Dr Steven Greer CE5 contact has begun movie interview on the higherside chats podcast

Dr. Steven Greer | Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

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Steven Greer is a ufologist and retired traumatologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of classified secret UFO information.

He joins THC to discuss his latest film: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun.

PLUS Content

  • How similar the CE5 protocol is to ancient and indigenous spirit contact?
  •   Descriptions of alien home worlds and planetary landscapes Dr. Greer has been shown during CE5.
  •   Kosh’s questions on EVOs, The SAFIRE Project, & Free energy.
  •   The upcoming CE5 mobile app.

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    1. Greer controls the conversation with all his non-stop esoteric and 60's hippie  nonsense…he comes across as a typical California enlightened and drugged buffoon…

      Deliver me…

  1. So I did this interview bc the producers of the film reached out and we've partnered on some pretty good interviews in the past.

    I also wanted to take the opportunity to ask Dr. Greer about the Wilson memo since it was so close to the interview with Richard Dolan, and get his take on the Coronavirus which I thought would be way more inline with our others guests than it was. 

    I was on the fence, but enough of those things seemed to tip me towards doing it. I'm glad we did it, but I wish maybe the tone was a bit different. Oh, well. 

    Hopefully some people like the back and forth for a change. 

    1. You did well, Greg. I think a key problem was that, Greer primarily likes to monologue and pontificate.  And if it's a discussion, he wants to get the indulgent types of questions where he's affirming what someone already might think or be hoping.  Not the remotely challenging ones.   Doesn't like to deviate from his script.  Also, he has a massive ego.  I don't know if that comes from being a former physician and clearly a brilliant guy–or if he's also petulant charlatan.

      Who knows.  Since Greer hasn't released a single piece of solid evidence ever, I'd say he made himself irrelevant.  And certainly alienated (haha, damn a bonus pun!) himself from people on the fence or mildly curious. 

      Of course, I could be dead wrong. Just my thoughts after listening to the whole thing staying up late last night to finish. I was soooooo excited when I heard Greg refer to this interview earlier in April. Just needed to listen to Greer at length to remind myself what he is really like..

      1. I swear the day I hear him speak without mentioning Bill Clinton, I'll start to wonder if he is starting to become ill like Biden.devil
        Fully agree with the comment Harrison.

        And Greg, Awesome work as always, I was happy to hear your comments about it with the Grimerica boys before listening to this, and fully agree with that too. Some of that bonus content lolwink

    2. Im glad you did the interview I sent you a request to do this not long ago. If it means anything at all I made a prediction 7 or 8 months ago that something huge was going to happen around the time of the release of the CE5 film and I have gotten props for it.

      I can put a lot of the controversy surrounding this to rest. The CE5 protocols are designed for our evolution. Aided evolution. If people want to know the truth about this nothing could be more obviously stated that they should go out under the stars and find out for themselves

    3. Very impressed with your restraint, Comrade Carlwood, and couldn't ask for a better ambassador for this community. As a proud, card-carrying member of your "troll" audience, I offer the humble opinion that Steve Greer comes off as the biggest @$$hole you've had on the show. Been looking forward to this since you brought it up on Grimerica. Provocative!  

    4. Thanks for the show Greg. Recently Paul Hellyer was on The Unexplained podcast and the host Howard Hughes ran into the same issues  you did with Greer. When asked “Why haven’t the aliens helped us?” He gave the same jive answer Greer did. They’re waiting for us to ask. And in the right way. Really? If they’re only visiting the military, heads of state and farmers in Arkansas I don’t think they’re communicating with a very broad section of Earth's population. Both Greer and Hellyer started to get hot under the collar when pressed on this question. Well if you just buy my app and practice these protocols then they might help us… Seems more like a pitchman than a truth seeker. 

  2. Great podcast. Worst guest ever. Shouldn't he be on Gaia with George Noorey and gang? I will try and finish. Typically I listen to every show multiple times. 

  3. The problem with Dr.Greer is that his credibility suffers from wanting people to contact higher civilisations and inaugurate world peace for $5000 per person. 

