Dr Andrew Kaufman Covid Coronavirus Conspiracy On The Higherside Chats Podcast Interview

Dr. Andrew Kaufman | Schizophrenia, The COVID-19 Coronavirus, & Exosomes

Show Notes


THC welcomes Dr. Andrew Kaufman to breakdown some really interesting health & wellness information, as well as some super valuable insight into the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. Dr. Kaufman primarily works in forensic psychiatry, but has an impressive wide-ranging medical background and education; including a bachelor of science in molecular biology, a physicians Assistant certification, a Doctor of Medicine, and was even a Teaching Assistant in the Molecular Biology Lab at MIT.

Check out Dr. Kaufman’s new website here: and his FB page here.

Follow this up with Dr. Kaufman’s great presentation showing the obviously similarities between exosomes and COVID-19 under the microscope.

Check out Dr. Kaufman’s great YouTube channel for more.

PLUS Content

  • Aluminum in vaccines & the effects on anti-bodies.
  • Nano-metals found in vaccines, offices raided.
  • The 5G and EMF data in relation to COVID-19
  • A declassified CIA document that confirms EMF damage in mice studies.
  • Electron microscopes v the Rife microscope.
  • Alternatives to β€œcontagiousness.”
  • Detoxification techniques and staying healthy in a terrain theory paradigm.

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  1. I loved the "rant" outro so much, it made me laugh and I think it broke my face, that I had to check out the plus.

    I've been listening for years and I feel relieved from the weight of guilt, actually!

    Keep on keeping on , man.

  2. We love you too dude. I work at a walmart and its amazing how fast everyone just laid down and licked the boots of the media.
    I prob could go on for awhile from the shit I’ve seen in the past month..
    8 bucks is nothing for all the entertainment and knowledge you put out there.
    Thanks my guy

  3. Thank you for this episode.  The world is running mad.  I just got home from the grocery store:  I had to wear a mask.  Only certain amount of people let inside you had to stand in a line to get in.  Signs everywhere to stay six feet away from everyone.  Arrows on the floor so everyone walked in the same direction and didn't pass.  Check out person behind a plastic tray with mask.  It would have been funny if it wasn't so humiliating and frightening because nobody was questioning it.  The CDC did the same juggling tricks with death causes to try to get kratom banned–they do this constantly.

  4. My anecdotal story:

    I was in 5th grade and was having an issue with a bully. We got into a fight which was no big deal really. Just a little scrap. I had a nasty cold though at the time and intentionally coughed into his face.

    The next week we cross paths, he’s clearly got the bug and screams  “you got me sick!” and coughed in my face. I laughed and said “nice try but you can’t get the same virus twice.” I was not reinfected. That’s my most direct memory for human to human transmission. I don’t know what to believe anymore, only that the science is not definitive whatsoever and the trusted “authorities” should never, under any circumstances  be given the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Hey Greg… I absolutely love and appreciate what you're doing and have listened to you for years.  I finally signed up for +Plus today!  haha.  Not sure why I've waited so long.

    This show definitely hits home in these strange times and your frustration is shared within my circle of friends, and myself.  I'm totally on board with Dr. Andrew and what you guys discussed.  Thanks so much for producing this show!  

      1. Greg!

        First love the show! Couple of things. Your guest mentioned he’d heard of someone using the “thats a lie” technique to reject and repress the voices someone may hear in their mind. The person he was trying to remember is Sherry Swiney. She was recently on Miguel Conner’s show AM Byte. Second, you said to let you know of shows that need you as a guest. AM Byte would be perfect. I know Miguel has been on your show. You should go on his. I’d love to hear you as a guest. Thx! Keep up the great work. 

  6. Great show Greg. All of the recent guests that you have had that question germ theory have been eye opening and I appreciate you having them on. I've been listening for years and have been a plus member for a few of those years. To all the non plus members, get the plus membership.  It's well worth it. Keep doing what you are doing Greg.

  7. I was a dedicated free show listener for about seven months & I just want to say that Greg’s end of show “rant” from the Dr. Kaufman show just made me pull the Plus Member Trigger – f*ckin’ awesome!

