Dr Andrew Wakefield Vaccine Act Interview On The Higherside Chats Podcast

Dr. Andrew Wakefield | The Act, The Jab, & The Fallout From Both

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Today we’re joined by the most well known name in vaccine safety, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, for a conversation about his latest film 1986: The Act & the ongoing campaign to vaccine  the entire world for COVID-19.

Check out his trilogy of truth-telling documentaries at


PLUS Content

  • The differences between vaccine immunity vs natural immunity.
  • Swine Flu 1976: The Pandemic that wasn’t.
  • Are all COVID vaccines equally risky?
  • Could a pathogen emerge that’s so dangerous that Dr. Wakefield would consider a vaccination?
  • What should parents in places with really restrictive vaccination laws do?
  • What Dr. Wakefield has seen in his experience with many unvaccinated children.
  • Do parents need to make any adjustments for the care of unvaccinated kids.

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  1. Real mixed feelings today: I'm happy to have gotten this interview. I wish the recording environment was better. I apologize for it being short. I'm worried I'm burning personal bridges with the posting of the artwork across social media alone. It's not out of character for me to cover something like this, but people in my life care more than they did at any previous time they might have seen me do this kind of thing. Maybe the wrap up is a bit dramatic and I should have cut it. 

    It is what it is. Love you guys and thanks for all the support.

    1. THC is in the big leagues now with the inclusion of  Dr. Andrew Wakefield as a guest.   Logistical issues aside, you provided another great – and greatly needed – show.  As a long term subscriber, this is a long overdue thanks for all the work you put into the show to bring a widely diverse topics for our consideration. I appreciate your even handed questions, without too much personal commentary.  Your modest subscriber fee is  well-worth the value of the information you bring to your audience. 

    2. Greg, 

      This was a great show – I wouldnt have noticed any sound issues if you hadn’t pointed it out. What a A+ guest and valuable hour and a half. Loved it. 
      About the end- it says a lot that someone is still listening to all the free portions of your show and then takes the time to write a comment to complain about $8 Don’t stress about people who would STILL complain if it was $5 or even $3. You’ve given out coupon codes on when you appear on other shows – use the coupon code! I mean sheesh! You’re doing the lords work, give yourself a pat on the back. Everyone knows this is the best place to get a good mix of the fringe topics and you are the best interviewer in the entire conspira-sea. Don’t sell yourself short because a few people are cheap and entitled. 

    3. Don't overthink it Greg! For every loudmouthed, ignorant motherfucker there's at least 2 quiet and happy motherfuckers. And thanks for not doing ads. Most I ever skip on thc is the music lol. Keep doing what you're doing!

    4. you do great work gregg.  dont doubt yourself.  your interview with dean henderson was one of his best.  now you have done the wakefield and the clive and you are ready for the dr jennifer daniels inerview.  check out some of her other interviews.  the first one I saw was her interview with clive on UK column.  its still on youtube.

      about dr wakefield, he is a bit naive when he states the the batches of vaccine were tainted accidentally or it is just about money.  there is a point where we can see the intentions of the nefarious few, as you say.  I admired your restraint in not commenting on his naivete.  you did a great job, the vaccine industry's pinto letter says it all.

      thank you

    5. It was excellent coverage.  I don't fund many independent journalists.  You are among three which includes the Highwire.  You are a beautiful mix of entertainment and extremely important and interesting topics.  The interview was clear and well done here.  Love to you and Dr. Wakefield for this and your entire body of work.  



    6. I am fed up with being called a "conspiracy theorist" or "vaccine denier" by people who can not even define what the term means when pushed, so I have taken to calling them "conspiracy deniers". Particularly when they feel its important enough of a job for them to publish the following which was the top result in google… Sound fine btw The Carlwood. 

