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Kosh | EVOs, Plasma Energy, UFOs, & The SAFIRE Project

Show Notes

Today we are joined for a massive 3 hour interview by an anonymous guest going by the name of Kosh. I was put in contact with Kosh by Richard Dolan after asking him for more insight into plasma-based energy, plasma-based life, etc.

It turns out, Kosh has been studying cold fusion and exotic energy technologies for the past 15 years, and UFOs even longer, and thankfully he’s willing to share the deep research he’s done with us on THC.

Check out more for the SAFIRE Project here:

PLUS Content

  • Exotic energy use in the ancient world.
  • How spoon bending related to EVOs.
  • EVO’s and biology.
  • EVO’s and spirituality.
  • Kosh’s analysis of the Admiral Thomas Wilson Document.
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Thanks Greg, for all you do. 


Raw is good Greg devil.  If it makes things easier, then it frees your time up to find and produce more information, and in this "info war" that is what we need, more than anything aesthetic.  Thank you for this interview, it is one I will listen to many times, and it is this kind of content that is so rare that makes me glad to pay the monthly fee. 


Very interesting!

Probably open minded folks need to know about the balls all over in certain wet areas, also at Mudfossil U. Roger Spurr had an electrical engineering company and this is what he researches now. He's a great professor! The tests of electrons accelerations are great to study. Very tiny compared to Cern, so way more relatable.


This is full blown science porn! Perfect subject to binge on for 3 hours! I spoke with Monty a couple weeks ago, and he told me that national security level agencies were approaching him to find out if SAFIRE can produce elements (alchemy) that we currently import exclusively from China. He also said that they had an influx of investors from all around the world since the onset of this coronavirus debacle. In his words “money is not a problem”. This technology is coming to fruition folks, it’s fuckin real this time!!!


I'm very glad to hear that money is not a problem for the SAFIRE Project. They deserve massive investment. My only hope is that they will continue being open and transparent. I expect this to be the case. 


OUTSTANDING!  I finally subscribed.❤️


Happy 4/20/2020!


Great interview. I know you were probably uncomfortable with the religious talk but very interesting to hear someone who straddles both worlds. Scientism is not the only belief structure that allows one to be scientific. Keep up the great work and God bless 😉


I'm Kosh, the guest who was interviewed. I'm thankful to have the chance to share some of the knowledge I've accumulated over the years. If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to try my best to answer them.


I really appreciate your interview; both how you presented yourself and the underlying character to which it eludes.  And thank you for expressing your religious views as well.  Though I don't consider myself a Christian, I really dig anyone who can find a reason to love his neighbor and do the right thing 🙂  As King Missile lyricized, "Jesus was way cool".  Also, I detected a southern accent, and since I sport one as well, that makes you more endearing too.     Have you been following the work of Ken Wheeler?  I think you two compliment one another, and I hope Greg will have Ken on too at some point.  Also worth mentioning is Floyd Sweet and the VTA.  It is said that his "magnet conditioning" fractured the magnets, and you say EVO's like fractures !!  I hope Greg will have you back for more fun and games 🙂  Thank you and all the best!


Hi Kosh, thank you again for taking the time to do this interview.  I would like to ask your opinion… which websites or resources do you think are most current and have the best signal-to-noise ratio, so to say, for reading and interracting with other FE and such people?  Or does anyone else have suggestions?  I know of a few, but I can't tell if these forums have more arm-chair pundits and naysayers than individuals actively engaged either mentally or materially in the pursuit of freedom-producing technology (FE and propulsion, etc). 

Phil Cheung

Kosh, Thank you for such an informative and wide ranging  discussion. Regarding the question of the origin of life I would suggest checking out videos by James Tour on this topic. He is a very accredited synthetic chemist who points out the many complexities and problems regarding this field. I think you will find it interesting. Thank you again!


Greg, you're getting the guests and the info out there. I appreciate it and I think that thousands of others do too.


Listened only the first half but it is already my top 10 show… Ever !  yes

1) Nuclear remediation is possible with the HHO plasma. This was demonstrated more then once. I have a video showing an experiment about it. Transmutation of elements is not as hard as they made us believe to be.

2) By any chance, GC would you relay a message to this anonymous guest ?

    What is your advice about home made Free Energy devices ? 
    Or, do you offer a tip or two about how one could improve the performance of a set of photovoltaic panels ?
    (We already keep our panels cool by water refrigeration…)


When it comes to improving the performance of a set of photovoltaic panels, there are many possibilities.

First, you could build cheap reflectors to increase their power production, but this will also shorten their lifespan. 

