Greg Carlwood | The Charlie Hebdo Shooting & Modern Family

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I take a few minutes to talk about what seems to be a connection between Modern Family and the tragic shooting at Charlie Hebdo, and what the larger implications might be. Consider the conversation started, what do you guys think?

As of now, this is only available for Plus people, mainly because I think it’s fairly controversial. If you guys are with me, maybe I’ll release it to the masses….


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  1. Thanks for the update! Seems like a pretty spot on analysis to me. Predictive programming is such a strange phenomena, and I don’t especially agree with the term yet, as we can’t quite be sure what the motive is. Are we being mocked? Is it part of the elites karmic contract to put these hints out there? Are the writers of these shows picking up on some kind of synchronistic wave? Or is it truly a programming of sorts? Very interesting stuff.

  2. It’s really interesting that the middle east has been a focus for the western mind for such a long time. I’ve come to think it’s not natural resources or strategic position that keeps the focus on that tiny, corner of the world, but western mythology. We’ve been brainwashed/mentally colonized to think that the biblical story is really a universal history of man instead of just another book. We’ve also been brainwashed to think that pile of rocks and sand is center stage of the world instead of just a really shitty neighborhood with some total asshole, psycho neighbors.

    I’ve just started to notice how bible-oriented a lot of the conspiracy mythology is–even the central role the jewish people play in a lot of conspiracy theories really parallels the biblical stuff.

    It seems pretty likely that this episode was written and filmed a long time ago though just recently aired. The French recognition of Palestine was only a few months ago. I don’t know about the timing.

    It might not be that difficult to find out who the writer of the episode was, and find out if that reference were crammed in by some executive versus just made up. There was a follow up on the famous Lone Gunmen 9-11 plane crash episode, but from my pov it wasn’t really too revealing, because the actors were interviewed instead of the writers or producers.

  3. Anyone see the film “the four lions?” A dark british comedy involving a very similar situation to both the Charlie hebdo and Sydney incident. It was released well before the Boston marathon “attack” as well. Could be a case of predictive programming or just eerie parallels? Anywhat an equally bizarre observation by the Carlwood as well, our little world is being put through an upheaval by hook or by crook it seems

  4. Great update, Greg. Many of Charlie Hedbo’s cartoons were offensive to both Israeli’s and Muslims. Both sides could hypothetically be offended enough to commit at terror attack* on France for years old cartoons, but in the context of the more recent vote from France to recognize Palestinian statehood it seems to me more likely to be Israel. Specifically, the Mossad which is Israel’s Intelligence agency whose motto is :”By way of deception thou shall make war”

    Veterans Today posted high-level disclosure of 9/11 as a nuclear event perpetrated by the Mossad. The only video of the France attack is from the rooftop angle (conveniently placed cameraman just-so-happens to work for Israeli media) where they walk out to the sidewalk and gun down* the security guard/policeman. The slow-motion video showing no blood, no explosion upon impact, no ricocheting bullet sounds, & no assault rifle recoil has been pulled from Youtube.

    Palestinian statehood would mean the nation of Palestine could formally charge Israel with genocide (which by South African standards is definitely occurring in Gaza/West Bank). US would also be guilty for committing $3 Billion/year in Israeli military aid. Another story yesterday about NSA sells your spied-upon data to Israel. Think of a parasite devouring a host- that’s Israel’s contribution to the world. Zionism was birthed in the wake of maybe the biggest/least explored cover-up of all time: the end of WW2.

    Truth & Reconciliation trials- War crimes trials- without this, these terror events* will continue.
    *means these are likely staged/media deception

  5. I haven’t seen the programme you mention, because I don’t have a TV, so I can’t comment on that part of your analysis. (Anyway, I’m far away from anywhere where WWIII seems to be fermenting, in the Andes, but that’s another story). In situations like this, I usually take my lead from one of only two ancient Romans whom I respect, Cicero, and ask Cui bono? (Who benefits?). Israel/MOSAD, is certainly one candidate, given France’s recognition of Palestine and Bibi the psychopath’s consequent threat. The effectiveness of the blow against the people of France is not just the attack itself, but that it has stirred up tensions between the inidgenous French communities and the country’s considerable Mulim population. This is likely to wreak havoc in the towns and cities of France formany years to come. What an “excellent” way to traumatise a whole nation.

