Elana Freeland | The Space Fence, Planetary Lockdown, & The Ionized Sky

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks the space fence, planetary lockdown, & the ionized sky with guest, Elana Freeland.
Weather modification, HAARP, geo-engineering, 5G, nanoparticulates, cell towers and the space fence- this is just a short list of elements in the black ops programs being weaponized against us at this very moment. As our democracy and consciousness slowly erode, they are being replaced by a corporate controlled technocracy, imposing genetic modification  and more.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Elana Freeland, joins The Higherside to help illuminate our spirits in these, the darkest of hours. As an author of books such as “Chemtrails, HAARP and the ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ of Planet Earth”, Freeland has studied the alphabet agencies war on the masses through the weaponization of technology and the dynastic families who have a stranglehold on the economy and politics of this world. A scholar of technical tyranny, specialized surveillance, and remote management mastery, Elana helps thread the needle and weave together conspiracies darkest claims that effect nearly all aspects pf life.
3:00 A well respected and often cited researcher, Elana’s data and evidence based approach has earned the respect of many of her colleagues. Starting things off, she and Greg discuss the world smart-grid, enabled by the ionized atmosphere, and known as the space fence. Freeland familiarizes listeners with how the energy system used for weather engineering works, the infancy of this program under the Reagan years, and it’s evolution into the Strategic Defense Initiative.
15:00 In her “Sub Rosa America Series”, Elana details the trajectory we have followed that has allowed for the fascist, corporate, domination of planet Earth. She explains how through technology we found ourselves mind controlled, making us completely apathetic and capable of offering only minimal resistance. It was under this environment, black ops programs such as Eastlund’s HAARP technology were developed and deployed on an unsuspecting public. She also addresses the normalization of geo-engineering happening now, and how this may connect HAARP to mind-control.
20:00 Returning back to the space fence, Elana elaborates on how this technology was established, she details her work with “The HAARP Man” himself, Billy Hayes, and how the “electromagnetization”  of America is effecting it’s citizens. Freeland follows the progression of tech poisoning from the radios and television, to the internet and cell phones.
35:00 After explaining the multiple facets of the space fence, from cell towers and wind farms, to mobile ionospheric heaters and hydraulic fracking, Freeland discusses the AI component to this system. As Elana puts it, AI is responsible for the hertz or frequency in these various systems, as well as how the frequencies are stacked on a pulse, and how that is then pulsed into various geographical areas throughout the country for a myriad of military purposes. Because we are electromagnetic beings, we are more susceptible to interference in our environment, but Elana also elaborates on another important component in our constitution: ether, the substance of the universe.
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– the esoteric elements to the big agenda. Are there overseeing entities involved?

– the work of John Ernst Worrell Keely

– the Aremon Age of the Machines

– Elana’s near death experience

– the conspiratorial buzz around the polar regions and how the space fence and ionisphere work ties into the big picture. Operation Deep Freeze.

– the Santa Rosa fires and directed energy weapons

– the Nanobot invasion

– exotic propulsion systems and UFOs

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Bernard Eastlund Patent for Weather Modification:
All of Bernard J. Eastlund’s Patents:
Clifford Carnicom’s “Carnicom Institute”:
Nick Begich’s “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”:
Level 9 News’ Jade Helm Stories:
Dr. Robert O. Becker’s “The Body Electric”:
Billy Hayes “The HAARP Man’s” Blog:
“Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” by Jerry Manders:
National Security Act of 1947:
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43 Responses

