Derrick Broze Quarentine Camps Great Reset Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Derrick Broze | The Election Circus, Quarantine Camps, & The Greater Reset

Show Notes


Derrick is the founder and CEO of The Conscious Resistance Network, a place to find many films, interviews, articles and more to stay informed with the machinations of the Predator Class and the news you aren’t getting from the Big Machine.

PLUS Content

  • Where the strictest controls on the planet are right now & what to watch for.
  • The importance of the years 2025 & 2030.
  • Derricks thoughts on what motivates the predator class.
  • UFOs, ether physics, Tesla technology & building back better for real.
  • The Vatican sex trail happening right now
  • Kratom.
  • The recent YouTube purge & some of the new alternatives.

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  1. Good one Greg and Derrick: realised while listening now, that I discovered THC while pod surfing and 'stumbled' (ugh, that overused word, but..) on Derrick's last interview on THC: so it was the mention of pallets of bricks at protest sites that literally woke me UP! Appreciated (in a perverse way) hearing reference to Victoria Australia where I am and can back all the scarey descriptions you gave and was relieved to hear about 'Dave' who is standing up &/or slipping under the surveilance radar. Thanks for all the vital info you bring to us,.

  2. Greg, 

    Another amazing show. The guests you have had over the years have truly changed my reality and im grateful for it. Ive been a huge Kratom supporter and user for around 7 years. It is a life changing plant and has helped me and others I've introduced it to in many ways.  Keep up the great work and helping with understanding this vast conspir-sea.

  3. Ticket master denying access to concerts etc unless you are vaxxed: well I think the muso's have to consider if they want to be complicit with the tyrannical agenda and maybe those companies need to be rejected by our switched on musicians and performers. we can play that game too, youre not coming to our gig if you ARE vaxxed!

  4. Thank you Greg; great show ; I really liked the option of becoming  self empower  and start learning practical things like basic agriculture 🧑‍🌾 or gardening ; this must not be easy; especially for someone who has never done it before; but like the guest you had on said ; this is something WE must do! 

  5. Thank you gents. 

    I get such LOLifcation from "woke Trumpness" and have lost so much respect for the massive amounts of folks in alternate media who are pro Q / Trump. Glad to see a discussion outside of Mainstream media which is fully de-polarized from both major political parties and the swampy insiders (or outsiders) they will always put forth as president.

    Refuse divide and conquer via full de-polarization in all areas. This is the way.

  6. Trump obviously will continue the socio economic consensus of billionaires and peasantry within the American military industrial complex hegemony. What fascinates about this is how they they are throwing EVERYTHING including the kitchen sink at the populace right now, when this stuff used to be subtle. It's like they hit a deadline and boom! Gotta do it now now now even though they are risking it all. Maybe Trump is just against the ropes fighting for his figurehead position and that's basically a distraction for 99.99% of people (and will 4 extra years make THAT much of a difference) but something in me roots for him when I see them turn their entire arsenal of media, social programming, international relations, and election fraud against the guy. When he's literally the only one not saying "blah blah blah… A great reset" or wearing a mask I get the sense at least he doesn't want to be a part of the outright destruction of this country. I get the sense the global assholes are shifting their chips from US hegemony which means they must destroy this country through division confusion and compliance. We have a great system of checks and balances within our governance so destroying that is a target in this new direction. The whole world is watching what happens in america, do we stand for historic fraud? Do we fight the biased media? Do we rip each other to shreds? It really is unfortunate that Australia has essentially become like an island test grounds of the western nations.

    In my opinion they have to maintain secrecy, centralized controls, and population dominance when humanity moves into being interplanetary.  I get the sense this is like a 100 year plan and the invasion of bodily privacy really is the final frontier (in the sense of the checkmate point for individual freedom and possibly sentience). This is just earlier steps in the process being "masked" as internet is dangerous, people are full of germs, paper money is dirty, international voices droning "great reset", vaccines and other biotech are mandatory, children need to be protected from bad parenting, etc…. So this whole talk on freedom cells was pretty awesome, can't really sit on the fence, gotta let people know because regardless those who are courageous and pioneering by definition are going to be called crazy and the rest will just be too late.

