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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, despite our frustrations with our system and the unfairness of it all- we still don’t really understand what life’s about anyway:

Why do we come here and what happens when we die?

-Is our manifestation on Earth a short “practice life” to make the assessment with which we’re sorted out for our eternal bliss or damnation as the church would have us believe?

-Are we students in a cosmic school, recycled to this plane until we’ve learned the lessons needed to advance beyond the reincarnation cycle?

-or are we just the meat machines modern science says we are?

While some of the available options seem more likely than others, these are not easy questions, but if you examine them deeply, you’ll find that the scope of human experience does have just enough breadcrumbs baked into it, to let us know there’s something waiting at the end of the Earthly Rainbow:

-Psychedelics, Lucid dreaming, Precognition, children who remember past lives, near death experiences,and yes, even the power of prayer and intention….

All things that make us wonder about that other side, and today’s guest is no different:

His name is Dr. Scott Kolbaba and not only has he dedicated his own life to to keeping people on this side of reality as a physician in Wheaton, Illionois- but plagued by the mystery of it all, he dedicated years to interviewing other doctors about the odd and miraculous experiences they’ve had with the patients in their practice- and turned the best of them into the book Physicians Untold Stories which walks the reader through The Miraculous Experiences Doctors Are Hesitant to Share With Anyone.

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

-The burning bus story

-Recounting the miracles in our own lives

-Dr. Kolbaba’s own instance of “Jack Sparrowing” it

-How often Dr. Kolbaba sees the placebo effect and spontaneous healing in his practice.

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31 Responses

  1. Really love the back-to-back episodes all with amazing guests an amazing topics. I just wish I could hold myself off from listening to them as soon as they come out so that they were spaced out giving me more days to process the information of each episode. thank you for all you’re doing 🙂

    1. Much appreciated! I’ve gotten a few emails that I was disrespectful in this episode, but I don’t think so.

      I challenged him a bit to theorize beyond the stories and as an interviewer it can be frustrating to get stonewalled on that stuff.

      Maybe the wrap up was a little aggressive, but I do think a lot of these stories are fairly mild and introductory, and the answers more complex than “God sent an angel.”

      I like the guy, was happy to honor his request, but I wish he would have engaged in a bit more of a dialog with me beyond the stories.

      1. I definitely felt that it was a little bit different than your usual style of interviewing, but you did mention that you will challenge the speakers more in the skeptiko episode. Most of the time, I like it when it is more like a dialogue and less like a lecture, I guess it’s a matter of finding the right balance. Cheers!

        1. Well, one other factor that does come into play with my tone, is if I sought out a guest vs them seeking me out. I wouldn’t invite a person on just to chip away at their religious views. I’d probably just look for another guest for a topic.

          Dr. Kolbaba reached out to me and asked to be on the show. So, if you come to the table with one of the few biases I have, I’m going to say something. I think that’s fair.

          Now that I think of it, most of the guests who I’ve had even a slight bit of on-air friction with, asked me to be on:

          Adam Kokesh, Daniel Pinchbeck, Johnny Cirucci, Dr. Kolbaba, etc.

          1. At least you do recognize a biased position. I think it comes off more as annoying to some, including me. We all recognize your position, it’s kinda hard to miss it. I been with you since the plus came out, and heard every archived show on the site. It just seems on that topic, you take the opportunity every time. It’s like the flat earthers always asking what the guest thought about the flat earth. It’s just not necessary all the time. I’m not offended or disrespected, I don’t take stuff personal, because it’s not at all. You got a good heart and an awesome show, it just comes off across as annoying like I said, to me. I haven’t heard the wrap up but I’m not talking about just this episode. I think that Catholic school must have been super fucked up to put you in such a firm position of opposition. I’m not so quick to discredit an idea, that millions of people around the world would die for. I think people in general dislike ideas based solely on the terminology used to describe it.