      1. Have now listened to it and what a great interview and if anything the sound of the boat was a nice bonus 🙂 And how refreshing to hear a pro who is open to both terrain and germ theory playing a part in our well-being. Regarding getting the vaccine I just tell people I never install .1 updates on my phone and usually wait for .2 or .3 for them to iron out any potential issues… Here since 2019 btw, despite the occasionaly flat bashing. Would love it if you did a show about crypto, although from which angle I wouldn´t know. Why not open to paying with $ARRR? Easy to set up they say. Finally, hadn´t heard about the Pinto memo, but great example to show these conspiracy deniers. Ps… just a thought… as the free listeners have to listen to the extra intro, can us paying subscribers not have to listen to the extra outro on this… Already here and planning on staying. Happy to support and tbh the only podcast I return to on a weekly basis. You are not replacable Greg. One of a kind. Lev vel and keep on keeping on! 

  2. You are the wayshower for your family and friends and many podcast listeners brother Greg. 
    Many  of us are in the same boat as you in regards to family getting vaccinated even when you have explained in detail the pros and cons of it all. None of us want to be the ones who state I told you so … especially if those we love and care about end up injured or worse. But sadly it will be the way it is.

    All we can truly do Greg is preserve the health of ourselves and our closest loved ones who get it..


  3. I think you and your sound editor did a great job. I wouldn't stress too much about time on this one either, they can't all be three-hour bangers. Hell, a lot of podcasts regularly have a third of the time taken up with ads, plugs and unrelated banter between cohosts so I don't worry about cutting some carbs out of an interview and coming short of a two-hour show. 

    I grew up near Greg's hometown, had a Catholic upbringing I didn't really enjoy, worked retail and moved to the west coast to at least be a wage slave in so-called paradise, so I totally get where he's coming from most of the time and appreciate his insights. IMO Greg is as honest and upfront as a host can be about practically everything. He shouldn't feel the need to keep apologizing for things out of his control or keep explaining his actions to the small minority of smooth brains out there. If anything, the close-minded audience members are my biggest criticism of THC, so he should focus more on the things that are positive about the show and the growing alternative community.

  4. Bravo Greg. I’m one of those 3% who converted because some of your interviews were so valuable that I couldn’t help but support especially in the light hearted earlier days of big p h a r m a censorship pre c o v I d. This was a great interview and normally if I’m honest I don’t stick around for the post interview breakdowns but this time I did and just this rant alone was with my $8 because if one person can hear it who needs that punch of truth then mission accomplished. Keep up the great work.

  5. Long time subscriber. There will always be haters. I stopped for a short while when I found the guests during that stretch rather poor, but came back shortly thereafter and have continued since. No one's holding a gun to their heads to subscribe. Huge fan Greg and keep doing what you're doing.

    Now related to this episode…I'm familiar with some of the content in the movie The Act and of course arguments from multiple sides of the vaccine topic. However I'm not as familiar with what exactly happened with Andrew's retracted study on vaccines. I'm fully aware of how big corp unleashes character assassinations on individuals who challenge them, but does anyone have more details on exactly whether the accusations that Andrew commited "fraud" with his study were fully proven or has Andrew ever given his side of the story?

    1. Alf, 

      "CALLOUS DISREGARD – Autism and Vaccines-The Truth Behind a Tragedy" is the book he's written to give his side of the story. 

      A great read. 


    2. Right on, as for Andy's background I wanted to skip that just because it has been talked to death in previous interviews. If you watched Vaxxed, they go over every detail of how it went down. The retraction came from another person on the paper getting cold feet due to pressure, not that the science was wrong if I recall correctly. 

    3. Andrew's study was not about vaccines at all and he was never accused of "fraud". They nailed him on a trumped up technicality of which he was later absolved of. It was a complete  witch hunt made to make an example of hin to other doctors that this is what awaits them if the DARE to ask questions about any vaccines. 

  6. Awesome show Greg! It's always a pleasure to listen to Dr Wakefield and you asked all the right questions. This is the sort of thing I signed up for Plus and much prefer it to the more speculative conspiracy stuff. Magic and Leprechauns are fine by me too!

    I left a voicemail about my take on the psychology beneath vaccine madness a couple of days ago, so this show was an interesting synchronicity.

  7. Awesome show and excellent rant! I would subscribe at $80 per month. You’re mistaken that someone could do this better than you do. Keep doing what you do and never, never give up in the face of adversity.