Secondly, you can put them on some sort of tracker so that they will receive more sunlight all day long, but this could be expensive. 

Thirdly, you should keep them cool if possible, which you are already doing.

Fourth, you should clean them regularly. 

I personally don't think that now is a good time to start working to build home made free energy devices. I think more solar panels would be a good investment if the coronavirus starts making civilization collapse. 


My goodness… an answer directly form the source !!
Thanks a lot  🙂

Moving panels is hard to do when they are in the roof of the house. Reflectors that resist the kind of winds we have here, i cant imagine how to do… Yes, we already do cleaning monthly.

What is thinking when sent the question was something in the lines of using this inefficient solar source to invite EVOs to amplify it. For instance, some year ago we had two inventors here in Brazil that made the "Electron Captor from Earth" that get some electric power and multiply it via a special kind of coils. For example:

But they were suppressed hardcore and now a days only do HHO experiments.

I am not an electric engineer, but know how to build stuff.
Made some Vortex coils

but am not sure how to energise them to produce OU effects…

Anyhow, than you very much for to be here now with we !!!


I've had a few "conversations" with the plasma beings on DMT journeys while listening to different types of music. They also communicated with me via my laptop screen by turning the display into a crazy intricate puzzle/moving hieroglyphic chart that looked like Pac-Man on, well… psychedelics 😂 I know it all meant something profound, but of course I can't remember now! 👽


There seems to be a collective movement to the whole idea of "I tripped, but couldn't take it back with me".  Julia Malone does Iboga ceremonies, and she has a forum where she wants to discuss, "What's next?".  I have been too busy to explore all of this, but fyi it is .  Oh the riddle of it all!


Greg, you rock my socks! Thank you for putting together good content for us each week. I appreciate the variety of content you provide to us. A lot of podcasts have a an area they stick to, which is great for them but can become a little dull for us listeners. The conspiracy world can be filled with a lot of noise and you do a great job at filtering the “Corey Goodes“ out while keeping enough sensation to keep us eccentrics of the world interested. Thank you for the gift of sharing your open mind and interests with us!


Whoa, big one…. well done … thanks mate 👍🙏


very awesome episode that I’m going to have to listen to a few times- great Guest- thankyou Kosh ( I see you’re in here in the comment section)- I know this is already a 3hr show- but I’m hoping we can have more from Kosh?!! nice work sourcing this guy Greg 🙂


Hi Kosh

Does this tech scale down aswell as up?. Could we create a machine to protect earth from the suns Corona discharge?


Yes, EVOs scale from the atomic scale to the macro scale. However, I doubt that humanity will ever produce an Earth sized EVO. I think a better idea would be to use EVO powered craft to travel to the asteroid belt, mine materials, build millions of reflective panels, and keep them close to but not directly between Earth and the sun. If a massive corona discharge occurs, they could block the damaging energetic particles. 


I served in the Air Force for 21 years, held a top secret clearance and worked in black projects. Though I agree with much of what Kosh had to say, there are things that the public is better off not knowing in my opinion. There are things I wish I hadn’t learned, and there are certainly things I would never entrust go our politicians. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that all will be disclosed, probably when least expected and not necessarily by whom you might expect. 

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your podcasts. Awesome!


…there are things that the public is better off not knowing in…

Like trading earthlings for technology with ETs ?

Or allowing genetic experiments in DUBs ?

No need to answer as it is clear now the extent of the "black" in the "black word"…

Problem is that ppl are in denial about a lot of what has been happening here since the first Nazi bases in the Moon.


You touch upon a subject very timely and yet sensitive in nature.  What will we humans do with such unlimited energy?  The Good Guys can't even hold the Not So Good Guys at bay even when we only have access to primitive technology?  Well, I don't have the answer, just the concern.  I suppose at some point we will have to cross that bridge out of necessity even if it creates greater problems than it solves.  I wonder if a large city would basically just screw up the thermodynamics of a region if buildings had unlimited heating capabilities so cheap that no one bothered with insulation?  Would we pollute all the night skies with abundand free energy lighting?  I hope we get to find out soon :). 


Kosh I want to say some things you may not know. Pleiades and Fornax are gone forever. As God is my witness Dolan's house is a safe home and your voice is needed. Come and use it. You will find that I am the guarantor of this along with Richard and Tracey.


I missed this one when it aired and just listened today…I listened to it twice today and will be listening again, because WOW there is just so much information in this interview.  Thank you for this one!


