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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell | Election Fraud, Covert COVID Agendas & Nephilim Corpses

Show Notes

The great Oxford scholar, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell of returns to THC to talk about the election fraud, some strange threads that might lie behind the COVID agenda, an odd recent reveal about government interest in Nephilim corpses, & more.

PLUS Content

  • Covert produce delivery systems for vaccines.
  • Who’s plan is this really?
  • The spiritual hierarchy.
  • What happened to Tesla tech disclosures and Trumps MIT uncle?
  • Mining astroids to dig out of the national debt.
  • The importance of 2030 & the cabal’s timeline.
  • Updates on Antarctic strangeness, serpents, & mutated giant Octopi.
  • The 1952 White House UFO flyover.
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