Donald Marshall | Disclosure Updates On The Illuminati Vril Cloning Centers

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Folks might remember Donald Marshall from his 2011 letter disclosing his ongoing torture at secret underground cloning centers run by the Illuminati and the Vril Lizards.

Well, it’s been 5 years, and now we have pop stars like Nicki Minaj tweeting about her experiences with this very thing, as well as rapper B.O.B. What’s really going on?

Well, today Don joins THC to give the people some long awaited updates on what’s been going on with him, the cloning centers, and those who occupy them.

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    1. It also poses problems, like Jrandom pointed out further down.

      “…Hollywood, London, and the Kremlin don’t have the same bed-time. How are they always hanging out? And if these guys are picking children to have midnight sex with, how come the kids aren’t suffering narcolepsy? Putin’s bedtime is in the middle of the day for kids in the USA.” (Jrandom March 18, 2016 at 12:01 PM)

      Also, if you want more reasons as to why Don is, perhaps, not a very reliable source of information, see my super long post in the forums section. Be warned that it’s a kind of debunking post, however.

      1. BOB is also the name of the evil entity killer in Twin Peaks. :chin scratch:
        This is the second time you’ve mentioned B.O.B. on this show – I think it was this show –
        another guest referred to him as an idiot or something like that.

        As it is, looking forward to your next episode. This one was not for me.
        I do wonder why some of these celebs are tweeting about this. I just wonder if that is something else, maybe a glamour/cover-memory.

        Funny, as I type this, Donald Marshall is speaking about ‘making people see things/chips in the head with toothpicks’.

        1. I’m glad you brought up the idea of cover-memories. That’s so much more believable than what Don’s saying. “It’s super secret and they kill people who talk bout it, but they want me to talk about it” makes no sense. Nor does “they don’t kill me because they think I’m Jesus”, as people according to the official story killed the actual Jesus! I’m sure they could find someone to kill the Donald version of Christ. And failing that that there are a million ways of controlling and/or silencing him while keeping him alive.

          Muddying the waters of real and believable abuse/extortion etc with a bunch of crazy BS, that makes perfect sense. Another star comes out with a horrible story of being a victim of mind control (or similar), then boom they’re put in “Team Donald Marshall” aka “Camp Crazy” and the problem is solved. That scenario makes perfect sense.

  1. Between me and the Plus members, I wanted to believe Donald had some credabilty, after sitting down with him, I don’t think he does.

    He has a lot of followers, we’ll see if this still continues after this show. 🙂

      1. If you have the time and energy read my very long comment further down. It sums up most of the BS and shows what kind of a person Don is. The fact that he’s delusional doesn’t necessarily show in what he’s saying, but in how he says it. The information itself is no worse than David Icke’s, in my view. But Don is constantly the main person, on a first name basis with EVERYONE and making major decisions, everyone loves him and laughs at his jokes. Also they want his company so badly, they kill him when he doesn’t want to hang out. Also he hates pretty much everyone he mentions. Remembers everything very vividly until asked about the last 5 songs specifically and so on and so on.

        I’m not trying to speak for Greg, I’d love to hear him reply too. These are just some of the things I had a problem with.

        1. The difference is David Icke is very detailed about what he says and can go as indepth as needed. David Icke comes off as intelligent, This guy just talked in generalizations all the time. I bet he couldn’t tell the same story twice.

          1. agreed!! whereas Icke sound “credible” (not easy with this kind of subject) but Donald just sounds like a nut!

            when asked about what songs he’s created, he started laughing and during conversation seems to just happen across or remember “Oh yeah, I made that too…” which is tenuous without some level of credibility behind it and frankly, he does not give out credibility during discussion, he seems to claim that he is the centre of it all, yet virtually no-one has heard of him

    1. Thank you, your patience’s during this interview was imaging . Only kept listening to see how you were going to keep this going. As usual you are the master interviewer, even with delusional /crazy. This guy appears to really believe this is happening to him, so this it reality to him. He is a victim of some trauma to push his mind into this state. It would be interesting to look into his background .

      1. Don is correct about one thing, Kenny Rogers didn’t write the song “Lady.” I haven’t even researched this,somehow I just remember hearing it was written by Lionel Ritchie for Kenny Rogers. Ritchie also penned “Islands in the Stream. ” I have to get out more often.

    2. He never answered a single question. Just thought up crazy shit on the spot. I did love when he said he beat down that lady he was gonna interview with. No joke tho the Feds better be watching this guy cause he wants to kill a lot of people!

    3. Please explain more one why you think this!I have my own doubts after this interview, I was very excited for. He had posted on his Facebook he was drunk during the interview, tried to sway people from searching for it then took that alldown. Thanks for doing such awesome shows. Also, I Have B.o.B on snap chat and I’ve spoken to him before. So I sent him a message saying to go on your show and he read, no reply lol it so hopefully he does get in touch with you!

    4. Thank you for making this post, Greg. I’m glad you don’t hold these delusional ravings on par with the many amazing researchers you’ve interviewed. And that you’re letting us plus members know.

    5. I am glad you clarified that, and I am glad you give the guest a chance to try to appear credible. After listening for a while, I kept getting the idea (as a musician myself), hey this would be a great viral way to promote myself, kind of by attaching to a conspiracy meme. That’s my intuition. I think such a person would have much more concrete details, the ability to rattle off song names, describe the physical mechanics and social mechanics of these “illuminati” gatherings. Instead, it felt a bit general, and ad hoc. I am interested in the idea of cloning particularly, but I was not getting much info beyond what I myself might be able to improvise on a show. Dig? But good effort, and it goes to show, you are a good host for providing platforms so people can separate the wheat from the chafe.

      1. I agree with everything you said, but gave you a thumbs up just for the ” separating the wheat from the chaff ” comment. I haven’t heard that analogy in ages.

