Deborah Tavares Weather Weapons Stop The Crime Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Deborah Tavares | Weather Weapons, Resource Restrictions, & The Control Agenda

Show Notes


Today we’re joined by the passionate researcher and activist, Deborah Tavares of

Deborah is a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has been self‐employed in a family operated business for over 30 years. She specialized in land feasibility studies, acquisitions and building permit processes, including required Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), along with furnishing Department of Real Estate (DRE) subdivision requirements and the entire construction build‐out to completion.

It was during this process that the restrictions of property rights became evident under the creeping constraints of the United
Nation’s AGENDA 21, through land use limitations, restrictions, regulations, fees and increased liability exposures.

Deborah is spreading the word, exposing the connections between mysterious global trends of man‐made and corporate/military controlled technologies, weaponized frequencies, the falsified science of the “global warming” movement, and other major programs intended to cause damage to health and reduce the population and to eliminate freedom for all people for all time.

Resources mentioned:

Have You Seen This 1959 Disney Admission?

ALERT – DisArming America – Mind Control – Tesla & More with Deborah Tavares

Silent Weapons For Quite Wars

FIRES – This is WAR – We Are Being “Intentionally” BURNED UP

PLUS Content

  • Cyborgs, clones, & chimeras.
  • What will life be like for the non-COVID vaccinated.
  • Why solar isn’t enough.
  • Say no to Lithium-Ion.

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  1. Great show packed with info. I really like that you throw in these 'heavy' episodes because it shows me how some people view the world. But…when we examine the  'whole' from Animism to the connected universe, manifestation, thought ,intentions  you are able to understand that what we focus on becomes our reality. I choose to see the raw beauty, the selfless, the people who are doing amazing work{ alot of them you have as guests}. Dont get me wrong I'm well aware of the capstones kabals evil actions upon the world.

    "To fight the Empire is to become its derangement" Phillip K Dick.

    Deborah did say dont give into fear, empower yourself……

    .Deborah please go and do something which brings you back into feeling the love and beauty that ALSO permeates the universe. You are doing an amazing yet taxing effort in bringing this information to us.

    I cant help but thinks that our thoughts need to be directed at the good, the more than human world, the amazingness of the human experience. I truly believe that if we embrace our connectedness, it will be through our art, our humor, our intelligence, our love that we can overcome these Archons. Talk to friends, family neighbors form small collectives, look after yourself, turn off the TV,  always question the narrative, look for the signs they're every where.

    As above So below.

  2. Until we all understand that most are complying because they're just trying to keep their jobs, get their groceries and continue living what they can of life, we won't win.  To call these people (the majority) greedy is a gross misstatement.  The greed is coming from the .001%.  If we can't comprehend this, we can't find our way through it.

  3. Hey Greg, I'm a newer plus member.  I happened to catch the show on YT because it was easier for me to start it there.  I figured I'd just catch the last part online on your site.  But it seems like the difference between shows on YT and this platform is actually edits throughout the show, not simply leaving the 2nd half for plus members.  Is this what you're doing or am I high?  

    1. Hi Heidi …. yes the episodes aren’t edited 50/50… you’ll have the great pleasure of listening to it all through to catch the bits you’ve missed 😎

    2. Welcome! What I do with guests is just record a straight 2 hour interview, find a place to cut that sounds natural around an hour, and then stitch on the wrap up/promo stuff at the end. I personally have never liked having to open two files or listen to two wrap ups, re-introductions like a lot of similar shows. I find that once you have Plus, this is the most convenient way for it to be. So I wouldn't describe it as any "edits throughout" but it might sound like that at the specific place I make the cut. 


      Hope that helps! 

    1. I'm no sure about crazy but she certainly was a bit dramatic in the first hour I've heard. Something made me feel uncomfortable. No saying she's no right in a lot of what she's saying but senses were tingling, something was off but cannae think what. Maybe just the drama was aw. 

    2. I was thinking the same, even though some of the things she is saying could be true she goes about it in the worst way. 'If you don't agree with what I'm saying you're brainwashed' That kind of talk is pretty cult-like and she literally thinks "They" the government or whoever controls EVERYTHING. 

    3. Glad to hear others feel the same.  This woman is so emphatic and dogmatic it's a major turn off.  I'm going to quit the ep right now and listen to anyone else speak about anything else in a compelling, approachable way.  Sometimes the subject matter is irrelevant, what matters is if the guest is a reasonable and engaging speaker.


