Doug Lindamood | Factory Farms Vs. Regenerative Agriculture & The SonRise Ranch Way

Show Notes

Doug Lindamood is the proprietor of SonRise Ranch,  an all natural, regenerative, non-industrial, non-chemical, non-government subsidy funded family farm in Southern California.

They grow and sell, by the pound Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef that never eat grain. In addition, they also raise humanely treated, antibiotic free, organic fed (no SOY, no GMOs) Pork and truly free-range Chicken.

Doug and SonRise Ranch are deeply committed to the principles of small farming and regenerative agriculture.

Their patrons and THC listeners alike, are encouraged to become involved in their local agriculture community, to seek knowledge about proper farming and Ranching techniques, to find and know their local farmer and to stop falling prey to the Chemical-Industrial-Government complex poisoning our food, bodies and ecosystems.

To purchase from SonRise Ranch, if you’re in the Southern California area please click here!

PLUS Content

  • Comparing the corporate pork and chicken industries to the small farm ways.
  • System vulnerability & EMPs.
  • The truth about Raw dairy.
  • Proper cooking & getting access to these parts of the animal that have been limited.
  • Bone broth’s importance.
  • Dry aging.
  • The spiritual aspects of ranching & regenerative agriculture.
  • Tips for taking the leap towards self sustainability.
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Thank you both, so many ideas i'd like to try.


This dude out there living muh dreams!


Yeah I live right outside Philadelphia, so if this election shit goes bad I feel like it’s going to be ground zero for the public disputes that follow a split decision or Trump victory (even though I feel like a Biden victory will be a huge setback in general as far as personal freedom and foreign policies go). Hopefully there’s time to grind it out, I’ve got at least a year or two before I can afford relocating further west into the Appalachians where there’s plenty of farmland and water security. But I would love to have even enough land for a few dairy goats and chickens even if the ranch/cattle thing is a pipe dream. 

But anyway, a great episode with lots of information and hope for anyone wanting to get into regenerative agriculture, even if it’s just for self sustainment, seems like it’s possible to make some supplemental income or enough to barter with. Been drinking raw milk for about 5 years and it’s really so different from pasteurized that I don’t even mind paying double the price. I get grass fed beef when I can (from a picky distributor, so it’s not just the stuff that fits the minimum regulatory standards). I guess for now I might just need to get an extra freezer and think about splitting an animal up with some friends straight from the source.


Missouri has medical marijuana now

lisa fato

Fantastic episode Greg, its the reason I always go to THC your subject range is exceptional! And I think its great how you weave questions in from other shows you've learnt from. Creating an intricate web of knowledge. 

I'm fortunate enough to live in regional Australia where I have access to farms such as Dougs but it brings to light the importance of sharing this information to others so they too can source the quality food so lacking in our fast food, disconnected paradigm. I've shared it with a few maintstream farming friends in the hopes of shifting their focus cause there is definitely a demand for it. Australia has it's own "only profits matter" when it comes to agriculture mentality and shows like this highlight the need for that mentality to shift. smiley


GREAT episode!  Very informative, inspiring, and motivating!  Thank you, as always!

Benjamin Ayovuare

This was really interesting, much more than I expected.

Benjamin Ayovuare

Also, I think this episode really highlights the problems with industrialisation and why we need to move away from it. 


The reality is that there is no nutritional requirement for humans to eat the flesh of other beings and doing so can have adverse health effects. However, anything that reduces the horrors of factory farming is welcome. Thanks for the episode.


Great Show, I am in the beginning stages of starting a biodynamic homestead on 2 acres.  Lots of great info in this episode, I won’t have to learn everything the hard way.  I am super worried about groceries stores and the vaccine, like what Ticketmaster is doing.  Lots of good ideas in this episode Gregg, thanks for getting it done.  The collapse of the food system would obviously be very bad for many people but it could also be a blessing in disguise!  It may be the cure for Cancer and shit?  No more processed radiated food!  Again, super positive great episode from the King Of Podcasts.

khris knight

Okay, I have an Android device and I can't seem to get this player to go for more than 10 minutes or so without cutting off and jumping back to the beginning…also the download tab just starts playing with no controls..iv been subscribing off and on for a few years now and this has always been an issue..WTF?

khris knight

I'm using Firefox. If I press and hold on downloads all I get is "copy link and share link"

How do I get the second hour on a podcast app?


Great show Greg!

Nice fit with Zach Bush's soil health angle.


Thanks to both of you. I am a plus member for a long time and this is my first review. One of my favourite episode and hope for more like this one. Greetings from Toronto.


Amazing as always Greg! Thank you! 
Doug is hugely inspiring. Great episode.


Awesome episode.

Anyone in Canada want to split a cow with me?



Recently signed up for a plus membership and this show was definitely worth the second hour. I loved the inclusion of Doug's internship program for prospective homesteaders – this was all super useful. 

It was also nice to hear someone with a different spiritual perspective than most guests. I love a good monotheist take on the world every once in a while. It was a breath of fresh air. 

Larry La Marca

Greg, a little constructive criticism from an old/new subscriber. It would be very helpful to me, and maybe others, if your team posted links to a guest's previous shows, if there are any. Unless I'm missing something which is entirely possible. Thank you for the show, I hold you in high regard as a man who took a risk with his life path, and went for the dream. I wish I had when I was much younger. Maybe one day I can tell you how I found your show. I am most certainly not in your demographic target audience.




I don't remember the last time I came away from an interview just really liking the interviewee.


This may be far from conspiracy stuff, but this is such good info. Thanks,  Greg, for this show. I've been working in regenerative ag for 10 years and am a huge advocate. Individuals really are the ones that have to make the change towards better food choices…. and that comes from knowing your farmers and ranchers at the least, to growing your own if you can. I see the processing and shipping of food around the country (and world) as one of the biggest contributors to climate change. If we kept food local we would reduce carbon by a lot. 

Great show. Doug was great. Keep it up!


From the high desert in New Mexico



Real Men Run Ranches. Loved this interview. Prince of a human being.

Steven Sopaul Lal