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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, we’ve talked about magic enough by now to know that despite today’s popular worldview that it’s all silliness and superstition- we occupy just a small sliver of time in which that is the case- and humanity actually has a long, rich history of experimentation, documentation, and dramatic results when it comes to the lost art of magic.

But we do seem to be stumbling out of the darkness once again, and the tide does seem to be turning, as the materialist worldview starts to crumble and more main-streamers start to admit there is something more to this “consciousness” thing than they thought.

And the savvy ones among us realize this admission is just the first crack in the dam, and it’s only a matter of time before pre-cognition, divination, the power of will, & communion with the spirit world all come seeping back into society from the proverbial Pandora’s box that I suspect, powerful people would rather remain closed.

Well folks, these are the topics offered up on the Higherside alter today, as we welcome Dr. Dean Radin to the party as the guest of honor.

Dean is the currently the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral Trans-personal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. But along the way he’s held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, and SRI International just to name a few.

For nearly 4 decades he’s been at the forefront of consciousness research and along the way He’s authored over 250 articles, and 3 popular books entitled The Conscious Universe, Entangled Minds, & Super-normal.

He’s been on dozen’s of popular shows including Oprah, Larry King, and now The Higherside Chats- which we call the true trifecta around here.

Coming in hot with the release of his latest book, boldly spelling it out for his colleagues in the title so there’s no mistake:

It’s called: Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe and I’m siked to talk to him about it.

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

-The way magic works in non-linear time and the data that supports that notion

-The science of sigils

-Developing and getting familiar with your deep mind

-Nuero-feedback devices to use as training wheels

-‘Big C’ consciousness vs ‘little c’ consciousness

-Psychic levitating robots

-Ceremonial magic and it’s relationship to potency

-The VooDoo doll lab test

-Merlin level magicians

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  1. wow! on the same day as the release of the book. very admirable of you greg.
    So happy about this episode. I’m 70 pages into real magic and I figured I’d see if there was a new podcast cause now its 3 am and I like to listen to them as a I fall asleep. what a great surprise that the newest episode would feature dean himself. Just makes me smile.

  2. Dean Radin is a parapsychology giant.

    The double-slit experiment where he had meditators try and collapse the wave function should put to bed any lingering questions about whether consciousness has non-local effects on material reality. But of course there are dozens of other experiments as well.

    After Dean did Skeptiko, I was inspired to write a three short blog posts:
    To sum them up:
    1) Materialism is the idea that all stuff is made of dead rocks, but materialists have forgotten that this is a metaphor and a useful analogy to study the patterned regular aspects of reality.

    2) “Pattern” is a better primitive notion than either “material” or “consciousness” because “pattern” by definition incorporates subjectivity and objectivity so the “hard problem” goes away.

    3) Magic either A) operates on entirely mechanistic principles in which case it can be studied with science and new math/physics can describe and predict its action, B) operates partially mechanistically and partially based on the action of capricious entities which (like humans) are too complex to predict individually, but in large groups might average out some patterns of behavior, or C) Magic appeals to the Abyss underlying all patterned regularity in reality… Structured sane reality “floats” on an Abyss of non-structure or insanity and Magic is the use of emotion or intention to hack the insanity underlying nature to create novel structures in the structured sane part of reality. Is that dangerous? Can hacking the insanity inherent in nature destabilize things or cause the insanity to spread? I don’t know, but that seems to be the warning we get.

      1. Another hilarious punk rock renaissance conspiracy rant by Mathis.

        Even if you may find Mathis a poor judge of cause and effect, a horrible philologist, a worse genealogist, a fair painter who thinks way too much of his work, a very virile and not at all insecure playboy, a mediocre art and culture critic, delusional in many entertaining ways, and most notably a shameless, but very creative jew-hater, you just can’t deny a little constructive Jan Irvin bashing. I actually think both of them belong together, but for some reason, I don’t feel like Mathis is a threat to anyone except people who want to be dismissed by everyone in the world. Irvin on the other hand is dangerous because he can bully and kettle somewhat curious, fairly intelligent people. Mathis only appeals to angry nerds with a Shakespeare Complex (believing the whole world to be truly, entirely staged.) Personally I prefer to think of Charles Manson as a real (and really fascinating) psychopath who was enabled by the FBI/LAPD to foment a race war and successfully duped the fascist with some real horror, but I take it on the word of Krasner, who – wouldn’t you guess it – is jewish. Oh well. You’ll have to think for yourself.