    6. Agreed, Greg. Great job maintaining your composure throughout this interview. There were several times after the first 20 minutes I literally felt bad for you. I also felt for Mr. Marshall. Look, maybe there is some type of cloning center for celebrities, royalty, & politicians. Mr. Marshall’s hesitation, stammering, & inability to answer many of the questions Greg asked tells me he’s not being honest. Regardless, this was fairly difficult to listen to. Much respect to Greg for having this guest on.

    7. Yes, interesting but zero cred. I had to listen twice.
      I hate when guest spend 5 minutes recalling meaningless memories but cannot give such detail or remember much of anything when it comes to KEY explanations . Honestly he was regurgitating old dr peter david beter material from the late 70s/80s . He has 80 audio letters on line. I believe its audio letter 46 when he speaks of synthetic humanoids and organic robotoids.

    8. really? you think? lol what was it? he lost me at his story of writing the kenny rodgers song woman, which was actually lionel richie. stopped listening immediately.

    9. I thought the same thing as Greg. I thought that it was really cool that you got the guy on the show. After listening to him, he may be correct or telling the truth – but he comes off as a lunatic. Of course, maybe that’s what happens to you after experiencing the stuff that he describes.

    10. This is the only interview you’ve done, Greg, that I couldn’t finish all the way to the end. I like Aristotle’s quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it”, but this guy was so deluded that I couldn’t take anymore.
      You should consider finding better guests who can prove we live on a spinning ball as that seems to be all the rage these days, think about it.. NASA needs to be exposed for the ongoing lies they perpetuate.

  2. Wow. I guess this interview needed to happen, now we have it straight from the spider horse’s mouth. It was definitely more fun than any dungeons and dragons podcast that I’ve listend to.

  3. “The Third Man” for the 21st Century.

    The story begins with a spoken prologue (“I never knew the old Vienna, before the war. . .”). The shattered postwar city has been divided into French, American, British and Russian zones, each with its own cadre of suspicious officials. Into this sinkhole of intrigue falls an American innocent: Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton), alcoholic author of pulp Westerns. He has come at the invitation of his college chum Harry Lime. But Lime is being buried when Martins arrives in Vienna.

    How did Lime die? That question is the engine that drives the plot, as Martins plunges into the murk that Lime left behind. Calloway (Trevor Howard), the British officer in charge, bluntly says Lime was an evil man, and advises Holly to take the next train home. But Harry had a girl named Anna (Alida Valli), who Holly sees at Lime’s grave, and perhaps she has some answers. Certainly Holly has fallen in love with her, although his trusting Yankee heart is no match for her defenses.

    “The Third Man” (1949) was made by men who knew the devastation of Europe at first hand. Carol Reed worked for the British Army’s wartime documentary unit, and the screenplay was by Graham Greene, who not only wrote about spies but occasionally acted as one. Reed fought with David O. Selznick, his American producer, over every detail of the movie; Selznick wanted to shoot on sets, use an upbeat score and cast Noel Coward as Harry Lime. His film would have been forgotten in a week. Reed defied convention by shooting entirely on location in Vienna, where mountains of rubble stood next to gaping bomb craters, and the ruins of empire supported a desperate black market economy. And he insisted on Karas’ zither music (“The Third Man Theme” was one of 1950’s biggest hits).

    5 starts for Greg holding your composure
    my BS meter is @ 10!

    1. I’m sorry, I’ve read your comment twice and don’t understand how it relates to the interview in question. Could you kind explain? I researched the movie a bit as well and still don’t understand the connection. Thank you in advance.

      1. timishere1925
        I wasn’t aware this was obscure information for a conspiracy and truth channel, my apologies again 😉 There are many twists on this story and I’m not aware of the source of this story either but, I’ve heard it many times in the hypnotherapy field. I don’t mind answering anything I can. I have the box checked to be notified if there is a response to a post… It doesn’t work.

        There is a little known fact about hypnosis that is illustrated by the following story:

        A subject was told under hypnosis that when he was awakened he would be unable to see a third man in the room who, it was suggested to him, would have become invisible. All the “proper” suggestions to make this “true” were given, such as “you will NOT see so- and-so” etc… When the subject was awakened, lo and behold! the suggestions did NOT work.

        Why? Because they went against his belief system. He did NOT believe that a person could become invisible.

        So, another trial was made. The subject was hypnotized again and was told that the third man was leaving the room… that he had been called away on urgent business, and the scene of him getting on his coat and hat was described… the door was opened and shut to provide “sound effects,” and then the subject was brought out of the trance.

        Guess what happened?

        He was UNABLE TO SEE the Third Man.

        Hope this helps. Maybe I should rethink posting.

        1. No,please continue to post. I find your follow ups very informative. I’m brand new to this whole conspiracy scene and have a lot of catching up to do. It was interesting to hear you say the notification app doesn’t work. I was wondering if this site had ine. I haven’t found it yet. Thank you again.

  4. Hmm… I think I’m going to have to listen to the rest of this in a little while. I don’t have my “open mind” cap on quite snug enough to give this enough unbiased attention.

    Its an interesting story tho. The interview is going well, I just need to take a break to shake my head and get back to it when I can give it more of an open mind listen.

  5. Interesting interview. Not quite as convincing as Flat Earth but entertaining. Still, some of the names mentioned I can believe they may not be a proper ‘first issue’.

  6. This is sad, this guy is clearly schizophrenic. I have a relative with this condition, they all have really long convincing stories with high levels of detail. There are too many conflicts to count in his story, not to mention his self grandiose conclusion that he invented songs and inventions.

    seriously, he needs help.

