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Del Bigtree | Coronavirus COVID-19, Chloroquine, Ventilators, & Vaccines

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Del Bigtree is the high-energy host of The HighWire with Del Bigtree, Producer of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe, & former Emmy winning producer of The Doctors. Find him on Twitter @DelBigtree.

He joins THC to break down several important elements of the Coronavirus COVID-19 coverage they’ve been presenting on The Highwire in the last few weeks, and offer a more sober look at the data than your traditional nightly news is willing to give. Thank you Jesus.

You can also learn more about his very crucial and effective non-profit, ICAN: the Informed Consent Action Network @

PLUS Content

  • Del’s thoughts on Trumps behaviors through all this.
  • The possibility of a 5G & EMF connection.
  • The concerning behavior from the tech industry and internet censorship in the COVID-19 story.
  • The Easter protests and the prospect of a growing protest movement over this.
  • The best defense strategies.

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      1. I have to be truthful I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. But I’ll give you the rundown of the first 6 minutes from my point of view. I have been crunching the numbers for this since February. I can only think that this idiot is from somewhere in the Dallas area. I don’t care enough to google him. He enjoys a 14 day doubling due to the efforts of those around him. Plus a 2.8% death rate because of the DR that parkland has put into place. While this is unheard of for any other virus in recent memory he wants to belittle the efforts and the effects of self quarantine put into effect around him in the first week of March? 


        So let’s get to those minutes:



        your intro



        4:30 Is there really a panic? Does he see people running through the streets crying for revolution and carrying weapons like those that are being paid to do so in Missouri? The 100 thousand deaths that he is taking about is with intervention. If nothing was done this would have been much  worse by now. What the heck does he mean that a tiny number is being affected? Doesn’t he know that even those that are asymptotic are going to carry internal scarring for the rest of their life? Decreased lung usage, blood clots, strokes, dementia, … 


        5:38 Death Rate. His math is wrong. Currently my math states that out of the 100% that we know have had the virus 68% have recovered 32% have died in the US. Out of the people that have been put on ventilators 3 out of 4 die. Retirement villages are death traps giving a 50, 50 chance of survival if someone introduces it to the population. 

        I could go on but why bother.

    1. we learned how to discredit vaccines with facts and data. I generally shy away from vaccine discussions because it seems obviously dangerous but never had facts laid out spoon fed like this. cheers 

  1. I subscribe to you and Crrow. I’m hearing conflicting ideas between the two. For instance, you keep saying virus is a thing but Crrow has stated several times, virus isn’t a thing, hence virus “theory”Another thing, I’ve been hearing that some people are being fined heftily for not following Covid protocol. I feel this would have a massive effect to keep people at home, neither of you don’t really talk much about this. Anyway great show, that guy was really tearing a new one. Everyone should have a listen to what he says

    1. Conflicting ideas are normal. We're weighing all the options, nothing is black and white anyways. It's important to remain open-minded otherwise bias distorts truth. I don't think you can be annoyed at our host for remaining open-minded and considering all angles, it's one of my favorite things about Greg, actually. Plus, there's a lot of unknowns still.

  2. This is a good one to lead with Greg. This is building 7 level, relatable and readily prove able. The “Viruses don’t exist” narrative is probably Dr. Judy Wood level conspiracy. This one is way too big to be binary and or absolute on. We’re all going to have to tactfully navigate the unknowns of this for potentially the rest of our lives short of a miracle. I think this event is going to call us conspiracy minded folk to up our communication skills and no longer speak at anything less than 140 characters. We’ve been studying and training for years on all different aspects of the system we are in. It just may be time for us to speak and communicate at the next level.

  3. Excellent talk. I'd just add that while Dr. Klinghardt agrees with Del about letting herd immunity do its thing among the less vulnerable, he also heard a leak from China that there are two strains of the virus — one mild and one much more severe. So that would have to be added to the equation. It's also been reported that some people get it multiple times, though that wouldn't be too much of a problem if it's the mild variety.

