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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, as we deal with the whirlwind of digital distractions and do our best to navigate the choppy waters of the conspira-sea – one thing we do know is that the reality we have before us today, was crafted from the top down,a long time ago:

From the international money magic spell and the “life essence suck” that is that all important J.O.B.

To the way we think about mater, consciousness, technology and the upper limits of what might be possible in this human energy farm we call Home.

Meanwhile we hear about breakaway civilizations that might be far further ahead than the “technological hamster wheels” we peons get by on, we know secret societies have held back their own sacred knowledge for decades, and we’ve seen a long history of scientists who stumble off the pre-approved path-suppressed and marginalized.

But what if things like the sacred knowledge of these secret orders, the all seeing eye of the dollar bill, & the mysterious and elusiveness 33rd degree of freemasonry – all mean something far stranger than we had ever thought- possibly unlocking hidden doorways and portals to spaces between the worlds where the elite can not only indulge in every luxury and extravagance- but are also able to rule from a place that is truly untouchable.

Well these are the ideas pouring out of today’s guest’s latest work- and I can’t wait to get more into it.

You know Tracy Twyman well by now, as she graces the THC digital stage for a 4th time.

Tracy first talked to us about her insights into the elite and their connection to dark entities, through her own communication with entities such as Baphomet—Largely covered in her book Clock Shavings…….She then told us about the secret rites of the Knights Templar and their alchemy of finance which she talks about her her book Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled…and in her 3rd appearance we talked about her novel Genuflect, The Cult of Mythras, & That the Elite of Today still treasure some very old traditions…and the evolution of these ideas is exactly what we’re getting into today.

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68 Responses

  1. I Have been telling people for years that at times I can shift my eyes a certain way and see like a screen or wall in front of me. I know exactly what she is talking about and some of the tracing boards that come up on google also show another “dimension” that looks like one stacked on top of this one.

    1. I swear to god,in the last couple years i have also seen “pixelated” small areas in my peripheral vision that look like what happens when like direct tv starts. To lose the sig,but has not cut off ghe digital sig….just small patches.The even stranger thuing is that i can look away, then look at the same relative spit again,and the little pixed patch is still there. I can not make out anything otherthen it seems to be like a totaly out of place spot that is SQUARE??????
      Ythought it ws only me ha ga ha ….

  2. Dang Carlwood- I am So glad i signed up for Plus. Its a game changer. These last few interviews have been especially lit! Some of my absolute favorites to date (esp igan, laviolette & the trafficking ep). I’ve been getting into Tracy’s work lately bc of your show & excited to see her back again. She really knows her shit! Your show is a breathe of fresh air. Im so glad i found thc. I’ve been a conspiracy researcher for a decade but it’s so refreshing to find you bc so many of the people who are actively spreading this information are also pushing religious right wing intolerant views, which is unfortunate & damaging to all of us bc i think alot of younger people (millenials esp- which i am) refuse to engage with the people espousing this information bc of politics and so i think alot of millenials are missing out on this important information. I appreciate that you have an open mind and you are not biased or pushing any sort of agenda other than getting the Truth out there. I have only good things to say about your and your crew. Thanks to you all for putting this out there & for all the work you do. I logged on just now to see if there was a new episode and this was exactly what i was looking for. Once again THANK YOU.

  3. Only part way through this great interview, but what else can we really trust other than what we actually observe ourselves. Here in the U.K., the sky is really weird, different light quality in all the dull greyness. I observed a totally pink rainbow early one morning, it stopped me in my walk in the middle of the road. So weird, but hardly any body looks up. We’ve had hardly any cold, bright days during our winter and also an unusual glow to the world but you can’t detect where the unnatural light and glow is actually coming from. The sky seems very low. I’m nearly 50 and have always had my eyes looking up, never seen anything like this. Tracy is such a great dot connector, and a brave thinker and speaker.

    1. Here in Illinois the mornings start out sunny, then the massive amount of chemtrail sprayings begin, and finally everything is clouded over and grey by 10 a.m. So sad 🙁

  4. Cheers Greg and Tracey.
    Its interesting to see Santos Bonnachi and Martin Kenny information through other eyes. The difference to Crrow would be the moon as portal of ascension the sun as portal of decension as we cycle through every sphere of both evil and heavenly being. Which kind of ties in to Phillip Lindsay and his theosophical data of the Yugas.
    So great confirmations thank you.
    P.s sorry if I have the names slightly wrong, it’s a brain altered thing.

    1. Listening to the Moon Child wrap up. There is an Asian form of Spirit adoption of an aborted child where the spirit of the child is raised as…a child, sometimes for magical purposes. I remember one of Gordon’s pod casts talking a little on it.