      1. I had a friend I watched over the period of ten years turn into full blown paranoid schizophrenic and your right the back histories he would make up and the details mixed from tv shows were intricately woven tales. This guy also sounded like he was croaking from meds. Who knows tho right? Maybe we’re all just dreaming the same dream,,,,,,except Don

        1. yeah, it was just hard to listen to, but I hope he can get help. This is coming on the heels of one of my family members having a manic episode, so that’s a little fresh in my mind. Just so Carlwood knows, I’m not blaming him, but yeah, sad to listen to because he sounds like he genuinely believes this, vs has a theory.

  7. Carlwood,

    My hat is off to you my friend and I would of given anything to be a fly on the wall watching your facial expressions as this very long interview unfolded. I am one open minded individual and I don’t exclude anything from thought food. But this was way more than I could wrap my brain around. First off… it was difficult to get past his self aggrandizing comments. Fix a flat? Really? That was the blow out of my wheel of tolerance. I had to smoke it up a lot to try to get on the same wave but this just went further than my THC would take me. After half of the podcast I was thinking I understood if people beat the hell out of his clone. I am going to set this one in the appropriate file and never revisit it…at least not until the spider horses start showing up. Guess I will not be one of those who are rewarded by him when this all proves to be fact.

  8. Amazing job Greg! I’m really amazed you managed to stay professional!

    SPOILER ALERT! (And apologies for the long post)

    Don says he started singing songs at five years old, that he made up himself. Not only that, those songs were better than those of professional, experienced songwriters. To see how believable this is: if you know a 5 year old, ask them for a song of their own. For further context Mozart started composing at age 5. Feel free to google “Lady” released in 1980 when Don was 5, look at the lyrics and decide if they look like the work of a child.

    Don says Queen Elizabeth has hinted at having syphilis. It’s normally cured with a single dose of penicillin.
    Don says Queen Elizabeth is retarded. The woman has given interviews. They’re on Youtube. She’s clearly not retarded.
    Don says Queen Elizabeth is so boring she needs a singing kid to impress celebrities. If that sentence doesn’t make you go “wtf?”, read it again.

    Don says the people at the cloning centers tortured him when he couldn’t make any more songs. Really? He keeps saying how stupid they are. But no one is that stupid. You don’t torture people into creativity.

    Don says he put the words “heart and souls” into songs as vague hints to cloning. No comment needed.

    Don says “they” weren’t going to kill him because “they” want him to talk about the cloning centers. But others don’t talk about it, because “they” have killed some of them. Which is it? And who’re “they”?

    Don says one type of Vril has a proboscis that can body snatch mammals. The proboscis is made up of a part of the brain and the spinal cord and it wraps around the optic nerve. The human optic nerve is 2 inches long. That’s a tiny Vril. And how did this come about? Evolution makes no sense at all. Is it bio-engineered? Then why don’t all Vril have it?

    Don says that in the past flying saucers did not have very good horizontal stability control. But today they put the gyroscopes, like those from Segways in them. So the aliens or Atlanteans (maybe they’re the same?) figured out flying saucer technology, but not a gyroscope? Or any other “horizontal stability control”? For context the gyroscope has been around since the 1850s. Its predecessor, used as a level to locate the horizon in foggy or misty conditions was invented in 1743.

    Don says that the following groups come to cloning centers: Freemasons, Scientologists, Mormons, Politicians, Royal Families, Celebrities, Nazis, Jews and Aliens. Also they have spider-horses and mole-rat-pigs. No comment.

    Don says that a fat freemason found him so amazing he wanted to hang with him [Don] every day. When Don didn’t want to, the fat freemason stomped him to death. This was possible because Don was in a tiny homonculus body.

    Don says the “they” of the cloning facility would miss him if they killed him. He also says they’re evil psychopaths that torture people for fun. Apparently he sees no contradiction there…

    Don says that “they” say he’s Jesus. He doesn’t endorse that though. It is, however, a given that he’ll be the savior of the human race once his message has been spread.

    Don says that “they” say that the prophecies of Nostradamus are about him.

    Don says that catholic priests become pedophiles because they’re celibate. So normal people become pedophiles if they’re celibate for too long? Is that his theory? It makes no sense at all.

    Don says he named Barack Obama, who is a clone, after Baraka in the Mortal Kombat games.

    Don says that when he made the joke “Make a dog president” everybody laughed.

    Don says that he invented the George Foreman Grill.

    Don says the pyramids are traps for Vril. Vril that are so dumb they run around until they fall down a pit at the bottom. Has he seen the pyramids? If the lizards are so stupid, why would you need a pyramid? And how would anyone come up with the idea of solving the how-to-get-the-lizard-into-the-pit-problem by building the pyramids???

    Don says that when he doesn’t believe the Large Hadron Collider can reset time, “they” fire it up and show him. How? You can prove time-travel. But a time reset? How could Don tell that time had been reset? How can anyone know they’ve reset time? How do they know what event they’re supposed to prevent after a reset of the whole universe?

    Don says bird aliens are embarrassed by their own appearance. If I went to the bird alien city, I’d be embarrassed by my appearance too. No, wait, I wouldn’t. Because it makes no sense whatsoever.

    Don says aliens love music and that he is the best thing they ever saw for that.

    Don says that in the future, when he has political power, he’ll put people in jail for calling him a dick.

    Don says that in the future everybody’s going to love him and rightfully so.

    Don says there was a competition between kids, called project Camelot, to pick the new King Arthur-Jesus-Messiah. Don won that competiton.

    Let’s look at Don’s opinion of other people.

