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F. William Engdahl | The Lost Hegemon, The Oligarchs’ Decline, & What Comes Next

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This week on THC, Greg chats with Princeton graduate, geopolitical analyst, professor and lecturer, as well as author of brilliant titles such as Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic ManipulationA Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, and the latest in a line of carefully crafted masterpieces The Lost Hegemon: whom the Gods would destroy none other than the esteemed F. William Engdahl. Join them as they wade through murky waters clouded by the pollution of thinks tanks for the military industrial complex, shadow governments enlisting armed forces to install puppet regimes, the pillaging of natural resources and the destruction of anyone standing between them and supreme power.

On today’s episode they begin by tracing the history of the hegemon and it’s downfall:
[2:30] Dating back to the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and the Battle of Waterloo, until the World War I, the British Empire was the hegemon. In 1941, an article written by Henry Luce, editor and publisher of Time and Life magazines declared the dawn of the American Century. Prior to the start of World War II, through the grants from the Rockefeller Foundation to Council on Foreign Relations, theWar and Peace Studies was created to gather the top geopolitical minds and strategists to begin crafting the plan towards American and western dominance through total control of resources. Armed with the blueprint by geopolitician Karl Haushofer and his imperialistic plan for Nazi domination, Lebensraum, a plan was set in motion to become the new reigning hegemon
[4:30] The Lost Hegemon details the downward spiral of the US and it’s oligarchs such as David Rockefeller and George Soros. It documents the history since the 1950’s of the perverse marriage between CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood as it transforms through the introduction into Saudi Arabia by CIA operative Miles Copeland, to the alliance with Osama bin Laden and Zbigniew Brzezinski, leading up toHillary Clinton and the elite’s failed attempts to install CIA puppet regimes throughout the Middle East under the guise of the Arabic Spring. As these regions become destabilized, and control of oil pipelines becomes increasingly uncertain the geopolitical powers are shifting
They continue their conversation by discussing the western opposition of Shanghai Corporation Organization:
[17:50] The Shanghai Corporation Organization was an alliance created in 2001 by China and Russia with the function to build a structure of protection for the former Soviet. This protection would extend to the heavily Islamic areas of central Asia, and areas most vulnerable to the extremist template used by the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood.
They examine the failing Bush and Clinton agendas and their desperate attempts to stop the decline of the US sphere of influence and hegemony of the US dollar:
[20:30] The Clinton’s have long been connected to a litany of crimes including drug smuggling and murder. Recruited to CIA through the networks of George H.W. Bush they have helped stay the course through military interventions, and failed coups. While we enter a new paradigm of a more enlightened public, the the theme of The Lost Hegemon becomes ever more apparent, while the attempts of global manipulation are showing signs of cracking. A recent example of oligarchs grasping at straws is most evident when examining US intervention under the Obama administration in Syria and Libya and its unbridled actions in preventing the creation of a unified currency region.
Follow them through the newest shift of alliances in the blossoming bromance between Israel and Russia:
[36:30] As the Obama administration works toward establishing a nuclear deal with Iran, which will effectively destabilize the region, Israel is left evaluating their options and addressing their lack of strategy. Enter Russia, with their proposition of protection, partnership and plans to assist in the development of Israels offshore oil reserve, Leviathan.
As alliances are changing and the landscape becomes harder to manipulate, oligarchs are taking drastic measures to save the failing agenda:
[40:00] In response to the drastically different geopolitical terrain, oligarchs have concocted an ambitious global strategy to defeat any resistance to their new mutation of fascism and total control over the world as well as the reduction of the population through eugenics, wars and terrorism. Since the 1920’s with the help of the Rockefellers through the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Nazi’s such as Josef Mengelewere able to study eugenics, and genetic manipulation.  Another arm of the Rockefeller octopus, Monsanto has polluted the food supply through GMO’s and poisonous pesticides.
With the obvious manipulation of oil prices, and the search for the next big boogey-man, William and Greg discuss what’s next for the US economy:
[48:00] With a heightened public apprehension to enter conflict, the stage has been set to demonize Russia. Neocon military war-hawks looking to keep the economy afloat, are working to create conflict with Russia and China. While the economy is in shambles and the US faces a major infrastructure deficit, the decline of the Western hegemon has begun. China’s geopolitical landscape has also changed drastically as it weaves a web of peaceful cooperation with Russia.
Taking a total left turn the conversation shifts to the Jesuits and their influential order:
1[02:40] The Jesuit Order has long been called the intelligence agents and military branch of the Vatican. Lead by Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope they continue their campaign as Vatican assassinscornering education in the church. Listen as they take a deeper look into the current refugee crisis which Pope Francis refers to as the “Great Migration”. Peeling back the curtain, it becomes clear this is not a migration but instead a war aimed at displacing millions of people, destabilizing the region through the breakdown of borders, thrusting Europe back into the dark ages and driving people into the asylum of a false, synthetic one world religion.
Switching continents, Greg and William discuss Africa’s role in the changing geopolitical climate:
1[09:30] Africa has become a battleground in the fight for supremacy and resources with increased operations and the plundering of  it’s resources. In 2006, China made a huge diplomatic intervention into Africa, offering soft loans for development in exchange for access to their natural resources. This is in stark contrast to the British Empire and their decades long campaign to pillage resources and destabilize the region. Contributing to the agenda Bill Gates has entered the current landscape with a eugenics movement, hidden under the guise of vaccinating the African youth. As a major stockholder in Monsanto, Gates with the help of friend Kulfi Anam, have made progress in pushing a “Green Revolution” that would bring GMO’s to the unadulterated soil of Africa.
Greg and William dive deeper into the role of GMOs in global agriculture and examine the expanding sphere of influence materializing from the alliance of China and Russia and what that looks like going forward:
1[20:30] The state owned China Chemical made a take over bid for Switzerland’s Syngenta. Syngenta is the world’s largest producer of agro-chemicals and GMO patented seeds are considered to be one of the leading forces in the destruction and pollution of healthy agriculture. William’s book Seeds of Destruction details the attempt through agriculture at population reduction. As China is poised to become a world leader in biotechnology, Russia, in contrast has banned all GMO use on the land area of Russia. As the American machine marches forward, the combined force of a Russian-Chinese alliance will be a critical pawn in the global geopolitical game of chess.
Wrapping up the conversation they take a closer look at central banking consolidation of banking power
1[28:00] Engdahl’s book Gods of Money details the shrinking number of sovereign countries left without a Rothschild central bank. Putting this piece of the puzzle into the perspective of the larger picture and using them in the context of the momentous Brexit vote, they discuss the future of the Euro and what remains of the EU. With the Brits upending the agenda for a merged world currency, similar referendums are gaining support in member countries such as Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, and France. Will this lead to the dissolution of the EU?
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I’m interested in people from the UK that voted for the “Brexit”.

