) why people are so seemingly apathetic and "Normies" seem brainwashed to the point you cannot reason with them. It took me months of deep thought but I finally nailed it down.

It is a psychological trick our overlords are using against us to keep us from acting.

In short they can, at will, convince us we are no longer responsible adults but instead are helpless children that desperately need them as parents regardless of how evil or abusive they are.

It is a subtle form of hypnotism and use of double bind traps. They make us schizophrenic/double minded so that we must be given permission to do anything, even protest. I know it sounds crazy (it sounds crazy as I type it) but I figure this audience can handle it.

It really is not crazy. I have thought this through and researched it. I challenged people to disprove it and they ended up being whole hearted supporters.

I told you I would keep this short.

Here is the link to a 10-lesson course I wrote and posted.


It’s free. I don’t want any credit. Just use it, please. It works.

If everybody in the world read it today this would all be over tomorrow morning.

You can do it in an hour and you will enjoy it.

It has music and humor.

It exposes them and I guarantee they will shut it down as soon as it gets on their radar.


You can contact me via GAB if you wish.

The Harbinger

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This was a trip to read. Thanks for all your work on this

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@ox Thank you. I post to GAB quite a bit. Did you read the latest on Double Binds, Hypnotism and Mass Schizophrenia?

BTW I believe you are the first and only one who read it.

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@dr_g0rp0n_the_m0nster_slayer this is crazy! I had a random rant in my head the other day about how Jesus was on of the first “conspiracy theorist” and died because of it. He was exposing greed and corruption and was crucified for it. Interesting read man.

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@dr_g0rp0n_the_m0nster_slayer if I were on social media I'd share your work, haha!

Havent read the latest, can you post a link on this thread?

As Greg says: keep fighting the good fight brother

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WARNING: this is a very deep and provocative post.
It will force you to think uncomfortable thoughts and accept painful truths. It is a huge dose of red pill and is not for everyone. You may wish you had never read it.

First and foremost
You must not feel shame that you find yourself in the Child Ego State.
You have been tricked.
It’s a clever trick.
It does not mean that you are stupid.
It is a mental trap designed especially for you – a human.
It is old and had no name.
Now it is called cybernetics – the steering of the people.

Most people believe cybernetics has something to do with connecting electronics and flesh but that is not how the Illuminati define it. They define it as the study of control and information in animals and machines, the art of governing.

Proof https://www.

The future offers very little hope for those who expect that our new mechanical slaves will offer us a world in which we may rest from thinking. Help us they may, but at the cost of supreme demands upon our honesty and our intelligence. [Norbert Wiener, "God and Golem, Inc.," 1964]

Cyber means steering or guiding in Greek.

When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal.

Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go.

All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures are being tamed and have been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.” –James chapter 3

It is a trick so common and subtle that through experience you have probably used it on others including your own children.

In order for it to work first you must put someone in the Child Ego State.
This is a mental state where you forget that you are an adult capable of discerning mental traps from reality.
There are 3 ego states in each of us: Child, Adult, and Parent.
The Child is the most easily confused and controlled.
You must be placed in a mild trance.
This type of hypnotism happens quite often.

It happened to you when you drove and suddenly found yourself at your destination. It happened when you were caught by your teacher daydreaming at school or when you were reading a book, got to the end of the page and couldn’t remember what you read. It is called autohypnotism. It happens when you watch TV. We put ourselves into hypnotic trances quite often – especially when we seriously focus on a task. We leave our “reality” for a period of time in order to focus on something else and time, hunger, pain or thirst has no meaning anymore.


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They are not illegal.
If the Powers that Be made them illegal they would become even more dangerous.

They didn’t kill Jesus because of what he did.
They crucified him for what he said,
to make an example of him,
and it backfired terribly.

So they learned their lesson.

Never forget that for 1000 years after He said his words it was still illegal to own a Bible.
Yet His kingdom flourished.

In my opinion Jesus came to teach us because the rulers of the time had mangled the original intents of the law so much that the people were caught in a labyrinth of confusion and inescapable hypocrisy.

He came to set things right, to figuratively free the captives. That’s why they felt they had to shut him up. He didn’t come to lead humans to victory in a military or political sense. He simply taught and let it snowball. His enemies (you know of whom I speak) lost their control over the people and have been trying to regain it ever since. They have succeeded. All but a remnant remain.

I am careful not to speak for Him. But with my words I am trying to accomplish something similar here.

This is not entertainment.
Nor is it a substitute for being reborn in Christ.
It is not even close.

But seeing the truth will liberate and empower you so that you can take appropriate measures.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

But the freedom is not without a price.

