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Welcome to the first re-imagined monthly Joint Session, initially called that b/c of the sit down between host and audience, but now referring to audience derived content that is gone over in these casual bonus episodes.

It’s a show made up of: Messages left in the Joint Session forum thread, questions left in the Q&A forum thread, & we go through some of the harshest comments & 1 star reviews that THC has gotten lately.

Jump in the forum if you’d like to contribute a weird experience, personal theory, or spill the tea on some local conspiracy for the next one:

Thanks to Sytholab for the closing track!

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  1. What do we think guys? Worse or better? Is it entertaining to hear the negative stuff? Am I wasting my time? 

    I know we're all in it to hear the guests, but I'm curious if you'd like this little extra at the end of the month or if you'd probably just end up skipping them. I would assume I'd get more diverse stuff to talk about in the future, and maybe should add something like a reveal for an upcoming guest, but things evolve. Thanks for the support and thanks for listening either way!

      1. yeah. he is a comedian. id call his rebutts solid burns really. but in a nice way . hes conscientious reasonable. he doesnt really have to even acknowledge those follks.

    1. haha 'high' quality and variety. Pun intended? Also think its cool you aloud some perspective on the left in the mix. I tend to lean more libertarian these days, but its always healthy to hear opposing arguments. Keep up the great work Greg


    2. I thought this new format was pretty solid and enjoyable. Haters gunna hate haha. I honestly didn't get into the Joint Sessions until a few months ago, and was sad to see em go. Maybe do a listener show occasionally, where they get 20-30 minutes (no need for hard cut offs). Could mix like 4 to 6 together into one episode ever so often. Just a though. I know some listeners have become guest as well. Finishing some research on Mayan Evolution of Consciousness stuff. Working on a presentation. It's amazing stuff. Basically shows a planned evolution rather than spontaneous. One of the coolest parts is how it fits into conspiracy culture. Basically explains why history unfolded as it did, and gives a lot of insight as to why things are they way they are now. For example, the 'Illumanti' n such are like the masters of the 7th wave. Their actually crippled by their psychopathology, disconnected from themselves and everyone else. They cannot 'manifest' any of their wishes, so they resort to controlling everyone and forcing them to create instead. The 8th wave is Ethics, and would be 20 times is here to undo their mistakes basically. Power is what can you do. Ethics is how should we use it wisely. If you want to do a show hit me up, should be fun. 

      1. I don't see how to edit it, so i will explain my error there. Each wave is 20 times faster/more powerful than the previous level. Examples, burning oxygen is 20 times more efficient than photosynthesis. Or our dream time is 20 times faster than our waking consciousness (like in inception). So basically, the rise of the 8th and 9th wave is what is undoing and exposing the Power structure. They can't keep up with the newer consciousness, despite their endless psychological, biochemical, and electromagnetic assaults perhaps?  Trying to keep the competition down. Well, too bad, cuz there is no competition… were all done with your stupid games and don't want to play. We are our own authority. Government is a collective fiction, like most of what we do. Humanity and Truth will win, at least that where I'm betting!

    3. I am plus member and enjoy the variety you chose in guests.  I am a graphic artist and listen to many podcasts while working. Every one has a paid second hour so you should not apologize.  The cultural climate is criticism and lack of empathy: please don’t take it so personal with the reviews!  Trust your intuition!  You ARE good at your chosen path!  

      As an ethnic minority,  I see the US as exploiting and corrupt since FOREVER.  School just made its citizens delusional.  America was never ‘great’: America was and is cruel. 

    4. Ignore the haters Greg. It's so easy to send a negative comment. Your content is hands down the best structured and thought out I have come across. You delivery is PERFECT and your guests/subjects are first class and very enlightening. Ignore the hate and believe in what you're doing. Don't even read or give them the time.

    5. I'd just gotten a membership and couldn't figure out how to engage in the joint session before it was cancelled.  I really liked the random and spontaneous surprise aspect as well as the community intetaction and am sad to not be able to participate… puff, puff, pass?

    6. Hey Greg!  I couldn't not take a moment to comment on this joint show!  I'm a long time listener, lover and finally plus member, and have never really commented on the show.  I have so much for which to compliment you I'm not sure I'll fit it all in here! Btw, completely agree on your stance with disabling comments after haters. Important for your guests to feel safe/comfortable regardless of your stance on their subject.

      Regarding this particular "joint session" I enjoyed it very much.  I never had the opportunity to listen to prior joint sessions, but I feel this is a great format for a personal touch from you in addition to being informative.  I love listening to your approach. I find you informed, well spoken and quite witty!  It was wonderful learning more about your background and all that led up to your now awesome success doing what you love! I find you inspirational and am awed by your 10 year milestone! You are possibly the best interviewer I have experienced, and definitely the best consistently timely, edgy and provocative content.

