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Dr. Andrew Kaufman | Schizophrenia, The COVID-19 Coronavirus, & Exosomes

Topics Covered: COVID, Health, Spirits, Terrain Theory

Show Notes

THC welcomes Dr. Andrew Kaufman to breakdown some really interesting health & wellness information, as well as some super valuable insight into the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. Dr. Kaufman primarily works in forensic psychiatry, but has an impressive wide-ranging medical background and education; including a bachelor of science in molecular biology, a physicians Assistant certification, a Doctor of Medicine, and was even a Teaching Assistant in the Molecular Biology Lab at MIT.

Check out Dr. Kaufman’s new website here: and his FB page here.

Follow this up with Dr. Kaufman’s great presentation showing the obviously similarities between exosomes and COVID-19 under the microscope.

Check out Dr. Kaufman’s great YouTube channel for more.

PLUS Content

  • Aluminum in vaccines & the effects on anti-bodies.
  • Nano-metals found in vaccines, offices raided.
  • The 5G and EMF data in relation to COVID-19
  • A declassified CIA document that confirms EMF damage in mice studies.
  • Electron microscopes v the Rife microscope.
  • Alternatives to “contagiousness.”
  • Detoxification techniques and staying healthy in a terrain theory paradigm.
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