Start at the link below to read the dangerous ideas in sequence.


There is a lot of speculation about Illuminati mind control lately.
I have written about it extensively.
But after some deep contemplation I have finally sniffed up their little secret.
It is quite simple and elegant really.


Have you ever had what alcoholics call “a moment of clarity” and realized that for over 2 years now they have gotten away with literally murder while steamrolling an agenda that will insure that our children and our children’s children will be hopelessly enslaved to their slightest caprice?

They might be sex slaves.
They might be uranium miners.
Or they might just be involuntary organ donors.
Whatever Klaus wants them to be.

What is keeping us from ripping their heads off?
You know our founding fathers would not have tolerated this.
They started a revolution over much less.
And yet our “heroes” like Rand Paul can’t even seem to garner enough courage ask Fauci to STOP financing that lab in Wuhan (and dozens of others) with OUR OWN MONEY.

It is like a bad dream where you are running from something and can’t seem to make any distance. It is like a Milgram experiment where everyone is in on the gag except you.
Do you feel helpless to do anything but let events unfold out of control?

This is how brainwashed people feel.
They know what is happening but are powerless.
This is mental enslavement.

But unlike the textbook MK ULTRA style LSD/torture techniques you have been manipulated in a very subtle way to be powerless in spite of the power you were sure you had.

You must have had that power.
You remember you once had it, don’t you?
But somehow you lost it somewhere, somehow, some time in the past.
You have guns.
You have the 1st amendment, the 2nd, the 3rd and all 10 in the Bill of Rights plus dozens of other very old sheets of paper. These were inalienable rights given to you by God himself! Yet it seems only the “aliens” have those rights now. Why does “THE LAW” apply only to you?

You were certain this could not happen here.
Not to us.

I had the same questions.

Turn off the TV and any other distractions. I promise you this will be the most important thing you have ever read but it will require your concentration. The spell is deep and strong. Seriously, turn off the TV. There is nothing you will miss. They will repeat it for you. Trust me.

Clear your mind and listen very carefully. You will have to think about this afterwards or you will slip back into the delusion.

Forget about what Alex Jones just “discovered” or what Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddow just said. Very soon it will not matter. You will see them for what they are and always were. I will not tell you. You will figure it out for yourself. Your “political leaning” does not matter. This message is for everyone.

You are the children of tyrants.

Here is the first lesson.


The 3 crucial questions to ask about the brainwashed victim’s reality:

  1. Do they know they are not quite right in the head?
  2. Do they know they are different from others?
  3. Why can’t they see themselves in the mirror?

Have you noticed how dysfunctional the offspring of these tyrants are?
Take Hunter Biden for instance, he is 52 years old and still acts like he is a teenager.

How did this happen?
Didn’t anybody notice that little Hunter was not maturing normally?

With all the resources available to the Bidens (and with Jill being a qualified PhD doctor of psychology) isn’t it odd that they didn’t step in and help him develop into a well adjusted adult so he wouldn’t embarrass his politician father?

After all, he is addicted to drugs, porn, sex and God knows what else.
He had an affair with his dead brother’s widow and recorded his blowjob.
He has snorted coke and had sex with Obama’s daughters.
He engaged in incest with several family members.
His dad is creepy and married Hunter’s babysitter, Jill.

I believe they wanted Hunter to turn out exactly as he did and if they could they would have you end up the same way. Why? He is totally controllable. Addicts are the easiest of all people to control. They are all carrot. No stick necessary. They are absolutely predictable. They don’t care about consequences. And they are low maintenance (they are easily entertained until the next time you need them).

Do you think Hunter wanted to grow up to be an addict and a pervert?

They made him a slave, the bag man for Joe’s graft empire. And they made him happy to be of service to them as long as he gets his next fix (which BTW compared to the $ level of his crimes: trafficking, laundering, treason, is practically peanuts).

I am not beating on Hunter for fun.
I am using him as a reference point, a well-known example.

Can they do it to you?
They already did.

This is going to hurt.
You may hate me after this but you will be free.

“While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage." 2 Peter 2:19

These are dangerous words so you may want to copy/paste them into a text document for safe keeping. You can always delete it but you can’t get it back once it is censored.
If I was Klaus Schwab I would shut this down before it got out of control.

Is the TV still off?

Let’s begin in earnest.



We are born not knowing what love is.
We learn it.
It is given to us by our mothers.
We bathe in it; it is given to us by her freely.
But it isn’t until we are older that we grasp the concept and are finally able to mimic it.
Then even later, if we mature, we come to really understand it.