At about the 56 – 60 ish mark F. William Engdhal states that one of the main reasons that the “Brexit” happened was due to Germany etc taking in a hell of a lot of asylum seekers (as well as pride and culture etc).

I am interested to hear what your particular reason was to vote one way or the other. Or neither way at all (not voting).


Myself and my partner voted leave… son has just turned 13 and classing myself as a person who has had their eyes “opened” ( THC+ subscriber here ) I figured it would give us enough time to rethink and regroup in just about enough time for my son to leave education and start in the big wide world in a much more settled environment.
It does now appear that we wont be “out” for long with the press and the government working hand in hand yet again to change opinion, that twinned with the drivel we have been left with to run this political mess. We will need to watch this space, I can see us back within 2 years

red fox

I didnt have a vote in the referendum because I elect to stay off the electoral roll. Not only that, I dont have a fixed address as I live “on the road”. However, I would definately have voted to leave. In my eyes, the primary reason is that the EU is already/becoming a fascist dictatorship. The rather spurious “reasons” that so called “experts” have given are peripheral. I did not want to be part of a USSEU or the grand plan of a 4th Reich.

That said, I would be amazed if Britain did come out; I dont believe the vote will be carried through by parliament. There will be delays and obfuscation and eventually there will be a 2nd vote until the “correct” result is obtained a la Republic of Ireland with the Lisbon Treaty.

There was a march by about 50,000 odd “remainers” in London over the weekend basically calling to ignore the vote; well orchestrated I have no doubt by cetain vested interests.
Probably the largest march of neo-fascist fuckers that this country has seen.


yeh but they were calling the brexit crew ‘racist biggots’. And yeh they will drag this through without implementing it, having already stated it is non binding….yeh course we live in a democracy. All I’d say is that this whole event is awakening people who were nonplussed previously


Everyone who wants out from under the boot of government is called a racist bigot.