      Quite frankly, hearing some of the bashing words people send you makes me realize how many idiots are really out there among us.  Their comments on virtually every point were ludicrous, unfounded and make me feel bad that you get this kind of rhetoric!  Hopefully you also receive overwhelmingly more of the type I'm giving.  And btw $8 is soooo fair for such incredible plus content!  Not sure what I would have done without your show with its reassuring words and wisdom throughout this corona plandemic.  Feels good to know people like you are out there! Well for now THANK YOU and keep doing what you do!!!

    7. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the show for sure and am looking forward to future ones. I also felt called to commend you for the excellent, superior quality, content that you create and say you did a great job laughing off all the negativity. My husband and I have been listeners for 4+ years and have always resonated with your perspectives and feel your approaches to topics have been even-keeled, grounded, and obviously thoughtful. I appreciated the Angela J Davis episode (haven't listened to the other policing black folk episode yet) and think it speaks to how one should approach current times, with a genuine, human-centered, curious heart. Thank you Greg. Your show, your perspectives, and your guests have made a huge difference in our lives and we are so grateful for the work you do. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Seems like a more comfortable space this way.. Although I will miss seeing people wearing thc tees taking bong rips. And, my wife had a huge laugh when your cat dominated the screen. 

  3. I like the new format, no offense to anybody but some of the direct member calls can be awkward or down right hard to listen to and it’s difficult to know before without committing to the listen. 

    Also good to hear Greg answering questions uninterrupted since it’s usually the opposite format during the normal episodes, which is part of what makes him a great interviewer but nice to listen to more of him in this format.

    We’ll have to keep the Q&A Thread more interesting is all.

  4. Thanks for the show Greg. I Don't normally leave comments or rate anything. but I personally appreciate all your episodes. I enjoy that you look at anything regardless if it fits into your specific world view. A true philologist! My favorite podcast, followed close by Crrow777 that I discovered through your show, like most of my favorite podcasters.


    Enjoyed the solo show! Maybe do some solo shows like Gordon on Rune Soup. You mean have some great ideas for people to hear from all the diverse information you collect from your guests.

  5. Greg, 

    Been a long time listener and plus member. Love the show, I've listened to every show some twice. Keep doin what your doin. I enjoyed the joint session alot, put a lot of perspective on things. People in this "culture" want the truth but don't realize when they have it.

  6. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m baffled at those negative reviews! Has anyone heard of “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” you’re truly an amazing podcast and you deserve any amount of money you ask for! 

  7. i think im going to have to listen to the first half again. was kinda preoccupied. but i think the bad reviews and rebuttles was entertaining. looking forward to more thc!

  8. luv'd this !! thank you for considering this direction for kind of like a monthly mash-up. your explanations for the switch are solid imho, cheers !! 

    could also be a good place for any follow up developments etc for recent interviews. 


  9. Hey Greg, I'm glad to be a plus member because you are the best interviewer out there.  I say this because you never interrupt your guests, to get your own opinion in, and you ask great, informed questions.

    I can't comment on this new joint session format, because I didn't listen to the others.  Like I didn't listen to Angela Davis.  And probably a few others.  I take what I want and leave the rest.  It is your show, you pick the guests, which is the way it should be. What I do listen to, is very much worth $8 per month.

    As far as you critics go— what was written about you says more about the commenter, than it says about you.  The negative nellies have emotional issues, and it is easy to vent ones pain in an anonymous comments section on the 'net, than to confront the real person(s) in ones real life, about the real problem.  I suggest you take this into considration, or ignore them.

    P.S.-  You…a Trump supporter?!  Are you fucking kidding me?  That is beyond ridiculous.  You have always been wary of Trump, whereas I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Whomever said that, has never listened to you, or is a bot.  Come to think of it, we may never know just how many bots really are out there….

  10. Greg, I very much enjoyed this. I did not partake in the former joint sessions so I can only tell you what I think about this one and I thought it was good. I gladly pay $8 a month for the higher sides. Shit, I spend more tipping doordash drivers in a month and the knowledge you and your guests share with us is much more valuable than me getting to sit on my ass while someone delivers food to me… The beauty of your podcast is it’s many views and different perspectives. You do the work for us and  filter through the muck that is out there in the conspiracy world and provide us with some of the better content. Of course not everyone will agree with every guest, I know I don’t agree with every guest, but would it be worth listening to if it was all information we agree with or the same view point we already have? I think your core  base listens to have viewpoints challenged and to hear new information from an alternative source. The more you think you know the less you really do, right? 😉 I think your point about your role being that of the connector and facilitator is spot on! Also, if your Angela Davis podcast was released at a different time I think the feedback would have been much different. You provided us with a legitimate conspiracy but it’s a topic that is overly saturated right now and unfortunately it seems the media and powers that be have found a way to use it to divide us even further…Mars is in Aries, right? I also just want to add that I appreciate how you don’t interrupt your guests or fight back- you keep the conversation reigned in and do play devils advocate at times but let the guest give their piece so that listeners can pull what they find makes sense to them from the interviews. I think partially what’s wrong with the world is that no one is willing to listen to another’s view point without interrupting. That’s why your core base of listeners come here, you get it and do what you do with heart and integrity. Keep up the good work and the good fight and thank you for all of the content! You do a great job at finding some of the best guests and topic in a conspiracy world that involves a lot of filtering at times. Did some one really bring up coast to coast? Don’t get me wrong, I have listened to coast to coast and appreciate much of the content they explore but they hardly get as in depth as you do and do not seem to have as particular of a filter for the guests that come on…I remember they had one guest on that essentially was promoting a Scientology like organization that looks like a pyramid scheme to attain enlightenment. But even with them, I just appreciate that someone is working to get different and weird view points out into the world. We can take from that what we like and choose not listen that which we don’t. But I do want to say that I think you kick the crap out of coast to coast radio in the content you give us. It would be like comparing the band Poison to Slayer. Both considered metal but vastly different… Keep up the good work, Greg! You rock my socks! 