  8. Hey Greg! Just wanted to say that I've been listening to your show for maybe 9 months or so and this was the episode that made want to cough up the 8 bucks. Very dope man. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  9. Enjoyed this, thanks for your efforts Greg.

    Regarding the 'FDA', the 'freedom of information' request and the consequent meta-analysis, one wonders why the FDA wouldn't be doing its own thorough meta-analyses prior to approving respective medicines (the obvious verboten question that seems to transform ~99% of psychiatrists into obsequious quacks in their being incapable of confronting it). That said, one qualm I had was with Kaufman's brief foray into the relation of toxoplasma gondii to schizophrenia. I wouldn't rule out a possible relation there without a deep dive into 'toxoplasma gondii' as narrative and metaphor (etc.), but if we did a meta-analysis… I mean, it's not like the majority of people living with domestic cats are schizophrenics. So it feels like he was barely scratching the surface on that one, there must be much more to it!

    1. Because the FDA is run by ex big-pharma executives and the big-pharma execs are former administrators and they all cycle through on rotation. That would damage their own profits.

  10. Another mind blowing interview! Sank you verry much! I think the key to proving the conspiracy is to expose the ineffectiveness of the test.

    Oh, and also, the song at the end (the I want to marry you cover) is my favorite off your album. Better than the original. I think the female vocals are key. I'm gonna take a bong rip and listen to it again!

  11. This is like being in 911 in slow motion, except the enemy is obviously invisible, and I can’t find the building 7 poking its head out yet.

  12. Absolutely love the show and this episode. Do have a question for everyone though. Does anyone have any links or info for the nano metallic particles? Would love some more information about it.

  13. Hi Greg,

    I've been living in Peru since 2006 and am a plus member. I have enjoyed listening to your show for several years now.

    I have some cognitive dissonance going on here:  One one hand I feel resonance with what Dr Kaufman has to say, but on the other my daily reality is that I'm in a country with a much stricter response to the COVID-19 situation, we can't go out without masks and gloves, most travel has been shut down and in the community where I live it's basically martial law with military patrols enforcing a 2pm to 6am curfew.  It's hard for me to get my head around the notion that this is fundamentally all an elaborate hoax with a New World Order endgame on the horizon.  But that's got to be the implication, right?

    BTW if you want to do some deep healing away from the usual very expensive ayahuasca tourism venues please contact me when this whole thing moves into another phase and air travel is possible.

    paz y luz


    1. Yikes, but that's for the insight. I just cancelled my Ayahuasca/Peru trip. Very sad, but a lot of people have had their plans disrupted and there's always next time. Thanks, stay safe!

  14. Amazing, amazing show.  Dr. Kaufman is a wealth of knowledge and its refreshing to have his calming perspective on these topics.  My only criticism of the interview was his statement that no vaccines have double blind placebo studies.  This is actually something I also thought for a very long time, but this is definitely not true.  I am extremely against vaccines, and have read 1000s of articles and studies on this topic and this definitely includes double blind placebo vaccine studies.  I wish they were more common but they definitely exsist.  Hope this doesn't ruffle any feathers, just trying to help.  Peace Folks! 

  15. New member but been listening for years and years. I'm an American retired in the Philippines with my family. I've been sharing information with my local friends about the plandemic and they are very open minded, and study the material and videos I have been sharing. Dr. Kaufman's interview will be the next one, excellent!

    I know there are rumors about possible military intervention in the US, possibly martial law, and FEMA now in charge, but nothing really stated in the mainstream as a fact…yet.

    However, the president of the Philippines has already given the full authorization to the police and military to "shoot them dead" if they feel their lives are threatened by protestors. Already there has been one man killed by the police, but then he had been drinking, an elderly man with a hand scythe threatening violence so they took him out. It is reported that 10s of thousand, mostly in Manila, have already been arrested by the police for violating curfew…they like to continue their cock fighting matches and such at night. Then the president just yesterday threatened to authorize the military to begin breaking up groups of protestors and detaining them, he even admitted that it would be martial law "if you choose it" were his words.