We’re just going to have to keep speaking truth to fools- but don’t stop to explain it to them-


Hate to be a downer but Lauren Moret who worked in Livermore said that during the cold war her office colleague came running in saying there were 2 top KGB men there and when she asked why were they in the most secret department during the cold war he said – they’ve come to transfer the machinery of state power from Russia to USA as there is to be a flip with Russia becoming the liberal and US becoming the totalitarian state. So it may be that this is part of the big plan or it could be misinformation which would be strange as Moret has a lot of detail and seems genuine.


Hmmm I don’t completely trust Lauren Moret’s info or sources. I met her at a 911 Truth Convention a few years back and she made some far fetched claims that I knew to be completely wrong. I wont go into detail about it since the claims had to do with where I work. Lets just say it had to do with nuclear weapons and depleted uranium. So I take what she says with some caution…. Saying that, I do believe her to be sincere in what she believes and is in no way a dis-info purveyor.


Seems to be media thing happening here in UK saying most of the leave vote was older folk and trying to divide generations. Part of the move to have young folk only getting their info from google? Anyhow very divisive and worrying which is wy I took umbrage with that magician guy (who has so many of you under his spell!) saying the BB pulling up the ladder behind them which was totally outrageous to blame them when it is the bankers who have sucked up all the resources! He needn’t worry – this Brexit will be a perfect excuse to suck up our long worked for pensions!


but to be fair jay they are coming for pensions and everything else with whatever excuse they wanna use, but they are definitely using Brexit as an excuse to fleece the finances again and it will be all our fault….Not! 😉

red fox

Apparently only 32% of under 25’s voted ,so they can shut the fuck up when it comes to whinging about how “older” folk have destroyed their lives. I know 3 extremely well educated people (aged 27-31) who totally bought in to all the propaganda that was being spewed out in order to enforce a “remain” vote. They were basing their decision on ill considered economic arguments and had zero interest in sovereignty or politics. Pathetic.

If the vote is ignored I wouldnt be surprised if there was a reaction similar to the Poll Tax Riots when psycho bitch Thatcher was PM although this time it will be a lot more nasty.

The incumbent psycho Cameron promised before the vote to invoke Article 50 the day after the result if it was a Leave vote (bet you didnt see that coming, hey, fucker) but he lied and hasnt. I doubt if the incoming PM will invoke it either…


hey red, i agree completely, those brain washed through education are the blindest of em all


Hi guys, this referendum has split the country politically like no other before.

As I’m sure you’re aware we have a pretty black and white (red and blue) mainstream political system. However it was completely traversed this time.

Both political wings were split down the middle among the masses (and obviously for controlled opposition within the hierarchy of the parties).

However, the propaganda within the mainstream media was ‘full on’ to remain in the EU.

The Remain campaign was very much based on fear and the ‘racist’ card was also categorically peddled to label any ‘Leavers’.

I am very pleased to say however, that there was a conscious shift that took place on these shores over this referendum and the establishments fear mongering back fired on them. Yes I’ve no doubt some votes could be attributed to the immigration waves that are being perpetuated across Europe, but also know that not only was this a vote against the austerity campaign afflicted upon this nation since 2009 but it became even more evident that it was a vote against the propaganda machine.

I can assure you that the many friends that I have on fb are very much a cross section of working class people, who I can honestly say have never voiced their political views with such veracity before but saw clearly through the bullshit this time.

What has happened since is even more interesting as the Remain campaign has white washed the media in this country with wave after wave of vitriol regarding the result. This has obviously filtered through to the general public and has caused a lot of purpose driven division among workers, family and friends. To the point whereby cries of another referendum have being bellowed from the roof tops, initially because they said the result would be so damning on the nations finances and then with pathetic derision that the supporters of the brexit campaign were lied to on several poignant issues. Such as for example the National Health Service budget, which the puppets of the establishment within Brexit (controlled opposition) began to regress upon after the result.

However this has been hysterically laughed at from those who voted to leave citing all future elections being carried out in the same vane until the losers get their way.

The political parties are in turmoil here with the leader of the Conservatives resigning as well as the Conservative Mayor of London also resigning from standing for the vacant Prime Ministers job. The Right wing Labour MP’s who hold the majority of the Labour seats after nearly 20 years of Right wing propaganda, taking the Party away from it’s Left wing roots, are calling (with help from the media) for the resignation of the Labour leader who was voted in by the proletariat members of the party (sept 2015) in a huge shift of political consciousness.

Obviously those awakened souls are watching very closely for the controlled opposition loop, but nonetheless the establishment are nervous when such large numbers become politically active again to activate change.

It must be noted though that this referendum has woken up a completely non politicised section of society, those who have not been manipulated by the academia of politics. Interesting times!