  1. Recently, Cliff High..has been trying to spread his ideas re: crypto-currencies, which I can understand to some point as something to use in between something better Human Beings create…but what I found interesting is from a purely technological perspective, he claims there is no real ‘AI’ systems. I think there is something to that view, but not sure if there isn’t some other objective we are not aware of. I live in the suburbs of Chicago-land area, and noticed that all of my family and most friends/acquaintances have gotten that ‘chem-trail flu’ which lasts weeks and just knocks people out. I can’t quite figure out where this ‘wave of sickness’ came from: vaccines, geoengineering or some other bio-warfare perhaps. I have NOT been sick with flu or colds in years, and it got me albeit to a lesser degree. I don’t mean to be gross, but the ‘yuck’ that came out from my sinuses was something that looked ‘alien’. I felt so much better when it did release. It’s a bit scary to be honest. I could feel the changes in my sinus cavities. Re: this topic in the interview…I try not to ‘fear’ the technology because if one is connected to Spirit, truly, one will understand and have strange experiences to have you see there is a part of the Human Being/Soul that is beyond our physical bodies. I know most know this intellectually, but there is a difference when one experiences the ‘phenomenon’ and it becomes a ‘knowing’. I also listen to such a wise woman, which I am from the next generation (X), I am so grateful for the wisdom and guidance because it is very hard to find that in ‘real life’. Of course thank you to THChats, Carl and Team for providing the platform for all of us. I also wonder if the younger generations are made differently and adapt to the environment in which they have been born. (I had a hard time getting access to this website and I wonder why?? I obviously got through somehow.)

    1. About that flu– my husband and i both have it right now. I don’t remember ever being sick in this way. Just sick, i wish i could describe it better. After listening to this episode, we promised each other to take better care of ourselves to be healthy in spite of all the pollutants in the enviro. I hope we all get well soon.??

    2. Mentioning Cliff High, I remember he was trying to promote the idea that chemtrails were just companies grinding up their toxic waste they did not want to pay to dispose of properly so they found a cheap way to spread them through the sky. As if to say, don’t worry folks, nothing to see here, just capitalism in action. I felt this was wrong and stopped watching him after that. Either he is purposely misleading people, or he just en mass likes to have an air of knowing everything. Either way, unfortunately he’s become another voice that I cannot trust, and in regards to AI, I think we should be very distrustful.

      1. I think i remember listening to that talk w clif high. He also said that flouride is an industrial waste by-product that the companies are disposing into our water in order to avoid paying hazardous waste storage fees. Imo, he’s a man of integrity, mainly because his predictive language web crawler bots have been on target with other things that seemed highly odd at the time. Also i appreciate that he goes all out when he issues a retraction: he says what he misinterpreted, why he did it, then what caused him to change his mind, and how he’ll try to avoid this error in the future in terms of programming the bots. I don’t think a man with clif high’s dedication, and age can be bought off. I think it’s more likely that he unintentionally misinterpreted data than was purposely misleading.

        1. First I appreciate your view, but if he doesn’t know something he should indicate so. He really wished to push chemtrails as non New Order agenda. Secondly, AI is not a real threat and thirdly, it seems strange to me that he was insistent that the bots pick up our language because we are psychic rather then a more likely explanation that we are en mass creating our reality. Such a learned man should know better, but if he was indeed a foil for the powers that be, they wouldn’t want him confirming to us that it is our energy that is really creating the reality, they’d want us to think we were passively picking it up. This always bothered me, and as I watched more, I just discovered more and more here and there that didn’t add up to someone that was totally on ‘our’ side. In my opinion, anyone who has worked for the government in the past is not above suspicion.

  2. This is one very clever and strong personality. How many facts is she keeping in order in that brain? Amazing! However, there seems to be a theme in a lot of the podcasts I have been watching regarding AI and fearing it. I am surprised that with such a quality of research she does not define what she means by AI and thereby causing fear of the unknown. Having been involved with computers since they took up a whole basement at uni and from that could write your name after 30 lines of code! I have concluded that it is impossible to put lots of machine bits together to create a conscious entity. There has to be consciousness first to create anything. It may be possible to put a consciousness into a machine but not create consciousness from bits of machinery as however complex and human like it appears it is still an inanimate machine.
    What they have done is make us identify with our minds instead of with our spirit then they say be worried about our minds getting taken over! It is not surprising that with someone like Elana with a superior mind who has come to depend on it so much and rightly so relevant to her field has been as convinced of this as any.
    It is a cunning plan and is working well so far. On the basis that we use iformation that we are given by the system and that fear is their major weapon the whole scenario is just as likely to be a Wizard of Oz smoke and mirrors hiding the low level they are at rather than the other way round. It would be cheaper as well! Thanks Greg for the stimulating subjects you bring to the table and the brilliant way you interview people and give them space without your ego getting in the way as so many alternative interviewers seem unable to do. Very special.