            I’m right on board with the psychedelics and your view point. There is something there. Iv had my fun with a slew of different chemicals and plants. But that same knowing you have about psychadelics, many people have that about christianity, (NOT catholocism). Sure there are plenty of fakers, but understand those people who do believe also believe in spirit possession. You are literally inhabited by a spirit. There is one good one, and the rest are archons. Christians will use other names, but that’s exactly what it is. I know I felt something within me when that happened. Many people will say the same thing. And they are so sure they felt it, they would die for it. The Bible doesn’t say magic is necessarily bad, as iv heard it stated before. What Paul said was to be careful, he admitted the spirits are real, including familiar spirits. He warns people to be on guard and to test the spirits, to see if they intend ill. It does however, prohibit curses and hexes, that black magic stuff, but that’s my point. It’s not a 100% ban on magic. Sure the catholics turned it into that, but that’s not what the source document states. Sometimes, it’s like you said, not everything is angels, because we have no idea how the consciousness even works really, but just the same, I don’t think it’s all chemical. Whether it’s the great spirit, creator, father or universal consciousness, we’re just arguing about a description, a term. I don’t think it’s a dude in a chair in the clouds, but more like that universal flow of energy and consciousness. But we can hardly define what conscious is. This stuff fits right into my wheelhouse as well. Many of these ideas are not exclusive. Yeah we can get a bad wrap, but that’s because 70% of those people are Christian in name only. This world is much crazier than the materialistic view we have been given.

            1. Lol, I swear I didn’t listen to the wrap up prior. Those are a bunch of good questions and nobody has those answers. But like I said, magic isn’t banned like you said. That’s a misnomer. But in my view, those spirits or archon have been given authority to interact in ways with humanity. It like, the universal consciousness set up the game, set the rules for the game, and sat back to allow free will. There’s a lot of fucked up shit that goes on in the world. Murders, starvation I got it. But in a messed up way, evil is required. If there is not choice, then there is nothing. For something to be good, evil is required. For something to be juxtaposed, it has to have an alternate. If there was no evil, then good, by ration, cannot exist. They require each other. If there was no evil, good cannot exist. And within that, is freedom of choice, and all the misery and evil in this world. I wish everything was good, but that’s impossible.

              I think of it like this, the view of Christianity. If a person was going to throw a party, instead of the host forcing everybody to come to the party, he will invite them. And they may come if they want. There is choice. And the choice he gives us is if we believe in one thing he has done for us. That’s all that is asked. Every religion in the world tells you how to go to heaven. Make your heart light as a feather, etc. It lays out what you must do. Unlike every other religion, this one says nothing you can do will everbe good enough. It says nobody has enough credit to their own name. The good does not out weight the bad. So the only way is to make it on somebody else credit. That credit is given not by doing something, but by believing something. But yeah man, sorry for the double messages, but I was just trying to give you a different view is all. Still love ya and will continue to give you money. People shouldn’t be scared off so easy.

  2. Pinch me- three shows in a row! I love THCPLUS!! This one was totally different but very cool! I Like your take, Greg, on the idea that we pass credit to the “God figure” instead of our higher self or our own consciousness. (Ski slope victim story)
    This was an easy listen after the more intricate LaViolette show. I’m gonna have to listen to that one a few more times if I’m
    Going to understand it. Peace!

  3. Best comment to me personally was about “The Great Spirit saying if you dream about someone you should tell them, pass on any messages”. I have started doing that in the last couple of years. Some amazing stuff. Anyway.. If you want to explore other views of the other side there are 2 Australian guys with interesting views and experiences. Robert Bruce who had a website Astral Dynamics. The other is George Kavassilas.

  4. Waves on the aether field of electrons, which dense humans bumble into all the time, are obvious to me what birds fly on. It appears to be how to orient information for all animals from cows in fields to horses in races. That’s been my observation and experience. Why not the electrons of a former body? It would be like a spider web where a vibration on the thread gets pinged.
    Doctors relaying actual metaphysical experience is a yuge hack to pHarma. Bravo!!!

  5. I didn’t think you were disrespectful at all and I don’t think the guest did either. It is a rare treat for a Dr of any science to entertain the notion of NDE or anything not published in a Med / Science journal. Good effort on his part to get other doctors to come forth with their stories and put them together. Some of the details stretch my suspension of disbelief abilities a bit, but hey, it does me no harm to listen to them.
    Thanks for the hard work and effort in throwing out so much content in such a short time. Good job!

