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Chad Stuemke | Esoteric Architecture, Stargate Detroit, & The Great Lakes Triangle

Show Notes

Chad Stuemke is an esoteric author, research & knowledge seeker. Chad’s investigations range from searching out the secrets of ancient civilizations and their hidden archaeology to probing the present for answers in regards to U.F.O.’s, stargates, symbolism, spirituality, and humanities greater potentials.

He is the author of Stargate Detroit | Transcending the Gateways to Freedom & The Mystical Mitten | Michigan’s Stargates, Temples and Sacred Mounds of Transformation

More of his work can be found @



PLUS Content

  • Summoning teachers from the other side.
  • The US and Canada’s Project Magnet.
  • The Lake Superior underwater anomaly.
  • The Michigan relics.
  • Curious statements from famous people about Detroit.
  • The Wooly Mammoth Rock and the new discovery.
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Great stuff!


Another great show Greg. I love the eclectic mix you come up with.

Luv from London💜.


One of my biggest regrets in life will be not having found you sooner!! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these shows. Truly eye opening, mind-blowing, helpful and dare I say, hopeful? This is a terrific episode, as well! Thank you 🙌🏼

john elliott

first episode as a plus member!!!



Timothy Clark

Going to the St; Louis Arch today. 


Great discussion! Thank you!

It occurs to me that the view from the St. Louis Gateway Arch also overlooks the Mighty Mississippi which could easily represent the Milky Way.

I've got to look into the symbolism and history of landmarks around Nashville, TN, where i live. There's a Bicentennial Mall with a bunch of symbolic stuff. I think Freeman Fly did a video on it.

Other thought – just by serendipity i recently became aware of the artist/architect Maya Lin, who became famous by winning the contest to design the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial in DC. She has done some amazing stuff.


Electric universe theory; we're very unlikely to be hit by asteroids as the asteroid and earth are both charged particles moving through the plenum and therefore are going to repel each other… We may experience discharge between the two bodies yet they will be repelled by this also. We've got more to worry about regarding inter-spatial-body discharge than an actual impact. It's not so much luck that we haven't been hit by an asteroid than electric repulsion I believe.


Great stuff Greg. I find thus really interesting and regularly search for it in England, UK. If anyone is interested take a look at Longleat, Somerset from the air and tell me if you can see Egyptian symbology on the path of one of the parks. Less than a mile away is a public park called Heavens Gate (google it). 


I like these type of episodes a lot because it really shows how there's so much more to reality than we've been led to believe. On a soul level I do believe we came here at this specific time to play our own unique part.

The part about the architect and a potential face on mars was fascinating. Cydonia! Stargates! It made me think of 'The Mars Mystery' by Graham Hancock and 'The Martians' by Nick Redfern (which I only sampled so far). 

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies!


Much love Greg Carlwood & company!



Love this show, I checked out his website before listening and the Hart Plaza pictures were amazing.  The fountain in the park reminds me of those Masonic wood cuts Tracy T. talked about.  
The checkerboard floor, two pillars on either side, with the constellations above and stairs leading up and out.   


This, along with Ras Ben and Michael Wann, make me really want to explore my home state’s (Florida) occult history and structures. 


Just saw this crash in Michigan info and immediately thought of this show:

F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes In Michigan, Rescue Crews Search For Pilot

Wed, 12/09/2020 – 07:57

A General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula Tuesday night, according to WLUC.

The F-16 was assigned to the Wisconsin Air National Guard's 115th Fighter Wing at Truax Field Air National Guard Base in Madison.

Steven Sopaul Lal


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