  4. Del related a lot of useful truths, but when he spoke of Bill Gates he did not mention the Gates' family connection to eugenics, or the terrible damage Gates' vaccines have done in India, Africa, and South America. If this interview had a flaw, it was the failure to acknowledge that the entire fraudulent crisis might be malicious. Is it coincidence that Gates' vaccines have paralyzed, sterilized, or killed people in the third world? Is it wise to accept a vaccine when the promoter, Bill Gates, promised on a Ted Talk that vaccines will LOWER world population?

    1. I agree with you on the gates aspect, however, I think del likes to stick to more provable medical data to build the theory on a solid, unshakeable foundation. Through my own efforts, I have tried to find the source of all these Bill gates things, but unfortunately, there is not much to go on. The only documents (primary or secondary) I could find were news articles both written by an Indian journalist for the Indian financial times. The one that specifically accused gates was taken off the internet, and the other article downplayed the effect of the vaccines to only five "unrelated deaths". Of course, we will probably never know anything more about these articles, the author has become subject to a story we have become oh so familiar with: He died at the height of his controversy. 

  5. Hey GC what about that "Thank you Jesus" in the show notes ?!

    I was thinking that we all are already pagans here…  😉

    Anyhow, i recanted Christianity for sure.

  6. Run! A Tsunami of truth just swept over the airwaves. Instant classic. 5/5 w/ a THC BADASS Seal of Approval. The energy is so infectious. *pun intended* Thank you both 

  7. At some point emerged the questions: "Why they need 5G".

    Some days ago found that the military need 5G badly for things as supersonic missiles and drone swarms and "deep data exchange" in the battlefield between personnel and central controls, etc…

    They need the 5G bandwidth to do all those things.

  8. Really Fired Up for this one, love it. I think Del is the genuine article and you can hear his compassion for the truth, it speaks volumes. Great episode and Greg is on a roll with putting out not only great content but important information concerning this COVID-19 situation. The guests on these past shows are just filled with so much information it takes a few listens, to really grasp it all.Towards the end of the episode there was speculation if this was planned or if it occurred organically. I think it was planned but it was not ready to be rolled out yet. Now they’re  scrambling for the vaccine, which is why there were buying time by locking us down. I wonder if we focused more on quality water and quality food, would that not equal quality health? Maybe because it is easier to control and manipulate the masses when they are malnourished, poisoned, and sedated. 

  9. Excellent….well done…. very important info…peoples behaviours through the fucker feed tv is seriously savage to encounter… disturbing… so I keep meditating …doing my yoga, eating well and staying away from anyone who is filled with big pharma bs ideals 

  10. First comment is a Re-(as in again)Tarded. Sorry for the brassness. You guys killed it with this one. Inspired me to share the public free hour(I almost wish this whole episode was out but GREAT comprimise with the 1 week). This is how I tried to bridge the gap.


    As I've grown older I've expanded in my ability to communicate information I know is true and when to preface the information I give with the notion that it is just an idea or speculation. The climate of our society today has caused most people's world views to be narrated by polarizing experts that seem to have one job and that is to divide us. Which leads me to say, there are times I want to slap people for being so ignorant to think they have to choose one of the two narratives shoved in their face day after day. The state of the world has forced me to get on my knees and plead to you…
    If you have ever had a semblance of respect for me, please spare an hour of your time to listen to this conversation that brings a level of common sense to the situation we face today. Ignore this, then you surely will be ignorant of the information. He has high energy, but better than the fear I see in most people's eyes in public.
    With much love and morality.

  11. Greg, you’re one of the best interviewers out there and love you show, however, you cuck’ed on this one. It’s you’re responsibility to ask the hard questions. Are Virus’ a thing? Because if they’re not as has been shown to be true, then Del’s work is undermined.

  12. Love that you’ve got Del on. I listen to the Highwire. Also have a vaccine damaged child who is now dealing with yet another autoimmune condition, since getting the toxic unnecessary HPV vax. I got the book HPV on Trial after listening to one of your fabulous podcasts which turned out to be eye opening and Life changing. You are doing the world a huge service, Greg. The MSM sure isn’t helping anyone in their lies and protection of Big Pharma. Hats off to you! 