    1. What is consciousness? From what I see around me, it seems like a lot of unconscious people that only know how to regurgitate knowledge and have useless opinions on things and yet we call these individuals human beings. I could imagine a program that could convince an entity they have thoughts and feelings and opinions, and that is why I wonder if there are soulless beings walking around in skin suits who only imagine they are human trying to use mass numbers to influence the thinking group. So why couldn’t over time a computer develop the same, after all their evolution would happen at a far accelerated rate compared to ours. They’d only have to have flesh, more natural movements, and ways of speaking and how would we ever know?

  3. Wasn’t she on a small time ago? I find her incredibly depressing and irratating. At some point it becomes spiritual when facing her materialistic full spectrum dominance pov. Some of it is interesting, but the non stop stream of consciousness coupled with a subtle arrogance seems to scream for attention – triggering skepticism

  4. Greg, I really dig the music! Bieber is a fag, but I even enjoyed that one. I think my 2 favorites are Weezer and Put a Spell on You.
    I was listening to Miguel Conner yesterday about the archons, how they never sleep and Put us to sleep. Then it clicked in my head, you should do Childish Gambino- Redbone. I will never hear that song the same way! Please do it.

  5. That is “2” comments I have left that have not been posted…….3 strikes and you are out…………………………………………………………………………………….

  6. Ugh. I wanna like this one. I just wasn’t impressed by all the conspiracy acknowledgment without any new contributing information. Not really any info about the nitty gritty. Great interview, but not really ‘illuminating’ for those of us who’ve been around for a while.

  7. Wonderful, vital, and timely info here. Excellent as always!♡thank you most kindly for being my number one, go-to place for information on stuff that MATTERS. Hello to the missus from me. :▪]

  8. Still no definitive definition of what the “Space Fence” is. I wanted to like it, but I’m just not sure. Definitely some good info, but a lot of tangiental rambling.

  9. I wish Elana described what the Space Fence is in a bit more detail. I’m glad she mentioned Scalar weaponry, but she at least could have mentioned the premier researcher who brought it out to the public, Tom Beardan, who apparently had been banned from giving interviews about the subject. Nick Begich is the “safe choice” and HAARP is stone-age tech at this point. Also good that she mentioned Michael A. Hoffman II and his book, however the one I would have mentioned first would be Fritz Springmeier, who is miraculously still alive after divulging lots of secret information regarding trauma-based mind control, the Illuminati, bloodlines, etc. His book Bloodlines of the Illuminati is essential. He is absolutely a true researcher and is a walking encyclopedia. How about having him on as a guest? I’m also not convinced that All of us have nanobots inside us, as she believes. Good show Greg!

  10. Hi Greg and Higherside Chatters’, this one was fabulous, as usual! I just wanted to add this video of Harald Kautz-Vella who has some info regarding the ‘Space Fence’ and the AI that it is. He’s an independent scientist well worth having on your show….if you can get him. Green Blessings!
    Harald Kautz-Vella on all the things that went wrong and need to be re-discovered and addressed.

  11. This is some of the most important material to get out. I have been watching the Morgellans stuff through the research of Clifford Carnicom and Sophia Smallstorm. I love that she brought up Keely, he is definitely a big piece in the etheric puzzle, much of his work is very difficult to follow and Dale Pond does a great job of deciphering what remains of his work, although Theo Pajiman’s book is the best on the subject of Keely the person in my opinion. I also think she is right about the action of many of Keely’s machines being radionic in nature and requiring a person with heightened consciousness controlling them from Pond’s recreation of some of Keely’s machines.

