Dr. Leonard Horowitz | Spirit Science, Weaponized Sound, & The Frequency Conspiracy

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After many moons, we finally got a guest to speak in depth about the 440 Hz conspiracy, the power of frequency and resonance, and how it’s been used against the massed in the multi-pronged attack of the powerful Elite.

Dr. Horowitz  is an internationally known authority in the overlapping fields of public health, behavioral science, emerging diseases, and natural healing. He is also an award-winning film-maker and author of 16 books on medicine versus natural healing.


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    1. Garbage in garbage out is a bit too trite but the idea being the frequency is not the whole loaf. another example is I actually bought and paid for (poor me!) some of the music mentioned by the speaker and I was so so so disappointed. Supposedly wonderous well done harmonies and plenty gone in it and it’s a loop, freaking loop I paid too much… the same thing over and over atleast 250 times (give or take). Then another collection of several healing soffregio (sp?) tonality songs and they are mish mash and so so and some good bits but the production is on the cheap, B grade overall and you’d think hey, if I’m going to produce music to exalt the Creator of Music in al the natural best frequency (s) unique tunings – you’d want to do a bloody good job of it eh? Nothing short of truly creative and so so gentle and or forceful but with some complexity, shaping and intro, interlude and final aspects to the end – no… cuts off. One of em just gets cut. Silence from a nowhere perspective of , what? why’d they do THAT? side from this sadness I have started to sing. I tune my voice using a downloaded app, kick it to the desired frequency and improve my Middle C. When I sing little Christian sunday schol songs or hymns or make up poems of thanksgiving WOW it puts a way better atmosphere into the whole house. Even ferocious 3 month old kitty gets dreamy eyes

  1. Great to hear Dr. Horowitz again. I’ve learned so much from him about Big Pharma as opposed to natural health over the years and the info he shared on resonance in this interview is much appreciated.

  2. Sorry bro, frequency and wavelength are two different concepts. 440 Hz is 440 vibrations per second. 528 nanometers of light is something like 5 x 10^14 hertz. Better bust it back to freshman physics and learn something that’s not word salad.

    I sometimes like the out of the box thinkers who are chipping away at our shared reality, but meh.

  3. Sadly, the Goebbels connection sounds iffy as well. Many countries used 435hz tuning in the 1800’s, and it was informerly the standard to tune to 440hz in America in the 1920’s. It was standardised to A440 in America in 1936. I’m not not sure Goebbels had much, if any, influence on it.

  4. I expected a lot more people to be disappointed with this episode. I sort of was. Dr. Horowitz is way too out there in the spiritual/new age realm for me for the most part. I felt like my questions never really got direct answers and we heard about a lot of stuff that might be intertwined, but wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. It’s not all about me though, so I’m glad a lot of people found it valuable. I’m not even saying he’s wrong, it’s just not my flavor. I’m going to try a bit harder to swing away from this type of talk, but sometimes guests can’t help be add their brand of spirituality to things.

    1. I was interested in the frequency theories, but I doubt if I’ll ever get my head round all the maths of the thing. I suppose it’s enough to know that Nature is good for you, and not worry about frequencies unless they’re making you feel bad.
      You’re the perfect interviewer for this sort of thing, as you just let him talk. I’m disappointed that I can’t really change all my albums to a healthy frequency, though. Apparently it’s more difficult than just stretching or shrinking the waveform to that frequency. Because of that I sort of lost interest 🙂

    2. Hey Greg, I love your shows, all different types. There is most certainly a place for guests like this so please keep them in the mix. He did answer your questions, but just packed a whole lot more in there too. the man has so much to cover, a couple of hours just isn’t enough.
      Equally, I found the subject matter of turn-coats and infiltrators of great interest too, the alt scene has a lot of dis-info-merchants out there at the moment, so good to hear from a long established and credible guest who has been on the sharp edge of this and is prepared to talk about it.
      I really don’t know how you find the time to arrange, research and interview these guests man, you’re stacking up some great shows and I hope they keep on coming. It’s a good feeling when I check and see yet another interview has been posted, listened to them all and as yet, no disappointments… bravo! and light a fat one from me!!

    3. I listened to this while tripping balls & thought it was golden. Listened again today at work & still thought it was good. As to the “too new age” comment, yeah, there’s that. I just about hit the ceiling when the Dr capped off his biological description of humans with “…coming out of the water”! That’s awesome.. I’m gonna start randomly adding that to the end of my statements.

      Good work yet again, Greg. Very much appreciated, sir..coming out of the water

    4. Halfway through, I’m with you. He’s talking a lot without saying much. He’s offering little of substance. “If you’re a musician, you’ll feel it” – whether intentional or not, that’s a cover. It means to take him on faith and to question the legitimacy of your experience. And if I, as a musician, don’t notice it, the implication is that I’m not a *real* musician.

