Derrick Broze Conscious Resistance Interview on The Higherside Chats podcast

Derrick Broze | Conscious Resistance, The Technocratic State, & The Freedom Formula

Show Notes


Derrick Broze is an activist, journalist, and the Founder and CEO of The Conscious Resistance Network, an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, & community organizing.

Derrick is also involved with a great resource for finding like-minded people ion your area.

Get more Derrick Broze: -The 5G Trojan Horse Documentary – Who Will Find What The Finders Hide Documentary

PLUS Content

  • Derrick’s Finder’s Cult Documentary.
  • The Game Caller.
  • Why we need to get off the grid: Exit & Build v Hold Down The Fort.

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  1. Great show, my favorite guest so far in terms of the more realistic and directly concerning conspiracies to current events, was skeptical of the freedom cells idea when I first saw it but I was in a cynical mood. Really like the end and your focus on planning and being pragmatic on how to really navigate these crazy times. Sometimes have crawled deep into those wilder stories with Sylvie Ivanowa lately as an escape but even that’s pretty fire and brimstone πŸ˜‚. Guess it’s time to really put in some work separating from the system, figure out the chronology and end times later. 

  2. “The one world religion is science”… so true! I’ve seen so many signs in people’s yards that say “In this house we believe in science”… science is just another belief system, and it is NOT infallible like they want us to believe. 

  3. great show yes  time to start think about what is next

    Greg i can't get my new password for the forum. When i go to forgott my password the recaptcha that is there to check if im a bot or no has this : 

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    and can't get past that. 

  4. Greg, this is one of my favorite episodes.  Derrick is a great speaker, and as always, you were a great host.  Thank you so much for getting this information out there.  It probably never would have reached me otherwise.  Keep doing what you do, and even if the big platforms kick the show off of them, I'll keep dialing in and listening.  smiley

  5. Great show!  It is thoughts and ideas that Derrick is talking about now that got me involved in permaculture and international community almost 8 years ago.  Thank you for being another platform for truth. 

  6. So might be a bit stoned but I found humor in the idea. That Derrick's plan for international communities and freedom cells of around 8 people and the fact he calls himself a journalist was very similar to what I learned about the finders cult he spoke of. But tha crazy. Hhahaha

  7. Is there any "land" in the world that isn't owned and taxed?

    Anywhere where it is possible to own (or use) land that can't, ultimately,  be taken away from the "owner", by the government or other authorities?

  8. Loved your last two shows. “Science the new religion “ is the most difficult topics to explain to my friends and family “.  I’m tired of hearing that “it’s science “ or the “experts say”.  On a different note, I have no problem with someone wanting to find a different country  to live, but for me I prefer to make a stand in my home country.  However, I currently live in St. Louis and I think a rural location is the place to be.  Can’t wait to leave the metro area. 

  9. Hi Greg,

    What an excellent show!

    Derrick is a brilliant, intelligent guy who really has an ability to get his ideas across.  And what a life he has led – talk about challenges.

    It's worth going back to your show with Lori Handrahan PhD to gain more understanding about the whole issue of child sex trafficking, a subject that needs continuous exposure to the light of day as it appears to reach into the highest echelons of society who know to cover their tracks. Having listened to Derrick on the Finders I plan to go back and listen to Lori again.

    Regarding leaving the USA, I was a founding member of a large intentional community outside Black Mountain NC (see but eventually my life path led me to move permanently to Peru in 2006.  I have never regretted it.  When I visit the US periodically it always feel like I'm back in the land of mind-control – in short, I always feel very wierd for the first few days.  Peru is basically chaos which I find much better than a mind-controlled population.

    You can read my book 'Long Road to Chavin' by Martin Stevens (published on 2018) about how I moved to Peru and made a new life there.

    Keep 'em coming Greg. You da man!

  10. excellent guest and show !! fingers crossed for the next show to be more focused on the 'freedom cells' perhaps with a small panel discussion even. 

    luv these 'how now shall we live' type topics 


  11. This and the Sally Fallon interview have been my favorite so far this year! Both were completely on point with our current reality and offer practical, actionable advice which is what I think ppl really need right now. There are so many of us who want to do something but not sure what to do or where to start. I think Derrick is on the right path with the community co ops/freedom cells. Thats the same wave of inspired action I felt earlier this year and I think key to breaking down these globalist systems and rebuilding in a way thats more spiritually aligned. We cant just destroy or boycott things, we need to replace them so they become obsolete. 

    Peggy Hall would be an awesome guest to have on as well to help ppl with the legal side of things. I think its going to important for all of us to educate ourselves in that area so we can successfully navigate thru the tyranny. 2020 sucks but i think it has potential to shift us in a much better direction if we're willing to put in the energy! πŸ–€

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