Awesome show, probably going to have to listen several times to take it all in. Wanted to share—I think I’ve seen these. In July of 1997 I was 16, working my first job at a summer camp in south central Michigan—a pretty rural area at the time. I had a roommate in one cabin at the edge of the woods, and we were young and used to stay up way too late talking. This happened not once but twice within a few weeks time span, both times after midnight when we were staying up late. We saw green glowing fireballs basically right outside our cabin, on one of the sides facing the woods, and they were moving slowly around and up and down the trees. There were several and they were about the size of a washer machine. It was terrifying, chilling, we were basically frozen like deer in headlights, and the main thing was they seemed to be moving as with an intelligence, deliberate and purposeful. We told our camp naturalist and she said it was either ball lightning or swamp gas. Here is the other odd thing. I used to like to hang out with the camp art director in our “off” time, and we would dig thru all this old junk in this barn full of supplies for fun. We would listen to vintage records we found, find all kinds of cool old art supplies and old campers projects and all kinds of stuff (this camp had been around for decades, but it was sold in 2011 I believe). One day we found an old campers project that had names of places in the area (like the lake and woods) that the native Indian tribes had. Not sure but maybe the Potawatomi? Anyway the name of the woods I don’t remember, it started with an N, but they had the English translation which was: Firefly. And that’s kind of what those things looked like: giant fireflies. Anyway all these years I never forgot that although the memory is faded, and I never knew what it was but always kinda thought it was some kind of natural but rare earth phenomenon or something. I have listened with interest to those fairy stories of the will’o wisps and so forth ever since—I’ve seen them! I think these things have been around. But it just really struck me when you mentioned how the EVOs act as if with intelligence. That was the thing that was so striking about what I saw. Second point. I love how you brought together so many things…two of my fave physics books, total game changers in my outlook, are Tom Van Falndern’s excellent book Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets, where he describes “pushing gravity” and how it formed our universe. Absolutely fascinating and I’m a strong proponent of his theories. Second book is The Big Bang Never Happened by Eric Lerner, where the author describes the plasma universe—plasma’s electric role in the formation of our universe. After reading those two books, I’ve often though they could be combined to create a really comprehensive view of the formation of our universe and a more complete understanding of physics. I read Bob Lazar’s book dreamland earlier this year, and I do think they have antigravity devices and that it involves some substance—but aside from Bob Lazar claims about having such a substance I’ve long thought if it was possible it might involve some type of material that provides shielding of a sort, perhaps electromagnetically, from the pushing gravity or ether. There is an excellent book called Yoga Art by Ajit Mookerjee, it is a collection of metaphysical drawings mostly from eastern yogis but there is a section on western esotericism as well. I think you can find this image if you Google image search the book, but there is one illustration that is like a blue square with little yellow arrows going in different directions filling the picture frame. I always imagine this to be a conception of the ether. I think the ideas you find in Tom Van Flanders book for example, as scientific as they are, can be found in esoteric traditions around the world. People did reason there way forward to some of these ideas. Van Flandern calls it “The Meta Model” I believe, and I feel like I could draw many parallels between it and say John Dees Monas, or the Kabbalistic Ein Sof. I feel you could tie it to “the perennial philosophy”, going back to Plato or Pythagoras…but it’s also totally scientific and real! One final note and that is about the Ark of the Covenant. I do believe it was a capacitor with the two angels acting as a spark gap between which “god” appeared(?) on the mercy seat. According to the dimensions in the Bible the ark would fit exactly in the “sarcophagus” in the kings chamber of the great pyramid. I also believe the great pyramid was some kind of machine that worked with the earth to create energy, although for what purpose I do not know. Christopher Dunn explains this in his book The Giza Power Plant.  I think these are remnant technologies of a fallen civilization. How it fell is another story. Suffice to say I do very much wonder about the ark and the pyramid in relation to all of these things as I do strongly believe they were both probably electrical and highly technological in nature. Btw—I also think it was akhenaten as Moses or one of his followers who carried the ark out of Egypt, and that Akhenaten was reviving an older golden age type tradition with his worship of the Aten or sun (a giant plasma ball btw), that was ultimately suppressed. Why he took the ark and what it’s ultimate function was I do not know, but they left in exile because of their beliefs, and that was basically the founding of the modern western world, in my view. I believe the government/military has looked into these ancient “technologies” as well, but like the antigravity device, I don’t think they’d release anything for national security reasons, which I do understand to an extent. But I also kind of think like you said in the podcast that this stuff is kind of obvious to a point and it will come out eventually anyway. Thanks for the show and thanks Greg for your excellent podcast, have been listening for YEARS and really enjoy it.

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