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WARNING: this is a very deep and provocative post.
It will force you to think uncomfortable thoughts and accept painful truths. It is a huge dose of red pill and is not for everyone. You may wish you had never read it.

First and foremost
You must not feel shame that you find yourself in the Child Ego State.
You have been tricked.
It’s a clever trick.
It does not mean that you are stupid.
It is a mental trap designed especially for you – a human.
It is old and had no name.
Now it is called cybernetics – the steering of the people.

Most people believe cybernetics has something to do with connecting electronics and flesh but that is not how the Illuminati define it. They define it as the study of control and information in animals and machines, the art of governing.

Proof https://www.

The future offers very little hope for those who expect that our new mechanical slaves will offer us a world in which we may rest from thinking. Help us they may, but at the cost of supreme demands upon our honesty and our intelligence. [Norbert Wiener, "God and Golem, Inc.," 1964]

Cyber means steering or guiding in Greek.

When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal.

Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go.

All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures are being tamed and have been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.” –James chapter 3

It is a trick so common and subtle that through experience you have probably used it on others including your own children.

In order for it to work first you must put someone in the Child Ego State.
This is a mental state where you forget that you are an adult capable of discerning mental traps from reality.
There are 3 ego states in each of us: Child, Adult, and Parent.
The Child is the most easily confused and controlled.
You must be placed in a mild trance.
This type of hypnotism happens quite often.

It happened to you when you drove and suddenly found yourself at your destination. It happened when you were caught by your teacher daydreaming at school or when you were reading a book, got to the end of the page and couldn’t remember what you read. It is called autohypnotism. It happens when you watch TV. We put ourselves into hypnotic trances quite often – especially when we seriously focus on a task. We leave our “reality” for a period of time in order to focus on something else and time, hunger, pain or thirst has no meaning anymore.

Hypnotism is not what you think – if you get your info from popular culture, MSM, TV or movies. It literally means a light sleep.

At any given moment only one ego state is in control of your mind. The others hang back - they sleep.

The Deep State has studied this for years and has perfected the technique through trial and error. They did it with CIA sponsored psychological experiments in mental hospitals, torture interrogation centers in Viet Nam, etc. They experimented on children and adults and found that adults could and would resist unto death but children would not.

Once your Child is drawn to the surface you are easier to control. You are open to suggestion (much as any child is). Think about how easy it was for your childhood friends to convince you to do something which you later realized was a really bad idea but it seemed absolutely enthralling at the time. For this reason children are classified as literally insane by psychological terms (this is why they are not held to the same state of accountability for crimes).

Ask yourself this question: Why would anyone give all the power in the world to a fat orange man who constantly cheated on his wives and declared bankruptcy periodically all his life without at least asking him why he is orange?

Or this: Why would any adult believe he is living in a free country when he knows full well that if he refuses to pay even one dollar of his taxes he will eventually go to jail? These are proofs that we are in the child ego state. Only children would be oblivious to such blatant paradoxes and bizarre fiascos.

Once you are in the Child Ego State you are now susceptible to the commands of a surrogate parent – the hypnotist – the spellbinder.

You are repeatedly placed into this trance state to the point where it seems normal and reality becomes a dream. The Deep State controls us via this deep state of hypnosis. By becoming your parent they gain your trust.

Step 2 is to overcome your natural resistance to commands by using DOUBLE BINDS.
Double binds are carefully crafted word combinations to manipulate you into actions or directions of thought. They leverage the trust you now have for them and give you an artificial choice but limit that choice to two options. One option is obviously bad. The other seems to be beneficial but it is not. Here is a quick example that salesmen use often to push a hesitant customer to make a purchase, “Will that be cash or charge?” It takes the decision to buy out of their hands and goes straight to deciding payment method. Ask a salesman if it works. I assure you it does.

A thorough explanation of Double Binds can be found here:

Many people are not aware that they are in the Child Ego State when put into Double Binds.

Many people are not aware that are in the Child Ego State when put into Double Binds by salesmen.