    We're in a small city about 50 kilometers away from Manila and our restrictions are not even close to conditions in Manila. We still have a curfew 8pm to 5am but everyone pretty much obeys that here, but we can drive around during the day, just can't leave the city without proper ID and valid reason, meaning you have a job outside the city which is essential business. Inside our city just the supermarkets and pharmacies are open, and one fresh food market. The first 'Covid-19' case was announced in our city yesterday, in our hospital now, so the mayor has locked down the surrounding area within about 3 kilometers. But we all know it's just someone who has an extreme case of the flu and their not contagious…wish I could get the mayor's attention and let her listen to Dr. Kaufman's interview with Greg today…I can dream, can't I?


  16. Been a plus member for years and I want to tell you that one – I am now totally questioning the virus theory and two – that your interviewing skills are phenomenal  – the research done prior to the show is obvious and the ability to let your own ego remain in check and allow the individual to tell their story shows a maturity level far beyond the norm in this cyber/podcast world. 

    This might be one to let out into the wild in its entirety… as a public service!

  17. Top notch

    Great interview!  I needed to hear these questions being asked.  Its like we’re on the same wavelength going through this ether field. 
    Your A game keeps getting better and better.  Thanks for your effort Greg!

  18. All praises be to Andy. A sane voice during insane, highly orchestrated times. I appreciate your dedication, thirst, and spirit. #seektruth #dogood #share 

  19. Awesome episode, I'm listening to it again because I feel like I might have missed something. 

    About your planned trip, I was going to suggest you listen to a show Dave Schrader (yeah, I know, don't laugh) did about the first of March entitled "The Journey." It's an emotional and amazing story and it was accomplished without leaving the country. He's perhaps the last person I would have expected to take such a trip, but apparently it was absolutely life-changing for him. I know for a fact that he has done a couple of private referrals to his guide. Just saying.

    Thanks again for all you do, but I wish you'd stop putting yourself down. You're hardly a "simple stoner," and everytime I hear you say it I cringe. There is NOBODY out there that I've found who can do an interview like you can and the range of your understanding is incredible. Keep it up, you keep me semi-sane during the hard times.

  20. What about rabies and parvoviruses? I had a chicken pox party w the neighbors kids and mine and my kids got the pox. What about herpes? The gift that keeps on giving? Lyme disease and co-infections? And most curious of all- what are these biowarfare labs actually playing with and how do these playthings infect and effect humans? I agree with most of this but I can't go all the way when it concerns contagions. I want to know the truth about these issues. I'll bet animal doctors know a lot they can tell us. My mind is open to further enlightenment. Thank you Doc! Thank you Mr. Greg. 

    Im going to borrow my grandson's scary Halloween mask and am going to Kroger and start screaming GERMS GERMS GERMS!  whilst pointing everywhere. Something to do. Let's all do it. Or at least wear a cool mask. Grandson has a Spider-Man mask too. Perhaps I'll wear that one while "saving" ppl from GERMS. sounds like a party. πŸ˜‡

  21. Fascinating interview and one of your best shows. Absolutley essential for these times. Greg just gets it. Thanks, man. The best $8 I spend a month. 

  22. I can’t say enough good things about this full 2hr episode. I ordered most of the book recommendations as well as Gordon’s chaos protocols (which I should have been all about years ago)… being informed will help. A lot. And I am so grateful to you Greg for all of your questions and guests and insights. And your rant at the end had me fired up so much!  It’s a very troubling time right now and knowing that there are more of us (critical thinkers) gives me hope… so much hope. This is just the first battle. They are winning because they had to cheat to do so. All of the manipulation has been in place forever. People are born into programming. We are the lucky ones to have opened eyes before this shit storm. We can be the gentle guides and compassionate ambassadors to the weird the wild and the ugly. It’s hard because I can’t talk to any either, well… a few… and I realize that beating someone over the head with a stick of truth never ever results in that person wanting to know what kind of tree that beating stick came from… it’s hard. Because I want them all to wake up. And they will. Or won’t. In time. Again. This is the first battle. Rally the troops. Find safe harbor (πŸ™rasben) fortify our vessels. And keep spreading the seeds and asking questions and look for the other people who are asking questions. It’s going to be a long war… but ultimately I have faith in humans. Delusional optimism or whatever I don’t know. But listening to your show and these guests I don’t feel so delusional about it. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ 

  23. Great show ! Will be sharing with others, but super hard to get people to look at this thing with any sort of reasoning. What really surprises me is how quickly everyone just fell into step with this BS. And how afraid the young adults are. 