  5. Genuflect was the most disturbing piece of fiction I’ve read, and I grew up reading a ton of horror. That said, Twyman is one of the more fascinating researchers of our age and that’s for sure saying something, because there’s a bajjillion of them out there that are doing stellar work. I feel/think she/’s on to something here. Great job with the audio splicing, seemed liked a lot of work. Cheers

  6. Whoooa! Anal pregnancy? That kid would be the shit! LOL. Nasa is really galactic pornography? I love it! This was an awesome episode. I’ve really deeply enjoyed every episode that Tracy has been on.
    Also wanted to share, a few weeks ago, I was leaving work and looked up in the sky and there was a perfect round rainbow circling the sun. It was pretty large too. I should have taken a picture, but didn’t really think it would show on my shitty phone.
    Anyways, peace and love Greg. Thanks.

  7. Thank you for this GREAT episode. I love to hear Tracy’s perspectives and observations – it’s like unhinging my mind to open position!

    I just have one comment on her review/assessment of Atlas Shrugged. She admits to not reading the book but basing her response on the movie.

    I have read the book twice and the movie truly waters down the story, it’s meaning, depth, intent. The book is a blueprint of what is happening in the world today, but without the integrity of the people that chose to live in Gult’s Gulch. And it was not reserved for just the elite, it was for those with integrity and self-honor who were not willing to “sell out”. So while the analogy of a reserved land is similar, the character/integrity of those that inhabit is the opposite of today.

    Aside from Rand’s philosophy and cult following, I found the book very inspiring because it depicted men and woman with absolute integrity worthy of emulating. (Same with The Fountainhead.) And, the scumbag type characters were spot on with their weak character traits and manipulative attempts. I think it’s certainly a book worth reading and depicts how we got to where we are today. I would also recommend that one avoid the movie at all costs – it misrepresents the depth of the book.

    In its special way, THC is a kind of virtual Gult’s Gulch! Thank you Greg for all that you do – so well!!

    1. I agree with nancyb’s comments about “Atlas Shrugged.” If Tracy’s assessments come from the movie, then the movie must not have much to do with the subject of the book. I only read the book once, but Tracy’s description is not at all accurate, and sounds like the summary the elite would give people in order to keep them from reading the book. I valued Tracy’s commentary in her last few shows, but if she can talk so authoritatively about a book she hasn’t even read and be so far off the mark, I start to question how accurate her other views might be.
      In the book, the world is falling apart because of the greedy, corrupt “elite” who are only interested in maintaining their positions of wealth and power. They either bury or criminalize new inventions in order to not damage the current leading corporations. Positions of responsibility are filled according to who says the politically correct things, even when they have no idea how to perform their job (sound familiar?). Because of this the main industry of transportation falls into ruin: the train tracks fall apart, scheduling conflicts cause crashes, and people across the country are starting to go into poverty starve. Every honest attempt at improving the situation gets punished and suppressed by the “elite,” and when catastrophe inevitably strikes, the ones who tried to help are blamed for not doing the things that they were prevented from doing.
      Galt’s Gulch was a last-straw utopia for the people with integrity, ingenuity, and a high work ethic, in order that they could live in a functional society not held back by the greed, corruption, and violence that has been so common throughout history. The “elite” were left to figure out how to fix the mess of a world in which they so loved to wallow, and that unfortunately left the brainwashed masses to deal with the consequences as well. The main character agonized over the decision because she felt the right thing was to try to help everyone, despite being sabotaged by even her own brother at every turn.
      Anyways, thanks for the great shows, and yes, THC is a lot like a virtual Galt’s Gulch. Carlwood’s Cavern, perhaps?

  8. This intreview was spot on regarding our current state in this world. I’ve come to similar conclusions years earlier, and I’ve run into historical texts that reference the moon and the sun as the gateway to another world!

    I should start by pointing out that I myself am not a Muslim nor do I subscribe to any of the religious sects out there. I’m merely posting some of the stuff I discovered while researching historical texts, especially after going over many of the points addressed in this interview.

    I hope people will dig into other religions and search for such references. I’m in touch with Hindu person who is looking into whether the Sun & the Moon are mentioned in the context of what is discussed here!

    There is a quote by the Muslim prophet where he said “By god if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left on condition that I abandon this course, until God has made me victorious, or I perish therein, I would not abandon it”.

    Was he referring to the sun and moon as utilities that can controlled? And does the sun being in the right hand and the moon in the left symbolize a shift in the order of life?

    The sun in Masonic drawings is oftentimes depicted in the upper left corner and the moon in the upper right, so it’s intriguing that he switched this order.

    – The Splitting of the Moon

    There is another interesting mention of the moon in Islamic literature. The story goes that one night, the Muslim prophet was able to split the moon open. This fits perfectly with the theories discussed in the episode.

    This 1,400 years old event is known as the “splitting of the moon” by Muslims around the world. So what happened that night? All of the quotes below come from the Islamic Quran, Chapter 54 – The Moon.

    “The Hour has come near, and the moon has split [in two]” Verse 54:1

    “Their eyes humbled, they will emerge from the graves as if they were locusts spreading” Verse 54:7

    “Then We opened the gates of the heaven with rain pouring down. And caused the earth to burst with springs, and the waters met for a matter already predestined.” Verse 54:11 – 12

    – The Sun

    There are also many references to the Sun in the Quran. Chapter 91 – The Sun, a short chapter with some interesting verses.