  4. 1 Ummm ONE STAR GREER NOT YOU GREG! he was boring and u were great! But I never liked listening to him ever Bec it always seems he was a bs paid speaker and just resonates idk, but can  sound dishonest or a paid speaker or agenda or not "real" lik Richard Dolan and Kosh but I went in w open mind and u rock as usual but he's a Dud. He's boring he seems Veryyyyy well religious or "trained"speech and I say trained lik from Not good guys like us

  5. Yeah, he obviously has never heard of the SAFIRE project before. He showed his character when he pompously purposed that they need to bring their technology to him for verification, and simultaneously demeaned it as being already under the cabal’s thumb. Little does he know that their  findings have been made known worldwide. According to Greer, things will never get better unless we watch his movies and do it his way. Haha. His ego showed through on this one. I think your youtube sector will get a boost from this one Greg. Hopefully that will be the least of the good to come out of this podcast. 
    I have to say that this kind of solidified my unfavorable opinion of Mr. Greer. And at the same time it solidified my mad respect for you Greg for asking some hard questions and taking a journalistic stance on this one whilst being respectful enough to let him dig his own grave. Top notch podcast Carlwood. Cheers.

    1. I was kind of speechless at that point. I don't think we have many instances in THC history where I asked a guest about something going on in a field they're interested in, and their response is basically, "Bring it to me. If I'm not involved personally, it's not worth knowing about."

      It's okay to say you're not sure or you don't know, but to act like you're the authority, and the SAFIRE project couldn't possibly be on to anything without your team, was weird. I think it just shows he hasn't really been paying attention to the advancements in the last decade. 

      Developing free energy devices *has* to be free and open source, but CE5 can be monetized. Seemed like a double standard, especially when you factor in the overhead of both. 

  6. You did well… the interaction was worth while. I wouldn’t over think it as i get the ruffles were valuable . so good on you… 

    meditate meditate meditate 

  7. Greg you did good. Guest wasn’t it but we had to get through it. You remember when you used to drive a Scion XB? This is what it must have felt like to drive one. 

  8. I was surprised to see Greer interviewed here, and funnily enough, I just rented his latest movie yesterday. I don't trust Greer (though the idea of an ET event faked doesn't seem too far fetched). He raises one too many flags to me.

    I really appreciated Greg pushing questions to clarify and not letting certain points slip by. Greer was meh, but I listened to hear their exchange. Thanks for a great interview.


  9. Actually wasn't that bad. Most people always go into Greer with what rogan made them believe about him. Which shows not many people even on here have an open mind. I truly love the idea of meditation and connecting with the one mind of the universe. Every trip i've taken in my 38 years has taken me to believe we are all one and we can access that through certain ways. And now that I am one of those boring sober people I still connect with meditation. I'm not really a fan of anyone because I do not believe in that type of thinking but some of the things he said real resonated with me. I hope everyone can learn to not block ideas with fandom or what others say. A true open mind is not shunning the message because of the man. He might be a charlatan but I think he is onto something with the universal mind theory.
    Again thank Greg for the 2 hours of entertinment. 
    Way better then watching shark tank on a friday night for sure. 

  10. My 2 cents here:  Good job outta you overall.  I have been on a CE5 expedition with Dr. Greer, and while I don't think he came off super great this time (I agree with you that he seemed a bit defensive and passive aggressive here and there), I will vouch for him and say, he's a good hearted dude who has put so much into this body of work.  Getting flack for charging big bucks to join his groups, I get it.  To me though, it's worth it.  I'd do it again.  And I feel his point was clear:  that $ is used to help fund various endeavors of his, it's not like he's holding these events 100 times a year. That could look fishy if it was so.  But 3 times a year?  I mean shit, folks will spend thousands of dollars for super bowl tickets.  To me, what he offers is so valuable, and while anyone can do the CE5 stuff for free, doing it with very experienced people and/or just people interested in this stuff, was absolutely amazing.  

    Btw, perhaps some will turn this CE5 stuff into a UFO religion, like you said.  To me, you don't have to follow Greer's "protocols" to have an experience.  I don't think he wants to be needed, but he is serious about all this.  Anyway, good interview and hope I don't sound like a Greer apologist.  I just know he's a normal guy who likes to laugh and drink wine with complete strangers.  I was there!  And good times were had.  Props, Greg, for what you do.

  11. I got plus recently, and today it hit me. I really miss that one guy who does the thcplus plug in the free show intro. I remember the last thing he said to me. He said, "…and you'll never hear my voice again." I always thought that I would be happy, but I'm not. Just goes to show, you don't know what you got till it's gone.

  12. Great job so far Greg, only about 10 min in so far and you have already snapped back & clapped him wit some facts n studies haha, nice. You got him to basically go back on everything he initially started out saying lol so pathetic

    Keep breaking down these puppet propagandists brotha! much love!