        For anyone too cheap to join, by the by, you should know that if you piss off Miles enough, he’ll do a really incredible genealogy for you – for free! And with all the jews he finds in your family past, you may qualify for WWII war reparations. Maybe you can even get a Rothschild inheritance. Not sure if anyone’s ever double checked any of his claims, but he sure is sure of them. Read for entertainment value only.

        1. Dunno Gyro, Miles is not just writing one liners and pretty much dials right in there with direct source research. Ad hominem doesn’t apply really. Miles is open book . Jan and side kick , not so much. Their info is occulted from view on etc. That seems kosher to you? Pun intended . If it’s my discernment , I can’t spare the slack for them when sizing up the world . Don’t fit. Gots to thumbs up da Mathis. IMHO. ☮️ Out.

          1. I read some of Mathis a while back and found it to be interesting/entertaining… then I came across his proof that Pi = 4 and I was like… okay this is all definitely bullshit, I’m not reading this guy anymore… then this video popped up in my YouTube feed: PBS Spacetime, “When Pi is not 3.14” … so okay maybe Mathis was doing some weird rectilinear distance proof just to be obtuse… he’s not really proving the Pi ratio to be wrong… anyway, I’ll read him to be entertained but will take Mathis with a pile of salt.

  3. I started listening a few months ago, from your appearance on tin foil hat and ive been a plus member for about a month now. I’m really glad i joined the inner circle before youtube started censoring you.

  4. The hell with Jewtube. Excellent Episode. If people have the internet on their phone why would they listen on youtube? and by the way,there is an imposter THC on there.

  5. Greg, I think that given your new found appreciation of Astrology, the intro song lyrics should be adjusted to accommodate this view.
    Rather than reading,”the planet’s puppet masters…” It should instead read, “The Planets, puppetmasters, almost surely have a plan…”

    Just a funny double meaning that I thought that you and Chris Knowles might enjoy 😉

  6. Hey Greg. You did an excellent job as host and interviewer. I can tell you put a lot of homework into this one. Of the Skeptiko, Rune Soup, and Higherside interviews with Dean, I think I liked your interview the best (not that it is a competition, and all 3 were excellent) because the sort of casual professionalism you bring to the table, as well as simply not being anchored in one area of thinking. Alex just sort of hammers it out with great questions, trying to get to the bottom of it all, to convince us consciousness isn’t dependent on the brain. Gordon brings forth an almost dreamy vibe that mixes brain, heart and magic and seems quite enthused Dean is on board the magic train. But you took on the interview like it was all so interesting, as if you were learning about it for the first time (and able to ask insightful questions). The enthusiasm worked. This was one of your best interviews and was the straw that broke the camels back that caused me to buy a copy of the book for myself and a copy for my family who think I am crazy. Kudos Greg.

  7. Great show!
    1:02:00 reminded me of a quote that a clairvoyant relative once pointed out to me: “Having clearly seen the end, I have willed the means to the realization of that end.”

    Powerful stuff! I’m a firm believer in the conspiratory effect that belief or manifestation has on the Future.

  8. Something is off about this guy. I can’t put my finger on it exactly. Maybe his positive spin about robots being our predecessors, or that we would destroy ourselves if we knew/understood too much about our reality. I mean, I DO get that obv. but he seems to enjoy the process of manipulation (of things) too much lol Idk maybe I’m reading too much into it.

    Either way, great freaking podcast, Greg. Thank you!

    1. Could it be the large Loxodonta in the room? Dean’s work with Ed Mitchell the astronut, or extensive work at spook U Stanford’s SRI and high level Theta scientolog (ISTs)ts he gigged with? Trust your gut when it comes to working out the Majic man…curious. Eh? He does do a lot in calling it clearly – Magic. Removing scientific gobbledygook, magic its what’s been for dinner a long long time. That alone is going a long way , not discounting where he’s been but having been there looking at esoteric , calling it real magic real , does a lot . No mo tabooooo! Magic. Straight up. Materialism take a seat until called. Later.

  9. Seriously, Eff You Tube. Found you on podcast anyway. Will gladly pay to support THC efforts in hopes to continue the great sharing of information of all things non-standard.

    Greg, You are an excellent well prepared host and it always shows in your interviews. I have purchased more than a few books from your guests and am always please with the quality of your investigations. Thank you for finding and sharing many fascinating avenues to pursue for further exploration!


  10. Testing

    I left a typical seriously long post and it appears gone now. Dude, Greg, is your site being manipulated, just my computer, or is Mercury still retrograde? Fuuuuuck. So annoying. Fucking fascists.