  8. Hey Greg! I'm about to give it a listen. Guess I missed the drop last night, oops. 

    Maybe y'all discuss it in this episode, but have you done any extra digging on the SPARs document that was recently uncovered? Jay Dyer did an emergency podcast episode on it and Charlie Robinson covered it as well. I've found it really interesting and it almost terrifies me for the people who got the cocid vaccine.

    That's the link to the official doc above. It was uncovered by Jay Dyer and Alex Jones crew. I've been waiting for someone else to cover the subject. 

    Anyways, have an awesome day, im about to give this a listen. 

  9. Excellent episode Greg … for the record, don’t leave the vaccine question influence your decision on having kids or not … it’s the best thing you’ll ever do … My eldest was vaccinated and my youngest not .. the eldest has dyspraxia, adhd and it’s obvious his guts/ stomach are badly affected ( allergies etc) , the youngest is four and is strong as a horse … no issues . Feed them well and stay outa the doctors office and you can’t go far wrong 

  10. Great episode!  For some further clarification on my initial post, SPARs is a pandemic scenario that John Hopkins did a study on that's based in 2025-2028 and has happened to follow the exact time-line our covid scenario on. They talk about what types of hash tags will be needed to market this "fictional" virus and what it will take to get the population to get vaccinated. I strongly urge people to check out that document in the original post and maybe even Charlie Robinson and Jay Dyer's podcast on it. 

  11. Love you Greg! Don’t listen to the whiners complaining about $8/month. Let them keeps stuff their faces with McDonald’s you don’t want them in your audience anyway!

  12. Hi Greg, I have let many podcasts go, but never yours.  You are the best and I am very picky.  This was a GREAT show.  As usual, great job and many thanks for the work you do! Namaste, 

  13. Dr. Wakefield may very well be completely innocent of all the allegations of misconduct, dishonesty and conflicts of interest. He may have been completely setup by the big pharma machine, officials, researchers, participants paid off or pressured to discredit him. We all know big pharma has been and will continue to do much worse (than just ruin a person’s professional reputation.) But the fact still remains, his credibility as a research scientist has been completely shot. So if you are trying to convince a person who is generally trusting of the government to take a second look at vaccines, this guy is one of the worst arguments you could make. They look into Dr. Wakefield’s background and all the misconduct charges, you will lose that person forever.

    Not saying Dr. Wakefield is a big pharma stooge, but I wouldn’t put it past big pharma to fund and prop up a discredited anti-vax research scientist to become the “face” of the movement and thereby discredit the movement itself. It’s much easier and cheaper to discredit the messenger than it is the message itself. Putting someone like Dr. Wakefield with his professional reputation front and center in anti-vax community would certainly serve that purpose.

    1. "…his credibility as a research scientist has been completely shot."

      Complete bullshit statement. I urge everyone to ignore this comment and look into more of Wakefield's work. 

    2. Can’t argue with your message, Cuspider.
      But there’s the SMALL percentage of medical professionals who know that those smear-campaign, Google-searches just prompt me to look harder into something.

      Unfortunately, though you’re right, 97% of the population is dumbed-down and can’t see past the negative google-goggles.

  14. Greg and THC team, thank you so much for another great one. I myself stand strong (for as long as I can) but my family on the other side of the world (I am in Sydney, Oz and my family in Limburg, Europe) has been so strongly indoctrinated by a system that did look after them for decades, yet is collapsing around us. There is nothing we can do but send them our high vibrations of love and joy while their fear and concern  stands as a daily guard ready to pounce. I tried discussing and arguing which caused more frustration, mum is in her 84th and my brother in his 61st, both had the jabs and are ‘okay’ for now but it’s in their system. Now I can not even visit them anymore with the Australian restrictions really making it unaffordable for the average person (AUD$25,000+ for a return flight. We do what we can, and thanks guys for being a constant beacon of light in an ever darkening world 

  15. Keep up the great work mate!! I am more than happy to pay my Aussie converted monthly fee!  You should franchise your show –  I see myself heading your HigherSideChats Down Under:):)

    even have my own website due for release in a week or so 👍

  16. Thank you Greg for this and every show… brilliant as always, a must listen in my book. THC is by far my favourite subscription and I’m never giving it up- worth every cent. Wakefield is an absolute legend!