  13. Sigh.  *It seems* Greer is so full of shit it hurts.  I agree that the tone was not great, but Greer did become prickly and pompous pretty much instantaneously when he couldn't just filibuster the interview with his same-as-always monologues and stories without any form of validation/confirmation. 


    From a personal experience, all I can say is that I was at a major UFO disclosure conference held at the DC National Press Club back in 2013.  It was a who's who of speakers:  Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, Robert Salas, Steven Greer, and others that perhaps have been THC guests.  At there conference, they had a panel with five former members of Congress, one being former Senator Mike Gravel, who I previously worked for and hung out with at the conference.


    I specifically remember during his talk, Dr. Greer referred to some extensive disc or flash drive of information he was to provide to each panel member.  Senator Gravel gave me much of his info and freebie gifts (including a Richard Dolan book about UFOs and the National Security State).  Long story short, there was no smoking gun CD, flash drive or anything that Greer provided.  I'm quite certain he was just blowing smoke yet another time with his big talk and claims.


    At a certain point he can only cry wolf so many times without some modicum of proof.  I don't doubt he's a meditation master and even a sincere guy.  He came across like a jackass in this interview, though.  I'd like to have a better opinion and I'll even argue Greg perhaps could have been, what?  A little more tactful?  I don't know… Greg was simply asking questions, and Greer got pissy and soured the overall tone of the interview.  Ultimately it's on him and he did not seem terribly generous, Greg had to almost repeat questions to get some bread crumbs for the audience.


    This is one of those situations where I'd like to be wrong or pleasantly surprised by Greer.  But it's been so many years of the same, and I'm not alone on this.  Greg has probably explored these waters farrrrr deeper than I ever will, and he's damn suspect too.

    1. To clarify my last sentence, it should read " Greg has probably explored these waters farrrrr deeper than I ever will, and he's damn suspect [of Greer] too."

  14. gosh Greg, lay off the nice doctor, will ya?? i mean it obv costs money to run this "global business", & owning a fancy D.C. home among the other elitist pedos aint cheap bro! lmao this guy is way tooo defensive for me to even consider his words being genuine beyond his own personal gain….and he kept using the "gun to the head" reference….hint?

  15.  follow the science line and things will be just fine,ask  Neil Degrasse Tyson.  They are desperate to get the alien show on the road but apparently need one percent,

  16. I found the whole interview fascinating… This man is working to have us invite the demons/dark angels in. Apparently, this calls for reaching a threshold of about 1% of the global pop. vibing at a frequency Greer can teach us to reach. Then, like winning a trip to Willy Wonka’s Candy Factory, we can have all the sugar and food dye (tech & toys) a kid could dream of!…Go lightly down this path…

  17. Man… when you watch a hero fall, it sucks. I'm learning to not worship people… this was a good reminder. It's much better to learn what you can from people you respect and leave it at that. I have always liked/had mad respect for Greer, his books and what he wants to accomplish. I do agree with him on several points – it's going to take us working together, have to reach the 100th monkey, the elite have a lot of tech they aren't releasing, etc. Info does seem correct sometimes. However he has disappointed me of late… If he wants us all to work together, he needs to drop the ego and learn to entertain any question with dignity and respect. It's not easy, but if you want to be the "ambassador" of humanity, you can't react the way he did to Greg's questions and show such disrespect when talking with another person. Lead by example, Dr. Greer. I agree with a lot of the other commenters that his ego showed very badly here. You did really well, Greg. I have mad respect for you holding your ground, and it made me proud of you honestly. Always gentle, kind, and firm. A HUGE contrast to your guest unfortunately. You give us stoners and tinfoil hat wearers a good name. This was a conversation worth listening to! Learned quite a bit. Listen to people to talk enough, and they will tell you who they are…

  18. A little unsettling that he came off so aggressive and defensive. Asking those hard, thought provoking questions is important. 
    Great job Greg- handled it like a pro 

  19. I don't agree with most of what Dr Greer is saying but he has a point when he talks about people need to take responsibility. Greg, what you said about 95% of people being good and peaceful, are you for real? just looking at crime statistics or the way people have been shown to behave in certain situations (Psychological tests for example) its probably more like 50/50.

    And the idea that all the bad things that happen in the world are down to a handful of people (Elites) is a complete cop-out, you ever hear the expression 'the banality of evil'? it came up during the Nuremberg trials.

