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Alex Tsakiris | Scientism, Spirituality, & Why Evil Matters

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Back for a second time, Alex Tsakiris, joins THC to talk about his latest book, Why Evil Matters: How Science & Religion Fumbled a Big One.

As you probably know, Alex is also the host and founder of the Skeptiko podcast, which has been running since 2007. He’s also the author of Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything.

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PLUS Content

  • Lessons from being in recovery.
  • Dr. Tom Zinser & his work with the spiritual entity Gerod.
  • Ted Bundy.
  • The state of the counter culture.
  • Alex’s thoughts on the range of voices talking about COVID.
  • Dr. Mary’s Monkey & the story of Alton Ochsner.

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  1. It’s almost always all about the duality and the Mirror. I always like to think…. what’s on the other side of the Mirror. It’s usually Evil unfortunately but it’s changing. Greg is the Man and helping with great guests and content.

  2. This is, quite honestly, the best episode in quite awhile… and all episodes are at least good. I have been struggling with the ol’ Rona situation for quite awhile… call it my distrust of most information from the vast majority of sources. Please allow me to also highly recommend this particular podcast episode from a hugely credible source:

    As with all large-scale false flag, or deep-state sponsored events, there are usually multiple benefits for the action… this particular podcast lays some out, but please pardon his alarmist tone.

    A. Masks and vaccines very well may be intended to create a “super-hot” virus. We all know though, that there are many other possible evils with it as well….

    B. It will be, and is, being used for “passports”… there goes all personal liberties and freedoms.

    C. The vaccine (by all producers) is simply bad and probably the definition of evil. Israel is being used as a lab for the passport… so pay attention. And do not get poked!

    D. While he does not state it explicitly… the best case scenario, very well may be to have already had the non-lethal virus and allow our own immune systems to do their work now.

    E. The worst thing to do… as the world-renowned virologist stated at a conference in 2016(?) is to create a vaccine with exactly the stated traits, benefits and attributes as the ones out now… which do not protect against catching, do not prevent transmission,… only allowing the lessening of symptoms. This allows a “super-hot”, mutated strain to percolate longer (before possibly killing its host).

    F. Insert other responses and take-aways here:

    1. Totally agree, and that is a great Highwire episode. Been following almost all of them lately. Del is great, but my job is made a lot easier by the wide variety of things I can cover. I don't know I'd have the stomach for what he does day in and day out, but we obviously need him.

    2. I would recommend that one watch it on video rather than just an audio podcast.  The visuals are important.

      I agree with most of what danielsullivan writes.  However, one of the rare instances where I part company strongly with Del Bigtree is his lauding of Geert Vanden Bossche’s theories that the “vaccines” are going to cause deadly strains for the unvaccinated and exterminate humanity.  First one must realize how closely Bossche’s career has intertwined with Bill Gates.  So this may be simply a dispute over the fine points of Communism between Josef Stalin and Leon Trotsky.  Hopefully Bossche won’t wind up with an icepick is his head in Mexico.  Not that one shouldn’t listen to Bossche, but be doubly concerned that this could be sophisticated disinformation.  

      I don’t want to get into the details here, but my analysis of this is that the inoculation will destroy the functional immune system against a second infection “from the wild,” as the virologists strangely put it.  This is what happened in the original animal research of mRNA corona virus “vaccines” with ferrets and cats in 2005.  In all the studies either most or all of the animals died in cytokine storms from immunity enhancement.  Big Pharma got around this issue by getting the authorities to allow them to eliminate animal testing altogether in the name of Warp Speed. My conclusion is that no deadly deviant will be produced against the uninoculated. The one caveat to that is that the mRNA may somehow jump to the uninoculated as some strange symptoms may indicate on the recent social media.  Actually, Del Bigtree has promised to report on that in detail in his next show May 6.

  3. Who says the virus in a vaccine is what killed those children and not its ingredients? No vaccine only contains a virus/virus particle/DNA or mRNA.

    Pretty much all dis-ease is from tissue damage, toxicity, deficiency and/or a mixture of all three.

  4. Is it possible to link a returning guest's previous interview(s) in the show notes? It would be easier than going through years of archived shows to find what I want. Or does that function already exist and I’m just overlooking it?

  5. Great interview!!

    There is a Nordic Steiner guy called Are Thoresen who has done a lot of work around ‘demons’ and how they affect people, particularly through illness and mental illness.