  17. They can’t all be Nephilim Crown, Hadibov Spider, crowd pleasers!  Was this one produced by John C. Dvorak?  Buzzkill?  Jokes, just jokes….

    Great show, as usual, forwarded this one to my mom, she needed a pep talk, thanks G

  18. Great interview! Greg I’m sorry about your martyr complex that you aired again at the end. I want to assure you that it is possible to build yourself up to the point where comments from some random jerk don’t elicit a tailspin of self doubt. “Do you want me to wash your feet?!” like… whoa, dude.

    99% of people love you and your show, why waste so much energy on the 1% that don’t? You’re energetically dragging yourself down by focusing on the negative stuff. The real way to say F You to the haters is to ignore them in favor of the good stuff. 

  19. The Federal Government can force vaccines on all citizens, something which has been conveniently overlooked/unknown by American citizens.   The case of Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927) is still good law. This case questioned the legality of forced sterilisation of the mentally impaired.  Our beloved justice and renowned legal scholar, Oliver Wendall Holmes, wrote the majority opinion (8-1).  He upheld the sterilisation stating that:  "Three generations of' imbeciles is enough." Citing common law decisions which upheld the ability of the Federal Government to force all Americans to be vaccinated against small pox for the common good;  the court held that sterilisation was also for the common good of the country.  The last sterilisation was performed in 1981! Thirty percent of the states have enacted laws prohibiting sterilisation. It is still legal in the remaining states.  Ergo–forced vaccination is still VERY legal in the U.S. If the states can sterilise a person, it has full power to force vaccinations, particularly in the event of a pandemic!  There has been no case addressing either power to date.

  20. Congratulations 🎊 Greg it was a fantastic interview full of information so important for our current situation. I have admired Doctor A. Wakefield’s work ever since it became popular in the independent community and it was such a good surprise for me to hear 👂 him in your show! 
    Keep up the good work Greg; I have been a happy member since 2016 and I have NO intention to exit this  Road! 
     Gracias bendiciones!  🙂 🌹

  21. About people holding small content creators to higher standards, I think a lot of it is simply that you are accessible. They can send you an angry e-mail, they can leave nasty comments and know you will see them, and maybe even respond to them. They probably have just as many problems with Netflix and HBO and everyone else, but feel they are not accessible. No one in any position of control will ever hear them or see their complaints, and we usually don't even know who those people are, so they think why bother? People are opportunists at heart. If it's easy, they'll do it, if it's not, they won't. That may be all there is to it!

    I know it's impossible not to take criticism personally, but perhaps in this case, some perspective. You are a human being doing a thing you love, whereas in giant corporations, or even more corporatized and far-reaching podcasts, there doesn't seem to be any actual humans with souls at the heart of those things. The fact that you get any criticism, just means you are doing good work and being seen!

    Keep on trucking, you have brought so much value and comfort to my life over the last few years, and I am happy to pay for this service!

  22. Greg, that was an awesome amazing show . You asked the questions I was thinking. Never mind the audio it was not distracting at all. I have to listen to the show again it was so timely and valuable.

  23. I probably couldn't have even been able to tell Wakefield was on a boat/the ocean, other than it was kind of obvious he was on a cell phone and not a landline.  Still, good job editing, I guess, if there were audio issues.  I was walking the dog along Marine Stadium in Long Beach listening to the show, and there were motorboats and water skiers going by, so it all probably would have blended into the background atmosphere for me.

    I kind of like torrenting and getting my content for free, but maybe I will purchase some iteration of the offerings from 7th Charka Films for The Act.  After coming to re: 9/11 truth (et al) earlier last decade, it was open season on Hollywood and Big Media insofar as bypassing any claims they had to my financial compensation when low-risk, alternative acquisition means existed.  I'd spent a small fortune in the aughts purchasing CD's and supporting music artists, or the music industry, so I felt entitled to help myself to that product as well.

    $8 a month isn't much (for me) for THC, though.  I just can't do the real THC anymore, or I'd probably fall of the wagon with other addictions (and weed is expensive…a lot more than $8 a month!).  

