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Jason Louv | John Dee, Enochian Magick, & The Empire Of Angels

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Alright Higherside Chatters, the further down we go, the more convinced I am that magic remains the missing spoke in the wheel of not only history, but life itself. Because you can’t properly assess the Elizabethan Era, the Founding of America, the Rocketry program, the tech revolution, or many of the other aspects of what got us here today – without understanding that magic played a major roll. Not to mention the important roll of magic in the East, and well as the cultures that weren’t trampled by the Cross. Because we still see magical thinking and believe systems in the most hard to reach corners of this island Earth.

All of this speaks of a body of knowledge and thought that I’d like to better understand- as well as the people who explored it to it’s deepest, sometimes darkest, depths. Of these figures, there are few, if any, that have been more impactful than Queen Elizabeth I’s court adviser and astrologer – John Dee; as most of the magical characters and secret orders we know today- have all been heavily influenced by the Enochian system that Dee and Ed Kelley were handed down from on High.

Luckily today’s guest Jason Louv knows quite a bit about the situation as he’s just released a massive book entitled John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochain Magic and the Occult Roots of the Modern World which clocks in at just over 500 pages when it’s all said and done. It’s a wonder Jason hasn’t been here before, as he definitely been a popular guy in the magical resurgence for quite some time- having written several other books with titles like: Generation Hex;  Hyperworlds, Underworlds & Monsanto vs. the World

He also runs the popular website and also teaches classes on magic and spirituality at

A modern magus of the Great Work, an esoteric adventurer extraordinaire’, and the glass pyramid of podcast guests – Jason Louv

PLUS Content

-Dee and Kelley’s most dramatic sessions -Wife swapping -the Whore of Babylon, sexuality, and magic -Entities & Empires
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Did I not just hear this guy on Occulture?!??


and Grimerica…


I can honestly say that everything Jason said about John Dee, I learned from reading/watching Vincent Bridges’ books and youtube vids. I really don’t mean to sound like a dick or anything, just an observation. Maybe he’s saving the “new” stuff for the book. I’ll most likely buy it regardless.


Hey there’s guys.

New plus memember here. Gotta quick question: Are the Plus Only shows audio the full free version of the podcast in addition to the extra(plus only) audio or strictly the extra material?

What I am trying can get at here, is there a way to listen to just the plus only material After listening to the free show or do you guys come on here & listen to your episodes?… cause the first episode I listened to was a Joseph P Farrell episode from the archive & I feel like it was an episode I already heard, just with a little extra material not editted out.
Ty very much & apologies if this is a ‘dumb question’ lol


I , also am a newbe to T.H.C.
Although I have listened to the free stuff for some years now.
Let me just say Mr. Carlwood, your way of i interveiwing your guests is without a doubt, entertaining as well as extremely informative.
Peace to You an yours bro, SO BE IT, SO BE IT, an,SO BE IT!


Lol. Favorite topic currently. Bad ass.
Birthday month gems.
Thanks, Bros


My set of Beings is more powerful than your set of Beings. Nah nee nah nee nah nah.


Oh my goodness Greg my apologies. It appears my teenagers have been on my phone!
I am extremely sorry. I did enjoy the interview.


More of him please! I’d love to hear him talk about some more topics. Great show.

Glow wanders

Great episode Greg, been listening since way back in the day. This guy’s information was great however I did not quite see what he has seen in the connection between the alt-right and the magic. Then he also discriminated against a whole nation of people the kekistanis, who are already and oppressed peoples. I’m a proud Kek, and THC subscriber since episode 30 or so. Keep up the great work Greg


4:58 “like Timothy Leary did with consciousness raising”? 5:31 “But I’m not a Conspiracy Theorist”. All while being billed on “Everyones favorite Conspiracy Podcast. Quite the little pile up. If Louv were a schooled Conspiracy Theorist he would likely not have aligned him self with Leary who has been outed as an agent in the CIA’s program of weaponized anthropology. In short, I do not like when guests preface their interviews by saying; “I am not a conspiracy theorist” because this entire lie/narrative/mythology we have been told has been a result of a massive, long standing conspiracy.