    “And [by] the night when it covers it” 91:4

    What does it mean to “cover the sun”?

    This sounds as if something blocks out the sun light at night instead of the earth rotating around itself!

    “And [by] the moon when it follows it” Verse 91:2

    “And [by] the sky and He who constructed it” 91:5

    “And [by] the soul and He who proportioned it”91:7

    Another interesting fact is that the Islamic prophet used to practice meditation in a cave located in the heart of the dessert. That’s where he received messages from the Archangel Gabriel. Is Gabriel from a parrellal universe?

    This is quoted from the Prophet’s wife “The commencement of the Divine revelation to the Messenger of Allaah, was in the form of good dreams which came true like bright day light, and then the love of seclusion was endeared to him. He would go in seclusion in the cave of Hiraa’ where he worshipped for many nights before returning to his family.”

    I should also point out that Middle Eastern alchemists were highly skilled back in their days. The word chemistry is derived from the Arabic word “Chemia”, which has its roots in the word “Al-Chemia” or phonetically “al-kīmiyā”. Al-Chemia literally translates to alchemy! So, is it possible that this part of the world knew something 1,400 years ago that has been lost, or more likely censored from the masses.

    This, to a degree, begs the question, why is the Middle East so rich in oil? Possibly Alchemy? Oh, and we shouldn’t forget that Bahrain suddenly discovered a massive oil reserve this past week. This shouldn’t be possible as earlier surveys of the land reveled no petroleum reservoirs in that part of the gulf states.

    Some references

    – The splitting of the moon:

    – Oil found in Bahrain:

    – Alchemy in the Middle East:

    -Meditation in the cave of Hiraa’:

  9. I’m constantly going between thinking Tracy is a loon and thinking she’s one of the most researched and knowledgeable people in the conspiracy realm. Mostly it’s the latter. It’s almost such a bonkers theory that there’s no way it could be real…but she backs it up with research. And that makes it all very scary.

  10. Another brilliant episode. So glad to have subscribed a few months back. I’ve been digging into the back catalogue as well. Had a nice back-to-back with the LaViolette and an older Elana Freeland ep. Love what you’re bringing us, Greg, and Tracy – already looking forward to her return.

    That Disney link didn’ae work for me, just pushed me onto the front page. Wasn’t sure if this is the same:

  11. Regarding Mekka and North-East direction:

    Fulcanelli alludes in the book Mysteries of the Cathedrals to the North-East direction of some churches/cathedrals, without giving further explanation (as far as I remember). This could relate to the same idea: North-East being the real north pole.

    1. Northeast from the US is just the great circle route (shortest distance between two points on a sphere) to Mecca. She seemed to really want to twist it into FE evidence when in fact it is the opposite.

  12. Regarding anal stuff:

    Not sure about Crowley’s idea about this shit, but the basic idea could be that the potency of the sperm is not counteracted or absorbed by the female egg, and thus it is digested by the rectum and becomes part of the bloodstream. A mouth insertion would probably result in a much more aggressive breaking down of the sperm and thus reducing its potency?

    Intravenous injection of sperm could yield the best result. If curious, please share your findings in the forum …

  13. Yes indeed, another great episode, Greg! I’ve always enjoyed your shows when you’d had Tracy on and will look forward to the next time she can join you. I just wanted to share one thought in light of something you brought up near the very end of the show, (your post-show commentary?), and it’s something that I, too, find bothersome in some of the conspiracy world. This concerns the discussion of pedophilia in which pedophilia is equated to homosexuality. While some may argue that my complaints about this are personal, given that I identify as lesbian, this is not the case. I am far from a flag-waving, gay parade going lesbian despite fulling respecting those for whom their sexual identity is a large part of who they are. My general complaint stems from my expertise on issues regarding sexual deviancy in general and the various laws enacted throughout US history to regulate not only sexual behavior but, specifically, those considered ‘deviant’ and/or ‘criminal.’ Keep in mind that all ‘criminal acts’ are deviant but not all deviant acts are considered criminal. In a nutshell, and to clarify for those who may not fully understand what are called ‘sexually deviant behaviors,’ pedophilia and homosexuality are NOT the same thing. Pedophilia is defined as a sexual attraction towards children: pedo= children; -philia = abnormal sexual attraction, that, according to psychologists and others, has been going on and without an ability to stop it, for a period of at least 6 months or more. Now there are some that contend that some folks (liberals or those on the far left, perhaps?) are arguing for some societal acceptance of pedophilia. I can tell you right now that pretty much everyone in my circle of colleagues (researchers/academic types, gay and straight alike) do NOT ascribe to this viewpoint or would ever support this. That said, I do understand that there is a segment of the population who believes that homosexuality equates to pedophilia in the sense that it is equally deviant. Well, that is fine and I respect individual’s rights to believe to whatever one wishes to believe. I am merely commenting here to clarify for folks that with regards to definitions, clinical and conventional wisdom, pedophilia and homosexuality are most definitely not the same thing and not even in the same realm. To argue that they are really detracts from the message, and I know that for me, it becomes difficult after awhile to listen to some podcasters and YouTubers who might otherwise have very thought-provoking and insightful guests and commentary when they go down this path and pretty much throw anyone who isn’t heterosexual, of a certain religious belief system (Christian, mostly), among other things, under the bus of immorality.