    I'd like to hear a guest say he/she didn't really care for the introduction, followed by a semi-long awkward pause.  Of course, everyone like's Greg's intros and it would a good, uncomfortable joke for a few seconds. 

  24. Awesome episode! Thank you so much for what you do, both of you! This is the kind of shit that should be on the news! Keep fighting the good fight💜

  25. Love you Greg. Have been a loyal listener since the beginning and would continue to support the show even if it was 20$. 

    I'm really sorry you have to deal with such critical nimrods. There are a lot of angry, soulless npcs out there, let them in one ear and out the other. Also you are hardly a crazy person, in fact you're one of the only sane voices/constants in my life. 

    We would be hard pressed to find someone as consistent, hard working and genuine as you.  

    I enjoy all the content and honestly think you do extremely well navigating the current tide trends and keeping the content varied and balanced. 

  26. The scary thing for me is being AD mil and know that they might make this thing mandatory. But with the “back to normal” being like in July maybe things just go away to the next fear porn the MSM wants to throw at us….btw Greg after your rant the other day I reupped my subscription lol thanks for getting my head back on straight…..

  27. Another great interview.  Thank you , thank you for having him on.  The sound quality was not bad at all.  I’m someone who survived a vaccine. I was pregnant with my son and had a Rhogam shot and develope Guilliane-Barre syndrome. On life support for 2 weeks and had to learn to walk, talk and basically move my body all over again. Amazingly, my son surrived too. Never getting a shot again. They are NOT safe.

  28. I dont normally comment on the forums but i really appreciated this episode for all that it was. First to say hats off to "The audio guy" or team. They did an amazing job cleaning up the audio and as a person who does get bothered by recording qualities i had no issue listening to this. Iv been on the Florida coasts and that breeze on the water never stops. Secondly to the guest, great interview on his part especially considering he had bad info on what he was getting into, hes clearly well versed on the subject. And Third to Mr.Carlwood who filled in a nice 20~ minutes of rant that i always enjoy.

  29. I don’t even pretend to sit on the fence with regard to this ‘Injection’. Narrative just goes round and round… and I’m sick of that crap. I just say, “No means fucking no”… thus, bringing it into the realm of ‘will’… not narrative. ‘They’ either respect it – or not. The body is the ‘last’ temple of refuge in this realm, and I draw the fucking line.

    To back it up, I just became a fire arm owner this year… built it and tweaked it myself… and a tactical crossbow to boot. Now I practice living out of a bugout bag (the cupboards and dressers in the house are less used now). I am fully prepared to take this forced-poison issue to combat… and to the death… lose the house and whatever. And I will not file taxes… ever again (come and get me). I will not take that shit into my body… and I will not be taken alive (thus the body armor and weaponry… keep it lethal, so that they have to make it lethal).

    If enough of us took that approach, ‘they’ would have to back off… or nuke us (which is also fine by me)…. we’d probably be a little less like little dependent children sucking on the tit of Empire. (Although, you might some lose a few of those $8 subscriptions 🙂

    Oddly, where I live in the NW US… I don’t have to take it that far in my day-to-day. I don’t wear a mask – for enything or anyone… not even my go-along-to-get-along significant other. I work from home and have not been confronted yet on the vax – still get out and bike and hike… etc. But I’m not letting my guard down… ever. I’m always armed with something because I can see what is on the horizon… and I’m getting used to that. It’s not fear… it’s just a matter realizing what you really fucking want and not bearing the burden of unnecessary desires…. and an understanding that I’m really just passing through anyway. This is not home.

  30. Been with HSC since 2016 and I would pay whatever you charge. Do not let a few butthurt party poopers take away from the tremendous work you do. It is obvious that you are not a surface dweller- you research, actually read books, navigate websites that look like they are from 1999 to extract information from all over the web just to bring it to us. You are an excellent interviewer- many times the guest seems pleasantly caught off guard by the depth and consideration in your questioning- this is a talent that you've been honing since the start. Your thought out intros, broad subject matter, conspiracy songs.. you put together a solid program. & so thank you. Your show has been pivotal in my own self-development and I'm not sure I would have come across half of the concepts your guests have brought to the table without ya. Whenever someone asks me about what I listen to or where to go for conspiracy content, I send them your way because- you are simply the best. 