But what if we never mature to that point?
What if we are taught a false love, a cheap imitation – like Hunter was taught?

The same goes for the concept of “Freedom!”
Many people believe that real freedom is “being able to do ANYTHING you want any time you want as often as you want” with no need to consider others.
That is what Hunter thinks.
He thinks he is the luckiest guy in the world.
He believes he is free.

Born into slavery would you know that you are not free?
Not until you saw someone with a higher level of freedom.
Then you might begin to question your freedom.
“Hey boss, why do you get to crack the whip and I’m on this end of it?”

This is the Great Reset.
It already happened.
What you are seeing is the final phase.
They announce it like it is still in the future but it has been a long con in the making.
No conqueror announces victory until it is all done (or they risk a humiliating defeat).
They have studied psychology for decades and come up with… what?
A bunch of footnoted papers?

Ask yourself:
How many schizophrenics have they cured?
How many drug addicts have they rehabilitated?
I worked in the system, I know, the answer is NONE.

If anyone stayed clean after treatment is was because they found Jesus, not because the treatment worked. Go look at the stats for yourself. The recidivism rate in the first year is close to 90%. There are more drug addicts than ever in the history of the planet. And there are even more sex addicts!

They cannot cure addiction but they sure know how to make addicts (and keep them addicted).
They know everything about it.

The Khazars have been sending their children off to medical, law, and psychology schools for generations so they can master these fields and dominate them.

The combination of the three industries work together like this: catch the slaves, keep them chained, and return them when they have escaped. And if that doesn’t work the illumined ones have created dozens of cults and hijacked almost every religion and club. There is more than one way to brainwash and enslave a human.

Google the name of any religious organization, type in “corruption” or “gross income” and let autofill tell you what you should know. Then find out who is running it. Follow through and look for the conviction rate of the bad guys. You will start to see a pattern.

Is the TV still off?

Lets move on to Lesson 3



If you were hypnotized how would you know it?

What if you found yourself doing irrational things at the prompt of certain triggers?
Or what if you found yourself doing nothing when you should be doing something?

What if you found yourself paralyzed at the snap of someone’s fingers, panic at the sound of a certain word, or a light caused your limbs to move involuntarily?

What if I told you that 99% of people around you under the age of 80 are hypnotized to some degree right now and I could prove it by controlling them?

All of this is in fact true.
But here is the shocker…
What if I told you that even if I proved it to you that you would still not believe me because you have also been hypnotized to not believe it under any circumstance?

Now replace the word hypnotized with mentally conditioned, figuratively blinded, or brainwashed. You see, all these terms are ubiquitous. Hypnotism is done by professional people you pay to get you to quit smoking. Brainwashing is done by Kim Jong Il and Rev. Jim Jones types. Figurative blindness is the term Jesus used. Mental conditioning is what the CIA/Deep State does to everyone, but the results are the same, only the motives differ (and the amount of people involved).

What if you were hypnotized to act like a child, gladly, and no matter what anyone told you, you wouldn’t believe it? You could act totally foolish, completely oblivious that anything was abnormal in your behavior day in and day out without regret, maybe even dismiss it as irrational stubbornness, frustration, PMS, or low blood sugar.

For instance, children are afraid to catch cooties from others. They scream at and run away from someone they suspect has them. How is that different than what goes through the mind of the COVID crazy Karens? Do ANTIFA honestly believe Trump hat wearers are fascists? Enough to punch them or hit them with chains? I believe so. Sure some are communist agitators and opportunistic looters but most are sincere people caught up in a contagious delusion. It takes a child to burn a village.

The question I want you to ask yourself is this:
If someone you cherished deeply was under such a spell what lengths would you go to in order to break it? Would you be willing to mentally torture them for a short time if that was the only way to free them? I am telling you now that nobody breaks free from this type of spell without some anguish and a great deal of introspection. How much effort would you want someone to go through to break YOU out?

Is the TV still off?



Pain makes the lesson stick so that it will not be forgotten easily.

But there is more.
The next lesson will give you the basics, the meat of the meal.
You will need to do a lot of chewing after I serve it up to you.

I suggest you make a hard copy of the next lesson and remind yourself at least 3 times on 3 consecutive days of what you have learned otherwise cognitive dissonance will set in and the spell will throw a haze over your eyes again.
A jailbreak from mental control is never pleasant or easy.
The brainwasher designed it that way.

At that point you will either accept the truth and want more or you will reject it.
Either way, your truth detector will let you know it is the truth, not just a truth or half of a truth.
Each one of us will be different in how long it takes to fully grasp it.
All the lessons following it are there to help you see it more clearly.