    Queen Elizabeth is boring and retarded.
    Nikki Minaj is annoying and has a fat ass.
    Tila Tequila can’t sing and has no skills.
    Donald Trump never invented anything.
    Vladimir Putin is a coward and a pervert, that asks Don for advice.
    Mila Kunis has gigantic eyeballs and Don Hates her.
    Lauryn Hill needs Don’s help to write songs, she also tortured a child.
    Bill Cosby punched Don to death.
    Gwen Stefani got banged by Don a few times, then he lost interest.
    Madonna “and some others” were also banged by Don. The banging was consensual.
    David Wilcock, Don wants him dead.
    Britney Spears gets gang raped until her genitalia gets worn out. Then she’s put into a new body. Don refers to this as comical.
    Roxy Lopez wanted Don to discredited himself. Don murdered her by smashing her face into some cement stairs. For some reason he thinks he should mention that she felt no pain at the time of him murdering her.

    1. I enjoyed your post more than the interview itself. Thank you for salvaging this episode. After that last one i wanted this one to be enjoyable but so far now back to back unfinishables.

    2. Thanks akimondo, you pretty much summed up this poor guys interview. It’s sad to me because in my opinion he’s clearly mentally ill. I think he believes what he’s saying and means no ill will. Just sadly ill.

      1. Thank you very much, you’re too kind! If you have an interest in the subject, I have made a super long “deluxe version” of this post in the forums section. So if you have time to waste, you’re welcome to read it and add any thoughts you’ve had (for or against doesn’t matter as debate is healthy. Although I understand you would probably lean towards “against” as you liked this post).

    3. Dude ty so much for the brief. I was looking for this interview. Can,t believe greg let this one pass. This guest is so full of shit. I felt like clubbing baby seals. It,s the only interview i coildn,t finish.

      1. Glad I read your post to get the full low down on his ramblings. 2 minute read rather than 2 hour listen. For my part I gave up after 18 minutes. I came to the conclusion from the little I heard – Don took a bunch of acid whilst reading David Icke, and tripped himself into a psychosis where he became the lead actor in this sorry tale.
        I would not be surprised to hear a version of events similar to what he is trying to portray does go on, but I find it difficult to believe Don had any part in it.

        1. Yes, Don having no part in it makes much more sense than him being part of literally all of it, as he tells the story.

          occultfan mentioned the idea of cover-memories toward the top of this episode’s comments and it’s by far the most plausible theory for what has happened to Don, in my opinion. If indeed anything at all has happened to him.

      2. Happy to help and I know what you mean. I actually listened to it twice to really evaluate what he was saying. I felt bad for him when Greg asked for specific songs and he (Don) couldn’t think of any and then had to blame “the drugs making him confused” after relating everything else with perfect recall. Kudos to Greg for sneaking that in there, without pushing too hard or offending the guest!

    4. Great post. Also, Hollywood, London, and the Kremlin don’t have the same bed-time. How are they always hanging out? And if these guys are picking children to have midnight sex with, how come the kids aren’t suffering narcolepsy? Putin’s bedtime is in the middle of the day for kids in the USA.

  9. Ok this episode is the one that finally pushed me over into getting th plus! I love listening and am looking forward to the extended episodes! I have been looking into conspiracy and all sorts of the things you cover in your broad spectrum of thinking and I always learn new facts and such from listening. Please keep up the good work! Hope to talk again soon.

  10. This show sucked. Greg- you’re at the top of my list for best interviewers. But i’m not a plus member to see how well you can keep your composure through out this non sense. I’m a plus member to hear you interview awesome guests.

    I actually believe all his story MIGHT have happened. But whats great about the show (normally) is getting to hear some kinda thought provoking facts or information , or some kinda well thought out theory. But this guy seemingly just made stuff up on the spot.

  11. This interview once again shows how gnarly of an interviewer you are Greg! Damn I would’ve lost my slipknot! (Did don write “Custer”) lol….anyway Greg keep up the good work! I’m glad you interviewed this guy because I’m personally a believer in things that are hard to believe. Who knows, a fraction of what this guys saying could be true although he sounds a bit schizophrenic to me. I dine off the fruit of the conspiracy tree & ive been working with the chronically mentally ill for about 13 years now(I’m 34 years old) so between the two spectrums I think maybe, possibly I can get a hint of the scent of somebodies who’s a little ill. That laugh of his and the placement of his humor was a small indication when analyzing his entire interview amongst other things that kinda gave that impression away for me. Man Greg you’re an awesome interviewer. I’ve been down with you since you were geeked about getting a new microphone years ago! Keep up the good work!

    P.s. Donny, my man! I don’t mean any disrespect but maybe you should get a little more organized before you do interviews like this. If what you’re saying does have some validity, you’re not doing a good job at revieling it! …oh & I wouldn’t recommend you going into any ayahuasca ceremonies!!

  12. he might be on to something….. maybe 50% right, 50% wrong….?

    the elite with their infinite money and infinite evil need a hobby I suppose!

    Stephen Hawking ain’t real anymore. Who would pay for false teeth like those? Why did his hair go blond? How did his face get so chubby? How did his face get shorter? Why does he never age? How come he has set the world record for living with ALS?

    “But like his mind, Hawking’s illness seems to be singular. Most patients with ALS—also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, for the famous baseball player who succumbed to the disease—are diagnosed after the age of 50 and die within five years of their diagnosis” BOOLSHITE…. Stephen ain’t Stephen anymore and those are not his opinions you are hearing!

    And what happened to Bono? He has obviously gone over to the dark side!

    Who is the real Paul McCartney? I think all 4 Beatles were replaced. Suddenly, they all kinda look different and they all got very opinionated all of a sudden.

    “We all live in the yellow submarine” were the original Beatles dumped at sea in a big yellow shipping container? Or was it that big security van that they left their last US concert in? Was the security van yellow? Why did they start using the devil hand sign and start pushing drugs?