  7. More and more I see a division in this society much like Ira Levin's, "This Perfect Day".

    In a few generations, history will have been rewritten and the dissidents will exist no more in the minds of the 'enlightened'

  8. There is a series called Electric Dreams based on Phillip K Dicks short stories. Check out one called safe and sound, it explores the idea of separate communities living outside the technocratic cities. When you guys were discussing the freedom cells and the article by the world economic forum it made me think of this story. Great episode Greg!

  9. Just an observation to share.  The original conspiracy theorist talk show host of nighttime radio fame — Art Bell– had callers address an issue back in the early 1990's.  A large number of his callers were the night time truckers who would call in with unusual observations many of which went mainstream.  I recall a few of his "open lines" shows in which truckers had called in regarding camps they had observed under construction.  Besides the concern back then about the purpose of these camps, they indicated that: 1.  They were in remote areas of the country where there was not much traffic except for truckers observing unusual behaviour at night; 2.  The construction was similar to army bases with numerous buildings resembling living quarters; 3.  There were play-scapes constructed for children; and, 4. Most concerning, they were surrounded by large fences with barbed wire extending at the top of the fence and pointing inward from which one could conclude that they were constructed to prevent those who inhabit the camps from attempting to leave. 

    I have not heard anything more about these "newly" constructed camps (as opposed to the camps for containment of the Japanese during WWII) since his programs.  Nor have I heard any of these programs repeated in any of the archived shows.  I have a low tolerance for ignorance. The truckers who would call in were very well spoken, knowledgable and veracious.  I am curious if anyone else has seen or heard of such camps?  

  10. I don't have a strong opinion about the relationship between 5G and the "pandemic", but Derrick's reasoning for discounting it didnt make sense to me.


    Just moments after informing us about how unreliable the covid testing is, he used a diminishing of "cases" in the summer months as evidence against 5g being the culprit.


    So, just where is Derrick getting his info about the number of "cases" in the summer?

    How does he know that the number of cases dropped in the summer months?

    From the CDC numbers, based on the PCR tests?


    Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that you cant both discount test results and then use cases number stats to prove a separate point.

  11. So, after decades of planning this pandemic scenario, the Canadian government is advertising for random companies to bid on building detention centers?


    Does this seem plausible?

    What…they want the best deal possible, now, at the last minute, when this whole scenario hangs in the balance?


    I'd suggest that *if* mass detention centers are being planned and built, "Joe's Construction" down the road isnt winning the bid.

    I'm sure TPTB have their own operations all set up for that sort of thing, and an ad like that is entirely pointless.

    Then why does the ad exist???

    To me, the fact that an advertisement like that is presented for the public to discover (and the worry about), is just another scare tactic.


    Fear is the greatest weapon they have, and all these "clues" about our dystopian future being conveniently presented to us currently (like that ridiculous movie), are meant to frighten the hell out of us.

    1. I wonder the same; if, mostly, it's bluster and they don't have the tools/abilities/weapons/power/whatever they tell us they have. How would we know? All they have to do is control the narrative and the people will create the reality based on it. 

  12. I'm curious about just where, physically, these "free cities" would be located.

    I'm not aware of any physical space that isn't owned and controlled by TPTB.

    If the land upon which a free city occupies is subject to taxing and licensing, then you are "free" to live there, as long as you pay the appropriate fees…which means you arent really "free" at all.

    So these cities would be allowed to exist,  only if their existence suits the needs of the power structure, and those that control it.

  13. Thanks for yet another great show iPhone full of information.


    This is no comparison but I remember the old days of hearing Alex Jones on his little bitty shortwave broadcast shows. Seems as if he was always ready to Stir up the militia and go to war.


    Is there a general mode of thought about any sort of armed or forcible resistance to the overlords? I am not ready for an Alex Jones type war but am curious about whether or not anyone in the community is presenting anything close to a sane and lucid Program or argument in favour.


    Keep up the great work!

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