    Not everyone who identifies as lesbian, gay or bisexual is anti-family, left-wing/liberal, anti-religion, and so on and so forth. Not everyone in the LGBT community is trying to convert the world into becoming LGBT. Most people I know, whatever they are and however they identify are doing what everyone else is doing: their damn best to get through each day as best they can without harming anyone and anything with the end goal of leaving the planet–or whatever it is we live on or within or whatever–a little bit better than when we all arrived. That’s about it.

    Anyway, thanks for reading; I just had to point these things out, and I have done so before, I believe, in response to another one of your episodes, Greg, so forgive me for the repetition. That said, since you had mentioned something briefly about this near the very end of this show, I felt compelled to comment in support of what you said. Thanks again for all you do!! Peace, Sue

    1. I second this. As a lesbian it’s very difficult to find a conspiracy forum that isn’t homophobic, among other things. Thanks Greg for providing us with a truly open minded place to come share and hear new ideas.

      1. Well I definitely try! I just hope that people realize if I’m quiet when a guest says something insensitive or even outright discriminatory, it’s just because I’m hoping they’ll just get back to the point- and that doesn’t reflect my feelings.

        Related, but what pisses me off about the “White Genocide” types, is that that have zero compassion for refugees. They look at them as criminals or at least a nuisance. Meanwhile, you can watch documentaries that show these people are basically in prison camps in a lot of cases. Taken from their homes, divided from their families, obviously they have to walk away from their jobs, put in a place where they can’t even get a new source of income, and have no idea when they can go home. Fuck that.

        You have to show a little solidarity with minorities and groups you don’t identify with, because a lot of the time they face a harsher flavor to the system’s wrath, and they’re allies not enemies.

        Thanks for listening!

        1. Yes, I’m a gay lad in the UK, recent Plus subscriber and oh my am I having a great time both with the new eps and delving into the incredible archive! I’ve been through a lot in the last few years and it has left me unemployed and quite lonely. This does however mean I have a lot of time to read and listen, so I’ve really learnt alot about conspiracies and am starting to learn more about the occult etc. I just wanted to say THANK YOU Greg, when I put on a THC+ ep I instantly feel less alone, and your positive and open-minded attitude makes me feel like I have a friend – just one who always brings around the most interesting guests. Haha. Would be a privilege to get blazed with you one time – in this life, or in the pools of infinite joy and love and experience that await us in the next that I’m POSITIVE are there (yeah I’m a psychonaut, or I’ve started using the term chemognostic). Wow I’m rambling. Anyway yes, it’s so rare to feel accepted in the conspiracy areas of the net, that’s why you have found a loyal customer in me – and I avoid paying for everything haha. Onwards and upwards! Even if the world’s ending, I can get lost in the intellectual flights of fancy/utter reality/thought provoking and LIBERTY PROVIDING information in THC+. Now, where’s my other THC source…

          1. Haha Cheers to that man. Sorry you’re in a rough patch but the best thing to do in isolation is to work on yourself, so when it passes, you’re better for it. Lots of people just sulk, so good on ya for at least making the best of it. Good luck out there!

    2. K@professor sue thank you for saying this!!!! I have been researching conspiracies and occult for a long time and frankly i am very sick of the ultra right wing conservatives who are spewing racist, homophobic, transphobic and xenophobic views all while claiming to be doing this out of “love” for “god” humanity children etc….. Gay people and trans people are not inherently bad or evil and its very easy for these close minded bigots to pass the blame onto others (esp marginalized & stereotyped peoples- WHO ARE ALREADY TARGETED BY MSM & STATE OPPRESSION- OH YES LET’S OPPRESS THEM FURTHER- VERY CHRISTIAN THING TO DO! ie jews, muslims, black & brown people, trans people-many of whom are children- sex workers- worlds oldest profession- and gays.) And furthermore- most of these people (bigots) are self professed Christians -well regardless of whether or not he existed- who did Christ hang with? The marginalized the oppressed- the sex workers and so called deviants. Well i have heard that God hates hypocrites and so do i !!!!