    A big part of the reason we are in the situation we are in is due to people's complacency and not wanting to take action themselves, wanting someone else to do it for them. That's the main reason why Governments get away with murder because people just want to pass the buck and let someone else deal with the hard stuff.

    1. Wilhelm Reich wrote of something he called "The Emotional Plague" that I feel applies heavily to what you are saying.  It was an entire chapter in his foundational text Character Analysis and is absolutely integral to subsequent work The Mass Psychology of Fascism.  

      To attempt to define The Emotional Plague would be tough.  In a nutshell, that evil and predilection to rottenness is hard-wired into all of us and civilization/society at large.  Reich's best work imho is The Murder of Christ at the end of his life/career and fully examines how The Emotional Plague ultimately and tragically destroyed him.  Or yeah, just look at the Stanford Prison Experiment or normative behavior during wartime.

      I would absolutely credit Greer with being a transcended individual who deeply understands all this.  That was a difference in outlook/philosophy that I feel may have in part undone the interview.  Greg probably gives regular unconscious people more credit than myself, too. 

      Isn't it more like 95% of the population doesn't think and, subsequently, is more or less totally malleable?  A free mind is hard to find.  And I also want to credit Greer again with his emphasis on saying free your mind in past talks, especially with his silly but effective reference to the En Vogue song.

  20. I was truly dumbfounded when you brought up the SAFIRE project… I've always thought him deeply suspicious and that moment certainly confirmed it. I don't know what he's up to but why he's demanding tech needs to be funnelled through him and his network is troubling. Let's hope SAFIRE don't know who the fuck he is and do it their way! 

    And Greg, stop apologising. You are a regular chap behind a mic, interviewing some amazing and unfortunately arrogant people, at times. I can only assume by your end of show monologues that it blows your mind to find yourself doing what you do, but you should stop apologising for your decisions run things your way. I've only recently re-subbed to +, but in the months listening to the peasant version, I'd often think to myself at the end of each show that you need to stop apologising. You produce great content and I deeply appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

  21. I just now got plus to listen to the indiginous connecting with star people compared to ce5. (And also the extended evo talk.) I always thought it was goofy to call it ce5 when many people have been doing it before.

  22. Years ago, I used the ce5 protocols, and what I had learned about them for free online through Dr. Greer's talks and others, to have a successful contact on Lopez Island in Washington. There was a group of people with me that did not know what ce5 was, or even that I was deploying it at the time, and who witnessed and confirmed the contact.

    I say that, to say this. If we want contact with our bothers and sisters, we cannot have them appear as saviors. I would not want to be the worshiped subject of a cargo cult any more than they would, I suspect. If indeed they want to interact on the grounds of mutual respect, we must also step up to that level individually. No one can do that for you. Not Dr. Greer, Not Them, Not The Kabal, Not the Government, Not Hollywood, Not Jesus or your own personal savior, whoever that might be.

    The trick of any good spiritual teacher is to convince you he/she has a secret long enough for to realize that you knew it all along, and then to get rid of you. You must do the thing, no one else can.

    Greg, I believe Dr. Greer was getting frustrated with you, and you with him because there was a central misunderstanding around this. It may be perhaps that he is not a very good teacher, or that you might have a hang up around things that appear religious to you. Maybe both or something different, but suffice it to say, I think he is attempting something nearly impossible in the world such as it is, and recognizing that and what difference he can make, however small or large, is important.

    The control matrix around us all is paper thin, despite what it may feel like. It takes only the will to see though it to overcome. sorry for the long message…

  23. WHAT

    What about the overreaction to the virus?
    "We'll sort that our afterwards."

    What about pedophilia used as a way the elite control each other?
    "I don't know anything about that."

    It's our fault that the aliens won't help us?

    Aren't you worried about being killed because of the work you're doing?
    "No, I've got a 'deadman's' switch."

    No, this guy is protected because he's carrying water for the elite.

    I only wonder exactly when Steven Greer became compromised, because I believe it is possible that he was once sincere in his pursuits and pronouncements.

  24. Great Show Greg!  The guest would just talk us off topic ( physical evidence of advanced tech) by noting some gov doc that he has seen…….yada yada yada!!

    Human Detour 

  25. I've been turned off my Dr Greer in the past, mainly because he likes the sound of his own voice and frankly I get the vibe he's not authentic. I lasted 3 minutes after endorsing vaccines and the official Covid-19 governmental response. Just my honest thoughts.

