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Dr. Scott Kolbaba | Physicians’ Untold Stories, Near Death Experience & Other Miracles

Topics Covered: Death, Motivational, Near Death Experience

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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, despite our frustrations with our system and the unfairness of it all- we still don’t really understand what life’s about anyway:

Why do we come here and what happens when we die?

-Is our manifestation on Earth a short “practice life” to make the assessment with which we’re sorted out for our eternal bliss or damnation as the church would have us believe?

-Are we students in a cosmic school, recycled to this plane until we’ve learned the lessons needed to advance beyond the reincarnation cycle?

-or are we just the meat machines modern science says we are?

While some of the available options seem more likely than others, these are not easy questions, but if you examine them deeply, you’ll find that the scope of human experience does have just enough breadcrumbs baked into it, to let us know there’s something waiting at the end of the Earthly Rainbow:

-Psychedelics, Lucid dreaming, Precognition, children who remember past lives, near death experiences,and yes, even the power of prayer and intention….

All things that make us wonder about that other side, and today’s guest is no different:

His name is Dr. Scott Kolbaba and not only has he dedicated his own life to to keeping people on this side of reality as a physician in Wheaton, Illionois- but plagued by the mystery of it all, he dedicated years to interviewing other doctors about the odd and miraculous experiences they’ve had with the patients in their practice- and turned the best of them into the book Physicians Untold Stories which walks the reader through The Miraculous Experiences Doctors Are Hesitant to Share With Anyone.

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

-The burning bus story

-Recounting the miracles in our own lives

-Dr. Kolbaba’s own instance of “Jack Sparrowing” it

-How often Dr. Kolbaba sees the placebo effect and spontaneous healing in his practice.

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