Adults know that there are always many options. But children can be beguiled into believing in simple binary choices. Although they see the world in color they can be hypnotized into seeing it only in black and white. This is another reason children are easily fooled. They simply do not have a past so they cannot recall it.

Then, the Deep State (of hypnotism) layers these choices so that you wander far away from safety and you are unable to return home. You forget where home is. Now you are a lost child who needs his parents more than ever. The breadcrumbs that led you here have vanished and you do not know which direction to go.

This is the trap. They baited it with parental authority and safety. The cage is made with the steel mesh of the double binds.

You search for a way out. Test the sides but there is no escape. You know you are not free anymore so you scream for help like an animal would. The faux parent finds you and releases you but you find yourself in yet another cage of controlled opposition. You rest in it. Then in the morning when you see it for what it is you again search for a means of escape. They keep moving you from cage to cage. Each time you protest your condition.
Eventually most people stop resisting.
They learn to like the cage.
We call these normies.
They trust the faux parent and accept that life in a cage is normal.

Even now you can see it in them.
After conditioning these people will still wear their masks forever until told not to directly by the parent.

Then there are the resistors who are never happy in a cage.
They are labeled as uncontrollable deviants.
They are Qanons, Nazis, Hippies, Sovereign Citizens, Paranoids, conspiracy theorists.
They are domestic terrorists.
They are eventually either culled or put into real physical cages and tortured/experimented on to see if they can be “rehabilitated.” They are used to learn. Just like the lab animals today. Few escape because they are distracted with the mental pain caused by the experiments.

They mock us openly about our helplessness in popular music.
Whoever writes these songs obviously sees it.

The normies are clinically schizophrenic. Their minds are split. They cannot think for themselves or be reasoned with. They trust the Parent completely, they are asleep but they believe they are “woke” while the dissenters believe they are in a “great awakening.” Both are blinded. They are simply in different cages. This is the sum total knowledge of MK Ultra. This is the Phoenix Program. It has gone global.

More detailed report on Phoenix


Schizophrenia has many names: cognitive dissonance (is the most popular), paranoia, confusion, bipolar disorder, PTSD, alcoholism, mass psychosis, subliminal contradiction and deferred closure. The most important aspect of Schizophrenia is that it causes you to self-censor your own thoughts. There are physical prisons, social prisons, and mental prisons like this one that are never spoken of out loud because it would be taboo. THAT, my friends is the best prison of them all; the kind whose very existence is denied. It is more effective than usury.

Because it goes by so many names it is not obvious that people are experiencing the same problem. Here is an early post describing it before I realized what I was seeing:

If you are doubting this could all be true here is the paper published in 1956 by the psychologists who pioneered this research that it now being used on ALL of us.

When the spell of the schizophrenia is weakened to the point where there may be a mass escape from pseudo-reality the Deep State does a reboot – a kind of memory wipe – and a new dilemma is created.

This time it is WW3 in Ukraine. It forces the inmates to quickly formulate an opinion based on initial ignorance. A flood of propaganda gives the children talking points to quickly memorize for the never-ending game of schoolyard gossip. The flood of information and the trickle of new rumors of information are to solidify our opinions and give them the illusion of legitimate deliberated thoughts of our own. It is a social contagion experiment.

Before the Zeitgeist wipe there was:
Hillary Clinton and her emails
There was Trump
There was Social Security bankruptcy
There was once a War on Drugs
Cicadas Brood X
Murder Hornets

Do you remember these?
Do they seem like distant memories now?
Then it is past your bedtime.
You must go back to sleep so you can enjoy tomorrow more, dear.
And while we are distracted by war the 5G rollout continues…

I remember the week after 9-11 when my neighbor who can be described as genuinely stupid told me the terrorists were Al-Quaeda. She had never heard of Al-Quaeda before and neither did I but she was full of facts and vague memories of hearing about them before. I instantly fell for it too. The chatter from others in their mental cages is contagious.
The message is always fear.
Fear of the unknown.
The drug is uncertainty.
An endless search for knowledge that will somehow help you but never does.
It is an endless cycle seeded by the parent Deep State.

The only way to keep mental slaves is to distract them.