  26. I recently joined.  I joined to listen to the Chris Knowles / Gordon White discussion (outstanding).  And then I saw this one and listened.  IMO Greg did a great job with a tough interviewee and asked many excellent questions.  I understand Greg's views (and views Greg echoed) and the accompanying conundrums.  I also have some empathy for Dr. Greer.  I think this interview was exceptional.

  27. Greg, I remember an interview you did several (5+ ?) years back with a guy, whose name I don’t recall, who was very similar.  He was much more overt in his aggressive defensiveness than Greer.  You also second guessed yourself back then:  Did I do something to provoke this?   No, you didn’t then and not now either.  Both that guy & Greer didn’t like their expertise/authority questioned nor feeling like they were losing control over the interview.  You, on the other hand, were simply asking the questions that were already on the minds of your listeners.  Were Greer capable of getting over himself, he would have recognized your questions as an opportunity to clarify and/or state his position on those matters.  It leads one to wonder what he believes he needs to defend and protect. 

    At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt by affording him the excuse (excusing his bad manners) that his defensiveness comes from years of being discredited and discounted.  But he’s no David Icke by way of either experience or humility.  If one pays attention to his style rather than content, you’ll see how manipulative his responses are.  At one point he asked, "Why are you so resistant?"  As if he is above scrutiny.  He diverted the focus off of the subject and on to Greg by basically saying, "What’s wrong with you?"  He was quite skillful at sounding like he answered questions but actually sidestepped giving a direct answer.  (Example: Although I don’t recall the question, he dodged it by saying "Oh it’s more than that" and went on to elaborate on some similar point that really didn’t answer the question directly.)  He often talked in circles. After being pressed several times about his one percent deal he finally said he hadn’t explained it clearly.  It sounded like he was taking responsibility for his shortcomings.  But within the context of the overall interview, to me it came off as a tactic to make him appear to be a sincere and reasonable person.

    Another listener here talked about his personal experience with Greer and found him to be a nice guy.  But nice guys don’t say something’s wrong with you or that you attract trolls.  Perhaps I’m too cynical after decades of being married to and watching a sales guy in action.  Sweet as honey when they have something to sell; no time for you if you have nothing to give.  (He doesn’t look at websites.  If you have something good, bring it.  Bonus, he can save you.)

    I too was thinking that the reasons for these aliens not intervening sounded a lot like He who works in mysterious ways.  We have to be very good in specific ways to get help.  The alien’s requirements are worse since we have to do it collectively.  This makes no more sense to me than He who works in mysterious ways allowing horrendous abuse of children.  But that’s not to say I disbelieve such contact as Greer claims isn’t possible.  My main skepticism is the message and that it’s coming from a central messenger.

    Anyway, you done good, Greg. It was a difficult interview to navigate and you kept your cool and stood your ground.  Thankfully, interviews like this where the host dang near needs a PhD in psychology are few and far between.

  28. Hi Greg,

    I've been listening to your podcasts for years now and have been a Plus member for at least the last 2 but I have to say this has been the first time I've ever felt compelled to leave you feedback on a podcast.

    This was a great interview on many levels, I liked your change of approach to interviewing, you were a little feisty and if I'm brutally honest, I think you should be like this more often.  It suits you.  Also, you had every right to be a little abrasive with him so don't be hard on yourself.

    As for Greer, I really want to believe, so much so that I have probably given him a bit too much leeway in the past whenever I come across gaps in his narrative.  You highlighted some in this podcast and he had no satisfactory responses.  I felt that he didn't do any homework on you or your listeners and came into this interview with his guard down.  He was quite condescending to you, your show and the audience more than once which really pissed me off.

    All that said, I went ahead and purchased his latest movie anyway so I suppose the interview worked in his favour in some part!

    Keep up the good work. 


  29. The 1% Rule, and how we can make a change:

    It is often said that 1% of the population control the rest – they drive the locomotive we are on. To effect a change, 1.1% [*] of us need to jump tracks and start up our own locomotive offering an alternate route to the future.

    The future is controlled by the past, so we need to rewrite the past. How do we do this: The now is all we have, and the now automatically becomes the past, and the past dictates the future. So when 1.1% of us agree on a new future path and act on it in the now. This will create a new past which will dictate a new future.  If this new future appeals to the populace, then the 1.1% will remove the power of the 1% (Once power has changed hands, the 1.1% can then reduce down to be 1%).

