John Hamer | The History of Bankster Control & Their Orchestrated Events

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There are many conspiratorial events that raise red flags in any critical mind, and today’s guest says that many of them stem from one place: the banking industry. John Hamer says that banksters are the supreme string-pullers, and that they have been throughout history. Today he gives us a fascinating glimpse of the manipulation of the banking industry as it has existed throughout time.

Most of which comes from the research John has done for his latest 2 volume set:  Behind the Curtain: A Chilling Expose of the Banking Industry.

On today’s podcast, you’ll hear about topics such as:

2:50: The story behind the title of the book, Behind the Curtain.

6:15: The history of where the money system started during Biblical times, and information on the history of coins, bills and tally-sticks.

12:15: The conspiracy around the assassination of Julius Caesar, and why the bankers of that time wanted him killed.

21:30: Why, historically, crooked bankers have not been exposed or jailed — there are many incidents of bribery and manipulation that have allowed them to have a stranglehold.

33:50: How the Knights of the Golden Circle, the freemasons, Jesse James and John Wilkes Booth have all been involved with the financial system.

40:20: How the Titanic’s sinking could have centered around the fact that three of the biggest opponents of the Federal Reserve system were on that ship.

47:00: Information on some of the lesser-known Illuminati families, including the Bundys and the Reynoldses.

56:15: Where and how bankers pulled strings at the start of World War I and where the Federal Reserve got the money to fund the war.

1:03:45: How accusations of anti-Semitism has been historically used to the advantage of the banking industry.

1:18:15: How the banking industry was involved in the moon landing hoax, and why it was a smokescreen for the Vietnam War.

1:27:30: How some missing or abducted children can be traced back to the actions of the CIA.

1:35:00: Why technology is being suppressed; there is technology, such as the water-powered car, that would give the general public a better life, but it’s unavailable because it can’t be monetized.

1:45:00: Thoughts on the basic income idea, and how it would promote a “trickle up” model.

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  1. This is my theory on Andrew Jackson being on the $20 bill. If you look at the denominations the lower the dollar amount the greater or more important the person. Washington $1, Lincoln $5, then we get to the $10. Alexander Hamilton advocate for a central bank and some say Rothschild agent at a lower denomination than Jackson. Basically saying we won you lost.

    Great work Greg .

  2. ***** again, Greg 😉
    Very interesting and new information for me, Shout out to Jessie James, 107!? Worked so hard against the bankers and lived! Way to go… I love you, Jessie! <3

  3. Thanks for this! I love information-rich shows. And am grateful for detectives who dive deep in their research. And I also gravitate to those who cover the BIG picture of history and how the fuck we ended up where we are.

    In my intuitive foresight, I’m starting to see more and more that the elite may have been orchestrating the whole alien/extraterrestrial thing all along… for their own nefarious purposes.

    Also… why are gold and silver worth so much? They are shiny rocks… and can be used for making shit. But we can’t sustain ourselves from its nutrients… nor use it to regulate our body temps.Something I’ve always wondered.

    And also… holy shit… the vocalist at the end of the show… !!! Damn, girl can belt! Beautiful!! And the lyrics always make my day.

    You’re wonderful, Greg… I hope you’re still doing this at 75.

  4. The most clever trick of all (ie the sneakiest, trickiest, dirtiest) to make it impossible to home in on those near the top by making it anti semitic to accuse them. And what is zionist Barbara Spectre up to in Sweden – search you tube for her enlightening comments! It’s amazing what can go on when you’re asleep! According to James Lash they have been thrown out of every country in the past so they have created a successful plan for that never to happen again!

  5. You really have to laugh about how ridiculous it all is and anti human. But when you think of all the children – say it was yours – whose lives have been destroyed or ended by this world -wide peodophile black magic practice -it is totally unacceptable. Where do they think THEY will go when they die? Do they think they know something about THAT that we don’t????? I know Jews think this is it and when you die you turn to dust but if some f them believe in dark forces then surely they believe something of them will exist after they die? It is a big puzzle for me…….

  6. finally got a subscription to plus because of this episode. you and red ice creations are doing some really interesting work…would love to hear a conversation between you both before the world implodes.