    1. THC+ is a closed group and nobody fucks with the comments. This week I do have a guy adding some features. (Like the more THC themed basic gravitar, the comment history buttons, etc….but that shouldn’t have anything to do with posts disappearing.

      If you’re talking about: “Another hilarious punk rock renaissance conspiracy rant by Mathis.” I see it up there.

      1. Thanks for the reply. It wasn’t the Mathis comment. I had posted a long reflection about Dr. Radin’s comment that “esoteric (hidden) knowledge is no longer hidden, since it can be found 2 clicks away.” It was mostly in agreement and not hostile in the least, fwiw, though it was hostile to the new memory hole that is the internet & youtube in particular. I had posted it once, but then went into the editor to make small grammatical changes during my 15 minute countdown window. I had ‘saved’ once already and had gone back in to edit a second time. Is it possible that while the editor was open, the countdown clock came to an end and without re-saving it, the whole thing was lost?

        Maybe your guy working on it is able to find it somehow in the archive logs or wherever these things are stored while the countdown clock is running?

  11. This was a fascinating interview and y’all really had me going, until ‘robot friends’ and ‘climate change’! 🙂 Still, I heard the interview with Alex recently as well and I just love to hear multiple interviews in a short window b/c it shows me how much each interaction is unique, and I think that’s a kind of magick! I am compelled to buy the book, but I said that already on Skeptiko forum. So, here’s what I’ll add as my own current flavor of skepticism–that ‘belief’ is required necessarily, I tend to think from experience this is not true, though I look forward to reading the evidence. It seems to me the magic can penetrate even the densest or most enlightened among us at what still appears to most, even near the best, as random. That makes us vulnerable, unfortunately, grasping at ephemeral patterns on one hand and missing the obvious on the other. Swinging between hopeful and harnessed. Our friends the robots who will save us? The technology that will halt “climate change” (that is geoengineering, more science/tech to solve the problems created by science/tech)? Call me a goat, I guess. But still somehow an optimist, which means at this late stage to me when it comes to our modern paradigm of science to the rescue, at least I will go down loudly!

  12. And I almost forgot the best part! When “conspiracy” means, it all comes to one man, or one cabal, ruling it all. That’s what conspiracy means. No matter how smart these science folk are, they always tip their hand there, they show their biggest weakness. And I mark it, as do so many others, but some of those others, no matter what rose-colored glasses you’re wearing, they don’t have such altruistic tendency as the men in the white coats want to believe.

  13. No way with this dude ! Talking about maybe we are to close to our ape ancestors to bridge the gap to the next realm so we’ll need to plug into computers , then saying no one group of people run this place while throwing in if he was a billionaire he’d first fix man made climate change because without that everyone’s gonna die ! Sorry this guys a little waaaaaay to pro agenda for me. I believe Crow777 would say a flower and a rooster sir . You killed the interview as always though brotha thanks for all you do !!!!!!

  14. G-Car, have you observed “The Rice Test”. Make equal parts rice and seal inside mason jar. Be kind to one and speak pleasant, while the other hurl insults and such. Write positive/negative messages onto them. Over time observe. Easy test anyone who can boil water can attempt. Happy 4/20

  15. Carlwood this is the best of the bevy of DDR’s latest book interviews so far ( No disrespect to Gordon, Alex et. al.)
    That’s why I spend my last penny supporting THC!
    For those of you out there that would like to try some technology aided meditation,
    and are impecunious like me try hemi-syncing with Binaural beats during your favorite mediation.
    There’s pre made tracks available or freeware to roll your own like Gnaural:
    What your looking for is “gamma hemispheric synchronization.”
    Bon chance mon ami!

  16. Just had a chance to get on and listen to some episodes and to my surprise I am currently listening to the audiobook. I love synchronistic moments like this. I’m glad he thought about who to use when picking a voice artist. The guy reminds me of Unsolved Mysteries. It’s great. Good show. Wish the scientific community was more open to these subjects so he could have opened up more about his experiences. It seemed as though he was holding back a bit.

  17. Muse- it’s about $200 bucks get at bust buy , if you must. Maybe quiz the sales guys at muse what they do with your brain wave data first. Just saying. GregC inquired and they said ‘nut’n honey’ trust us we’re a tech company marching toward singularity. What could or would we possibly do with that brain wave data tied to our APPand your location? So trust, you got that going for you. Sweet dreams dearie , enjoy your spaghetti deary…. muahhh ha ha ha. ????☮️

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