But there is a point when it stops being painful.
It actually feels good.
It will feel even better if you can teach what you have learned to someone else.
Someone you love.
If you can explain it, then you can be certain that you KNOW it.
And you are free.

Hunter does what he does for Joe out of his warped idea of love.
He does not understand what “love” truly is.
It is one of the most abused words in our language.
We say that we love tacos and we love our wives but what we often really are saying is that we desire these things.

Hunter desires to please his father by obeying him.
And his father rewards him by not putting him in rehab.
The offspring of the Deep State are always quite twisted because their parents themselves have no concept of true love. Love is not an emotion, it is a commitment. An emotion is short lived, it is caused by chemicals and hormones in our blood that do not last long. Desire is what many call “love.”

Often the very first theft we commit as children we do out of desire. We needed that shiny thing and were willing to risk everything for it.

So I will stop using the word love and use more appropriate terms from now on to avoid confusion. I will use: approval, compliance, allegiance, worship, craving, respect, and such because I will be applying this to both tyrants and us as thinking beings.

The insights of heroin addicts have always amazed me.
Apparently, when you live at rock bottom for a long time you come to understand the depths of slavery to your own cravings quite viscerally.

This brief musical interlude will illustrate the actual reason I need to stop using the word “love” out of context. I encourage you to analyze it. Pay attention to what he is trying to say.


Take a deep breath. And prepare yourself for Lesson 4. We are going to examine the foundation of your/our mental prison and you will need your full mind.

Again, turn off the TV.
You MUST turn off the TV.



Let me tell you what they have learned about you/us in their terms and I will try to deobfuscate their method.

Each person has 3 “Ego States” (personalities that develop and surface or submerge as needed – Child, Adult, Parent.

*Child* - This is the most vulnerable and emotional. It doesn’t think much. It reasons crudely. It has no concept of time. It is simple and reactive. Most purchasing decisions you make are in this frame of mind. Its sole purpose is fun. It will go to any length to attain pleasure. It has no direction, no moral compass, it relies on parents for all that. Shiny objects and novelty mesmerize it. It wants more. It looks for the next great high. It does not understand danger. If a child had the strength of a grown man it would see your wristwatch, tear off your arm to get it, shake it around, and throw it and your arm away as soon as it was satisfied it was no longer interesting. It is ignorant and easily fooled. It has a short attention span. It is also helpless. It feels extreme shame at its weakness and abhors rejection. While it can be beautiful it is selfish by nature.

*Adult* – this is the responsible, thoughtful, logical, creative, empathetic soul God intended you to become. Its idea of pleasure is wisdom. It learns from its mistakes. It is independent. It is made in the image of God and is, in fact, His masterpiece in that it can master skills, techniques, and thinking. It is the epitome of self-control when its moral compass points true. Most importantly it is aware of consequences.

Parent –Above all it is compelled to nurture a child (any child of any species but primarily its own). It seeks to make the child excellent, perfect, even better than itself. It knows no limit of sacrifice to achieve this goal. It lives for the child. It will die, lose a limb, or even kill for the child. It is made in the image and love of God.

All three live inside of us. It is intended by God that as we grow we shed the child and become adults and in time become, parents. If this was not the plan we would stay perpetual children forever. But pain is inevitable and constantly forces us to mature.

As you can see children are very predictable. Notice "in the wild” how they gravitate towards each other. They naturally form groups. Rarely will you see a child hanging out with adults. Children constantly play, they crave amusement, they live in the moment. Adults do not. Adults focus on the future so they work for it.

If you could take an adult human and hypnotize him (like the Vegas stage performers do), instead of making him believe he is a chicken what if you could make him believe he is a child?

Isn’t this, in effect what has happened to Hunter Biden?

Let’s go deeper.
I want to unequivocally prove that this is what has been done to all of us in Lesson 6.



Have you ever watched a mother communicate with her child?
She will talk to it in a cutesy little snuggly wuggly voice that, if she used it on another adult, the other person would believe either she was neurotic or she was mocking him.

The communication transactions (sometimes called strokes) between the 3 ego states are very distinct. Adults speak to other adults in a certain way. Children speak to parents in a certain way. If I was on the street and an 8-year-old approached me asking, “Do you know where my Mommy is?” I would respond quite differently than if a cop asked me the same question. For the child, I would change my ego state from adult to parent and answer like one. If you eaves drop on a conversation amongst children you know the subject matter, exchange, and intent of the transaction is very different from an adult conversation.

