Crrow Interview on The Higherside Chats on Corona World Order

Crrow | Corona World Order, Occult Agendas, & The Sky Clock

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In these troubled times, it’s nice to hear a familiar voice. Thankfully, our old pal Crrow has a lot of thoughts on this current Corona World Order, space, natural systems, and the agenda to offer up shallow, empty replacements of what we already have.

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PLUS Content

  • EVOs & Plasmas.

  • Walter Russell’s work.

  • Spygerics & plant alchemy.

  • Why the periodic table of elements is a big lie.

  • Food suppliers & meat shortages coming soon.

  • The 2nd Covid wave.

  • Things best left said in private.

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  1. Maaaan, i wanna share this with the normies… i don't wanna share this with the normies…  haha

         Thanks Greg, whoops!  Did i forget to cancel after the free week?  Dangit, i musta been blasted outa timespace and nostalgiating on the times before the revealations…  Your bustin out some freedom in these trying times made me remenber the hopeful times in arduous attentive detail matching the fibonacci mirror i was experiencing snip-snipping away at the veil back in the  moneybomb days.  Good work, muchos appreciadamos n such

  2. Floating SMART Ships and Covid deaths. A test case?

    Princess Cruises, a brand of the Carnival Corporation, has teamed up with SES’s O3b mPOWER network to bring Wi-Fi access to their cruise ships. Through their OCEAN Medallion program all passengers will have a personal Wi-Fi device that they wear around their neck, on their wrist, in their pocket or clipped to their person. It connects the person to the ship and is used for many purposes.

    The ships in the news that have had mass accounts of Covid infections are of the Princess class.

    Info on OCEAN Medallion

    Company update on Diamond Princess (Docked in Yokohama)

    Company update on Ruby Princess (Docked in Sydney)

  3. I like a lot of the things Crrow says, and when he speaks about mind affecting the world it's true. Even if you are a hardcore materialist you cannot deny that thoughts create brain waves and all waves are part of the EM spectrum as well as thoughts affecting behaviour and a person's body which obviously has an effect on things around you, from empathy to body language to pure vibration and frequency.

    I think the mind/brain and its relationship with electromagnetic fields and frequencies is a majorly untapped or understudied area. 

  4. I haven't changed a thing. I've been a hermit for a decade. I haven't once worn a mask. Silly gag thing. I actually forgot what I was going to say. Love you Mr. Greg! Thank you Crrow777! I never miss a podcast. Love you as well. 

  5. I always have to listen to a Crrow episode at least twice in order to "pick up what he's laying down here."  Such depth of knowledge is almost extra dimensional and it comes not from an exhaulted guru but from a hard working investigator with an open mind and the ability to communicate abstract ideas.  Great episode. 

  6. Normally I don't resonate with Crrow that much but did here, he makes some excellent points and observations. As he says, don't throw the baby out with the bath water! Thanks.guys.

  7. Love me some Crow…he always adds value.  

    But sorry, Greg, I have to "go there" on the chest-beating -over- my- dead- body- I- ain't- wearing-no- mask -I- know -my -rights comments of your guest.

    Sure, you're saying, just "ONE rogue cop," "a few bad apples", yadda yadda yadda…Bottom line: white privilege in effect, regardless. This young man has no rights to assert apparently.   Separate but unequal. Roll the tape.



    1. IDK if this is true but I heard they were an undercover gang unit making a bust.  The way the cop handled that second guy who was a bystander was totally disgusting and Im glad it was recorded but I don't think it was for social distancing though I could be wrong.  (I live in NYC)

  8. Oh used to be a listener of Crrow.. Nice to hear his voice again. Whatever happened to Hadibov? That was a blast from the past. I was listening to crow the same time I was listening to you Mr. Carlwood. I did stick with you.

    Crrow  seems angry a lot of the time and I get that. Thanks for a good show.

  9. Here’s one thing I can’t wrap my head around-

    Crrow talks about a closed system and yet he references Saturn and Jupiter like they’re out there and the moon like they’re out there so if we’re in a closed system,  what are those? 
    Also excellent point about Pluto being removed shortly after 911. That was no accident.

  10. I found via Amazon, Manifred Junius and Walter Russell (very expensive, but will purchase with OT money this week).  Could not find any hooks by Mac Gurson – Gurson Method or Phoenix Araylas (did I spell that right).  Any help would be appreciated:)   

    Great chat Carl!!

  11. Thing about Crrow is that I agree with everything here says but disagree with his conclusions. 😅✌️

    Much love and thanks for the great show! 👍

  12. Great Episode… 

    I’m in San Diego and am hosting Drive Up Comedy Open space Mic. We have done this the last 4 Friday’s with amazing turnout. This is my way of bring something to my comedy community while also getting to be civilly disobedient.  
    if you’re interested I’ll get you the address for the secret location this Friday 5/15 6:30pm. 

  13. Greg, this was the best show you have ever had and you have had some gems.  The whole point of this pandemic, social distancing, masks, etc is the feedback we are giving somebody  We are a captive audience to a continuing apocalypse that tries to enforce Darwinism (survival of the fittest).  As Crrow said, it is so important that we keep connecting to each other and caring about each other.  That is what 'they' are trying to corrupt.

  14. Interesting theory about the electromagnetic field and how its disturbance could cause diseases. Especially the part about clothing made me wonder. Most people (at least where I currently reside,  Europe) are getting sick with flu or other "viral diseases" in the late autumn/winter/early spring periods – coincidentally those are the period when the temperature drops and we wear A LOT of additional cloths. If that was to be true, no wonder we become more vulnerable with all the extra sweaters, coats, scarfs, hats, gloves (and don't forget extra socks from grandma!), blocking our electromagnetic field.

  15. Cool show; I like his perspectives; I Am going to get the book 📖 he recommends ( walter Russell one) …..Well hopefully this reset gets rid of Animal Pound places in where they kill stray cats and dogs 🐱 constantly and animal rent !!!! .. those will be a positives  for me in the meddle of this reset madness !!!!! 

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