    A possible way to achieve this would be through a Renaissance, but this time a Renaissance of the people, not the elite. If groups of people, like those presented on this show, were to get together and work side-by-side interweaving what they have learnt to create a world where we can all be involved in gaining new and true knowledge and new and true ways to live, I’m sure people would be jumping tracks to take the new ride.

    [*For ease of math let’s say the population totals 1000. 1% of 1000 = 10. This leaves 990. In order to gain an advantage over the 1%, 1.1% is required: 1.1% of 990 = 10.89]

  30. "Over the years, I have gotten to know a number of astronauts- and very close family members and friends of astronauts. As you may recall, my uncle was the senior project engineer for Grumman (now Northrop Grumman) that built the Lunar Module, that landed on the moon in July of 1969."
    – Dr. Steven Greer

    "To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created. The Apollo Space Program foisted the idea that man could travel to, and walk upon, the moon."
    – William Cooper, MajestyTwelve

  31. This episode sucked, not because of you Greg, but simply because Greer being an ass. And I say that as a former donor/supporter/CE5 initiate (who became disillusioned with it). The man has a closet full of skeletons, obvious from his defensive stances to anything trying to inquire about his methodology, or even worse when asked about the black mail/Epstein industry "I don't know much about this stuff". Yeah, says the man who admits to grooming Tom Delonge (hint: wikileaks).
    This is the guy who lectures about DUMBs; USAPs, Aether Physics, and you’re telling me you don’t know shit about sexual-blackmail? Come on now, that’s just rude Dr Greer.
    The man is surrounded with Military-Intelligence crowd and he has the nerves to tell us to trust his protocol? He’s also throwing a lot of “yes I agree with you on that one” bones, aka limited-hangout. Everything about him screams cloak-and-dagger.

    I think you handled it very diplomatically Greg, while also not being too soft on him. Bravo

  32. A great and lively debate! The Carlwood is on top of the game as usual ! Highly Entertaining. Really enjoyed ALL aspects of this episode! 

     Thx THC 

  33. I just turned it on. I almost shut it off in the first 5 minutes. I've never particularly liked Greer, always seemed like a smug fuck. 

    Yo Greer, maybe the democrats withholding impeachment articles 33 days and impaeaching our president over bullshit we would have been able to respond better. Or if China was transparent about it. 

    Hope he gets an extra long bony finger in his butt. 

  34. Shew, guys like this are frustrating and insufferable. Props to you Greg, your level headed approach to people like this is admirable. Keep making great content and exposing these hacks in such a way that you don't even have to try. 

  35. Sadly, the decision by our world leaders to shut down the global economy will result in far more deaths through starvation and economic devastation than the virus ever will. This is an attempt by the elite class to take our God given rights and murder untold numbers of people so they can meet their depopulation goal. They have been able to get this far with surprisingly little effort, please wake up and demonstrate against this global tyranny

    Dr. Greer seems blase regarding these coming destructive forces and instead sells alien contact as the solution. I hope they're bringing large amounts of rice and beans to help against mass starvation.  Also, maybe he should nut it up and disclose what he knows about the virus and stop worrying about his fucking Youtube account.  

  36. Greg you did a great job! In my opinion Greer is crazy if he thinks e. t. s  are using that rediculously advanced technology, the machines they built,  to travel here and wait and hope some random "country doctor" walks into the desert to psychicly command them to appear for 1 to 3 seconds at a time in a wish to give some apes some free energy in exchange for them "raising their conscienceness! ( and paying $3k of course) 

  37. I, for one, am delighted to be among your TROLL followers!  BEHOLD my birthday suit, my outrageous hair, and the enormous jewel in my belly button!!

    Ahem… all that whimsy aside, I agree with many of the comments here. Greg, you don't need to apologise because Dr. Greer was obnoxiously cantankerous and clearly drinks the Cabal flavored Kool Aid. It struck me that he seems rather fear-driven for being a supposed advocate of fearlessness; a supposed meditation master; a not-so successful medical doctor; excuses, excuses, blah, blah, BLAH! My TROLL opinion is… What a smug butthead!! Get thee hence, Dr. Greer, for you are NOT WELCOME in the land of the TROLLS!!

    You, however, did a GREAT job and demonstrated courage and candor in what could have been a real disaster of an interview. Bravo, Greg!! May the next round be more enjoyable for us all.