    1. sgt pepper album: you got the original Beatles on the left and the new Beatles in the middle… it’s obviously a funeral scene for the death of the entire band

      the beatles; yesterday and today
      the corpses represent the Beatles today and the live figures represent the Beatles yesterday… they are flat out telling you the truth!

      the new John Lennon looks different from the original John Lennon

      the other 2 are more convincing

      they could never kill Paul McCartney and put in a replacement and get it to work out with the rest of the band… no they sacrificed the original 4 and replaced them all!

      1. Beatles were replaced not killed. They were possibly replaced several times as part of a tavistock, mi6, cia psyop.

        I went into a beatles research obsession after the Jim fetzer interview last year.

        1. Beatles were replaced not killed. They were possibly replaced several times as part of a tavistock, mi6, cia psyop.

          I went into a beatles research obsession after the Jim fetzer interview last year.

          1. Welcome to the world of conspiracies and the downright incredible! We all started somewhere, you would be hard pushed to find better than THC. I wish Greg was about 35 years ago when I started getting into the subject. Word of advice, don’t get too involved in the end of the world stuff. It can drive you nuts and I lost count how many times it was supposed to happen a very long time ago; and I am still getting old! You might as well enjoy your life, as when it happens, it will be too late to do much and who wants to really try and survive it?

  13. the bit Greg said about ancient dinosaurs somewhere in the middle….. they had dinosaurs not so long ago, they’re called dragons!

    why do temples in Cambodia (i think) have carvings of a stegosaurus?

    why are there old children clay models of dinosaurs?

    how do you know it’s millions of years and not a few thousand?

    theory of stratigraphy is 100% WRONG!

    We CANNOT use any of the dating data because it is ALL SUBJECT TO MASSIVE ERRORS!

    Stalactites and stalagmites take thousands of years… how the fuck do they know? Did they PROVE it?

    Fossilisation takes thousands of years at least… did they fucking run a test for thousands of years just to check? I don’t think so!

    1. Thanks for the link to that stratigraphy video. I got a B.S. in geology. A whole lot of B.S. I was to find out later. However, I thought stratigraphy was pretty cut and dry and uncontroversial until I saw this video. It was pretty geeky, but it has really profound implications for the story of earth history.

  14. Donnie Marshal, Bless your heart. No hate here. You seem very sincere in your story, but I personally need more proof to change my paradigm that much. I don’t need stories of secret cloning to believe there are pedophiles and murderers in positions of power using governments and corporations to cover up their crimes. I do believe Nature can cure all when we develop a real connection with it in body, mind and spirit. Peace to you, your family and all you love.
    Thanks Greg for giving us all a chance to consider these ideas and giving people a safe space to express their ideas without snarky judgement that is all too common today. Peace brother!

  15. It the beginning he’s laid-back and humble, he says a couple of times that he’s unorganized and “just a normal guy” and then it seemed like his personality changed a with the self- grandiose stuff, creepy laughing and the throwing someone down the stairs and banging Gwen Stephani… ? The inconsistant personality/behavioral weirdness reminded me of the interviews with the super-soldiers and mind control kids like Michael Prince and Anya Briggs. They seem to all kind of go off the deep end after they “start remembering what happened” to them. I feel like I really believed him at the beginning of the interview but about halfway through, its like his personality switched over and he was tough to follow. I felt like I was listening to a rambling narcissist. Fix a flat? I dunno…..
    I have no doubt that the elite all get together and hurt little kids for sport. If he has been traumatized over and over and had his memory wiped over and over, maybe that could cause him to be a little off, split personality, etc…..

  16. I had a friend he was a paranoid schizophrenic he used to tell me his cop neighbor was controlling his mind by the color light he put in his porch lamp. He then made up a history in which his grandfather was a farmer and therefore his emotions controlled the weather. He then told me all about how his parents weren’t his parents and his real father was a race car driver and he had to be invited to a special race he’d have to win so he could be reunited with his “real father” it was at this point I realized he confused speed racer for his life. Anyway, this reminded me of that. I’d never dismiss someone else’s reality but if I were the type this would be the case. Still enjoyed it love to listen while I garden

  17. I was so excited to listen to this episode, but only got 45 minutes in. I can’t listen to him anymore. He’s like that one friend you had as a kid who’s parents were super mean, and he had to lie about everything just to fix his own shitty reality. Most guests who I think are way out there I still enjoy listening to because I like the way people think. This guy is just so far out of touch. If any of this is real, reality is completely pointless. I’ll stay delusional.

    1. Yes, exactly this!!! He reminded me of this guy I used to know who was always telling grandiose stories about all the amazing shit he did and we were always like “well why are you still living in your mom’s basement and bumming weed from us all the time?”.

  18. Why ya’ll dissn’ the SPIDER HORSES… That was the best part ever… It was worth it for just that alone.. next we should have the Spider Horse art contest and see any of us piece one of these things together… 🙂
    p.s. don’t forget about the mole-rat pigs
    P.S.S. Do not confuse with Man-Bear pig (south park ftw)

      1. In Greg’s defense he did make this post:

        The Carlwood February 27, 2016 at 7:28 AM
        Between me and the Plus members, I wanted to believe Donald had some credabilty, after sitting down with him, I don’t think he does.

        He has a lot of followers, we’ll see if this still continues after this show. 🙂

  19. This guy is full-a-shit! I didn’t buy any of his stories.

    Not so much about the story itself, but more about the tone of his voice… his speaking mannerisms… the casual speaking style… the nervous laughters, it sounds like he’s making shit up as he go along. There is something about the WAY HE SPEAKS, makes my bullshit meter goes blaring! I betcha if Greg ask him the same questions in different ways, you’ll find discrepancies in his stories.