  24. Phenomenal presentation, Dr Kaufman! Superb interview & wrap-up, Carlwood!

    I would love to see the two of you follow up on the work of Abram Hoffer (1917-2009) & Humphrey Osmund (1917-2004) and their successful resolution of schizophrenia with niacin, the pellagra epidemics of the American South, widespread sub-clinical pellagra today, and the related glyphosate/pharma disordered gut.

    For starts, read journalist Rob Wipond's interview of Hoffer online, Osmund's obituary penned by Hoffer in The Guardian, books "How to Live with Schizophrenia" by the two of them, and "Niacin: The Real Story" on Amazon with 375 reviews.

    It's good THC material: epic stories; suppressed science; persecution by medical cartel; large body of work available if only you know it's there; profound insights into the schizophrenic experience; psychedelics; and practical DIY know-how for the self-sufficient. 

    Thank you both for your important work!

  25. I had to join up as a member as well. I only discovered THC about a month ago but I am so grateful for your work Greg! It would take a lot of time and effort contacting people, doing interviews and then editing them, maintaining this website and everything else.

    I really appreciate being able to hear other perspectives and discover the truth so my family and I can keep our sanity during this crazy time. Keep up the great work Greg!

  26. Mr. Carlwood, 

    I have been following and listening to your show for about 3 years and finally pulled the trigger on Plus. I could no longer sit idly and listen without supporting. You continually provide great guests with top notch research, and I thank you for your courage. I wanted to make sure that I could get in on time for the joint session this week to join one of the only sane communities left on this planet. Greg, you are a champion and a scholar. Please never stop producing content that sparks the fire of critical thinking in this ever changing world. 

    Happy 420 Ya'll!

  27. Something also very effective for schizophrenia is nutritional therapy, particularly targeting undermethylation and overmethylation.  But don't rely on genetic testing for methylation status, based on genetics (ie MTHFR and COMT). More relevant is determining methylation status is whole blood histamine. Overmethylators are considered low-folate depressive and schizophrenia types. Undermethylators are low in methionine and B12.

    Mr Carlwood, please consider interviewing the renowned researcher and educator Dr William Walsh PhD, on the subject of treating mood disorders through biochemistry testing and nutritional supplementation. My friend, Dr Dave, who operates the telemedicine practice is an expert in the Walsh Protocol and would be a excellent guest for your show. He's also a hemp farmer, organic hydroponics innovator and promoter of ozone therapy and other natural remedies for intestinal parasites. In addition to nutrient imbalances, he believes that parasites are the real pandemic, and one that very few medical practitioners like to speak about.

  28. Carlwood's passion for what he is doing is obvious in his pursuit of excellence in every aspect of this endeavor from his logo to his cover songs he has achieved near perfection in every thing he does – Outstanding sir!

  29. I have already posted for this episode but I just listened for a 2nd time and am even more inspired.   Greg you are seriously the man and you underestimate  yourself so much on the show. Maybe for comedic affect maybe because you are righteously humble.  Either way your my amazing my friend.  My wife and I literally just high fived at the end of your outro.   THC has been one of the most influential things in my existence, so thank you kind sir.

  30. Greg you should not apologize for the beginning of the show….i got a brother suffering with schizophrenia , he is only34….maybe after this corona madness you will talk again with the guest about this, or mental issues…i guess lots of your listeners got somebody close with it….so far i will try psalm 23 on my brother…cheers…

  31. I'm proud to be a member again! I love being able to support the people I love! That's right Greg, I love you and the work you do. It feeds my soul. πŸ™


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