    With regard to 5G, Scalar fields generating longitudinal waves can be used instead of transverse waves for both power and information transmission. The problem is that none of the hardware to create an alternate network using scalar technology is available for use in a networking environment (only experimental) and all such tech would have to be made from scratch. It would also be important to ensure that these transmissions do not interfere with normal biological processes. Add that the best results are achieved with precise components and miniaturization would require high tech equipment and the difficulty of making an ad-hoc scalar network that would allow people to ditch cell service only increases without big money. Even then (if such an endeavor weren’t forcibly shuttered) I could see cell towers staying up for military reasons with some other reason given publicly. While the public health angle is the best way to discuss the topic at the time, it seems people don’t seem to care a great deal as most people are aware of the concept of cellphone cancer even if they have never seen the science. I think the problem is that they do not realize the degree of effect it is having on us and our environment

    Flying insects have declined 75% in the last 25 years:

  12. Elana has a lot in common with another Rudolf Steiner follower, Cara St Louis. They both have a tendency to make everything all about themselves. While it is great for researchers to provide some personal background, it is no substitute for presenting evidence to back up their claims, and evidence, or even any new information at all, was sorely lacking from this interview.

    1. That’s more Boomer than Steiner. Honestly, it didn’t get in the way for me. You’ve got to take a person as a whole, and I can never get enough of real intelligence at work. Something vital will depart from our culture with the passing of the ’60’s generation.

  13. Wow! Once again, Carlwood knocks it out of the park. I have heard her briefly, in the past and she is so amazing. Sadly, I am probably closer to the life waster than the radical activist but I am grateful to her for her dedication and her willingness to share and inform. With love and gratitude, cm

  14. Weird thing, I know a guy that’s a maths genius and is a high level programmer on Deep Mind. He named his daughter Sophia. I asked him about it an he denied knowing anything about this kind of stuff. Strange coincidence.

  15. New subscriber here.
    First let me say you did a terrific job Greg letting EF speak without interruption. Overall, I love the way you let your guests have their say and keeping the podcast focused on their materials. You beat most interviewers by a country mile.

    As for the material, what rang through for me was Freeland’s emphasis in the end on the spiritual component of her quest. Despite the conscious rejection of the materialist worldview — Blake’s single vision — it’d be easy to despair in the knowledge of the deep control of our planet without some kind of grounding practice and the resulting creative awareness of our options. When there’s nowhere to run or to hide, what do you do in response?

    Part of me dreaded delving back into this darker side of our reality, but I’m glad I did, for it has caused me to refocus on the things in my life I can control, that I can be responsible for. And that all starts from within.

    Great show.

  16. She is on the show to sell books.

    I enjoyed most of what she had to say.

    Two things stood out to me:

    1. The word Elite is thrown around as a way to name the faction of ego maniacal control freaks at the “top.” I’m being nitpicky, yes, but the word that best defines this group is Elitist . . . not Elite; Elite seems to be the common vernacular, but passed on by who?

    2. She was given a blood test and allowed to have visual evidence of this nano-life in her blood . . . who gets this kind of access and it doesn’t occur to them that this could be a tool used on a broader scale to “convert” the masses to a view that “things aren’t as they seem?”

    I feel suspicions because of these two things, but it doesn’t mean everything I’m thinking is correct. I’m really not trying to attack her. Just trying to be honest. She is very bright, but she seems like a logical choice to have a handler of some sort. Her appearance on this show was more about demonstrating authority by the name dropping and her well trained verbal style. Does it matter that I think this? No I’m suspicious of a-lot of Greg’s guests. I just think we are past a time when we can look at this show as a pristine forest of learners, gathering to share info in private.

    The subject, itself, is something that feels real to me.

  17. Am i alone in not enjoying this interview? I rolled my eyes quite a bit especially when it came to the *space* fence and sattelite conjecture. I try not to talk about certain subjects unless i know i have every detailed hammered out. her details were kinda flawed. Nice lady doing great work though.

  18. For some reason, my comment from early Dec/late Nov has never posted.

    “Greg, I know you’re intentionally attempting to feature more women and I applaud your successes in this direction. Allow me to share another potential voice you may want to have on ~”

    and here’s her/their latest ~

    a fellow down-under voice, you may want to add, in this big ol’ dream we all seem to share (smoking a little smoke, drinking a little drink, a little bit of ancestor alter and a little bit of sigil magick)

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