    He classifies a demon as a spirit that does NOT need an invitation, consciously or unconsciously, to mess with humans.

    I feel like this can be tied to evil in some way; demons do shit to us to get fed, but also because they are bored and have no ‘skin in the game’ either way!

    Children are the same! If they are bored, and their action will not blow back on them, they can do some pretty frightening stuff if they are so disconnected that their empathy is buried.


    This is what Steiner was alluding to when he talked about not being able to enter a room where people were hurting and not feel it;  it’s like a safety mechanism.

    1. Well said. I believe this of some of the people in our society who nowadays do not seem to have the personality I remember. I've wondered whether it is possibly something like a demon, selecting people of influence and good standing, and infecting them. In many ways they remain the same "lovable", respectable person we knew them as in the beginning, but their behavior and grandiosity start to venture into questionable or disturbing places. I look into their eyes and I don't see the same person I always had or remembered. It's unsettling and vey curious.

      I also believe this is a possibility for the more ordinary among us. If a demon is nourished by causing stress, pain, unhappiness, etc in humans, then infecting a family member and having them slowly turn on their own family would be an endless source of food. What is more confusing and painful than having someone you love begin to treat you poorly little by little (for no apparent reason, beyond some gaslighting they attempt to use against you and others you know) until eventually it seems they actually want to destroy you? It just makes me wonder. I'm witnessing this behavior in my own family.

      Just look at some of the things so many of our stars and household names have been accused of in the alternate community. All of this pedophilia and other darkness. What if these people have been corrupted and are being controlled? It's provocative to me to ponder this.

      The obvious explanation in society for personality switches and behavioral degradation is mental illness or outright insanity. But what if that is a demon doing its work in plain sight, with the most convenient scapegoat of an apparent mental break? They can go on forever and always be satisfied as they cause their pain and strife and confusion.

  6. A lotta lotta people are hooked on the relationship they have formed with their demons….

    I remember reading a book based in the UK about a fella who could actually see people’s demons hanging around them, and doing shit to them, and he could talk to them. It was an interesting perspective.

  7. Evil is simple. When you reject it by whatever means possible… as in ‘No’ to the fullest extent… it’s Evil. When a lot of people do it as a consensus, it doesn’t change anything… it’s still Evil. When it’s just one person to refuse it… it’s still Evil.

    You can explain why that ‘Big-Fat-No’ might be taking place with ‘narrative/story’ and call that evil. But the will to refuse to help the narrative is not an aspect of the story itself. Rather the ‘story’ obfuscates ‘Will-To-Refuse’ (which is your connection to Infinite Absolute Always-Already Done Truth… not ‘story-truth’). Your resistance fights with succumbing to that obfuscation… fights with succumbing to that story… fights further or ‘Total Immersion’… fights ‘Total Imprisonment’ in a smaller prison than the Absolute Prison. – where Infinity cannot escape itself.

    If there is a test… it is likely to see if one can (or cannot) lose sight of Infinity while being in a finite perspective. Evil is the test… the Maya… the Illusion… the Temptation to be Immersed… and pretend/intent that there is still something to be done.

    So why would awareness test for that? Why would you or anybody test for that? Why would Infinity test for that? The question of ‘Freedom’?

    It’s almost as if the ‘Question of Freedom’ maintains the presence of ‘Freedom’… if it were perceived as ‘Done’ or ‘Answered’, then the question would not be available for asking… a prison that is escaped by asking the question… until you become ware that the Infinite Prison of Always-Already Done is Home… the ‘only’ Home.

  8. Awesome! Keep fighting the good fight💜 We look forward to all of your stuff. You do a great job! We are just trying to navigate all of this. Some with more knowledge or whatever else. Having people like you that aren’t afraid of talking about shit is helpful. You are on the right path. 

  9. I have been wary of Alex for about a year now, but what an interview to remind why I was ever endeared to him.  Good stuff.  The same feelings of Nasim have I had for a bit too.  Never settled well that he would have a shop catering to L.A. settling prohibitively expensive lab grown crystals, if at one point in life he was living of prana.  Don't see the sincerity towards humanity if filtering your products through hollywood.  

