Kerry Cassidy | Charlie Hebdo, Raptors, & The Whistleblowers of Project Camelot

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The legendary conspiracy interviewer, Kerry Cassidy graces THC with her presence and walks us through the big reveals from some of Project Camelot’s most prominent whistle blowers. We also discuss false flag events, the Illuminati’s war on comedy, dolphin genetics, underground bases, ET alliances, and many other aspects of Kerry’s near decade ride through the depths of the deepest rabbit holes.

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  1. Oh oh, Project Sham-a-Lot. Sorry Greg, but I can get more than enough disinfo’ from the corporate media, without listening to KC shilling, again. I’ll give this one a miss. Where did they get the name from, I wonder? Lovely Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, which anyone with even the most superficial knowledge of the Arthurian Cycle knows had nothing to do with K. Arthur. No, for once Wikipedia is right, folks. This is the real origin of their name, unless of yourse it’s all just a coincidence theory:

    1. I respect that, and I really didn’t know it was going to be as wild as it was when I asked her to come on. I felt like Project Camelot has been huge in the conspiracy world for so long, and I’ve been listing to her interviews almost the whole time, I just wanted to do it. Just to say I did. Project Camelot does have over 100K subscribers on YouTube, and I want to make sure they learn about THC. It’s hard to reach them directly, but a ton of them follow Kerry’s goings on. I’ve been getting a lot of messages about getting too far off the reservation, this might be another example of why. But now that it’s done, I can cross it off and move on.

      PS: Do you get an email or any type of notification when you get a reply to your comment or do you just have to randomly check back?

    2. Most superficial knowledge sums it up…. Citing Wikipedia certainly adds to one’s credibility. Kerry Cassidy has spent a decade doing what few others have, and has dozens of groundbreaking interviews documented and disseminated – to get to the root of what is in fact, perhaps really going on in this mortal coil… Not just posting comments from her couch.

  2. This is definitely a miss, sorry. Just because someone has a following doesn’t mean they are credible. Imho, Project Camelot and KC are a complete waste of time and energy. I’m not about telling people what to believe so do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

  3. Greg,
    I’m constantly impressed by your attention to your followers, I.e. your replies to the comments on this show. I will say I have looked into Project Camelot and they appear to be a mockingbird group… that being said if having this geust on can pull some of those followers from the disinformation mill then by all meen sir. Keep up the good work, and stay close to your base they will help you maintain the course of truth in this world of lies.

    1. Unlike all the people commenting here I have been following Project Camelot since their inception back when they first interviewed Mr. X and others. The people who say Kerry is a disinformation agent are totally off the mark. I cannot explain in a comment how I know this but I have spent thousands of hours in this arena and have spent a lifetime studying ET’s and conspiracies. It shows total ignorance to just blast Kerry as a disinfo agent. She is a reporter not an intellectual and she leaves it to the listener to decide. She doesn’t know what the truth is but she isn’t afraid to simply speak openly without censoring herself to seem more credible. Try listening to Bob Dean and then come back here. He was interviewed by Kerry Kassidy several times and if you haven’t heard Bob Dean’s interviews which are legendary then maybe it’s too soon to comment on Kerry. I don’t post this lightly just to argue. I am a very awake and aware person and I can’t just remain quiet on this.

  4. Great interview Greg! My gut instinct told me she’s a scam, best example when she elaborated about consciousness, and there were a few points I agreed upon, however when she mentioned that “we don’t have to do a thing”, my jaw dropped; So Ms. Cassidy, are we not to think for ourselves? She seems to espouse the “fast food mentality of awareness”, achieve it now without doing anything. Sorry, it’s the journey not the arrival for me. You have to work it!!

  5. I thought your comments at the end were really apt for this interview. I’ve only listened to a handful of the project camelot interviews and my general impression was they are like conspiracy theory performance art.