The concept of transactional psychology – as the psychologists entitled it was made popular in a book by Eric Berne in the 1980s entitled Games People Play. It describes how seemingly adult people would “accidentally” slip into a child ego state and stop acting like rational adults. It would confuse the adults around them because as far as they were concerned their adult friend/coworker/spouse was still there but his mind was hijacked, much like invasion of the body snatchers. He called these “slips” games thus the theory of human gaming.

What are the supposed games people play?
The subject is too lengthy to detail here. The book is an easy read if you are curious.
Here are a few game titles to give you the general flavor.

"Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch,"
"Why does this always happen to me?”
“See what you made me do”
“If it weren't for you”
“Look how hard I've tried”
“Let's you and him fight”
and my favorite
“Let's pull a fast one on Joey”

The titles are clever summations of the games as if a child would name them since it is the child ego state that initiates them.

These games often have tragic ends such as divorce, jail, the hospital, or the morgue for one or both of the people involved. The really alarming part is that *the initiator of the game does not even realize what he/she is doing*. It is all subconscious. So when I tell you it is possible for adults to slip into a child ego state it is not speculation on my part. In fact, like VAERS underreporting, this is more than common – it should be expected – even without deliberate hypnotism.

Joe South understood the 3 ego states. He may not have delineated them as such but he definitely had insight into some of the dynamics of the interactions.

“Oh we make one another cry
Break a heart then we say goodbye
Cross our hearts and we hope to die
That the other was to blame”


What you have just learned in the last 2 lessons is the key to illuminati mind control.

Now let me prove it.

Most people today are children trapped in adult bodies.

I’ll assume that if you have read this far doubt will be creeping into your mind.
You might be thinking that I have made some legitimate points but I have overstated my thesis.

The voice of cognitive dissonance says, “This cannot be true. It just can’t. This child ego state may be a legitimate phenomenon but it is not rampant! People just get a little silly from time to time. They act childish, so what?”

I am telling you, yes it used to be a fringe phenomenon, but while we were busy with our adult lives doing adult things this has grown and multiplied like bacteria in an unflushed toilet bowl.

It was also done for a reason.

Have you noticed people around you involved in lunatic pursuits?

There is a man RIGHT NOW wearing a wig and a dress calling himself Dr. Rachel Levine. He is the Surgeon General. He is mentally ill. He thinks that by claiming he is a woman all others should respect and share in his delusion. The name of his “game” is “I dare you to tell me I’m not a woman!”

One man is not the problem.
The problem is that everyone is pretending right along with him – even supposedly adult conservative statesmen. Children play pretend. It means he is surrounded by people as childish and neurotic as he is. They are enabling him in his mental illness. This is our government with the nuclear bombs, folks. They are either spineless or delusional, *or living in a perpetual child ego state where fantasy is reality.*

Is it contagious? Yes!
Hypnosis is not contagious but the delusion is.
It is contagious to children (ego state) only.
It is the power of suggestion, subtlety, and incremental periodic reinforcement.
Let me give you an example without the big words.

Get 30 different people to tell someone that he is stupid or ugly or stinky.
Your tactics can be heavy handed or a light touch.
How long before that person will begin to believe it?
Answer: almost immediately.
What effect would the same routine have on a child?
Does it matter if the victim is a child or adult?
Of course.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Here is a test you can do at home to prove this to yourself.
Bumper stickers, tattoos, and hair color are great sources of information about the ego state of a person.
Here is a montage of photos. Ask yourself what ego state this person was in when he planned, bought, and applied the sign knowing full well untold numbers of total strangers would be the ones looking at it and judging him by it.

Now it is your turn, your homework.
Put it all to the test.
Look around you as if you just woke up for the first time on a different world.
Tell me how THIS world is different from the other planet earth.

Once you KNOW it is real…
The illusion is broken.

Is the TV still off?
Why do I keep asking?

That is the next lesson.


Why is it important to turn off the TV.

Children need constant stimulation. They have short attention spans and are easily distracted. They rarely sit still and examine their inner workings or examine the events of the day. They don’t notice a body part until it hurts. This is, not coincidentally, the attitude we apply to our country.

When they are bored they become curious and begin to wander. Mom and Dad have to wait until they are asleep to have sex. One of the most often used distractions at a parent’s disposal is the best mind control money can buy, TV. Why? It is endless. Cartoons are cheaper than hiring a clown and it keeps them from playing with the electric outlets. The same dynamic applies to the Child ego state. You don’t need Lilly waves or subliminal messages. The mode of action is obvious.

Not just TV but social media, video games, the internet, all of these things prevent adult thinking. What’s more it force feeds you junk news in its place so you believe you are thinking.