  10. Re: Science & medicine, fake versus real, you have to be very careful.  I’m a dentist and one of your recent guests was going off on root canal treatment.  The guest was very genuine, but he misrepresented reality, not completely but enough to be misleading.  Purely uninformed mistakes. Half truths.    
    I am “talking people off the ledge” especially as it relates to X-rays all the time.   Too many X-rays are a huge problem, but our body deals with radiation all the time.  The value of dental X-rays are one of the most valuable diagnostic tools available.  
    Here’s something I’ve been chewing on- there has been a huge push for “metal free” dentistry.  Why?  Yellow gold was a phenomenal dental restoration. Amalgam fillings last 35-40 years.  Perhaps, it could be that when we die- all those precious metals go back into the ground.  Kinda of a waste?!  “White” fillings do not last nearly as long.  Having to replace all these dental restorations is insane.  
    Crowns are now made of cubic zirconium instead of porcelain fused to metal.  This is an great step forward.  The body loves cubic zirconium.  There are dental implants which are fully integrated into bone made of CZ.
    Sooooooo- take home message, when you aren’t in the field and don’t have all the facts, you can be easily misled.   We can used rational thought, we must! But you will be irrational if you are not educated properly. 

  11. I told my PCP that I will get the vaccine when the government forces me to under the law.  I will also get my first tattoo, a "V" on my forehead to prove it to everyone I was vaccinated–like my own "Scarlet Letter."  When/if it is ever over, I will have another tattoo, of an upside-down "V" with a large "G" in the middle to show who is behind it!

    By the way, I spent my life fighting the FBI.  They are not as nefarious as people make them out to be.  More of a higher paid street thug, scared of their own shadows.  I fought the law and I won!

  12. My take on this is that near death phenomenon for some people it’s grandma‘s hug and when they come back that’s the report. The flipside to that is maybe there is no coming back from ““ near death if you go to the Darkside directly. Why would a dark side just be like here’s a Mulligan go back in there kid. Just a thought because evil is evil and I don’t think it changes somewhere on the other side turns to rosebuds. I think that trap you don’t come back from unless you’re real lucky.

  13. Greg I don’t normally comment on anything but please don’t let any haters get you down. You are amazing at what you do. I think this is what you were born to do so keep up the good work. I do not mind paying $8 a month to hear your content! Keep being awesome and pushing forward! I’ve been listening basically since you started this and it’s been such a fun journey you have and continue to take us all on. 

  14. I lost what little respect I had for Alex when I heard the Cowan quickly terminated interview.  Alex came at him from the get go like a prize fighter on meth.  It started, as I recall, about the question of the isolation and existence of the cv-1984 virus.  Alex said that he was talking to a Ph.D. virologist who had decades of experience, and since his credentials outranked that of a mere MD, he was right and Cowan was wrong.  The whole thing was totally cringeworthy, and Cowan was completely justified in walking away when he did.

    Alex reminds me of an old west gunfighter, who has the fastest draw in Dodge, but who fires prematurely and shoots himself in the foot repeatedly.

    We should not underestimate the importance of the question of the isolation of the cv-1984 virus.  The entire scamdemic is based on the rt-PCR test and its “cases,” which its inventor, Kary Mulls, stated repeatedly in videos should never be used for medical diagnosis.  Mullis died conveniently and ironically of a respiratory ailment a couple of months before the scamdemic roll out.  In addition to his stance on medical diagnosis, he is on video repeatedly stating that it has never been proven that the HIV virus causes AIDS.  The story behind that is enlightening and amusing.  In addition, he is on record for excoriating Fauci for creating the AIDS/HIV pandemic which IMHO murdered an estimated 120,000 gay men through lethal prescription regimens of the DNA terminator, AZT.

    But getting back to the rt-PCR test, let’s follow the logic.  The test needs a probe and in order to develop the probe, one must know the molecular structure of the virus.  It is obviously impossible to determine the molecular structure, even by the gold standard of the Sanger method, if it has not been isolated.  Furthermore, by Koch’s postulates, it is not enough to simply isolate it, but the isolate must be proven to cause the illness.  Otherwise, one may have isolated an “innocent bystander.”  So the whole scandemic does rest on whether the virus has been isolated, and thus proven to exist.

    Here is a great link from former THC guest Jon Rappoport who presents Kaufman’s deconstruction of the papers claiming that the cv-1984 virus was in fact isolated.  Though I am a chemist by education, it is readily understandable to the non-scientist.  I highly recommend that one reads it.