    If you think of conspiracy as a genre of literature, as its own body of mythology, and apply the approach of Robert W. Sullivan–there’s really just one story that gets retold a lot of different ways. There’s a deceiver and a real world that can only be reached through hard work and investigation. There’s political conspiracy, banking conspiracy, UFO conspiracy, supernatural conspiracy. So if you’re a conspiracy theory literalist, you can drive yourself insane by chasing every thread of every conspiracy.

    Seems like the real story is of the individual’s journey trying to get out of the cave. The real difficulty, though is the trickster god is actually built into our brains.

  6. I enjoyed listening to the episode, but it was pretty far out there man.. The interview was good & Kerry is definitely knowledgeable, but there’s just too much unsubstantiated info being thrown around. Anyone who blindly accepts that info is just as bad off as the”sheeple”. Hey, when THC listeners say, “Yeah, it was interesting, but it’s way too far out there”, you can bet it’s too damn far out there.

    Thanks for the work, Greg. Keep it real man!

  7. Greg, I absolutely respect your right to intverview whomever you wish. I was simply giving my opinion of KC from my own knowledge of PC. Like you, I’ve listened to much of their output, at least in the early days. Contrary to the comment following my own, my opinions are not gleaned from WIkipedia, or my couch. They have been supported in recent years by some email interchanges I had with KC hereself concerning one of her interviewees – an acquaintance of mine – and his moral tenor in relation to how he had behaved towards me five years ago. Her replies were such that she did not care one jot about what I had told her, as long as she had another means of publicising herself and PC through the interview in question.

    Moreover, I don’t deny that some of the people inteviewed by Project Camelot may well be genuine researchers and wihstleblowers of integrity. The problem is that. like all sources of disinformation, there are so many hucksters, Walter Mitty “Supersoldiers” and other self publicists on Project Camelot that the end result is utterly bewidlering to the discerning and positively deceptive to the rest. PC certianly is entertainment, but I would not treat its anything other than that.

    As far as my citing of Wikipidea goes, well are you suggesting, danielsullivan, that there never existed a PsyOp called Project Camelot in the 1950s and 60s? How much research have you done into this subject? Perhaps you rely on Project Camelot as your only source of information? Also, I am currently working in South America, doing my own research into the existence of a civilisation that existed before the end of the last Ice Age on the Bolivian Altiplano. Is this what you mean by lying on my couch? I really do not appreciate ad hominem attacks, especially from someone who seems to know very little of anything at all.

    1. Perhaps you should ply your obviously impressive investigative prowess to Wikipedia, especially since you look to them for pre-digested information on covert programs. They are active agents of misinformation, disinformation and agendas. There has been voluminous articles to be found concerning the subject…. and even addressing their history, methodologies and process. While I can’t apologize for Kerry not offering solace to you on your troublesome relationship with some individual those many years ago, the good news is you get such wonderful internet reception in the wilds of “South America”. But, alas, no spell check. As to your also well- reasoned and researched final insult…. Equally impressive.

  8. Props to you, Greg for bringing up the controversy surrounding Jordan Maxwell. It must be pretty difficult acting as the contrarian in regards to the credibility of one of the biggest names in the conspiracy world while talking to ANOTHER of the biggest names in the conspiracy world. For many of the reasons stated by previous commenters, I’m not quite sure I can take her word for it. But every opinion counts!
    Much respect!

  9. Hi Greg, top show as always but my spidey senses tell me this is some straight up, B movie fantasy nonsense. I think people like this actually damage any serious investigation into these subjects. If you were on the fence on these topics and listened to this you’d think all conspiracy theorists are crazy as a bag of monkeys. I totally get why you asked her onto your show and it WAS entertaining to hear. I am close friends with two captains and several ex special forces staff who were involved in the Falklands conflict and it had nothing to do with raptors ! It’s my personal opinion that it’s disinformation and she’s either a victim of it or part of it.

  10. Great stuff, was pleasantly surprised to see Kerry as a guest. I think pushing the envelope with guests, subjects, etc. is a great thing. There are PLENTY of safer shows out there if people find it to be a little much. But hey that’s me, keep it up!