  20. Id love to have to have another Eruc Dubay appearance, but one centered on his soul science esoteric thoughts. And a bit of flat earth update, and maybe precede that with a Mark Seargent appearance so you can ask him why he does t address certain taboo subjects. And I think it’s time to clarify what parts of FE are religionists and which are truth oriented. I know this best left for the forum, but since you like to go esoteric, DuBay has an interesting book on great esoteric soul science subjects in addition to his FE work. Thanks and good work.

  21. I have come across similar interviews with others claiming to be former “members” of so-called secret societies doing exposes…

    The fact is an underlying, niggling question is always in the back of my mind, why are they not dead?

    Perhaps some of them speak of real events, but they compensate for their lack of evidence by fabricating totally implausible scenarios.

    Overall, I have mixed feelings. I believe all victims should have a forum in which to communicate their specific trauma but ultimately, these egocentric hucksters make awareness extremely fleeting to all truth seekers everywhere…

  22. Carlwood?!!!!! OMG you had me giggling all the way through! ….. “hummm that sounds interesting… can you tell me about….”… Brought me back to my Psych rotation where we had a list of “therapeutic” questions we were required to ask during each interview. Love you man!! Good job

  23. That guy should get his shit together and write science fiction novels. I never heard so much speculative bs in my life. Musta been torturous trying to make a show outta that.

  24. the weird celebrity stuff gives him minuscule amounts of credit, also you can tie this whole concept into alien abduction etc.. but the creepy laugh of his, and his far fetching stories of him coming up with all these songs and the gorge foreman grill seem made up but hey i have an open mind so i leave it open to possibility, nobody will sue this guy for slander because nobody cares lol. It is interesting he does it all for no money or anything like that. I do think what he’s saying holds some truth and can be tied to many other “conspiracy’s” like hollow earth, D.U.M.Ps and stuff like that. What he’s saying i do think is possible, but he himself just seems a little cooked, although if everything he says is truth than i assume anyone have gone through that would be a little cooked.

  25. Damn, Greg.
    This was really hard to listen to. You are a great host but this dude is too full of shit for me. This guy is gonna throw celebrities in prison when he has POLITICAL AUTHORITY for calling him a dick? Because, “In time, everybody gonna love Donnie”. Everyone knows what a gyroscope is and no one thinks George Forman invented the electric grill. He is so contradictory to himself and doesn’t seem to get out much. Laughed my ass off though.

    1. Let’s be frank here, Mr Marshall did seem to lack a certain level of, let’s call it, sentence structure; that at times made me doubt such comments, as did the references to his violent and doubtful acts on the cloning floor. I can’t help thinking that there might be some truth in there somewhere but wrapped up in paranoia, self delusion and ego that it is difficult to find. The thing is, is that since listening to this episode I have been coming across the cloning and transference of consciousness theme all over the place. I watched an anime Magi episode last night that incorporated many similarities, was it synchronicity or coincidence I do not know but it is certainly a concept that is embedded throughout the media enough to keep my mind open to the subject a little while longer.

  26. For all the BS, Dude weirdly seemed to be knowledgeable about a-lot. Was surprised he knew the pope’s real name, amongst other things. Love Greg’s ability to get the story from his guests. Don’t care if the dude is crazy. Just wanna hear what he believes.

  27. Greg

    As usual, you kept some proper composure here! When most people would have just screamed WTF!! As crazy as this guy sounded, i am glad that it was entertained. I pulled nothing credible from him what so ever but theres something about having a guy like this on that just reminds me that Greg will consider it all and leave it up to you the listener. I don’t think this takes anything away from greg or the show, if anything you can hear fro Gregs tone and responses the way he felt about the info being spewed.

    Greg, my hats off to you man, you really are a master interviewer and you have an serious ability to keep composure. Being a fan of conspiracy, the strange and the occult, listening to a guy like this is entertaining. If you’ve been involved in this strange, conspiratorial, the weird, then you know that not all that comes out is food for thought and a lot of it are just fun stories and just down right entertaining haha.

    Greg, i think you did a great job and still really love the show and enjoyed listening to this fella and I’m actually curious to see what comes of it and if B.O.B. or any other celebs mentioned have anything to say. Or maybe they’ll just ground hog it who knows. Hope i never run into the crab spider horse!. Be well everyone and thanks again Greg for being awesome and i love the show as a whole brother. Proud Plus member, and will be as long as i can afford.


  28. Greg,

    I am not trying to tell you what to do man, but I think this podcast should be taken down immediately and removed from everywhere to the best of your abilities. If I was a brand new listener coming in and heard that as my first taste of thc, I would laugh hard and never, ever consider listening to another one of your podcasts. Not to mention that the best case scenario is this guy is schizophrenic. And at worst he is a shill, who’s purpose is to illigetimize every truth that comes along with “conspiracy” culture. I think this show hurts you. And it hurts the cause of truth.

  29. Credibility or not. Or is it that people do not want it to be true ?!?
    May be.
    Like pedophile rings. Same with that. Thay do not want it to be true. Especially from the people that is ruling them. Haha..

  30. HOLY SMOKES…my brain is on overdrive, i need to unplug for a bit! Where in the heck am i living. I absolutely love deep knowledge but this is way out even for me. Man oh man, what is really going on?

  31. what I couldn’t wrap my head around was Donald’s insistence that everyone was afraid
    of the Queen but then he went on ad nauseum about how dull and “special” in the head she was
    this does not compute
    why on earth would everyone be afraid of someone they could outwit?
    Also the delusions of grandeur were off the charts.
    He was terrible at answering any of Greg’s questions precisely, yet would go on in great
    detail telling stories about his experiences in the cloning centers?
    DM sounded anything but sober and serious. Laughing at the ultra violence purported to be real?
    So many inconsistencies and red flags!
    Greg – thanks for shining a light while at the same time successfully avoiding the trap of telling your listeners what to think about what is revealed…
    Loved reading all the comments on this episode – warts and all.
    For those plus subscribers who think Greg should have swept this episode under the rug out of fear that
    others would judge him by that episode alone – I think it’s important that a dubious dud such is DM is at least given
    a stage where we can have the opportunity to judge for ourselves
    It’s entirely plausible this guy is suffering serious delusions, as to the cause I am only left to speculate…
    He did mention he had a chip in his head – if this is true, would it be possible to document the removal
    a la “Patient 17”?