  7. Great episode as usual. It’s been a journey diving into all of these fringe topics. Keep up the good work! I can’t speak for everyone else, but as long as I have the means I’ll probably be a subscriber.

  8. June was fantastic! I’m addicted to Knowledge~ the True kind, and Mr. Greg, your podcasts are my favorite place to hit up. Imagine my High as I click on this site and Woa and behold!!! A shiney new tidbit of information to snort into my yearning brain… It’s the greatest thing ever to find out real Truth. Thank you for getting so much of it out there. ❤️

  9. They caught a couple ins. Florida with $24 million saved up .u talk about Bitcbut Samsung pay will take over first and a cashless society will still call money dollars

  10. Great show…

    First Moon landing was in 1959 using the back engineered tech from the Roswell crash… a Base soon followed….….Looks like the money from the Gemini/Apollo programme was spent on the secret space programme

    The Titanic was the Olympic…the name plates were changed as they had bent the hull of the Olympic when they ran over a sunken wreck coming out of New York….….the Titanic now Olympic was deliberately sunk to make an insurance claim.

    1. natollys
      “the Titanic now Olympic was deliberately sunk to make an insurance claim.”
      All good points. Exactly, what I feel happened to the twin towers. (sunk to make an insurance claim).
      I’m thinking it was insured for replacement value not original value, (?) and then replaced it with a (HOLE) !
      Pretty symbolic now looking back on it.
      My house payment went up two or three times after that. I had a fixed mortgage, being self employed, I paid at a higher percent anyway. I asked the lender why the increase and they said, ‘it wasn’t them, it was my built in insurance payment. So, I asked the insurance agent ‘WTF’ and he laughed and said, ‘because we lost our asses on 911’!…. It was all down hill from there. I’m not ‘savey’ in the ‘screw you business’, but, how is anyone to make decisions when you don’t have truth to ‘decision on’?

      1. The banks and insurance companies are a “Mafia” that has cornered the market…..I has a crash in my work van and my insurance payment went up from £480.00 to £980.00 per year….I had never had an accident before or since…the repairs cost £1600.00….so It only took them a little over 3 years to get their money back….the fact that I had been insured for 10 years with them didn’t matter…the Nearly £5000.00 that I had paid them with no claim ment they were still over £3000.00 in profit but it didn’t matter…..and the insurance premium never went back down….makes you wonder what you are paying for in the first place…!!!

        What makes matters worse is I was telling the Plumber the story and he asked “what was the Guy’s name who crashed into you…?”..I said he was called Hepple …He said “Oh not the Hepple’s….they are a bunch of crooks “….the Guy crashed into me in a Jeep with bull bars on…so no damage to his vehicle….He then sold the Jeep to get rid of the evidence…put in a claim for whiplash…He received £3000.00 compensation….I saw him a few weeks later driving like a lunatic….I then realized I had been played like an old piano….He crashed into me deliberately….to make a compensation claim…What a scumbag….!!!

  11. Off-topic, I have stitcher on my phone, but it doesn’t allow me to listen to the plus shows . The other android podcast app that Greg recommended didn’t work at all. does anyone use an app to listen to the plus shows on their android device?
    right now I’m just listening from the website.

    1. Stitcher isn’t going to work unfortunately. I have an Android and I’ve tested out 2 different apps that worked and make step by step instructions with screenshots on the FAQ/Help page. Check that out and get back to me. Hopefully one of those will work. The directions are pretty clear I think.

  12. Absolutely loved this one. Also, Greg you make me laigh at the very end of each show. I even tell myself that I’m goung to try and not laugh this time Needless to say I fsil each time thinking that crazy nut made mr laugh again. I mean that in a friendly jesting way.

  13. Another STELLAR show! Really great stuff, really amazing conversation. This show was chock full of details that I’d love to hear even more about. Maybe John could handle conversation #3 . . . more more more! Thanks again, Greg. Amazing job.
    xoxo KP

  14. I’ll prolly be dead when you’re 75, but in the meantime, I’m all over your interviews…maybe some of the Queen’s elixir will be available to us poor working slobs by then…great interview, love the music!

  15. I listened to this on a sunny saturday winters afternoon here in aussieland while doing the gardening.
    What an awesome way to make a crappy job seem almost enjoyable!
    Really liking the plus version man, keep going 🙂

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