To maintain your Child ego state you need to feed off of emotions: Tucker’s outrage, Alex’s outrage, all media are one participatory reality TV show with a world-wide audience. ANTIFA, BLM, RINOS, Turning Point USA are all players, so are Q and the Anons. It is a trance much like real sleep but not as nourishing. It is reinforcement programming. It is Junk Sleep, hypnosis, a daily trance booster shot designed to prevent the Adult ego state from coming to the surface because adults are dangerous.

Do you feel compelled to run the TV in the background? Does the room feel empty without it? Is turning on the TV the first thing you do when you come home? Do you have trouble pinpointing exactly why? It is narcotic. It is the voice of your Nanny calling, “Here, let me read you a story you poor tired thing.”

It wants you to live vicariously in a fantasy world. And why not? Notice on TV there are no masks. There is just eternal shopping, pizza, bikinis, pro-CIA messages, the illusion of safety (in government) and Bruce Willis to the rescue every night.

Randy Newman elucidated it quite eloquently

TV (and all media) tells you what reality is. It is like refined sugar. Stop consuming it for a while and gage how you feel. Then decide why the health of your country is so poor. It is not left/right sugar. It is all unkosher. Hollywood cannot poison you if you do not let it. Nobody forces you to eat sugar, that would be illegal. We are a self-poisoning people and they make us pay big $ for it. Like a drug dealer there is a low introductory rate that doubles after you are hooked.

It is impossible to think clearly with a TV whispering to you.
This is not accidental.

Which brings us to our next Lesson, Arrested Development.



The New World Order (NWO) crowd have known for a very long time that adults are individuals and as such they can be very unpredictable. Each one is unique. We are not made on an assembly line. We are hand crafted in a way that cannot be duplicated by any other means with no interchangeable parts. Any organ transplant will be rejected even from identical twins. As soon as it is implanted it begins to die. A transplanted kidney will only last months regardless of the match. When kidneys are replaced the surgeon does not even take out the old dead ones. He simply sutures the new one onto the renal artery. There may be half a dozen in there.

Individual adults are difficult to predict and control; we are not like herd animals. We are innovative and clever. It is only when the child mind is brought out to the forefront and allowed to take control of a person’s mind (and body) via some strong emotional lure like fear, anger, or lust that people will stop acting like individuals and become a herd (of children).

Once this is accomplished control is easy. Direct the herd and the outliers will question why they are not influenced by the movement.

They may question their sanity for not responding. This can trigger fear and cause the irrational child mind to surface until the fear goes away (if it ever does). Maybe you can already see where I’m going with this. Some will follow the herd out of curiosity, some out of ignorance. But any strong individual will inquire to gain the necessary relevant info: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

The ability to ask these questions and the desire to find answers is what distinguishes us from all other creatures (and children). Children just don’t care.

The strongest individuals/adults will focus on the question “Why?” because they (correctly) believe that they may have a better idea. They feel a need to weigh the issue because, from experience, they know that mistakes are possible and have consequences.

Parents also sometimes resist because their guiding thought is the safety of their children. In this regard parents are the second most easily controlled ego state in that they are predictable and altruistic to a fault. Their love for their child is like a magnet. This is both a strength and a weakness. Of course, the psychopaths that rule us are always searching for weaknesses to exploit. If they locate a human strength they will enveil it and twist lies around it to make it something that it is not in order to minimize our understanding of it.

They take our strengths from us. Often they will disguise them as weaknesses like telling you that you are “intolerant” of perverts when the parent instinctively knows they are dangerous predators. The queens dance in the streets only when they know they are safe. We laugh. But when they walk away with your children it stops being funny.

Now lets examine the trick



What exactly is this thing Robert Malone and the CIA calls “Mass Formation Psychosis (MFP).” He talks about it in vague terms that do not explain the dynamics in any meaningful way.

They talk to us like parents to children so we obey like children.
If they address us like adults we will respond like adults and they will lose their authority.
They mesmerize us into this regression back into our child ego state.
By implementing this method of subtle suggestion with a constant reinforcement in a myriad of ways they manage to dissolve the real family system and replace it with a subconscious need for authoritarian government as a surrogate.
This is because children, when they are injured or in danger crave parents.

Another way to phrase it is this:
Hypnotize someone into believing he is a child.
Then pretend to be his parent.
Do it on a mass scale.

Regression into a child ego state is done subtly, in the background, in the shadows of awareness. It is accomplished through suggestion and training with lots of repetition in every situation possible thereby “proving” to the victim that he is helpless.

The key is to making the victim forget that he was ever an adult.
Once he is no longer an individual he will crave to become part of a group.
Once he attains a voluntary herd mentality he, and the whole group, can be controlled by the leader of the group, reason and logic is no longer necessary.