      1. Hi folks,im a straight male tinfoil hat wearing blue eyed guy that is surprised to hear of the pedo/gay association. Also folks seem to be saying that right wing conservative christians seem to be against that lifestyle preference,and hide behind the wall of the rightious?
        Sue,i too am versed in the dsm and statutes,both professionsly and am sorry to hear that our fellow hat wearers are lumping legal lifestyle choices with the NON SEXUAL nature of a now wrong termed pefophelia. I get around the dial and listen to a bunch of truth tellers,and i do not get the idea that a majority,or even a low perventage are lumping and hiding behind their religeon. I would just like to point out that i think,unfortunately,several of the Biggest known in our circle are like what you are complaining about. Unfortunately they just get a lot of airtime.i can assure you,the majority of those listenrrs are not how you speak…..It just seems that the worst in our society,on both sides,always seem to get noticed cuz they scream the loudest…..Additionally, if they are pushing their beliefs,i turn the channel,and i really have not had to do that much….
        Maybe i just dobt key into it like you do,but i think the majority of people know the two are very different. I hate that the lgbq et all groups that have been in tge news and comingled with antifa lately have caught a bad name because of tge affiliation with antifa,and others that are violent and wil not be human and discuss diffetences….
        I gues what im trying to day is please do not let a few famous(in our circle) }idiots get you feeling judged. Could it be that maybe 5 years ago,you did not have as many stereotyping problems,and a violent outspoken juvenile group that is trying to take down the country,MAKE us fight amongst ourselves might be hurting the acceptance process?
        By the way, im white. I am immediately labeled as a priveledged NAZI , stereotyped,immediately challenged,and told to go DIE……
        Prior to this nonsense which is a concerted egfort to destroy the usa as we have heard here,backed by sorros,furthered by bushes,clintons,obamma,who are more evil then you can imagine. For now…some revelations are coming out that i hope will get both sides talking and gwtting down to business the right way. Not with woman wearing pink pussie hats on their head,or knuckleheads from antifa showung up masked with weapons,or self rightious morons pushing their beliefs as being from the omnipotent one himself.
        Both sides are getting bad info and both sides are wrong.
        We have all been propagandized to near death and president trump is not getting a fair shake in my opinion.
        Anyway,hang in there,the dwfinition of pedophelia will stay the same ala nambla, and a new form of child sexual amd mental and physical abuse will change to tye proper fear and control diagnosis where it belongs,in the rape catagory…..
        In the months to come,i thibk ,i hope, both sides are going to be shown some things that are goung to shake us to our core,and make thibgs like “descrim8nation” an easily solved idiocy of the past…
        The stuff is even worse then i can take,and i thouggt i had seen it all.
        Please be patient,know that both or all sides will get together,and get this society squared away.
        Although i feel ya… cal me a nazi when direct descendant took a shower in a place called trablinka,and the rrst were survivors, i feel that any thung those people say is worthless….But im always willing to talk,as people point at me and ask me about my beanie……jeesh….:).

  14. 5 star all the way. Tracy kept saying “I’m sure I’m running out of time…” which made me wish some of these talks didn’t have a time limit. I would pay double or more to hear some of your guests out without being limited by the clock. Make an THC+Ultra for $10/mo for 3-4 hour interviews, I bet some people would dig it.

    1. I, too, would’ve loved a longer interview. However, this doesn’t seem like a sustainable business model. Adding another nested tier on top of the current subscription will put off many potential audiences. There have been a couple of episodes where the guest went to speak for over 3 hours.

    2. I am completely with you on this,Josh. Although Greg is better than most about pressing the time clock with guests, I would LOOOOOVE to hear a super-long (not so unlike T.C.G.’s;) mega-episodes. It doesn’t even have to be with every guest. Tracy would be a perfect candidate though,for sure~ ( John Dee the DemiUrge, marvelous!)

      1. Ya, we need another episode touching on this John Dee character. It would be amazing to delve into the details of his life and the point at which he was able to gain control over this reality.

        1. Seems like I remember a Masonic Themed episode from waaay back in the day that discussed Mr. Dee but it was more about Manly P. Hall if I remember correctly….*bong rips* Although, there is a chance I am completely hallucinating 😉 Either way, a worthy & interesting subject,no doubt~

  15. Kind of annoying that she keeps apologizing given the range and integration she’s obviously in possession of. Also it seems she’s not opening the flange completely. Understandable. Seems like she’s channeling, essentially. Although that word is loaded now. I’d definitely be broadcasting in a subdued way with this stuff. “Dyn-o-mite,” as some long forgotten, television series star was known to exult.

  16. Too much of a sync not to share.

    I was asked by a friend last week (via email) if I had heard of the artist “Chinese Man” who would be performing locally in Boston last week. I never opened the email until this morning and, though I missed the show, checked out his videos on YouTube. Pretty wild, but this one stuck out since I had just been listening to Greg and Tracy discuss Musk & Bloomberg trying to “escape” the confines of the cube.

    So, this video is ultimately fitting.

    Great show, thanks again Greg and Co,.

  17. Another great episode with Tracy! The way her information has evolved is pretty f-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-i-n-g. *Special thanks for making the effort to keep the gay/homosexual bashing to a minimum. I appreciate taking the time to differentiate between terms like gay & pedophile. Cheers to Blazing Awareness! <3, J.E.

