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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

How’s it going Higherside Chatters? How we feeling? I have to ask because it’s hard to beat back the oily appendages of the nefarious few with a cloudy mind, a stuffy nose, and all the fun stuff that comes with living in the poison environment the capstone cabal has worked so hard to make for us.

Glysophate soaked produce, chemtrail filed skies, hormone injected meat, fluoride tainted water, and “petro-chemicles as medicine.”….it would hard to do a better job at the covert contamination of the entire system, while most people aren’t aware it’s going on at all. How convenient.

But luckily we know better people, and there are many tips and tricks to shoring up your suit of armor we know as the “gut microbiome”

It’s hard to say if medical science just missed it, or if like so many other times, we’ve been given an incorrect assessment to keep us from the truth- but over just the last few years, information about the importance of the gut to our health and immune systems has really permeated independent health communities.

And one of these champions of the New Health Movement is my main man John Brisson.

John runs the website and wrote the book: Fix Your Gut…..and when he was hear just about a month ago: He opened up about the medical tragedies in his own life that fueled him to learn anything and everything about true health and repairing the damage the system has done…and went deep into some political think tanks, publishers, and unsavory conspiratorial connections in the more private, Plus show.

Today we’re going to expand on both of those topics- because we left more than enough meat on the bones….and judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback I got from our last show- I’m sure we’re all siked to have him back.

Take a listen to the stuff you’ve been missing, the Gut Guru himself, the Great John Brisson.

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If you are going to bread try to eat sprouted bread. Avoid most dairy. You can consume grass fed butter (organic valley makes a good one in a green label), ghee, goats milk, grass fed A2 vat pasteurized non homogenized cows milk, or camels milk.

Vitamin C – 2,000 – 4,000 mg in the morning with breakfast.

Magnesium malate – – two with breakfast.

Ultimate omega –– two with breakfast and two with dinner.

Quercetin – – one with breakfast, let me know if anxiety increases or depression develops.

Liposomial colostrum – – mix it in with the vitamin C, two tsp. daily/

Get some organic 100% cherry juice and mix the vitamin C in with it an colostrum and consume it with breakfast. In addition, try to find a good low sugar coconut kefir at whole foods.

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

Kik Messanger & Kin Coin

Child porn in the Bitcoin Blockchain

The Finders Cult & the possible Timothy Leary connection

The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children and it’s sketchy board members

Pokemon Go

Conspiracy Media Drama, Jeff Rense, Jim Fetzer, Jan Irvin and more.

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26 Responses

  1. Greg,

    Regarding deafness, I just listened to a show by renowned heretic Dr. Jennifer Daniels where she recommended to a caller, asking about deafness, pig and beef brain for this. Pig first, and if you can’t get it, beef brain. It makes sense to me, since organ meats have been recommended for repairing damaged tissues. Maybe you’d wanna give it a shot. She also mentioned deafness can be caused by vaccines.

    1. Interesting…but for sure on the vaccines. What caused it for me was Meningitis, which has been linked to a tainted vaccine in at least one mass case in Canada. I was 3, which is right in those oh so sweet vaccine givin years! I like to think it was a vaccine and it’s just part of my story as a conspiracy host to learn after the fact how the system may have affected me.

      1. Dude, if you were playing in the majors you would be batting 1000 , and no roids! If you were hitting at 3 out of 10 they would pay millions of dollars to wiff 7 out of 10 . Defiantly going to $lide some good form to Brisson. The take away being , your show and the research and topics are providing a tremendous service for next to nothing. I do not have to burn up bandwidth on them researching but can take and expand with it. Staying sharp , fresh, and adding to mix from my side of the street. Thanks for the quality ginge mon. Stay strong everybody . Wholeness, the pulse is getting stronger! Have a great week all.

  2. Man, your timing is pretty impeccable. Tonight,this episode became a way to educate my not-quite-as-aware hubby on REAL WAYS to help heal his i.b.s. I know,I know,I know…that’s T.M.I. but just had to give a shout out. 🙂 Cheers! <3, J.E.
    P.s. Ever notice how pigs & humans are way too similar. One word: eyelashes. Scary,yo!

    1. I do believe that humans do have some genetic similarities to pigs. Pigs are monogamous ( some humans are), have subcutaneous fats, get similar viral infections, pig organ transplants and tissue transplants being compatible, eyelashes, monogastric intestinal system, 7SL RNA, the list goes on and on….. Gordon White has talked about it before on the show. Humans share similarities with bonobos, pigs, and guinea pigs.

  3. Thanks Greg for another great episode. Just wanted to throw out a request for some more shows regarding archaeology – the concept of cultural layers and hidden past cultures, and maybe a revisit of the Annunaki or theories of Sithcin?

  4. another mind blower! one minute we’re talking about talking about which vegetables are best for the gut micro biome… then it’s the darkest of the dark topics, where we are reminded to trust no agency, especially those that claim to be fighting the good fight yet do it in tandem with all the most established of the establishment… just thinking of all those kids out there… makes me sad. but the truth is still more valuable than anything, even if it saddens you…

  5. John is knowledgeable like a holistic doctor and more! I wonder if he’s willing to have online appointments to “visit” with interested people. I don’t have a primary physician but I wish that was John.

  6. This is great. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2014. After the last episode with John Brisson, I started a magnesium and vitamin c regimen. So far so good. One question/concern I have is how do low income individuals and families access this? There are foods and supplements available to those who can afford them. I’m a food shelf manager, and have a background in nutrition. I have helped low income people with food allergies and chronic disease management, but would love to provide information about this that is accessible to them as well. Any recommendations?

    With gratitude,

    1. People with nothing can improve their health for free:, Just these two things alone would make a difference for many.
      For gut health something that can be done is just avoid refined products that have added iron (like enriched wheat or rice). Magnesium is very cheap, you can get bulk magnesium glycinate for $19 and fill your own capsules ($8), which would last them for 227 days with a serving of 400 mg daily. Vitamin C naturally can be obtained from juicing a few oranges daily. Oranges are fairly cheap.

      For you Sara,

  7. So glad to see you got him back on! Love this guy! I actually went to sleep last night thinking about how I need his book… how’s that for synchronicity?

  8. Don’t care what this dude says, ever since I started drinking PH water and alkalyzing in general (all I drink is PH water) and it’s made a major difference in how I feel. Edgar Cayce said alkalyzing was crucial and he was getting his information from a higher source. I’ll take his word, and my own personal experience on the matter.

  9. Have always been highly suspect that the food I was eating was in part increasing the development of my own autoimmune disease…and yet my rheumatologist responded when I asked if I need to change my diet in any way was, “Vegans get cancer too.” They say they have no idea what creates these conditions in the body then provide a BS response to a general health maintenance question. I was flabbergasted. IMO I have lost faith in medical doctors to treat chronic health conditions. Sadly, one is left to conduct trial and error on one’s own. Will check out the book recommendation! Thanks!

  10. Loved the show and I was wondering, from both of you, your opinions on the product Restore: for your gut? Also Greg ever try black seed oil for the hair thing? look into it.

  11. Hi, I’m considering trying the allergy regiment. Could you please post links for the vitamin C and cherry juice. I’m not sure which is the correct type for the allergy regiment. Thanks.

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