  6. Great interview and I definitely heard Greg channeling Alex Tsakiris here 🙂 but Greg is asking great questions that need to be asked.

    I agree with the comment in the wrap-up that this type of material is a great gateway for those of more traditional understandings (Christianity or materialism). It was Eben Alexander and the Skeptiko interview of him that launched me down a better (higher?) path several years ago.

    If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to be critical of one thing, I’d say: there’s no “x” in “especially”. 🙂

  7. Love your podcasts/ and a thanks to “The Carlwood” for deep research and the time and preparation put into each interview. Really great work! Great music !
    I am a 68 year old professional visual artist and have lived a visionary and primarily left brain, focused life. That being said, I have always felt (from day one) that having physical eyes limited my sight / Extreme color and image sensitivity etc. 3rd eye territory here . Recently, I had a huge life changing paranormal experience. Not known to me at the time the father( divorced but still very close) of my son passed away suddenly in the middle of the night. That night, most likely near that same time I was awakened by loud, loud talking , screaming protestations and objections. I felt at the time that my now husband was getting a late night call from a client whose roof had caved in or some other disaster and was asking for assistance. My husband is a contractor and renovator of Historic homes here in New Orleans ( he has his share of spooky stories) and it would be unusual but it could happen. The next morning I asked him who called and he said “no one called” and I left it at that. Around noon my son calls and said that his father was missing and could not be located. Later that day he was found deceased. There is no doubt…. that I had been visited and told about what had happened at the time of the accident. No doubt. There were 3 other occurrences that followed. These following incidents were non-fear and what I felt to be love based touches. One was a brush on the cheek! Later the physical touches turned into chills over my entire body including cheeks and scalp like an intensity I have never felt. It’s been two years since he has passed and there have been no further incidents. I have to say that I miss “the ghost” and whatever transition that takes place and to where , has occurred . Maybe some kind of merging? But my physical eyes limit my vision and I can’t see. Some mystery.
    It occurred to me that the “love” we feel toward family members and friends has a strong physical but invisible presence and can transcend time and the reality of here . And maybe , the occurrences reported in your interview where the people still “see” are a soul in transition, not yet shedding physical eyes. ??? And maybe the reported angels or relatives are the “love” taking a physical form so we can recognize with our eyes! The experience of the birth of my child was similar as I saw a new born baby that looked like an ancient being. As the days passed I could see my son get younger by the day! Like he was losing a memory. AND as I get older and the veil gets thinner and there have been many more coincidences not as direct and profound as above but ones that I do not take for granted! There is of course always the power of fear and darkness lingering but …….. anyway. This is a very difficult subject for me to put into words and I hope that I did at least okay with it. But……… Again, Thank you for your excellent work it is much appreciated.

    1. My great grandma had a dream she was on a hilltop and her son, my grandpa was on another hilltop. He was screaming in pain, and there was no way for my great grandma to get over to him to help.

      I think it was in the night, that night, that his pancreas burst and he died. He was on his 40s and my mother was 12.

  8. Great interview as always… As a practicing witch/ceremonial mage that was raised Muslim I’m confident in the veracity of some first hand experiecnes similar to what the Doc spoke about here that actually are what solidified my belief/gnosis that there is a loving Prime Creator and Angels are his admins. Check out Rupert Sheldrake’s Physics on Angels. Super compelling IMO.

  9. Woohoo! ???????????? I dragged me feet to listen, as I’m no fan of western medicine, and was so pleased. So lovely to see even a few physicians noticing something outside their limited worldview. Great work brother. You showed terrific restraint and composure, and it was excellent. Much thanks as always.

  10. My dad was like that. I got home after about a year being gone in another country. I got home, and within an hour he was coughing blood. We went to the hospital that night and he died the next day. I was home for 19 hours before he died. Soft tissue cancer from agent orange. People hang on, and the mind controls things in ways we can’t even begin to guess.

  11. Hey Greg, I don’t think you were disrespectful in any way, and I always cringe when someone replies about psychedelics in such a way.
    I always appreciate your non-biased perspective, but I’m honestly surprised that you draw such a thin assumption of what another person refers to as “God”. Granted, I have not read the book or how the quotations refer to “God”, so maybe they are somewhat fairly “fundamentalist” views being espoused.