    Alex got around this issue, by saying that the virus was a gain of function bioweapon.  That the perps who constructed it were experts and since they actually made it, they did not need to isolate it.  Reminds me of saying a black project decided to construct a unicorn by successively breeding horses with zebras.  Since the people who were working on this project were experts, had decades of experience, and were funded to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, this constitute proof that unicorns exist.  Unfortunately, Greg agreed to this logic, and then went on to say that the perps intentionally made the virus a dud so they could cure themselves with ivermectin.  How about Icke’s idea, that our Overlords felt there was no reason to invent a novel virus at all, since the teeming masses were so gullible, suggestible, and basically dumbed down, that they could be convinced of anything if it were repeated often enough and loud enough by the “authorities.” The classic Greek translation of a political authority is archon.

    And then we have the recent interview with Michael Yeadon, a former VP and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, who said that he has been looking far and wide among all his many contacts for a source of SARS-CoV-2 isolate and could not come up with any anywhere on the planet.

    And finally we have the Ochsner inadvertent proof that a virus causes polio.  The late and lamented Liam Scheff did an essay on the polio vaccine in his amazing Official Stories collection.  He suggested that one cause of the sudden epidemic including paralysis that sprang up in the late 1940’s may have been the use of arsenic compounds intensively on fruit.  Alex automatically assumed that it was an improperly deactivated virus in the Cutter Labs vaccine which was the cause of the death of the two grandchildren.  Perhaps it was some other ingredient in the Cutter Labs vaccine which was the cause.  This could have been determined scientifically by testing the vaccine with all the ingredients minus the virus.  Of course one would need additional Ochsner grandchildren to test that possibility.  This just shows the real contempt that Alex has for the real scientific method.

    1. BTW, Michael Yeadon also claimed that the latest evidence shows that people who had contracted the original SARS virus in 2005 had immunity against cv-1984.  This indicates two things.  The most important is that according to the US FDA SARS-CoV-1 only shares 80% of its genome with SARS-CoV-2.  However the “deadly” deviants (which the MSM calls variants), only vary from the original Wuhan serial killer by less than 0.3%.  That means that there is no way that anyone who is immune to the original Wuhan virus could be infected by a deviant.  Of course it was intuitively obvious that it was all bullshit to continue the scamdemic, bullhorn fear porn, lockdowns, and destruction of the middle class, but this is very strong evidence from a true expert.  Second, it also shows that natural immunity to the disease, assuming that it really exists, lasts at least 15 years and perhaps one’s entire life.

      It also may be a major factor in why children and young adults cannot contract cv-1984 unless their immune systems are totally kaput.

      Also, one should pay attention in the alternative media, to mounting reports by women who had the misfortune to be inoculated, and are now experiencing major changes in menstruation.  Even more disturbing are mounting reports that women who have not been inoculated but are in close proximity to inoculated women having these menstrual changes, are experiencing identical changes themselves.  Of course, serious researchers knew before this malevolent gene therapy glob hit the streets that one of its primary purposes was to sterilize women, and perhaps men as well, via the “spike protein” being almost identical to syncytin-1, a protein necessary for the development and maintenance of mammalian placentas.

  15. Weak – I mean you Greg. Let's do Greer next as you emulated Rogan – the emasculated, pussified yak-master who stands in the middle when it comes to anything truly worthwhile. And  Alex is your man? I don't need nor desire agreement on the topics you discuss – that's actually why I appreciate you in general, but really, "this guy is published in Nature – we should believe him!"

    Neither one of you were worth my time today (and yet I listened to the end). Good bye for now – you are a wordsmith and an excellent interviewer but I really need a man with balls right now.

  16. This guest changes his voice so often that he felt fake to me, almost like he has multiple personalities. I dont mean to criticize him but I just dont get the vibe of an integrated soul who has found peace with himself. I actually dont agree with his opinion that evil is a real force. All the best to him but I wont be buying his book.

    On the other hand, everytime Greg spoke on the show it was amazing. Yay for greg.

  17. Hello Greg, Usually, I love your guests, but I was not impressed, in the end, with Alex. The conversation on the philosophical and moral questions around evil was insightful and interesting, so on balance I found the podcast worthwhile. However, when Alex started ragging on other people such as Tom Cowan, he started rambling and his criticisms devolved into mean-spirited gossip; also, I had the impression he might not always prepare adequately for his own guests, so no wonder why some might abruptly end an interview. On several occasions he simply would not answer your straightforward questions, and he also occasionally either changed the subject or contradicted something he said earlier when you pointed out a different way of looking at something. I appreciated your subtly holding your ground with Alex, as you sometimes need to do with other guests. I would, however, suggest not inviting him back again. 