  13. As a Hollywood reality tv producer, farmer and clothing line founder… I'm deeply affected by these events.  I absolutely love and appreciate this show.  Thank you Greg.  Del is a powerhouse of knowledge and I'm 100% in agreement.  

  14. To Del:  Greg please see that Del gets this.  

    Recently because of what is presently going on, I came across online Research Microbiologists that seem to be saying, that your body makes oodles of viruses as a natural biological process, the purpose of which is to clean up your cytoplasm, etc., So when you got a virus when a child, it was the homemade version, in which during the clean-up process you felt sick.  This would would mean viruses are a good thing.  

    If the above is true, then we have been fed a lot of virus fear-porn which is not true in all of our lower level microbiology classes, through our textbooks.  We do know that big-pharma writes those textbooks.  .  

    I am also hearing that the only way to get coronavirus19, is by injection.  We are surrounded by viruses throughout our breathing space, but don't catch them.  My microbiology class taught me that bacteria need water  to infect (that is they need water to reproduce), but would that be true or not for not-alive viruses?  Most people assume so. 

    The vaccine science community, yours and my community, is filled with mostly medical doctors of one sort or another for us to rely on.  I love them all dearly, but even both they and I, sometimes,  put the word "live" in front of the word "virus', but it's not alive.  For most of them, microbiology was not their chosen major. 

    I suggest in these trying times of figuring all things out, it might be a good idea to consult with sympathetic microbiology researchers  to get all these things sorted out.  If anything above (and there is more unmentioned stuff) is false, it would be a shame to share it around.  If any of it is true, on a science basis, it would be a huge game-changer.  If only one thing is correct, you can only get coronavirus19 by injection, it would carry with it indictments, and discovery in court.  

    Also, unrelated to above.  I have been using High-dose IV Vitamin C for years.  It is the perfect non-toxic replacement for vaccines on any virus or bacteria it has been studied on, which was the majority viruses we have vaccines for.  

    Thank you in advance for taking my suggestion of talking to some very serious microbiologists on these matters.  I love what you have been doing for science truth.  


  15. I have been using High-dose IV Vitamin C for years.  It is the perfect non-toxic replacement for vaccines on any virus or bacteria it has been studied on, which was the majority viruses we have vaccines for, and in as little as an hour or two.  It works perfectly, to destroy diseases, leaving the patient in a smiley mood and cured

  16. Brilliant guys! Please could we have the link to the US military flu vaccine and subsequent respiratory issues document!

    Del, what a legend…. 

    Thank you Greg for every, single production that you put down…. sublime!

    Have you seen the Fullerton Informers’Daniel’ this guy is a young Jordan Maxwell!

    Love your show, looking forward to each new episode!





  17. I want you to get up right now. Sit up. Go to your windows. Open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!…You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’ Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first, get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’

  18. Del is a serious bad ass!  It was a great show , but what is happening to us is frightening, because I have children and another being born this week . We have to be able to stop this from happening I don’t know how but there’s got to be way . It’s obvious money isn’t the only reason there pushing this global poison in us all . Gregg,  you by Far have the best podcast out there! Del keep fighting the good fight your awesome ! 

  19. For a few years now I have considered Del's work extremely important to understand the often censored critical look at vaccine safety, efficacy and accountability. As demonstrated in this interview, Del has a passionate way of conveying important information and pointing out inconsistencies in the official narrative.

    Has anyone been following the work of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai? I am trying to reconcile why he is attacking the character and motives of Del and Robert Kennedy Jr. 

  20. If you cannot answer a question simply then, you do not have an innerstanding to which you speak. If you spiral, when asked an honest question, then you are a liar. But, this audience knew that already Greer. 

  21. This one makes me long for shitty documentaries about crop circles. Conspiracy has turned into just good reporting! 

    My husband and i have been listening for a few years now. So worth the $8. We've paid during good times and hard times. Less than a burger and milkshake. So much less than a movie, or cable.

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