  18. Forgot to mention, the lyrics to Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath are uncanny.

    “The ending is just a beginner”

    “The closer you get to the meaning, the sooner you know that your dreaming”

    “The less you give you’re a taker”

    “Well if it seems to be real, it’s illusion”

    And my absolute favorite part…

    “And they’ll tell you black is really white
    The moon is just the sun at night
    And when you walk in golden halls
    You get to keep the gold that falls
    It’s heaven and hell, oh no”

    1. Duude, we should totally play the “Profound Lyrics” game ( we can think of a better name for it later). We can take turns sharing with each other SONG LYRICS that have profoundly moved our consciousness & maybe why. Better yet, we could start theme-ing the song to whatever the episode is about.Sound like fun or am I just high,Zorro (or anyone else) ?;)

      *passes the bong in your direction

      by TOOL

      “…….And in my darkest moment, fetal and weeping
      The moon tells me a secret – my confidant
      As full and bright as I am
      This light is not my own and
      A million light reflections pass over me

      Its source is bright and endless
      She resuscitates the hopeless
      Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting

      And as I pull my head out I am without one doubt
      Don’t wanna be down here soothing my narcissism.
      I must crucify the ego before it’s far too late
      I pray the light lifts me out
      Before I pine away…”

        1. Let’s do it,Dude! How about we create a thread in The Wild Card Forum entitled “The Profound Lyrics Game”?
          It’s your turn,btw 😉 See you over there.

  19. This sounds like a very interesting interview, however the quality of her broadcast/phone/whatever is she talking over is soo annoying to the point I don’t want to listen to it. 🙁

  20. I’m thinking Tracy’s description of reality sounds a lot like a holodeck as viewed from inside the holodeck it self. The sun as a light filtering crystal, the firmament as a shield from external chaos (incoherent light) …..the artificiality of it all

  21. The Carlwood:
    Well I definitely try! I just hope that people realize if I’m quiet when a guest says something insensitive or even outright discriminatory, it’s just because I’m hoping they’ll just get back to the point- and that doesn’t reflect my feelings.

    Related, but what pisses me off about the “White Genocide” types, is that that have zero compassion for refugees. They look at them as criminals or at least a nuisance. Meanwhile, you can watch documentaries that show these people are basically in prison camps in a lot of cases. Taken from their homes, divided from their families, obviously they have to walk away from their jobs, put in a place where they can’t even get a new source of income, and have no idea when they can go home. Fuck that.

    You have to show a little solidarity with minorities and groups you don’t identify with, because a lot of the time they face a harsher flavor to ….and they’re allies not enemies.

    Right on,man! “Minorities: Allies,not enemies” I can imagine some prolific graphics for that T.H.C. t-shirt. =D

    1. What? Sorry,if THEY HAVE A JOB, i do not see exigent circumstances that shoukd allow just coming on in.
      In 1992, the la basin went down to 3 level one trauma centers. The others had been bankrupted becayause illegals overwhelmed their resources.
      Carlwwod,i think you are a victim of prprooagan.
      Minorities should not be “allies”.
      That denotes a seperation.
      They are not MY allies…….They are not to be “labelled”.They are human beings . We are ALL part of the whole,and should not be continued to be thought of as “good or bad”,allie or enemy,asset or liability..
      If they are HERE, they should be simply an american.
      White genocide?
      What is “la raza”.
      Thats a “members only group”
      Because they have seperated themselves and preach “for tye race,Everything,all others, take a flying f……
      I thought that it was understood that progressives,liberals,whatever you want to call them,ONLY want illegal immigration for votes.
      Pretty simple to see after 50 years we have done little to help those tjat want to assimilate,actually succeed. The reason we have seperatis

  22. Regarding the subject of QAnon, you may want to consider a tweet from Suzi3D, Suzie Dawson, the NZ journo-in-exile, who says:
    [Hey #QAnon people – every time Q rags on Snowden or tells you to investigate people in his life, you might like to remember that the NSA team tasked with hunting down Snowden was called “the Q Group.”]
    She knows that because she’s been publicly reading the entire contents of the NSA Newsletter/DIS files on streaming video for months now. She’s the real deal.

    PS. The president is too stupid and distracted to consciously be a part of any kind of psyOP. He is the the vehicle of psy-ops, not the driver.