    However, these operations are usually planned to achieve a number of objectives, of which the above is probably only one. Someone above commented that it may have been because France had been advocating the lifting of sanctions against Russia. This could also be the case. I seem to remember a comment from David Icke once that, at the higher levels, all intelligence services are in reality just one intelligence service. To put it another way, and borrow your analogy Greg, if you look upwards from the bottom of the pyramid, you notice that all of the angles and sides converge into one point.

  6. I think that every single one of these events that end up on the world stage have obvious manipulations going on and it’s creepy when something in the media, be it entertainment or (faux) news, seems to know about it in advance. I have no definitive answer on how that could be but it is certainly something to think about.
    In my opinion, what is glaringly apparent is that the three major religions have created so much havoc on the people of this planet it amazes me that they aren’t buried in the sand where they belong. People should be free to believe and practice any religion they choose UNLESS it infringes on the rights of others. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all about infringing on the rights of others and always have been, despite what they claim. Why? Because their leaders have been allowed to turn the doctrines into hate, intolerance and genocide. Jews, Christians and Muslims that believe in human rights for everyone need to clean their houses, stop following the psychopath leaders and stop lying to themselves that today their respective religion is a religion of peace, love and service when it so obviously isn’t. Until that happens the blood soaked madness will continue.
    I agree that these incidents have many layers and serve many people and their corrupt agendas. So far I haven’t seen a lot of strong evidence that Charlie Hebdo was a false flag but that could change.

  7. The words. “They’ve taken down presidents” reminds me of Ole Dammgard’s talks and his book, Coup D’etat in Slow Motion in which he discusses who the ‘they’ are in such a context. I agree what you said – pointing up the pyramid not down. And fancy being brutally callous towards Palestinians, as if? You make good sense. Thanks for your views. If you ever do want to weigh into the topics of that region and politics, may I suggest a guest, Dr. Michael also known as Doc Future. He is in a very small alert area of Christiandom and recently came out a’blazing but in his soft voice way, exposing the said topic most fearlessly based on many months of historic research and also touring. He is one fantastic speaker. They used to do the show called “Future Quake” which is still up and all archived and he can be contacted I think, through there.

  8. WOW interesting. Hiding in plain sight again. 1st thing I listened to on Plus. I had not heard about the Family Guy correlation to Boston either. Craziness. Thanks for what you do.

  9. Greg, about your ABC Sitcom, I ask you: “Who” Owns ABC, these days?… And, Oh, wasn’t that Company’s founder who worked for The OSS/CIA, making Mouse Cartoons, for war propaganda? Ah, Yes! Thaaaat Guy we all knew and loved as Children, who Brought us Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck,…Pluto… Seriously Greg, it’s no surprise to me that ABC (US), and/or the Show’s Producers’d be on the Inside w/ this type of Info. But, the Really Sad Thing in all this is the Perpetuation of Israeli Genocidal policies towards Palestine. If any act of terrorism did occur, One can look no further than Israel. I’m part-Jewish myself, but cannot ignore the Horrific Conditions under which Palestinians “Live”–and BTW you can support Organic, FairTrade, NonGMO Palestinian Farmers by buying their Excellent Olive Oil, other Products…, even all-Natural Soap. The World turn a Blind eye on these Beleaguered People; though just one Person, I’m saying “Enough” to Israel, every time I Cook–and the World is composed of 7.5 Billion “One Persons”… I’ve done my part, Who else’ll be the One(s) Saying “Enough” to Israel, concerning Palestine?

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