  11. First, thank you for your hard work in putting out a high quality podcast. That said, your guest lost me when she mentioned the super soldier/dolphin hybrid who recalled memories of being able to breathe underwater. Dolphins are cetacean mammals and can not breathe underwater as they lack gills. I’m sure you caught this too, and we’re just being a good host in letting her finish her story. But what beam do we cast into the shadows of this world if not the beam of science and reason? I know there is plenty out there not yet explained by science and that’s why I enjoy listening to your show. But this one as you put it in another response did indeed go off the reservation. Keep up the great work, Greg! Peace!

  12. Did u interview Kerry on a train or something ? whats with the annoying GONG every 3 minutes, i kept waiting for a voice in the background to go “the next station is…broadway” WTF. Other than that a decent interview.

    1. haha Yeah, clearly something on her computer she didn’t silence. It was way worse, but I took out the ones that didn’t occur during her speaking. Gotta love professionals.

  13. Really appreciated this one, I personally think Kerry is great, and it pains me to see so many people saying this was “too far out”. I particularly liked her analysis of Charlie Hebdo, and her willingness to answer questions that were controversial. As long as we are taking things like ET’s seriously, we have to drop our preconceived notions, and I think PC does a great job of that. The idea that it is intentional dis info seems very far off the mark to me, as Kerry frequently re-accesses her guests and her point of view, and it comes of to me as quite honest, if maybe misinformed in some areas. As someone who has followed PC for a long time, I was very happy to see her as a guest, and hope to hear more in the future.

  14. I’m pretty new to the work of Project Camelot, but Kerry sets off my B.S. detector, big time. I couldn’t even say why, but that’s just my gut feeling. I tried to watch a few PC interviews on youtube, and each one just felt funky somehow. Maybe it’s just me, but back when I first woke up to the fact of our manipulated reality, it was enough to try and suss out David Icke and the whole reptilian angle. However, now we’re talking about raptors, and the idea that each world government is allied with its own particular alien race, and the big picture just keeps getting more and more convoluted. My mind is open to almost anything, provided the evidence is compelling enough, but I guess I’m just more interested in considering viable, reality transforming solutions, rather than trying to dissect conspiratorial minutia and chasing dubious information down endless rabbit holes. If we are indeed trapped in some sort of holographic universe/matrix/time loop, then job one would be to figure out how to break free of the illusion, and get everyone to swallow the red pill, so to speak.

  15. I dont want to relisten to the entire interview but does anyone know around what time stamp Kerry goes into the “real reptilian/dinosaurs hiding out by performing on broadway with the people dressed as dinosaurs/reptilians “?

  16. First I have to compliment your ability as an interviewer, there were so many times listening to this lady I had to say out loud “that’s bullshit” . Which you didn’t do because it would have been rude and and slanted the opinion of the audience so good job to you. But I gotta Steve Quayle file this lady, just poison in the well.

  17. Wow interesting comments here, I’m somewhat new to the conspiracy world. Lightly touched the subject a couple years back but lost it after going down the reptilian race rabbit hole. I need to say the interview with Donald Marshall was the springboard for me to get back into the subject(s). Not that I believe everything he said but some things he mentioned made me rethink the whole Vrill or other alien races in the world.
    I saw PC videos on youtube and like some here, I had a gut feeling it was fake or was disinformation. Now that I’ve really immersed myself, I have been watching more PC videos/interviews and realized Kerry is a pioneer in the conspiracy world today. This was a great interview!
    The PC interview I watched last night was with Bob Dean which seemed to be from 2008 based on the time stamp. Some of the things he mentioned about the end of times, Nibiru, triggers of world events are happening now! I highly recommend watching the interview or getting him on THC! Keep up the good work Greg!

  18. that’s cool she came on here- had no idea before…

    people act like she’s the queen of disinfo yo, what’s up with that?

    it was a good show all in all.. the dolphin segment was interesting and the guy she mentioned was in one of those interviews i remember coming out years ago, but brushed it aside with the title i think.. i’m open to the idea they are a unique species here… The simpsons episode came to mind as well as artists i’ve seen paint dolphins in a very divine and cosmic way

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