  32. What an incredible story! I am blown away with the George Nory and David Ike references (no surprises regarding Alex Jones though), I have always felt that something was not quite ‘right’ with those two. George obviously knows more than he is letting on but I also thought that if ‘Ikey’ was telling the whole truth, then why is he still alive? Without in any way wishing it upon him, you know what I mean when I say that he could have had an accident by now!
    I have always felt that he has the control mechanism pretty sussed but I have always questioned his take on the Reptilians. Then again, is Mr Marshall distracting us from the real issue? Alas, such questions an their need to be asked reflect the complexities of the world we live in. Whatever the answers turn out to be, once again, an excellent interview brought to us by Mr HTC. His penchant for bringing us the most interesting and thought provoking material goes unblemished, thank you!

  33. Thank you for your professionalism Greg. My mother used to have schizo episodes when I was a girl, and I am afraid this guy reminds me of those days. He needs help.

  34. Of the two delusional megalomaniacs, this guy was more entertaining than Steven Kelley, who was just a jerk. I noticed how despite Donald having so much supposed inside information, all of the things he talked about have been talked about by other people, Icke obviously, and he brings up Obama being a clone of Pharoah Akhenaten, which is Freeman’s research. Classic delusional case of reading a bunch of conspiracy theories and then taking them and making it all about himself. He offers no information we haven’t heard elsewhere. I really enjoyed it though, in this genre, you have to give everyone a listen with a discerning ear, and I appreciate Greg’s infinite willingness to consider anything, intelligently and questioningly.

    1. both.

      the story is that they apparently can do from baby (i.e. copy a person’s DNA and make a new baby from it e.g. copy King (Pharaoh) Tut into a modern person such as Lil Wayne the rapper)

      also, they apparently can grow the DNA into a fully-firmed adult in 5 months

  35. I don’t blame the elites at the cloning center for killing this guy each night. He is a pain in the ass.

    “I’m not saying I’m the messiah, i would never say that. But Nostradamus said i was going to be the messiah”.

  36. I have been backing up Donny Marshall and since I seen his interview on Vinny Eastwood. But there is a couple of stories discrepancies. The story he told about Tila Tequila he had an exact same one for himself the story confronted by aliens. I would also like to ask a question how do you get access to the second hour? Thanks for the good work Greg

    1. I agree kfox whole lot of judging going on here but I doubt anybody took the time to look into his claims. Granted he seems to go off the rails a few times but if even a fraction of what he claims to be true is do you people really expect a rounded individual to be across from Carlwood? And I guess all those celebs got drunk together one night and decided to start #stophumancloning sporaticall you throughout 2015. I’ll be honest I’m a little confused how some people have no problem believing a “researcher” who says that there are entities living in Saturn and everyonesee like years that sounded intelligent therefore that makes perfect sense. I’ll leave it with this all you doubters Google images search Salvador Dali. There’s a picture of him holding some unidentified creature and in the background you can make out a person lying on there back head completely wrapped like they just had EYE surgery. Weird?

  37. Okay, what the hell kind of crazy did I just listen to?? Hats off to you, Carlwood, for making it through that interview. I truly don’t know how you did it!

  38. Donnie has a tremendous Ego. I would have been more inclined to believe the man if he didn’t make himself the center of it ALL. I mean it ALL. Strange bird, this one.

  39. Thing is, hilarious as Don’s delusional recollected anecdotes are (Trump’s baby pacifier/popsicle invention that he stole off Don etc) – I feel bad for all the legitimate, sane, intelligent guests that have been interviewed here prior to this narcissistic nutjob.
    One bad apple can spoil a barrel full of good – and I fear that, in this dumbed-down reductionist social-media controlled arena of discourse (which seems to decide what is real/valid and what is not nowadays) -that all the credible authors, academics, researchers and guests previous, will now get stained and tarred with Don’s own brand of ‘lunatic conspiracy delusion’ brush.
    I hope not. But in this climate of intellectual laziness, people are only too happy to make sweeping generalisations and dismissals based on associations.
    But I love THC and props to you for being a brilliant and kind interviewer!

  40. Greg, as always you do a great job. This was out there for sure, But digging into the kind of shit that we do , it is not surprising. Keep it up…C

  41. I dunno, He opens creating his character after Shahryar from Arabian Nights. I think he tells on himself as a fiction producer.

    Then again, world as myth, who knows.

  42. After so many great shows i just couldn’t keep listening to this one. it felt like reading a cheap tabloid.
    i guess that after one half of the show my BS meter started to explode. it’s about not being specific on many details and the time it takes to answer on questions, like for example when greg asked few times about songs he wrote for others. i can’t remember a straight answer for that…
    just by intuition i feel that this guy is delusional and has some serious mental issues. i actually feel sorry for him to actually believe that this all happened to him.