  38. Greg you are a great interviewer; always well informed and lucid about the material your guests are presenting. In this case you asked questions that helped reveal something that your guest perhaps didn't intend to communicate. For a "master meditator" he seemed to be perceiving your questions from a clouded consciousness and was extremely reactive.


  39. Holy. Shit.  What a pompous, clueless, narcissistic prima donna cunt!  I was literally laugh-gasping at the unbelievable shit coming out of his mouth.  Worst guest EVER, but you still managed to do a good job with it.  OMG—I seriously cannot believe what i just listened to lol—how in the fuck does he have absolutely ZERO self awareness at his age?  We really desperately need some Ras Ben STAT to sage this clueless prick out of our sacred Troll Space!

  40. I don't know much about Greer but I did enjoy the show, and I did learn some.

    Mr. Greer was certainly a little defensive and in my experience that only happens when  you've been attacked for your work or have something to hide. 

    Perhaps Mr.Greer got a little too close to the proverbial "fire," found himself getting a little burned. Then Greg was so patient  and let him have it at the end. 

    Personally I think this was a great example of Gregs' Diplomacy and skills in the area of interview.  Even with the difficult mixed messages and bullet dodging, Greg was able to pull out some great points and pieces. 

    Cant wait for the next one Mr.Carlwood.

  41. Great to hear you being challenging. These people want us to call stuff in but are really airy fairy about the whole thing. We need to be sure who they are. After all we've got enough nonsense going on without being responsible for calling in more tricksters.  Thats where we need to be responsible thanks Greg xx

    PS I saw Kosh got very positive feedback but I could hardly listen as by BS clanger was going off so much!

  42. Sorry I just can't listen to this asshole. He is a pompous disinfo agent . I am disappointed you would waist your insightful mind on asking him anything.

    Does anyone really care what Dr. Greer has to say ??

  43. I was really happy when I heard you speak about it with the Grimerica fellas, and couldn’t wait to hear it;) Either way, I used to have sasooooo much ‘faith’ in Dr Greer and thought he would change the world. I remember him saying he and his team would broadcast the blueprints for a free energy device  and documentary worldwide FOR FREE many years before I discovered THC (the best podcast in the UNIVERSE) and then he was charging to see unacknowledged? And no blueprints? The guy made me look bad because I had told all my friends and family about him and he was going to change reality? unfortunately he didn’t:( Then he basically sounded like a spokesperson for cnn on the ‘virus’ but he knows exactly what/where/how but doesn’t throw a bone! Wtf??? Anyway, another totally professional dialogue from the host, well thought out and genuine, but I did feel disappointed with the guest after listening. I totally understand people need money, and I totally agree that people can charge whatever they like for their services, but 3 grand just to hangout and stare at the sky??? Idk man, I’m thinking he got co-op’d and now he’s just trying to stay relevant. If all this shizzz this guy says is true, why not give it away and in the near future $$$ would become a thing of the past??? Oh that’s right, because the extraterrestrials are waiting on us to wake up while the ‘setile’are poisoning the planet at an exponential rate and raping lil kids in dungeons under their mansions, (which he knows NOTHING ABOUT, right;)) and that takes precedence over the civilization agenda??? Wtf??? I’m very happy with THC and sorely disappointed in the Dr! Keep up the good work homie, excellent job as always! Much love, no homo;)

    1. I agree with you, I am 72 years old, and as with our government, it’s the same promise. 
      Vote for me and we can make a difference.

      The lesson for myself is, if I want this to happen I have to make it my reality and not be afraid to go down the path I have chosen.

      that means show No Fear and don’t be afraid if ‘they’ follow you! Hahahahaha 


  44. Greg! Yes, Steven Greer had an attitude with you! Your senses were dead on. His tone of voice wS just snippy and condescending. Just imagine paying $3k to listen to this!  Why?? I dunno. Maybe not looking for a solution. Just milking the ride??? You were very gracious Greg. I watched read unacknowledged. Skeptical of more . Whats theagenda? Higher side …no agenda.

  45. What an asshat. He flopped and back tracked on covid-19 in the first 10 minutes. He then bookends the podcast by calling the THC audience trolls. He just wanted to monolog without interruption or any questions. Yawn. 

  46. I couldn't finish this episode, the guy is far too overbearing, argumentative, and egocentric. I don't have anything positive to say. 