    1. That's the thing – Dr. Cowan did not end the Skeptiko episode. He simply said that they were at an impasse.

      At that point, Tsakiris could have changed his approach from attacking Dr. Cowan to questioning him and allowing him to talk about his understanding of isolation, but he didn't. He said, OK, and he ended it.

      To me, it was an ambush. It was a hit job. It is clear to me that Tsakiris has an agenda to muddy the waters of the isolation issue. This is crucial because falsifying isolation undermines the foundation upon which the plandemic is built.

  18. Another great show Greg & Alex!  
    I agree with almost all of what you say about Earth being a Soul School.  One thing you said, though, I'd differ with & like to discuss a bit.  You said Earth was pass/fail and you either move on or repeat.  I don't think it's that way.  I think you gain more or less karma, and depending on your total, you may unlock the next incarnatable form, or you may need to incarnate on Earth or elsewhere again to gain more karma to unlock the next area.
    I see the online rpg as the best metaphor for incarnation & karma.  We souls incarnate just like players make a character in a game.  Depending on your karma point total, various things are unlocked.  Human on Earth is just one of thousands+ of incarnatable forms.  Also, depending on your karma, you can begin life with things unlocked, for instance clairvoyance, or maybe choosing certain settings (parents, place & time) to incarnate in.  Then, like any game, you gain karma points and also stat afflictions as you play.  When you die you see the review screen/scoreboard, which shows all your karmic exchanges (and you can view them from all povs) and you get your total new points, which unlocks some of whatever is next.  You as the soul see your score and have an opinion on your performance, but yes you're the only one judging that.  Because there are an infinite number of outcomes at each karmic exchange, the Soul is responsible for not just not-harming, but also helping to various degrees.  So yes we should take initiative to act good, not just avoid bad.
    An important point here is that you may unlock the next world beyond Earth, but you can still go back and play a human on Earth, or anything else you've unlocked.  So Souls which have "surpassed" Earth may still come back here, though usually with a set goal.  Just like in a game you might beat a level but want to replay it for a special achievement or even cut-scene.  So there is a minimum karma-point-total you need to unlock Earth, any Souls here will have a range of karma above that, and you could always come back but at some point it would be boring to play as a human, but maybe you incarnate here as a different organism, or possibly as an Angel, Guardian, Diety, etc. 

    As for Evil, I would like to identify 3 types of Evil ya'll discussed.  Karmic Evil (Good & bad), Human intentional evil, and evil done by non-incarnated entities.  For Karma, good & bad are only relative.  What's good for me may be bad for you.  What's good now may be bad later.  The effect of karmic actions will ripple endlessly through time & space with good and bad affects, like any wave.  So it's real, but it's relative to your perception.
    Humans, or the Soul's operating our human minds & bodies, may choose to do evil, or sinful, things.  In any karmic exchange, even if it is our incarnated destiny to have a negative effect on someone, we can choose how much harm to do or not do.  Usually the Soul's evil choice is actually selfishness at great cost to others.  I liked your discussion separating animal-instinct from cruelty here.
    Entities, or souls who are not currently incarnated and live maybe in the Astral realm, are conscious souls & may also choose to do evil.  This is all the type of harassment-possession-suggestion that you discuss, and yes they need some form to operate through, either humans or thought forms or other things. I think that these 'evil entities' are mostly souls with less karma points than the typical human.  They are lower, less experienced, less empathic, and may be just having fun.  With the rpg analogy, maybe they are just getting started and just want to smash everything or bother experienced players.  However I think there are also some higher-karma evil entities, and those are the more intelligent & nuanced 'demons' or 'evil Gods' which are a more organized and serious threat.  

    Thanks for the deep & thoughtful conversation!

  19. This guy kinda rubs me the wrong way. To go off on Nassim or anyone is so rude. I was on a podcast with this skeptiko guy once and he never shut up. It’s like only his opinion matters EVER.  I’ve never listened to his podcast due to how off putting it was to be on the same podcast and never be able to get a word in.  Nothing against Higherside, Love the show as always. 


  20. I don’t understand why you’re promoting Alex on your podcast. Interesting enough philosophizing about evil, but when he basically just makes large scale conjectures and sweeping statements about other people that are altogether unconvincing, I’m struck by how much he doesn’t really help people to understand the world better.  He keeps talking about how he was duped with a sort of pride.  I try to beware of those who are proud of their duping, because they are usually the ones practicing duping people as well – Alex Jones, et al.  

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