    1. Sorry friend,q has never “ragged” on snowden?
      To date, EVERY PERSON or ENTITY Q has pointed us in a direction,not TOLd TO CHECK OUT,,,,,has been dirty. To the bone. Sorry bud but maybe you should put away the hatred for trump for a second,read the q drops yourself,and give it a chance man. I AM THE REAL DEAL also friend,and i find it inctedible that this HATRED of president trump is making g people turn into jerks, talk and cite others about stuff they have not put the least amount of time into and just because someone is THE REAL DEAL, over tge net,means exactly DI.. to me… what is so hard about undrstanding tjat it does not matter who Q is(i know for a FACT YOU know LESS then nothing about Q cuz you termed Q “HIM”.
      No one knows who or what Q is. However, Q has done something that HAD and MUST CONTINUE to be done ,Get together as a cohesive Group, use and reclaim the power of the PEOPLE, abd fight FOR OUR LIVES. This is not a joke son. This is a real life fight for this PLANET. Have you not been LISTENING to the shows HERE?????????
      Q is CONFIRMING things DISCUSSED HERE almost every TIME brother. And Q has red pilled more people in 6 months then ANY, or ALL show hosts put together.
      You speak as if Q is swaying our views on things???????? Not even close bud.
      Last night ,a 911 commission report was dropped and guess what was discovered in this long forgoten and quashed from the people report….GUESS……
      Here,ill help you….The 911 commission notified EVERY intel agency asking about HUMA, and tge fact that she spent 15 years workung with her father and his muslim institition. That institutions SOLE reason for being was DOCUMENTED and PROVEN ,in THEir Written Plan for tge take over of the west and the USA by using OUR descrimination laws against us.
      Hey Patriot, you know whats going on in englandnd????
      Go research it…
      So,huma had ties to the muslim brotherhood,thry her work with her father,and she was now in the TOP part of our Govrernment friend. The panel wanted to know what the musim brotherhothewas about and were Highly conserned that tgere were muslims being APPOINTED to top level positions in gov and private gov, and they sounded the alarm.
      Clapper told them he woukd not disciss it in ooen session,but they were a “secular group” and not a problem….(as we find out now,it WAS a problem,huma was a problem,and clapper defered to closed door,and that the current FBI Director would brief them if “they liked”.
      It was swept under the rug by guess who????
      Got a guess FRIEND??????
      The head of the fbi that quashed ALL 17 letters that the commission semt to all intel agencies to sound the alarm. That g D director of tge FBI was none other then FUC…MUELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Not enough for you yet?
      Heard of the sex slave group that was in the news ladt night ????
      Guess who is involved in it??????
      Guess who DIVERTED investigations into this sick group who involved a chief of police,some rich asssholes who BRANDED the woman who were Blackmailed inyo being sex slaves, a prominant JUDGE who set uo some woman that tried to run…..AND CHUKIE SCHUMER!!!!!!
      She is Singing as Q tokd us a few days ago, Before she started talking to tge press.
      What did i have to do to get this info? What has Q asked of us PATRIOTS?????
      Its a hugh price. Not everyone is cut out for it.
      To be a patriot, to try to get our Country back from a crooked gov,crooked law enforcement,crooked poisoning companies, is to do our part to SIMPLY SPREAD the word and tell of tge corruption,the pedophelia, the youngsters ,men and woman that are living in HELL with no life,no future,no hope,as sex slaves abused in ways that q says they will not be able to tell the american people the entirety of the crimes commited against our citizens AND other countries peoole to!!!!
      Hey friend. You know the clintons took 2 Billion in aid money from tge haitisns write?????
      Guess what else they keep taking. They are taking their fuc…CHILDREN DUDE. 200,000 of them so far. Their infrastructure has been intentiinally left in shambles. What or who is a mother to complain to when the Police have been bribed,blackmailed,killed so that elites can walk thru the streets and simoly point at a child and its theirs…notice how i say IT. That is how they think of chikdren….
      So pal, i dont know why you thibk the president is a racist but ill bet you heard it from and spun by the media…
      You live in a glass house?……
      Lot of peoole seem to.
      Wanna kniw why the CDC was Raped? Cuz they were fudgibg Everythhing,like Vaccines…..famikiae with those???
      Decimated the epa….run by cabal and had SWAT teams going to people that were growing their own food and going to Jail for it!!!!!!!.yea, the epa???? Obamma gave tgem powers so no one would know where to look.
      Blm???? Swat teams again, doing lamd grabs from generational cattle farmers. Shot a guy named ROY Finicum in cold blood for Nothijg . Nothibg except his land had URANIUM ON IT. Uranium needed by hillary fucking clinton to sell 20 percent of to the Russians guy!!!!!$@/!/^!$!!!#!.
      Bombing syria? Since we got peoole like your REAL DEAL, no need to see or know where to find the cia Weapins stashes used by the cia backed rebels fighting a rightious regime who was attacked under false pretenses by US……heBY US!!!!!
      You didnt put it together that 3 countries, 130 munitions, and only 3 dead?????????
      Come on man,gst rid of the trump hatred til you get the REAL DEAL that is going ON bro…….if a devent man was trying go clean up a junkyard, he has to work on the damage done by the owner,THEN he goes after the criminals. Is it in the relm of podsibility thst maybe the president felt the need to destroy anythung the rebels couod use,like the munitions we gave them???????Is it podsible that your REAL DEAL ,might be dissinfo?
      How could someone be THAT wrong about Q??????
      Im an easy going retired jew who gets aling with everyone but im seeing a lack of critical thinking skills that is scaring me. Friend,i dont bash you to bash, i bash to try to get you to do your own investigstion of Q and not rely on the real deal……..What if she got it wrong. What if you are wrong? Im sure you are a reasonable guy,,,just check it out for yourself. But unfortunately there are a LOT of dissinfo people out there sayingbthey are decoding crumbs when all they are doing is trying to get people to think us patriots are right wing religeoys freaks….
      No eay man,not even close.
      So,when a patriot sees someone that obviously must have been misled, we try to red pill them…..
      Hey,in the begibing i was wary to. I was sure it was a psyop. Then i saw what was happening. An entire movement was starting.
      Im a patriot. I dint judge. I do my homework.
      Im doing what Q asked. Im spreading the word.
      All confirmed and che ked.
      Moab coming………,.
      Please patriot,join the fight for our country,where all are welcome and differing views can be discussed without fear of retaliation. Its a special place. Or was. And i want it back. I need your help……please….from a humble patriot…….

