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Joe Rogan CIA handler Mike Baker?

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So I recently listened to shadow banned podcast where they dipped their fingers into this topic. Didn't go far due to it being a new idea and zero knowledge on the subject. However, I can totally see some relevance and if we could have a chat about it my fancies would be tickled.

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What's the dish-- is Rogan a CIA asset or something?

I mean, I'm positive that they would if they could and that they try to, but considering just how really normie his shtick is, I doubt there's all that much to it. By nature/normal business incentive he seems to want to stick close to the reservation, normal narrative control ops seem to be the most at stake.

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Who is Mike Baker

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I dont think Joe is an asset of theirs.  He grew into his fame from doing his show his way.  He is a great interviewer plus his in studio drinks and smoking are unique to his show.  Seems like he just got all the details right and his show got the attention it deserves.  For the cia to make an asset out of him, they have to threaten him, and maybe they did, but i dont think so myself.  They would have had to convert him to their side fairly recently, he has only been super popular for the last couple years.  So popular that he was able to defeat the cancel culture push to have him cancelled.  Plus spotify paid him at least $200 million over 5 years cuz of all the eyes he pulls in, that probably helped a lot with side stepping cancel culture, they couldnt afford to lose him.


As ive learned b4, operation mockingbird seemed to be aimed at msm turds, the likes that are on every tv news station.  Would they go for alt content?  For sure they would.  I just dont think Joe is one of them, but maybe he is on their radar, Joe draws sooo many eyes from so many different walks of life.  What would they do with him, I cant think he would start outright lies and push propaganda like we could see on nightly news, if anyone watched that crap anymore.

So in short, I dont THINK Joe is one of their assets. 

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Has anyone listened to the recent Duncan trusses family hour with Guest Mike Rothschild telling us why conspiracies are crazy talk? WTF!  Have we lost Duncan?  Was he the compromised one the whole time? Was he supposed to be Joes handler and failed.  Why was joe trying to hard to get him to come to Texas?  Was Joe trying to get him out of cia control?