Chris Emmons Ormus Alchemy Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Chris Emmons | ORMUS, M-State Elements, Alchemy, & You

Show Notes


Chris Emmons is a pharmacist who during 2004 began supplementing with Ormus and sharing it with her pets, and plants. She observed the most wonderful improvement to health and state of being. This she also saw in her companion bird, houseplants and trail horse. Ms Emmons researched Ormus & was mentored by ORMUS researchers who taught her methods of its collection. Feeling tremendous Gratitude, she remains available to help others learn about Ormus and how to collect it. Chris has said that she is here -if only for the one reason.

Chris was asked to write a book describing Ormus and processes of its collection. That book is Ormus Modern Day Alchemy. It has become the standard for Ormus seekers and the Ormus collecting community. It contains Timeless information ….never out of date and available at,, and Amazon.
Chris began the fellowship of Ormus Groups where seasoned and newcomers alike can come together for sharing and learning.

Visit for Ormus information; Get the Ormus Modern Day Alchemy book, Order Emmons Ormus products and Join Facebook page: Ormus-a page for beginners where All questions have merit. When you are ready, begin collecting Ormus yourself.

Chris asks that you Learn much & Share Ormus information with others. – (Chris’ show notes.)

PLUS Content

  • The Translocation ability of ORMUS. Penetrating barriers.
  • Don Nance, Dragon’s Blood, & working with M–State Metals.
  • ORMUS in the garden
  • Nutrients that benefit ATP.
  • The magnet vortex water trap.
  • Indications that ancient cultures had discovered these materials.

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  1. My home-made basil oil “travels” out of the glass bottle in lives in, leaving a ring of oil under the bottle.

    The basil was grown with shungite stones in the soil (this seems to produce very dark-green leaves), the oil is olive oil, from the Mediterranean. The only other ingredient is Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. It is said these salt flakes contain a perfect balance of minerals – with no additives.

    1. The phonemen you describe is known as transmutation. One of my chores at EEE is to bury the Ormus where it remains underground for a lunar month-about 29 1/2 days. Sometimes a small about Ormus will "escape" or transmute to the top of the container upon excavation. This is really awesome considering the containers are an HDPE material with a sealed gasket top. 

  2. I listened to about a half-hour of this episode.  It has a snake oil salesman vibe to it, frankly.  Doubt I'll finish it.  Would be interested in other listeners perspectives who finished the full show's opinion, though.

    1. The best part of ormus is that you can do it yourself for about $10. Not really snake oil. I got really into it a few years back and had some truly amazing and strange experiences. Have backed off a bit lately but it really is amazing

    2. Starting @ roughly 21 minutes into the interview

      "The system we have today doesn't even acknowledge the human soul or spirit, so the spirt or soul of plants or minerals is definitely off the radar…" (Greg, )

      "The ormus or M-State of minerals is difficult to detect with modern equipment…it's kind of 'ethereal'…" (Greg)

      "Yes, because it has energies that are too small to see or measure.  It's not seeable.  It doesn't follow our standard physics…it's outside of this realm, but interacting with this realm…" (Guest)

      That's about where I gave up on the interview.  I walk the dog, and that's about the half-hour a day I have to listen to podcast content, for certain.  I just can't hang with that level of woo, sorry.  Maybe I'm missing out, but I reckon I'll never know.


  3. A very great episode Greg. Thank you to Chris for coming to the show. 

    I really appreciate her positive vibe, humble approach and combination of riotous self confidence. I will b checking out the website, learning how to do this and purchasing some of her products. 

    I, like many, have heard of ormus before along with alchemy but didn't have much of an understanding of what it was. This interview gave me a much greater understanding of what it is and what it does. I'd consider myself firmly on the train and wanting to stay on for a while. 

    Greg, just wanna add that this platform feels like the place batman got all his skills to be who he is. With that i can take what you present through your guests and craft my own personal utility belt. 

    Our gods wear spandex… And our superheroes wear headphones

    1. ………..if you only knew.smiley That is her stern classroom teacher persona. She knows exactly where she is going and usually answers all questions in the course of her presentation. She reminds me of a law professor from my college days who announced he would be employing the Socratic Method of teaching. "I ask the questions. You give the answers." -Ralph

  4. Oh man, another non-stop motormouth guest that actually states very, very, very little information/factoids while making a pitch. Try listening critically and making "study'" notes, or deciding what you would use a highlight marker on if you had a transcript of what she says – almost nothing to annotate in an hour of talk. The late Jim Marrs had a 1000% better presentation about ORMUS. I wouldn't bother with ANY guest that doesn't speak and interact with the host in a normal conversational manner; "forced speech" is a sign of B.S. or mental illness, and hard to tolerate listening to for an hour straight.

    1. Do you even know how to create precipitates? She is talking to people who have college level chemistry and anatomy/physiology education. She makes complete sense, she is just talking way over your head. Go take organic chemistry class and then go listen again.

      1. I'm a retired Senior Pharmaceutical Chemist.  I used to head up Pharmaceutical QC labs and would actually develop instrumental testing methodologies.  I went to Chris Emmons site and started doing a lot of reading to see what the heck she was talking about.  Trust me, the MORE you know about chemistry the LESS you will understand what she is going on there.  It's a convoluted sciency sounding word-salad mess.  Note: "Alchemy" is not "Chemistry".

         Sure, minerals, are highly neglected in today's modern diet, but this woo-woo "Ormus" configuration (whether it really exists significantly), is completely unnecessary for mineral absorption. Besides, if there's any actual way to use any instrumentation to differentiate between an Ormus molecular configuration (if it exists) from standard molecular arrangement I am not aware of it.

        I am very open-minded and I always try to do a fair amount of research before forming an opinion on anything, but after reading many articles on her site it comes across to me as a well-meaning, but delusional snake oil pitch.


        However of course YMMV.  (Your Mileage May Vary).


        But I still appreciate Greg's interview here to put differing information out there.  (That's why I've been a TDC+ supporter for quite some time now).

  5. Yah, my ears are ringing from listening to the whole thing (in a few stints) but my head feels emptier.  Not in a meditation way, in a waiting to hear something substamtial to chew way.  Like i picked up a hitchhiker that couldn't stop talking.

  6. Living not far from the GSL, I appreciate the alchemical knowledge. I share the skepticism, I imagine there is a lot of hog wash around it. She comes off goofy but genuine. Discounting all of it seems foolish. Probably a lot of inferior products online. Makes me wonder about the Native American ‘Salt family’. Transporting salt to the nation of tribes. Manna in Polynesian occultism…

  7. I personally really enjoyed this full episode. Waiting for her book to come in the mail now. Will be entertaining I feel to work through the processes to make ones own and try it out for myself to see what at least the whole experience is like. And hopefully get those benefits as well!

  8. This episode was amazing. I've been really loving these alchemical episodes. I bought Chris's book. I'll definitely share the results in the forum, and I also purchased some monoatomic gold from a company called m state with good reviews. Keep up the great work Greg. I appreciate what you do for us.

  9. Barry Carter said something along these lines in an interview *when u measure water, for every gallon f water u get a gallon of ormus precipitate* or something sorta similar to tht, my question is, if we r so much water ive read anywhere from 75%-99% structurally speaking closer to 99%, how much ormus is in our urine? And what kinda powder gold would come from thy own cistern? He also said we should be pissing and returning our ormus to the garden 🙂 thank you Chris!!! I love this interview!!! And u the man Greg 

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