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Kosh | EVOs, Plasma Energy, UFOs, & The SAFIRE Project

Topics Covered: Otherworldly Entities, Plasma, Secret Science, UFOs

Show Notes

Today we are joined for a massive 3 hour interview by an anonymous guest going by the name of Kosh. I was put in contact with Kosh by Richard Dolan after asking him for more insight into plasma-based energy, plasma-based life, etc.

It turns out, Kosh has been studying cold fusion and exotic energy technologies for the past 15 years, and UFOs even longer, and thankfully he’s willing to share the deep research he’s done with us on THC.

Check out more for the SAFIRE Project here:

PLUS Content

  • Exotic energy use in the ancient world.
  • How spoon bending related to EVOs.
  • EVO’s and biology.
  • EVO’s and spirituality.
  • Kosh’s analysis of the Admiral Thomas Wilson Document.
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