      I’m hoping he’ll say something in the last hour that can actually be investigated or verified… I’d rather not have to buy his book just to determine if what he’s saying has any further merit. Of course, that’s a great business strategy.

      And his claim that “physics” comes from “philos” (love) is crap. ( Making bullshit tangential claims does not help his case.

  5. I really wanted to love this! But in the end, this guy was a little too much for me…and I’m pretty open to New Age spiritual stuff. At times he sounded a little paranoid? Maybe he has reason, who knows. In any case, I appreciate the feedback from the other listeners (and Greg!) which reinforce my “meh” impression of this guest.

  6. I really enjoyed this episode and suggest it is one to the best to date.

    I got curious about the music being made with specific frequencies and got listening to some stuff on iTunes which I ended up purchasing. It really has made a difference to meditating, affects my thinking (positively – in fact seems to clean out “crap”) and has been great for helping me as I paint.

    I intend to get the 528 book as I am curious. I do not fully understand some of the technical things he mentioned (neither did you – and big kudos to you for being big enough to say that and still let him make his point) and to me this is a real boon: your podcast has made me contemplate more, and I may transform more as a result I think.

  7. I def enjoyed this episode man! I have to say I’m more in the 432hz camp, I’ve been experimenting with multiple tunings (and researching), it just feels/sounds right to me. Pythagoras and his circle (which is actually a spiral) of perfect fifths also just feels/makes sense to me. It actually kind of looks like the cochlea too, coincidence? Idk, but I was wondering if you were going to try to get Jamie Buturff on for the other side of the Hz story? It has less to do with the bible and more to do with the undeniable geometric make up of the universe.
    Thanks for keeping up the good work sir!!

  8. I’m With you Greg. Years ago I thought he might have been on to something but he is in the Project Camelot category for me (and I mean that in a bad way). I too am turned ofc by new-agey stuff as I do think there is s nefarious agenda behind the airy-fairey facade. I physically feel ill when some guests/theories are on (not just on your show but anywhere). I don’t think all people who give me this vibe are bad people, but perhaps in some cases, they went down the rabbit hole too quickly and lost their bearings. Sone however are fully aware and are either threatened or getting paid. I was disappointed that he was one of the people Crrow777 linked to, but perhaps the article was the best of all possible choices on the topic. Discernment. It’s important. I Think Crrow is solid, but that makes him a target.

  9. Very interesting interview!
    I wonder why is the 741hz frequency has a negative aspect according to what he said?
    After all 741 is a part of the nine solfeggio
    Chants and if you look at the mathematical /numerology Relation and musical relation between 741/

    1. 417 / 174 hertz they are all creating the number 3
      (As for what tesla were saying about 3,6 and 9) and also has an harmonics musical relation to each other. So I wonder how and why did you pick 741 as the ‘negative’ from the rest.
      Another brilliant idea was to transpose all known music to A444 ( which again is 4+4+4=12 which is 3)I had the same idea doing that with a free software and then transpose my whole music collection by increasing everything in 4 hz.
      I already changed all my keyboards scales to A432 and it sounds awesome .

  10. I’m very interested to hear about more practical uses of solfeggio freq. in day to day life. Also please share if you know about groups or researchers who’s conducting alternative experiments with such frequencies. Thanks!

  11. Kind of sad to hear that this isn’t your kind of thing. I get it. It’s easy to discredit the hippy dippy new age shit. However, I enjoy these talks because they tend to have a lot more talk about hope and love than some of the other type guests you get on. These are exactly the kind of talks that fight the doom and gloom mentality that can come from going too far down the illuminati/oto/nwo wormhole. Just my two cents. There were some stretches and liberties taken, don’t buy the nazi connection, but nevertheless, I like stuff like this.

  12. It was hard to hear, and now I know mis-said, so I will share, that the researcher mentioned in the show about “Structured Water” who published out of University of Berkeley is Richard Saykally, not Ron, and it not in the current faculty directory for Berkeley. I have not gone much more into this, but upon preliminary research, I found the following article and references from/about Saykally:
    * “Structured Water Is Changing Models”, Nov 8, 2004 –
    * F. N. Keutsch and R. J. Saykally, Water clusters: Untangling the mysteries of the liquid, one molecule at a time, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 98 (2001) 10533-10540. [Back, 2]
    * N. Goldman, R. S. Fellers, C. Leforestier, R. J. Saykally, Water dimers in the atmosphere: Equilibrium constant for water dimerization from the VRT(ASP-W) potential surface, J. Phys Chem. A 105 (2001) 515-519 [Back]

  13. this show was off the hook! thanks for this one, altho that could be said for anything i’ve heard so far on here.. a lotta confirmation and insight in these 2 hours.. explosive straight out the gate, this was a good ride with good vibes! love that lil rhyme scheme in the beginning too

    very interesting about 444hz, we’re used to hearing about 432 but not about that frequency

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