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Dr. Andrew Wakefield | The Act, The Jab, & The Fallout From Both

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, COVID, Health, Vaccines

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Today we’re joined by the most well known name in vaccine safety, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, for a conversation about his latest film 1986: The Act & the ongoing campaign to vaccine  the entire world for COVID-19.

Check out his trilogy of truth-telling documentaries at


PLUS Content

  • The differences between vaccine immunity vs natural immunity.
  • Swine Flu 1976: The Pandemic that wasn’t.
  • Are all COVID vaccines equally risky?
  • Could a pathogen emerge that’s so dangerous that Dr. Wakefield would consider a vaccination?
  • What should parents in places with really restrictive vaccination laws do?
  • What Dr. Wakefield has seen in his experience with many unvaccinated children.
  • Do parents need to make any adjustments for the care of unvaccinated kids.
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