  31. I signed up just a couple of days after the subscription fee went to $8. I knew it was going to go up, but procrastinated anyway. I could have whined about having to pay an extra $3 when I could have had your content for $5, but the fact is I paid that $8 willingly, and have continued to pay it because I like what you're doing and think it's worth it. 

    Sometimes there's a spell where a few guests in a row don't really excite me, but I know that if I stick around you'll turn me on to somebody who does. I support the show because I want to ensure its continued existence–whether I like individual episodes or not, it fills a valuable and much-needed niche, and I really do enjoy the majority of episodes. 

    There will always be whiners. There will always be jerks trying to pull your chain and get a reaction. They're not worth your time, attention, or annoyance. Think about how pathetic someone has to be to even bother doing that–are they worthy of a response? I don't think so. 

    Thanks for all you do; there are plenty of us who do appreciate it!

  32. Great show, I enjoyed the rant the most, it needed to be said and well said it was.

    Back at you with, keep doin' what you do and take care out there.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  33. I've been a subscriber for a few years now, a silent subscriber. I don't do all the other bits. I value your show over most other podcasters, along with another one here in the UK. I value THC because Greg gets the most out of his guests with probing questions, allowing them to answer. You have an amazing variety of guests that floats most folk's boats. All in all a real joy to listen to. Great stuff Greg and I will always continue to support the show. From James here in the North of England.

  34. Greg,

    I have never left a  comment, but you are so clearly dedicated, articulate and very talented at what you do! This is why all the + subscribers are HAPPY to pay $8 for what you produce. You have a natural intelligence and your careful questions, clean production and great sense of humor is what makes this podcast very special and very different from most podcasts with similar topics. It is high quality product!

    I wish you the best, and please keep doing what you do so well. Let the fools who begrudge a small amount of money begrudge. Don't even acknowledge them. You just continue to bring us the fantastic new ideas, fabulous theories, bonkers eccentrics and under the radar medical information they we absolutely cannot live without.


  35. Greg, I am a three percenter and you are my go-to podcast guy. Thank you for your bravery, and for being there. I love the magic, and the leprechaun s***, but the current situation that we find ourselves in is what I go to you for and I jump for joy when I see that it's going to be a heavy one. Your closing remarks were much needed and I was happy to hear it, and yeah. You're the best. Go ahead and raise your subscription fee you are a thousand percent worth it

  36. You know what would be interesting? If you did a show on research chemicals like SARMS and Peptides (TB 500 and BPC-157) Particularly on Peptides because they are "off market" "Off Label" and being used and/or prescribed as supplements to further healing and restoration on multiple levels and factors… including cellular, muscular/skeletal, gut, prostate, etc! 


  37. Content over format. If the truth has to take to the High Seas and broadcast from International Waters, so be it.        

    Would it be possible to get the web player to allow listening at higher speeds up to 2x ? Sometimes some of us need to mainline the truth as fast as possible.  

    Good stuff and thanks again

  38. It's no coincidence that the elites grabbed power in all the nicest real estate like California. They went for boardwalk and park place first.    

    If one believes voting matters or make a difference, one does not understand the state of affairs of the united states at present.

  39. Loved the rant at the end, I have listened since the beginning and started plus as soon as you started it and I totally agree that people act like you owe them the episodes. Big business no matter the field have been screwen people for years but they still support them but wont supporter small people its crazy. 

  40. Great show Greg!  I love the fringe material, but this kind of show at this specific time in history will send ripples of truth across our society that have positive change for your future children.  Thanks for all you do!

  41. Greg – Maybe the issue w/ "8" is in part psychological.  

    8 is fullness, completion; Turn it on it's side, it's infinite.    

    5 is odd, and people know it doesn't buy you much. Maybe something like $7.77 ? 

    It's odd, sounds less than 8, and has a subtle reminder on the topics discussed.

    (Wasn't their an episode on numerology and pricing psychology?)