Wow, this little tidbit was very informative. Thanks for sharing! I got my dose of mainstream propaganda by skimming the headlines earlier today. “Brexit Threatens Entire European Economy” to be exact. I didn’t do an ounce of research and automatically assumed it was bs.


I enjoy listening to Engdahl and largely agree with take on world affairs, but I did struggle a bit to accept his assertion that Iran are war-weary and not looking to start a war with anyone. Maybe the average Iranian citizen isn’t looking for trouble, but their theocratic regime can be judged by their own pronouncements which are anything but peaceful. I see through a lot of the negative propaganda put out there by the U.S. and U.K. about Putin, but with regard to Iran, my gut-feel is that the propaganda is that the Iranian regime has no intention of using it’s nuclear program to create a bomb. Or have I just been manipulated into seeing Iran as an enemy of peace?


Most if not all Iranian government statements are translated by MEMRI which I believe is a Mossad front non-profit. I recall reading where the famous statement by Ahmadinejad was translated “wipe Israel off the map” by MEMRI whereas a more accurate translation would be “let this [Israeli] regime pass from the pages of history.” A slight difference but very different connotations: turn Israel into a glass crater or regime change?

Iran was a beautiful very secular pro-western country until the CIA began meddling with Operation Ajax. Now Iran has lived through color revolutions and much clandestine operations, they are understandably paranoid and vigilantly defending their independence from the chaos makers in the West. They are still relatively progressive and forward thinking compared to all the other middle eastern nations. They have the largest population of Jews outside Israel in the Middle East. I thinkit is really a shame our government has them in their sights.


Excellent information. I’m so glad to see real changes that leave me feeling optimistic. Thank you for feeding my mind and settling my spirit. Can’t wait to hear the podcasts for the rest of the month. Nothing does my heart gooder than the strange and weird! I don’t want to live in a world without it.


I spoilt my ballot paper using the opportunity to speak to the fact that I never consent to “this” or “that” – which is what the whole dialectic seems to have been designed to do. Either option was a road to nowhere. The next step is to contact the highest electoral commissioner in this land to register to register no confidence in the present process or the characters who are in lead roles. And then, of course, de-register from voting until there is a higher quality in the process and a higher quality of leaders who have a higher quality of vision for a future that helps rather hinders.
I know that many younger people – in their early twenties – voted to `stay’. One such voter suggested that he fears what will happen if we leave.
There is much wisdom in the view of the younger voters because the alternative that the many are not grasping is the next battle against TTIP – CETA – TISA which has been explained to me very basically as a trade partnership with the north American Union (which includes Canada (CETA) where private corporations will have the power to sack government decisions on how to operate. So, for example, in the UK the people have said a definite “no” to Monsanto and its GM products as is the case throughout Europe, however, under TTIP and CETA Monsanto as a private corporation will have the power to overturn such a decision to decline gm goods and services on the basis that they (Monsanto) will lose market/profit potential. If this alternative goes ahead, private corporations will turn the world into one huge Panopticon. This is a call to people not usually political to become more knowledgeable. There is a lot of power in knowledge and knowing right from wrong and acting upon those principals. Dead simple really.


Can you please do something not politics related at least once a month? Please


Finally subscribed after months of listening! We voted leave at Brexit and chuffed to bits with the result. Power to the people.
Great show greg. THC and Darkness Radio are my favs.

papa dave

Greg it’s wonderful to learn something new and I have. Thanks as always.


I’m with you Greg, the Brexit vote is very suspect. A vote that close is easy for the controllers to manipulate, thru Facebook, election fraud or just never initiating “article 50” implementation. I put my money on the election results just being another psy-op of one sort or another.
Although Engdahl has done some importantant work, I was disappointed in his interview with you.
Thanks for your great work.


I theorize it was a landslide to leave and only appeared close due to all the shenanigans. Hard to tell though since there were no exit polls.

red fox

It wasnt actually close; the vote to leave was over one million more. It wouldnt have mattered if it had been a majority of just 1, the whole idea of a referendum is to get a clear result, no matter how small or large the difference in votes. The Remain camp would still be unaccepting of the result regardless of how large the majority was. If you live by the sword you die by it…
Anyway, Britain has just had a new prime minster foisted on it without any election at all, A so called “reluctant remainer” who somewhat unnervingly reminds me of a certain PM who was in office through the ’80’s.