    Greg, you are a bad ass, your podcast is in my top 3, I appreciate all your work and efforts dude. 

  47. Haha… yah, you broke his ass when you threatened his MIB license granted for collusion when you sent him tea-cups on the opener over the insisted paradigm of perspective by the lords of the *rings* he kisses  haaha

    I say good form brother, call a ducka ducka

  48. This is the first time I am sending my comments because I don’t trust your guest.
    Your guest Greer is nowhere near enlightenment and is far from being a wayshower. Far far away from it. Many people today are having wonderful alien contact because Mother Earth is ascending towards higher vibration.
    Alien contact has been happening for a long time with examples of people like Daryl Anka, Judy Satori, Wendy Kennedy, Matias de Stefano, Jayme Price, Amara Tia An, Maryke Del Castillo, Cindy Kim, Tiffany Tin, Yantara Jiro etc etc it’s countless . There are so many people making galactic connections today and I was so blown away by how behind the game your guest Steven Greer was.  




  49. The truth of the matter is the majority of people are not "good people" (what does that mean anyway). We are petty, fear-driven, vengeful, egoic, clingy, greedy, resentful, possessive and envious. Sure, there are degrees, but the attitudes that derive from these traits are what enable the worst of us to be in control.

    By declaring you are good enough and you're just woe me being ruled by psychopaths is to shun responsibility. I think Greer's whole point (and if not Greer's, mine) was that when enough people rid themselves of these "bad vibes" to a certain degree, the consciousness effect that shapes the world around us* would simply dissolve the power structures that allow the current elite to do what they do.

    The world begins with each of us. The shaping of society is bottom up, not top down. But that also means YOU are responsible for your masters. And I do think you showed a certain resistance to that in this interview. This surprised me by the way, because you are one of the best interviewers I listen to. Maybe the guest got to you, I don't know. It doesn't matter in the end. I think his underlying point was very valid.

    Thank you Greg for everything you do. I hope I can enjoy supporting you for many years to come.

    * If anybody doesn't believe in this kind of woowoo, think instead of how your reactions to your circumstances create other circumstances and how easy one could create a chaotic vicious circle that amplifies every bad thought and every bad action, like the butterfly effect, causing havoc in one's life and spreading misery from things that apparently are not such a big deal.

  50. Greer’s pompous attitude and down the nose responses to GC made me cringe. He came off as a massive jerk. 

    One thing I want to note, in response to Greg’s insistence that we are mostly all peaceful people. I’d agree that most folks don’t start violence and want to care for others. But you have to take a broader lense and accept personal responsibility for the other insidious forms of (yes) violence that you participate in: factory farming, sweat shop labor for your affordable and stylish threads and kicks, all the horrors involved with the sourcing and manufacture of our precious smart phones… 

    These ARE acts of violence and degradation that we are complicit in, even though we love our families and neighbors.

  51. I used to support Greer and I show'd so many people the Disclosure Project Washington Press video.. I was so sure. And now I see how empty the arguments are. Amongst other things.. not buying it at all.

  52. It's weird. I feel like, even though I haven't heard it, I know each of your styles/personalities well enough to know pretty precisely how this went. I am skipping it because Greer makes me roll my eyes so hard they hurt after 5 minutes. "I'm just a country doctor…" *PUKE*

    But he's still somehow relevant and I am sure there were people who enjoyed listening to his verbal masturbation.

  53. What are the protocol steps?  I listened and still don’t know.  Greer challenges people to do the protocols but didn’t say what to do.  

    Can anyone say in simple terms what the steps are?  

  54. There's something about Greer, beyond his enormous ego, that's always given me pause. I just can't figure out why he gets in to talk to politicians, generals, undercover agents, and aliens. After all, he is just a "country doctor from North Carolina," as he reminds us every chance he gets. There's just something that feels disingenuous about the guy. 

    I thought you handled yourself admirably, Greg. I was proud of you. If it had been me I would have hung up on him.

  55. Ewww as soon as I saw his name I was like…omg he's lik the last person I listen to Bec he just NEVER RESONATED TRUTH. This is a guy sayg same bs for 20 yrs. He's in same category as the rock star talkg abt aliens…we are AWAKE and this guy…no one listens to him. He's boring too and I have Never got any info from him I actually use or Believe

  56. I joined Plus as a result of this interview.  I want to support Greg and I am glad the community seems to have rallied around him. I look forward to future interviews.

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