      1. Friend,
        Your yelling and exclamations aren’t going to convince anyone of anything except your blind devotion to Q.

        I’m just gonna leave this recent thread from @suzi3d right here:

        It begins:
        “After more than 6 months of watching people get scammed by the #QAnon phenomena, I’m going to make the below thread to explain to you exactly why it is an intelligence agency-backed psyop, what techniques are being used, and why you need to stop people falling for it.

        1. I referred to #QAnon today as a ‘Pied Piper’ operation. What I meant by this, is that the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims.

        2. To achieve this, the operation moves through three phases….”

        Follow the link to read the whole thread.
        Thread Guide:

        1: #QAnon: Pied Piper op
        2. Phase 1: Establishing credibility
        3. Phase 2: Making it spiritual
        4. Phase 3: Shifting Targets
        5. Methodologies
        6. Indicators
        7. Answering questions
        8. Snowden revelations
        9. Finish


  23. Last star on the left, strait on till morning. The north pole is about as interesting as Antarctica. I think there may be a mountain regardless of flat or round.

  24. This one wasnt for me sorry to say. It just felt like throwing random shit at a wall to see what sticks and then trying to connect it after the fact with nothing to back anything.

  25. Great episode. When you guys were talking about light and things not being seen I automatically went to mirages. Mainly like desert oasis type stuff. Light being reflected off the sand with a mixture of high heat making us see those unseen things… maybe I’m just stoned

  26. WOW,What a really Terrible assessment of Q. This gal is the epitomy of”i hate people that try to answer a question or explain something and you can tell they are just trying to pull it out of their reear”.
    Anyone that has followed Q for more then 2 weeks realise that it does not matter who,what,why,or when,Q is. If Q is a deepstate psyop,its a horrendous backfire.If Q is AI, it has done its probable job. IF q is a scam,its the Greatest scam in histiry Because:
    Q has turned MILLIONS of people(now estimated at 20 million) into hypervigilant critical thinkers. People are able to,and told a “direction to look” to see the complete Control and True reeaons certain things are done by individuals by name,AND certain groups as a whole.
    Q has proven to be “prophetic”,more then her”couple of times”.try about 27 so far……q,in my opinion,and becaise of people like her that try to act as if they are plugged into about every thing going on,HAS to keep showing the PROVEN phrophetic nature by dropping “crumbs” about future events,in order to KEEP NEW PEOPLE that have just been “red pilled” and told abput Q,(which is at the request of Q………Spread the word,WAKE PEOPLE UP……) from having to go back and read 6 months of the “great awakening”.
    Those of us that have followed since the begining,and have become “red pillars” ,see the greatest effect of Q.To bring all of us conspiracy tin foil hat peopke TOGETHER, showing us WHeRE And what to look AT,so that WE DO SOME WORK,rather then Blindly having to follow “straight out believe what i say,even if ypu do not know my true intentions because i hide behind a veil of secrecy”.
    So,because we are a cohesive group,growing by the minute,being shown more and more and MORE,by picking up the Q CRUMBS,that cause us to look at the right things to find out the TRUTH,O U R S E L V E S, but Together.
    Because of Q.
    Hopefully i have corrected some of the DAMAGE this lady has done….. man,a chance to red pill Thousands here with carl,and she cites bullshit aboit something she obviously tried to BS her way through. People like that remind me of plagerists…They do minimum work,sucking up a quick data point from a source that could be correct,or could not be,and act as a pundit with the authority they hsve based on past credibility.
    The Q movement, is the Greatest thing i believe i have ever been exposed to.
    Iif there are some PATRIOTS(Q calls us patriots,from the lowliest simple “listener” to the head of a 60,000 member channnel,we are ALL recognised as PATRIOTS”) out here,PLEASE ADD to what i have said.
    Lets Q these people that got a disservice done to them by this woman.
    Join the Great Awakening.Come get Red Pilled. Become a PATRIOT for the second 1776,with the gentle nudging by Q,and the cohesiveness of being part of the last chance we have.
    God how someone coukd be so self centered to Destroy thousands of chancrs to wake people up because of a ssimpl lack of abilityof being able to say”i do not think i kniw enough to speak on the subject”…………..People like this do so much damage.They are so in tune with other things,i jyst do not see how they can do what they do.
    It kunda,makes me wonder if she butchered Q SO BAD, what ELSE has,she bullshited her way through.
    Im not bashing her,im sure she kniws her stuff,i hope,on things she speaks of,and i truly hope this was just a one off thing,and she got her data from one of many places trying to do to the Q movement That she just did………….
    Thank you,a humble patriot………doing my part,no matter how small,all are welcome.WHERE WE GO ONE,WE Go ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anybody know what happens to Tracy? She is no longer up on her website or YouTube. Someone must know what’s going on! Carlwood, is it possible to reach out to her to see what’s up?

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