    Can “Consciousness” not be God?

    Anyone who delves in Magick understands that there is a Godhead, A quality of awareness which is immovable and also the Prime Mover, forever at the Center of all-things.
    There is no divorce in-space from the Self-Conscious observer and the Ultimate.

    I personally use the word God for Consciousness many times, (depending on the occasion I am speaking), and I definitely don’t have “an old man on a cloud” in Mind.

    I hope you reconsider your Skeptiko approach because it comes off as “unhighersidechatslike”.

    I wanna smoke with you one day, Greg. And I really don’t wanna come off wrong because I adore your show and plug it to almost everyone I meet.

    It was Crowley who said, “The Method of Science, The Aim of Religion.

  12. Way preachy at the end. (Ha! ironic) There is a Christianity that exists outside the luciferian Vatican beast. There is a frame involving God that most miss. Long story…
    I was enjoying the Good Doctor’s stories for what they were. Great Stories. But… It seemed to trigger Greg. All good though! Ive been listening to every episode for a while now and this is my first complaint. I Love This Show! Much Love Greg! Just be careful, you don’t know as much as you think you do. The GodHead is a direct threat to the Vatican. It’s not what most people think. It’s brought me to a greater path of self awareness and completion then any psychedelic, meditation, magic, astrology etc. Oh man… Not trying to write a book here… Anyway….. Much Love to Everyone!????????

  13. Interesting some thought your style was too strong. I don’t think so at all. What are you supposed to do, just ask snowflake approved questions? I think the guest was happy with the interview. Apparently some here don’t like Christianity being questioned. I don’t think that asking questions about consciousness is questioning Christianity. You are really critiqued by some subscribers instead of the material. Your interjections and questions made what could be a pleasant bit dull interview far more interesting. I think including other possible viewpoints In the measured way that you do is a quality of a great interviewer. The interview with Paul LaViolette was very interesting. I am almost current having listened to every posted interview. I must like the content or I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Keep asking the questions that interest you because it works well.

  14. Hello,
    I just listened to your interview with Dr. Scott Kolbaba and found it very interesting. I have a story of my own that I have no explanation for. My son’s father and I were traveling from Jackson Wyoming to Reno for jobs. This would have been back in about August of 1984. We started out in an ancient VW bug and met up with a friend that we were going to be traveling with in separate vehicles. However, we broke down and had to all pile in together in her car with a U-haul trailer.

    We were packed in like sardines with all our stuff. I was in the back seat with our son on my lap, cause there was no room for a car seat. My friend was driving late at night through Utah. I had nodded off a bit, although I had tried my best to stay awake, cause I knew she was tired. I think I was jarred awake when she hit the gravel shoulder. Suddenly, I opened ,my eyes and saw a mile marker coming straight at us. Now I am awake. The next thing I knew we were screaming down the highway, I think on our side and I was holding my son in my hands out in front of me dodging all the shit that was flying around in the car. Nothing hit him. Hmmm. And then we flipped over upside down. At that point I had my son in my left arm like a football, (have no idea how that happened] and we came to a halt in the desert. I reached out my right arm to stop us as best I could. At this point we flew out through the rear window which was not longer in place. When it was all over, he had the teeniest scrape on his forehead and I had a bit bigger scrape. Our friend Joyce, the driver was thrown from the car and David was stuck upside down in his seat belt in the front passenger seat. No one was seriously hurt. Joyce ended up in the hospital for a day or so and David had been jerked around pretty good. Actually, Lucas, our son and I were the least injured of all of us.

    I have no idea how I was able to keep him safe like that. How I was able to hold on to him, how I was able to dodge everything that was flying around and how I could stop us from smashing into the desert. It was all in slow motion.

    So he is 35 now and I think about it and am still in awe that I was able to do that. But, my thought on it is that I just did what needed to be done. I had no thought for the impossibility of it. Just what was needed at the time. Anyway, strange shit happens and I am glad that what happened to us turned out the way it did.

    Very happy to have found your podcast. Have been listening for the last couple months or so. Good stuff.


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