I would be amazed if Britain did ever leave the USSEU despite the vote.


they will shaft us anyway they can regardless of the election results, contingency plans for contingeny plans is their main stay, but it wasn’t rigged for Brexit, not when we were saturated with the propaganda that ensued to remain. Plus! the Bookmakers had ‘Remain’ as favourites throughout and they never lose…except this time 🙂 The fact that there was no exit Poll is very suspicious, they always have exit polls. After the vote rigging of the Scottish Independence election couple of years prior, I would be more likely to believe that the majority was so large they couldn’t rig it in favour of Remain.


Great show, excellent info, I bought the book.
Greg please get some lame guests on for a while, I can’t afford to buy books every week.


Finally got to listen to the interview today whist 30ft up a ladder, lol. Good interview but there was one thing that struck me as odd. obviously we have to give leeway to everybody who puts themselves up above the pulpit but I was somewhat surprised to hear Engdahl saying that the game is up for the elites when the people decide they don’t want immigrants / asylum seekers in their country.
As much as I would love this to be true the very first thing ‘they’ will do is propagate this into some nationalist wave, surely that is a pretty obvious counter move on behalf of the nefarious? And that is regardless of the history which has shown that when the masses are desperate AND unorganised fascism is at it’s most virulent. Does anybody believe they will give the game up that easily? It would be nice but we’ve got some sh*t to deal with before that day arrives, just a hunch.


Interview with William Engdahl in 2015 which shines light on Fethullah Gulen, the organizer of the attempted coup in Turkey today (according to Erdoğan – and I believe Erdoğan based on Gulen’s links to the CIA):


I hope this comment doesn’t get lost in the timeline. Greg Carlwood check this out


Great interview Greg!

Glen Buck

Voted for leaving due to the unrepresentative and non responsive top down EC … Which can as others here say be called Fascism dot 4

Also TTp and TTip deals needed opposing

I’m bit more confident than others that EU is going down, it may suit neocons wanting US ascendancy and no € and the migrancy nonesense will push it into nationalism as well

And it isolates Germany for the 3 rd time in 100 years…


I am a recent subscriber to your very interesting and thought provoking show and am slowly working through the shows from the earliest forwards. I am now listening to this podcast with William Engdahl and finding it very informative and I am in agreement with a lot of what he has to say, with the exception of Brexit.
I am a Brit who has lived outside of the UK for more than 20 years and thought from the beginning of the Brexit campaign that leaving was a mistake on many levels – not least because many of the leaders and proponents of the Leave movement were the venture/vulture/disaster type capitalists who thrive on collapsing economies where low wages, low taxes and negligible social services are the aim.
In fact only a third of the electorate voted to leave the EU, a little less than a third voted to remain in the EU and a third couldn’t be arsed to vote at all. Of the total population only 27% voted to Leave. It wasn’t conclusive by any measure.
The EU is by no means perfect but it would have been better for the UK to remain part of it and work to stop the increased federalisation. UK had a veto in the EU, which most members don’t have, and was an important and respected member. UK citizens could freely travel, work and study within the EU, free of visas, free of college fees or bureaucratic paperwork. In fact a UK student who had to pay fees to go to university in UK could study in an European uni for free and obtain the same qualification at the end of it. I could go on as the benefits to the UK and its citizens of EU membership were huge and the downsides mainly lies told by the UK tabloid press and those with a vested interest in having a weakened Britain forced into lowering standards in order to make trade agreements outside the EU.
I am old enough to remember what UK was like prior to joining the EU, and it was a poor country trying to trade on distant memories of Empire. We were broke and still paying off loans from WW2 made to us by the US. Membership of the EU brought in skilled and highly educated workers, tariff free trade in great quality food stuffs and wine, german cars – the UK car industry was under the control of the unions in the70s and producing very poor quality vehicles.
For many remain voters in the UK one of the big fears was that leaving EU would open our country up to the predations of US health insurance companies, as part of any trade agreement. I hear that the main cause of bankruptcy in the US is healthcare bills and people die because they cannot afford health insurance. Healthcare in UK is free to everyone – you can go private and pay if you want to but no one will die here because they can’t afford healthcare.
I will stop here but I just wanted to point out that William’s comments on Brexit weren’t that accurate and it is a different elite who want UK to leave EU but still an elite.
I know that US government and business would like to see the EU broken up because the EU won’t accept gmos, poor quality american food and poor american employment standards but as a species we should all be looking to raise standards across the board including in our inner lives and spiritual selves.
The higherside chats are an American export which is very healthy as far as I am concerned
Keep doing it Greg!


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