It is spiritual communism.
Here are some examples:
We must work together to flatten the curve – Team Kentucky!

Or here is one that will really hit home to those who believe they are enlightened:
Where We Go One We Go All
Tie your destiny (and mind) to our group!
We are the herd that is wise and will survive!

But it doesn’t stop there.
The same mind control works behind the scenes for various groups like Nazis, Scientologists, Republicans, Democrats, Labor, Tories, Catholics, and virtually any cult.
The list is too long to print.
The only difference is that each of these groups have different “parents.”
The whole structure of the modern world is a series of often overlapping “cults.”

The technique has been honed by the CIA for decades in Jonestown Guyana, Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, and of course Israel.

Malone had the opportunity to explain it. Joe Rogan had the opportunity to ask him to explain it but did not. Why?

It is the difference between telling you that your neighbors are motionless because they are in a prison chained to the walls and telling you where the keys to the locks are.

It provides a superficially satisfying answer. An answer satisfying to a child mind. But not to an adult. It is even more proof that this is the case.

Take time to contemplate this.
Do not let it slip away from your consciousness.
Your mind WANTS to fall back to your sleepwalking state.
You have to want it more.

Who did this to us?
Read on:



Pedos do not exploit kids by way of reasoning with them as if they were adults.
They pretend to be children, or the really nasty ones simulate the role of de facto parents.

I’m sure if you find a member of the CIA Finder’s Cult and waterboard him for a few days he would spill the beans on his training manual (yes, you funded a pedo training manual). Anything and everything in that manual CAN BE and IS used against your child ego state too.

BTW in case you didn’t know it the CIA is really just the America Army. It is their dirty tricks division. It does not answer to Congress and can declare war (dirty war) without oversight or approval and it all stays out of the newspapers so no one is embarrassed.

The CIA probably is the second largest economy in the world just below the USA (at this point it might be #1) and just above California. And BTW California’s BIG $ economic export is NOT almonds. Keep in mind it is a dessert state, so is Israel. Hmmm…

Agriculture and desserts cannot co-exist peaceably. That is a fact.
I am invoking the parent ego state when I write that – and I’m doing it on purpose.
Are you beginning to see how EVERYTHING is directed at one of your 3 ego states?

Patriotism is an ego state trigger.
Think about that for a while.
It triggers both the child and the parent.
NOT the adult.
If you know your government is corrupt it cannot.
The adult wont let it.
(Unless it is the evil adult)
Each ego state has a good and evil dichotomy to it.
There is an evil adult and a righteous adult.
I’ll get to that later.

Exploiting a parent is not too difficult.
His/her child is his/her weakness.
If you catch a baby (anything) you can use it to bait a trap and the mother will walk/run right into it.

Exploiting an adult is difficult because adults think and do not rush into anything. You must draw the child to the front and allow him to make the decision. You can do this by making time a factor. All good salesmen know this. Add the element of time ticking away and you can transform most adults into children before the clock runs out.



AUTHORITARIAN is rule by the parent (ego state)
DEMOCRACY is mob rule by children
REPUBLIC is rule by mature adults with mutual respect for each other

The following is a simplistic fairy tale view of history.
But since it is taught to us all our lives in school let’s just go with it and see where is leads us in our view of this “other” planet earth delusion we are living in.
Authoritarian governments were the earliest form. When populations started growing too large to handle themselves on the local level they realized that not everyone was a fully mature responsible adult and because of the size of the populace those with a dominant child (ego state) could commit crimes and hide within the throng.

So the adults designated security officers and eventually a top officer to insure everything ran smoothly just in case some of the security guards devolved into childish behavior.

It required the king to act like a parent. This hardly ever worked out so around the late 1700s people created Republics.

Republics are governments ruled by adults again. Children were excluded from decision making because all they wanted was bubble gum.

Some say women were excluded but not really. Votes were cast by family units. Back then (regardless of what the Khazars tell you) husbands and wives were not dysfunctional men and harpies always at each other’s throats. They were “one flesh” and tended to agree. They actually talked to one another because there was no TV or porn and acted like adults. Republics are ruled by a collective of responsible adults.

Democracies are ruled by children who want free stuff. Our founding fathers knew this although they lived decades before the Khazars publicly disclosed their knowledge of ego states and transactional psychology. They put mandatory ages on statesmen believing that in 35 or 45 years a person would have gained enough maturity to be a responsible adult. One form of government they feared above all the others was the democracy. You can easily find all the proof you need for this last statement in their writings. It is the one thing they all agreed on. Rule by children is a death sentence for a nation. And we have proved them correct in 2022.