  11. I so would love a book from THC. I've thought of making my own guide from your episodes for myself. Using Clive de Carle and John Brissom and other helpful things from all the health and wellness oriented shows.

  12. I think a transcript would be awesome. 

    I'd even be interested in trying to help transcribe episodes. I wonder if we couldn't get a bunch of plus members to choose episodes and work through the backlog. 


  13. I can’t believe how people complain about $8 to hear the second hour. It’s well worth the price. I own my own business and have people tell me my prices are to high and that they should get in my line of work. I tell them to go for it. Just make sure you understand the amount of work it takes and the tremendous overhead.  It’s not easy!

    By the way, I was skeptical about the health and nutrition shows.  Turns out I think they are the most useful. I can’t do much about chem trails, but I can make better health decisions.  I think health and medical is one of the biggest conspiracies. 

  14. even when you pay for C2C to skip commercials, there are constant interruptions for the breaks… It made it easy to notice when they cut them off, go to break, and change the topic. after one too many I was done. THC ftw

  15. It could be said that any one having children these days is setting them up for a tricky existence. I already have three and good lord, the younger ones are gonna have to navigate some shite. My oldest though is 30, I was 20 when he was born. We get along great, but I didn't do him any favors when I fought for custody…you can't have anything more polarizing than an ugly divorce. It is true that some parents are not worthy of being involved, but in my case we were both young and the issues were light compared to what one could call the worst case…I mean all I wanted was to complete my education and be there for my son. I wanted to move to Cali and go to ArtCenter. But, is that enough to take him from his mother who was less ambitious? No. Regardless, my boy is the one who introduced me to the concept of the black pill. All from a first world perspective, pre COV. If you want to have children, it isn't a walk in the park no matter what is happening. So jump in my friend, 'cause who feels it knows it, it is all relative. 

    I love your show, I feel a kindred spirit with you. You are a fantastic interviewer. Indentification of any sort is the building of an unstable structure. Is this not what Buddhism, Taoism, … teach? 

  16. There is a segment of the population that feels entitled.

    These people expect others to give freely of their time and resources to *them*…but they are not willing to give their own resources freely to others.

    These people are perpetual "victims ", and will lash out at those who are not fulfilling their desires.

    All the work and time you put in to what is your full time job should just be handed out for free?

    Give me a break.

    Dont they realize that without your members, you'd likely have to quit and they wouldnt even be getting the free first hour?

    Sorry you have to deal with these vampires.

    1. Ha, it's all good. It's always going to be a criticism. One of the big digs people take at stoner hippie types has always been, "Isn't it funny how the people who want society to share everything are the ones who never have anything?" Kind of makes me think of that. 

      I empathize though, that victim mentality is one of the early mindsets that most conspiracy enthusiasts are going to have. I used to have it, then when the show started to work for me, I realized I was never important to the Rockefellers.

      Yes, a system has been built that's like swimming up river, but some of us personalize that too much. I just hope the majority of us get past that mindset, and that all the work we've done to achieve a more accurate view of the world becomes something that contributes to all of our successes. 

  17. I am a plus member and enjoy the variety of you guests.  I am a graphic artist and listen to several podcasts while I work.  Everyone has a paid second hour. 

    America has always been cruel and selfish:  school is just propaganda to make it seem justified. 

  18. Greg, when I heard those reviews you read by those flaky haters, I felt genuine anger. First, like you said, it's freakin FREE. Not only free, but exceptionally high quality every. single. time.

    I'm glad you shared that because it made me come to the comments to leave a nice review because you certainly deserve nice reviews. Every show is excellent. Of course there are certain guests that certain people are more interested in, but often there is a surprise and it leads me to researching something I hadn't heard of. 

    Don't you let those haters get you down. You're awesome. And it is clear, and always has been, that you love humanity and you certainly are just trying to figure things out. It is more than fine to question BLM. Just leaving a note of support and encouragement in these crazy times. Much love to you and your wife.

    BTW, Michael Wann has excellent new stuff. Time for another show!

    1. Hilarious! One of my good friends is named Dorrell. He joined me on one of the Joint Sessions until he got too high and slowly slide out of frame and laid on the floor. 

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