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John Klyczek | School World Order, Edu-Conditioning, & The Technocracy

Show Notes

This was recorded just before the COVID-19 chaos, but it’s even more relevant in its wake.

We’re joined by John Klyczek, author of School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education. He has an MA in English and has taught college rhetoric and research argumentation for over eight years. His literary scholarship concentrates on the history of global eugenics and Aldous Huxley’s dystopic novel, Brave New World. He is also the Director of Writing and Editing at Black Freighter Productions (BFP) Books. In addition, Klyczek holds a black belt in classical tae kwon do, and he is a certified kickboxing instructor under the international Muay Thai Boxing Association.

Read his COVID-19 Addendum:

Learn more at:

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PLUS Content

  • A deep dive into the history and philosophy of Eugenics.
  • The drive to tie genetic data to a student ID.
  • Digitizing healthcare databases to be merged with student data.
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Excellent Interview with invaluable information for future parents who want to survive what is coming.


Greg wtf are you doing?!? A government /union propagandists?!?! WOW!! 


Was the episode only an hour? Just clarifying because I am a plus member, logged in, and only the first hour is playing.


No, it's 2:12 for the plus show. I tried to reply to Jweezy, but the program won't let me use reply for some reason.


Thank you Greg for everything you do. Really enjoy everything you do, I dont comment much but wanted to relay especially during these odd times how much I appreciate what you do, Cant imagine a world without the higher side


Nailed it… great show all around. A lot of people are looking to the experts of the system to 'save' them more than ever before, and it's been a little discouraging to watch it unfold. However, this was a timely reminder for me that the goals of the elite are dumb, narrow minded, and based on bogus assumptions and manipulations of logic to fit their reality. As technology advances they're plotting to keep doing the same old shit, just even more efficiently. But they're not actually superior to the rest of us and the internet is a really helpful bullshit detector…. 


Thanks for everything you do x


great show!!!


Honestly I have had a lot of trouble dealing with family and friends and this was especially true after we had our daughter. My husband and I are from Philadelphia and Tennessee respectively and now live in NorCal. We had our daughter at home and choose to steer clear from most vaccines until she was a couple years old, and even then I wish we had not been convinced to start some of them. But the subject of conspiratorial type conversations is a for sure isolating one I feel you there G, for sure. I think both my and my partners mothers have been worn towards more thinking our way but the rest of the family for sure think we are crazy. It can be sad at times for sure but now more than ever we are leaning in especially thanks to being new members and listeners of Higherside. We love it! Keep up the good fight Gregg! If you ever find yourself up in Humboldt we are full time farmers and could for sure keep your head right! 😎👍 cheers

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