Tyrants love children because they are the useful idiots that can get them more power. All you have to do is promise them toys, let them throw tantrums, and bingo! You have your very own do-it-yourself communist uprising. Then you just slaughter them when you are done. But first you get them to slaughter those pesky adults.

Authoritarian regimes cannot exist without children. It is a parasitic relationship. That’s why authoritarians give us the legal right to act like children. Take note, children do not know the difference between a democracy and a republic.

Next, why do tyrants fear adults so much?



If that is your first instinctive response to tyranny then they have you right where they want you mentally.
That is how a child responds.
Or really the term is “reacts.”
Children react.
They don’t think or consider.
They can’t.
How would an adult respond to a tyrant?
Adult responses are not predictable like children.
Adults will have many different responses and they would each have to be dealt with in a different way because adults are individuals with individual unique responses.

For instance, my response (because I am a Christian) would be a question, “Do I have a covenant with you?”
If the answer is, “Yes!” then I would ask,” Is that covenant subordinate to any other covenants like the one I have with God or my wife?”
“Let’s take a look at this covenant you say I agreed to and make certain you are aware of your portion and I am aware of mine.”

This is not what a tyrant wants.
If he is overstepping his authority the last thing he wants to do is examine the details for validity.

He wants you to react emotionally like a child.
He is hoping you will say “No!” and become belligerent and not think any more.
Notice how people are being led to protests which are absolutely ineffective.
Protesting is simply low-level aggression.
It is still a tantrum but holding signs.
It accomplishes exactly what the authoritarian parent wants.
You are playing into his hands.
What do you accomplish with a tantrum?
You give him tacit permission to whup your butt.
Protests allow them to use their new toys that they were saving for just such an occasion.
Protest all you want, Dan Andrews wont be out there wearing body armor ducking rocks.
Joe Biden will probably sleep through the whole thing.
But you say, “it worked for BLM!”
That is because they wanted BLM to succeed – it gave them more power as a parent.
BLM is a government sanctioned tantrum club.

Molon Labe
If you say, “Come and take it!” then if you get what you asked for you should not complain. Children say things like that and the tyrants know it. They don’t want your guns. They want you to be in the child ego state because in that state – and ONLY in that state – they can control you. They fear adults. They do not fear children.

Adults find clever, innovative ways to not resist but overthrow. Adults are problem solvers. They get results. A population of adults would stop paying taxes and start using only cash. They would create a parallel underground economy that the tyrant could not tax or trace. Then they would dress up like Indians and dump the crates of tea into the harbor.

What’s more, adults, being individuals, would not do just one thing but each one would do something different that they uniquely could accomplish successfully. There would be millions of plans running simultaneously. No government on earth could stand up to that. Not even the mighty British Empire!

Next Lesson



They are outward expressions of ourselves.
If we are children then their goals are to satisfy our desires
If we are adults their goal is to leave us alone, after all we are independent. We don’t need them.
If we are parents their goal is to allow us to raise our children. Again, we don’t need them.

What do children want (as opposed to adults).
Adults want life, liberty
Children want the pursuit of happiness.
Already you can see one appeal to our child ego state in our past revolutionary documents.

Now that you are aware of this dynamic in action you will begin to see it in everything you encounter. It is like reading the ingredient list on a box of cereal. This will help you read between the lines of the propaganda you encounter every minute of your life. Soon you will see that Tucker/Jones/Maddow are all appealing to your child ego state regardless of how intellectual their words may sound.

The same goes for your Governor/President/King/Police/Health Commissioner, they appeal to your child when they want you to do something. Rarely are you engaged as an adult. If you are, and they realize they are losing the debate, they will resort to targeting your child. This is because your child can’t argue.

Children want a parent. They need one. Not all the time. Usually they resent parents because they spoil their fun and make them do things that are good for them. A child without a parent has a hollow orphan unloved feeling overshadowing his existence. It is like a human without God. Everything may feel good but deep inside there is a relentless hunger that can only be satisfied with a supervising authority to kiss the ouchies when they need kissing. Children naturally know this. It is reinforced when they get sick. As their state of helplessness to save themselves increases they will relinquish their defiance and “take the medicine.”

That is the core of the COVID psyop.
But it does not stop there.
It works with ANY crisis.
When a child skins a knee he runs to Mommy.
This is why the Deep Nanny State is so effective and manipulators like Rahm Emanuel say “Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.”

Adults handle the crisis.
Children turn to parents for help.
This is why there are so many crises.
This is the key.
This is why they have worked so hard to make you a child.

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