  43. Yea,
    When the guy kept saying that queen Elizabeth, “ain’t got nothing, she ain’t got nothing.
    He kept repeating that about the queen like she is a nobody or something, I didn’t what he was referring to when he kept doing that.
    As far as him making money off this deal, he told on himself when he said he is on disibiality. That tells the whole story right there. His ass is getting that mumfley government check, & his crazy ass, ain’t about to give up that gravey train to have to get out there and turn this bullshit into money to pay his bills every month.
    Hell, if he is on disability then he’s getting a check monthly for something like $3200.00, for disability, plus Food stamps,$6-800 a month. Meals on wheels, drops him 2-3 hot meals a day. Plus he’s probably living in section .8 housing which is paying his monthly rent. And I’m sure I’m missing 3-4 other monthly goodies the government is paying him for. Shit man, who’s gonna give that up. Not to mention, he’s probably getting all the boodie he wants if he his a fan club with 1000 people working for him for free.
    What gives his claims that nice pungent smell of fresh warm horse shit, is that if he’s been around all these people, & Vril as many times as he claims to have been hanging around these places, writing ALL the songs of this generations entire music catalog, he should be able to easily get all the physical evidence one could want to document what he is saying is true. But, yet, he seems to not have one thing to prove any of his claims. I mean shit man, which would you rather be living off of? The monthly royalty checks from writing the several hundred most popular songs ever, or disability ?
    Just saying….

  44. Great truth is stranger than fictions interview, I also enjoy the reactions of people recoiling from a potential reality that is to much for them even though they are part of it. Akin to people who eat beef but would be traumatized have to slaughter a live cow then gut, skin, slice the corpse.

  45. Greg, I very much appreciated this guest and topics covered. I look forward to and fully support these “wild card” podcasts. I feel deeply for the gentleman interviewed as I bet after all that he has been through, it is tough maneuvering through life deciphering what is real and not. I also completely agree with him: “they” are letting him talk to keep up their side of the bargain of “disclosure.” Greg, please continue taking us to the fringes….it’s likely where the truth lies. Nancy Lester

  46. wow this guy is responsible for every decent song thats been made in the last twenty years and forget george foreman it was don that made the grill. hes even a movie maker is there anything he hasnt done..why does he go hmm errr when asked about the songs hes made. i have a very open mind when it comes to this sort of stuff but this guy is full of shit end of..not up to youre usual high standards greg. please dont have this man on again.

  47. I agree with Gregg and this was a fairly difficult episode to get through at first.

    I don’t know why but there is something about this whole thing, for reasons unknown to me, that seems to make sense… Which makes no sense to me.

    It’s really fucked up if any of it is real but with so many odd celebrity deaths who knows.

    Also to Donald’s potential credit think of this: I am pretty sure if any of this actually happened to anyone, they would seem and sound crazy, delusional, and insane. They would be dealing with some deep seeded emotional problems that typically leads to substance abuse as a result of traumatic experiences.

    So if any of this is true… This dude should sound crazy. He does sound crazy and that’s what I find most disturbing about this episode.

    Maybe this isn’t EXACTLY what is happening to this dude but we all know MK Ultra was a real project so who knows what’s going on?

  48. just watched the TV series “Channel Zero” episode 1
    it is horror based
    m21:23s a one eyed pirate on the tv told the children they were going to kill their clone
    so far the comment has no relevance so i usually take odd comment like that as messages
    in this case i think it bragging

  49. You know, I think this is one topic I am not going to form an opinion on. I believe that people are completely capable of the things he is relating. I am not a fan of the gawd-dammed Queen. I cannot determine whether he is telling the truth, … well, not without a little bit of effort and some time. So I sit on the fence and collect data like the information is a jigsaw puzzle. If there is more on this in the years to come, perhaps this particular puzzle piece will find a home, exactly placed where it fits.

    I only listened to half of it. Sorry, guys. Maybe a personality torn down and rebuilt lacks a certain level of authenticity. Who knows?!

  50. I feel it is hard for me to find a concrete way to research and understand this and countless others Ive run into on the net with similar stories. There are so many common threads and small contradictions that it keeps me in Sci-Fi mode. Probably my lifetime of programming talking there but Who,What,Where,When,Why.
    I really felt a strong chord with Donald as Im a very frequent vivid dreamer. Most of which seems spiratic and chopy/ hard to translate. Last night was a state of fear and confusion in all persons around me reporting back to me that a rapture or harvest is set to happen. Not to everyone but to most. Wait and see. Eliete were headed to bunkers while non elite clashed with them. My mother says shes been through this before and I asked how it feels. She said you feel nothing you don’t even know. I then begin to track down my wife and kids which in this and many many other scenarios like this, I dream, seem to be misplaced or in a place I do not know which is very odd for me. A search begins and weird places and things are encountered. Then I feel “its time” or “its happening” and with a slight jolt or shock awake from the dream and like mom said felt nothing.
    This leaves me very disoriented and depending on how vulgar or horrific the scene is I can carry the feelings as though it was real for the day or days. This stuff feels like what Donald is talking about. “Long Thinking” was an interesting concept as well. Though I feel I experience this so who am I? Details need many pass overs, paragraphs read multiple times, but in the “bigger picture” with time and thinking which I observe most do not reflect or seem to be aware of.
    And so the saga continues! Thank you so much for your patients with such interviews Greg. Many hardliners or ridged, as I describe it, people would have been more hostile in there approach not allowing for the content to bloom. Good work! I appreciate your work. I would like to hear an update from Donald from time to time!


  51. second time listening to this one, bs meter is off the charts. entertaining though. The part that made me laugh the most was the george foreman grill. like dude, really. This guy just comes across as a hyper delusional ego maniac with incredibly vivid lucid dreams.

  52. This is the ONLY episode of THC I was unable to make it through. Just had to shut it off 45mins in. Hats off to you Greg for dealing with this guy for over two hours…Interviewer Level: Professional. Donalds whole story feels like it is “not his story”. While some of it may be true, it did not feel like it was HIS experience, it was just a story. It was so hard to listen to that it wasnt even entertaining which is where he differs from Andrew Basiago. At least Basiago makes his story entertaining even if it comes off just as far fetched as Donald. Oh well…they can’t all be winners. Thanks Greg!

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