  42. Fantastic! I just LOVE when you cover the serious, and seriously relevant, issues.  I was not anti-Vax myself until meeting homeschoolers in TX where we moved 10 years ago.  I got vaccines all my life, including ‘extras’ for work/travel and never equated my chronic allergies with that as a potential until I started researching this topic.  I do think these toxins are cumulative and I do also now doubt viruses are as they have been described.   The unvaxxed kids I’ve met here compared to those in my FOO and beyond who are, well, it’s like night and day in their behavior especially, though that could also be in overall healthy habits of homeschooling types. Good luck to you and wifey in making your next move, hope you have lots of healthy, happy, unvaxxed rug rats! 🙂


  43. I’m a farmer and I reject the use of RNAi pesticides in Agriculture, let alone injecting it into my body bypassing the immune system!

    As a research director for a farm organization I have been privileged enough to attend high level research presentations from university academics that are trying to push this technology forward.

    The end goal is to sell the farmer hybrid corn with every novel genetic trait contained within the seed genomics and then have us spray RNAi pesticides to ‘turn on’ whichever genes we need to overcome in season pests. 

    NO THANKS!!!

  44. Greg, my oldest child is 26 and he has only seen a doctor once for a broken arm. Never been vaccinated. My only concern is that he missed out on childhood illnesses such as measles, chicken pox to get that life long immunity. 

    Great show as always, I'm always recommending it to people who want to explore everything that the world has to offer apart from who celebrities are fucking.

    1. well done! I remember when our neighbors children got chicken pox. We immediately arranged a play date so our children would get it too while they were little. I don't remember how I knew to do that but I'm glad I did at least that. No one ever told me that vaccines were dangerous while my children were growing up. The oldest is 35. I wrote a sad story in the comments. Please read it. God bless you. 

  45. My beautiful, brilliant daughter, Andrea came down with MS in 2008 after her 2nd Gardisil shot. It's affected her brain. Ate well over 20 holes in her brain. Long story, but the State of Michigan stole her from us behind our backs and now she has a guardian in charge of every facet of her life-(supposed to be only money and health choices but this bitch has my 33 yr old daughter on a 9pm curfew and won't let her have a pet and a million other micromanagement shit! )- Andrea was tricked into getting the J&J shot. They told her she'd have more freedom. She was on ridiculous lockdown. So, after spending all day Easter with her I became extremely weak that night. I woke up with pneumonia that could have killed me. I had to fight like hell to stay alive for 2 solid weeks. The shot DOES shed. I feel hopeless and helpless. My baby is goina die. It's just a matter of time. I've done heavy research on this shot. 

     Mr.Greg, you are the absolute BEST interviewer on the planet. On the big, round globe. It's a ball people. If the world was flat cats would have knocked everything off the edge by now. Your podcast is worth a million bucks to me. I'll always be a Plus member. I have been for some years now. I've learned so much. And best of all, I don't yell "Will you just shut the fuck up and let the guest speak?!"  That's GOLDEN. No one can replace you, my dear sweet man. Fuck um if they can't take a joke. ❗️You ROCK❗️I LOVE YOU♥️



  46. Greg, 

    Native Dallasite, here….

    Find rural Texas property (which would also have MANY established, shade trees) maybe located an hour or two outside a major Tx city.  Make sure to have a huge, wrap-around, screened-in porch!  Place ceiling fans in EVERY room and rest easy knowing native Texans around you will fight along with you for our privacy rights.

    Stay out of the cities which our turning more liberal-minded, because of the new, younger, foolish transplants who are unfortunately bringing their foolish ideas with them.

    Also, voter fraud was active in even city elections last November regarding more liberal, city policies.  

    We now only have only one major newspaper which is mostly just opinion, fiction and speculation articles now.

    It's leaning towards a mess here and I worry this great city cannot get back on the rails.

    But rural Texas?  Yes, full of quality, integrity and helpful people.


  47. It was excellent coverage.  I don't fund many independent journalists.  You are among three which includes the Highwire.  You are a beautiful mix of entertainment and extremely important and interesting topics.  The interview was clear and well done here.  Love to you and Dr. Wakefield for this and your entire body of work.  



  48. Greg, been a listener for years… alway saying to myself, shite that was good I need to subscribe… finally did the deed today. Thanks for the stuff you produce. BTW its all good having a mix of content.

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