Kintsukuroi is the Japanese concept


Thank you. I didn’t hear Jason drop the actual term and was guessing it was wabi-sabi.

Occult Fan

Thank you Greg for everything God bless you don’t let the turkeys ever get you Dan keep on Shining your light brother thank you ❤️


Damn the Dan!


John dee worship Crowley promotion denial of the cia’s role in the Psychedelic movement promotion of feminism in its weaponized form propagation of the white privilege dialect. Greg wants you to think it’s all magic in Aliens that are causing so much confusion in today’s world but it’s very important that you stray your thoughts from the Zionist reality. Limited hang out here people pretty sure Greg’s compromised part of an agency I don’t believe he doesn’t know what he’s doing.


Yes, because this two hour podcast, about a 600 page Elizabethan history book…..was obviously created by malevolent forces with the sole purpose of making 25,000-50,000 listeners less interested in Middle-Eastern geopolitics. There’s no other explanation really.


I’m really sorry to butt heads with you, residentmarmot and eyesajar. “There’s no other explanation, really.” There are many more rational and less paranoid explanations for the flimsy little arguments you have put forward. Greg did a great job with this interview. If you’re so sure that he’s a cia agent, um, every minute you listen is another minute that gives them access to your brain with their mind rays! Stop listening immediately! (But don’t stop paying for premium 🙂




good lord…was it that difficult to detect the sarcasm??

dreamtime jedi

Who the hell actually pays for a subscription to be a troll?
I actually hope Carlwood is an agent, just so you’ll have to come to terms with having personally supported the beast propaganda machine.
In fact, he definitely is compromised. Have you seen his P.O. box number? It’s got 223 or something in it. The proof is right there!
Hail Eris!


This guy is slippery. I wish Greg didn’t move forward until he clarified some of his answers. The first 20 minutes were kind of discouraging to me, it felt like that interview Greg did with the woman who was a magician and then dropped the bomb mid interview that she didn’t believe in magic anymore. Of course, Jason is far more charismatic and interesting and I was never put off completely.

Soooo I think he’s a materialist… not quite sure. He doesn’t believe in magic… I think? He just attributes it to the collective belief of the masses. Marketing is magic, sure, but it’s really just psychology and sociology. Materialist magic, if you will. Yes he talks down materialism, but in terms of magic, which in my estimation is why he’s on the show, he’s a sceptic.

“If a magician says the queen will die in 5 years and people believe him, it becomes self fulfilling prophecy.” To me that doesn’t follow. Another example, he said the last election was a battle of sorcery. Lots of examples on the side of the Dems, but his example for Trump was that Trump uses the power of positive thinking and Jung. His smooth confidence belies that very unbalanced argument.

Dee did change metals to gold, in Prague, using meteorite glass. Many times and over years. Of course it’s easy for a sceptic to swat that crazy talk aside. Sceptic is another word for materialist.

The rest of the interview was interesting and informative. I suspect Jason is a Dee historian, not a magic believer. He’s so proud to announce the he’s not a conspiracy theorist… on a conspiracy show.

PS. He’s wrong about it originally being the father the mother the son and the holy ghost. It’s always been a Trinity. Holy ghost was the church’s way of giving the feminine the boot. “Wholle Ghost” was changed to holy ghost by the church, but to the secret societies it is known to be the Wholle Grail, the divine feminine. There’s a Freemasonic freebie for you!


Hey, I’m sorry to sound like a troll just then.

I should have added that I was just speculating, for argument sake. I don’t really know much about Jason.

I just wanted to add that at the end, Jason blew my mind by saying that AI should be programmed with the selflessness of Buddha.
Seriously. Blew. My. Mind.
Very new and unique perspective.


Awesome conversation. I’ve listened to several other interviews with Jason about his new book and each was interesting. Greg did a great job bringing out new stuff and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Much thanks.



We need to stop the homosexual rape of little boys… yadda yada

I wish you would have asked him more about Jordan Peterson, so we could discern whether he’s actually listened to an entire lecture of his…

Very inspiring interview nonetheless!!!!

I’m loving all the magic/occult interviews as it is basically the only thing I care about anymore!


I’m really curious what got you so upset recently?

I know you probably can’t say, but I’ll make an assumption…

You’ve got a bunch of Conor Habib/runesoup fan/fu(k boys sending you transanimal sacfrice sigil videos?

Sorry that was shameful, and I hope I’m wrong.

There is something terribly discouraging about modern shaman/magicians being grouped with far-leftist huksters and professional complainers…

I am all about the liberty of the individual, but as Jason said himself the over-liberated aspects of porn result in a similar sexual repression, and the demonic current of energy flowing through these acts.

Just some thoughts. Sorry to sound dickish and assuming…


Why is everything that is non-human (and not God) an Angel? I mean it could be diabolical too right? Or does invoking God somehow make one free from diabolical influences?

In Islam it is said there are Humans, Jinns, Angels and God. With Angels, they do not have, or do not choose to exercise free will. So JD could have been summoning Jinns, who do have free will can have the variety of responses to situations like humans. They are just not on the physical plane, but presumably they can be summoned.


This person made me intuitively uncomfortable. Far to many strong opinions without any substantiation. He is quite different than other guests that discuss magic. His view of Islam is incorrect. The Koran approves and in fact rewards killing of non-Muslims. The goal is world domination . Women don’t have any rights and exist only for reproduction and men’s pleasure. Some of the reprehensible practices are honor killings, wife beating and female genital mutilation. Hopefully we never walk ” in there shoes” I could go into more depth but time doesn’t permit. His view is dark and oppressive. He is not really responding directly to the questions. What are “evangelical angels??” I’ll finish but the longer I listen it becomes difficult to pay attention.


No Islam doesn’t approve and reward killing of non Muslims, women certainly had rights, property rights at that 1400 years ago, they are not solely for reproduction and men’s pleasure. A lot of things that were already happening in the areas that Islam spread, and remain doesn’t make them supported by the religion. Your orientalist views are pretty dark .


I’m so stoked! Come back from the Movement Techno Festival in Detroit, and Jason Louv is on Higherside chats. Ok ok ok. I’ll turn my synths down for a couple hours…. Much Love Greg!!!


Very interesting, I waited to listen to this until I knew I could really absorb it, and as usual Greg you weave it with real craft and make it easy to listen to tough or bizarre ideas and you are a much appreciated one-of-a-kind in my book and I hope you hear that from others often!


You and I might have grown up in a thought.
Fireballs, faeries, moonbeams and unicorns,
or so we were taught.
Are the very basic stuff of which magics made up.
Then it’s, “those are sweet, little dreams,
But it’s time to wake up.
This is what’s whispered to us from so very young
Like fall leaves, little lies slide from the tongue.
Of course we believe it’s done solely from love.
Not for our parents but a sinister minister above.
A dark hole I’ll not let this slide down
For the truth of the matter is far more profound.
Mayhap it be, illusion, is friend?
Sleight of hand, coin flips and card tricks.
To pull the wool off our eyes they pulled it over again.
The point all along was, that there was no trick.
The truth of truth is, all of its Magick.
Is perception a question?
Must a thought be perceived?
Why have a body and just use it to pee.
Each of us a master of destiny and choice.
Draped in beautiful layer after layer of what we’re told is mundane
Are you looking outside the box?
That’s profane.
“Kid, we make the rules here, you sit down and listen.
There is only one guy above and me,
And, well I’m his right hand position.
Here’s what to think, eat, feel, and drink in each condition.
If we need anything else, well you know, it’s a family tradition.”
You may set down your mantle now
You are weary and it is heavy.
There is lightness all around you
And the world is ready.
This little light I carry all the time,
This little light mine all mine,
Let it vibrate in a sine wave, and I can move time.
This little light is yours just like it’s mine.
Children dig your hands into the earth.
Free your mind.
Seven billion masters caught up in illusions
Nestled amongst sugar plumed delusion.
As I mentioned above,
You and I might have grown up in a thought.
See it do you?
Order you see it knot?




Cool episode, thanks Greg!

Can any one tell me where to get more information the description of angles and god by Dee described by Jason Louv in this episode?

Goddamn, the whale covered in eyes sounds badass and I want to know more!

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