      Guests like this sincerely make me think about cancelling my Plus subscription.   Is this woman's ranting really worth $1.60 from me?  Might just download my favorite eps for winter listening and re-subscribe after saving $$ taking some months off… no disrespect Greg, just being real.

      1. Can you really justify taking $1.60 from Greg's mission because of one guest you don't line up with? Honest question. If it's because you need a break on costs, that totally makes sense… but using a guest you disagree with… cringey. But to each his own man. Peace.

        I thought the episode was quite engaging, and sent to a few of my friends. I only do that when they really resonate with me. I find hope in the things we CAN control… know where a water source is, have a "black out" party and discover ways to be self-sufficient, great ideas Deborah!

        1. Wow oh my–I didn't realize that fanboy virtue signaling and financial shaming were acceptable chat forum techniques!  Let's agree to keep our heads out of our ____ and not call someone cringey for being unimpressed with an episode. Or expressing disappointment at having paid money for something that felt like hysterical rambling most of the time.


          Greg knows the drill.  People come and go from Plus subscriptions.  Underwhelming episodes make a person think twice about spending money on podcasts when most are free and plentiful.  And when guests claim to know *everything* and have their own grand unified conspiracy theory, maybe THAT is just a little cringe?


          Looks like some others commented with deep disappointment over this episode, too.  Great that is resonated with you, I'm with the naysayers looking for someone who is just a tad functionally adapted to live and interact with normies.  So please, you go ahead and enjoy your cringe fringe wink

    4. Her info on the fires, electricity, water supply and building codes seems important and would be worth sharing around….but then she throws in just about every other conspiracy possible into the same doom soup with that same tone of absolute knowledge and righteousness. Ultimately she discredits herself by straying too far from the topic and makes herself completely unsuitable to share with normies or moderates.  

      1. Her fire info was frankly nonsense, as someone who studies California’s pre history.

        Megafires and mega droughts have been happening here for tens of thousands of years.

        The indigenous peoples dealt with this through controlled burns. European explorers recorded times when the entire coast of California appeared to be on fire and it was due to controlled burns.

        About 200 years ago this stopped due to the Europeans displacing and genociding indigenous Californians and the forest over grew. No one maintained them.

        This has initiated a new trend of “100 year” fires, look up “the Big Burn” a devastating series of fires in the west that occurred roughly 100 years ago and created modern forestry. It was a lightening caused systems of fires.

        The problem is the USA only know how to declare War on problems (drugs, terror, poverty) so they have handled the problem of fires the same way. That’s why they have lookout towers in the forest.

        What’s needed is a more realistic approach based on biology, but the forest of California have been neglected and thus massive fires are bound to happen.

        As to the shut offs, she never mentions “PG&E”, the most hated company in California, the villains of the “Erin Brokovich” movie. The shut offs are mainly to cover their ass due to the fall out from the Paradise fire.

        There is too much history and data that contradicted the core of her argument about the fires which is disturbing given how certain she sounds. 

  4. I listened to the first half and came in, checked farcebook and saw this: – happening in the UK now too. For context, the north of England where Liverpool is a traditionally working class, deprived area and has been hit with Tier 3 restrictions for a few days now. Unsure of 5G rollout. It was also a left stronghold in the last ‘elections’. Mapping left strongholds against current restrictions is interesting (I’m nonpartisan, the whole thing is a pantomime, but the left/right divide can be seen).

  5. Hate to say it, but I've got to agree with some of the more negative comments about this one…. The guest had too much of an "Alex Jones" vibe. I think this episode would have appealed to me when I was just starting to dip my toe in conspiracy waters about 10 or 12 years ago. These days, run-for-the hills, fear-based proclamations like the ones heard here from Alexis Jones just don't resonate any more…


  6. This was a painful episode to listen to.  It is dark, depressing, and hopeless.  Almost no one listening to this episode can do what she is stating we need to do.  It is not that I did not enjoy this show, I did.  But, it seems like Deborah has no idea how a normal person lives.  How am I supposed to do all these things while maintaining a job, working on my personal health, helping my pregnant wife, and maintaining my relationships without coming off as crazy?  It is just not possible for the common person.  Furthermore, I struggle to believe that the parasite class wants to kill and farm everyone.  I think they get off on the unknown influence that they have over the people the "mind-controlled" believe are in power.  Call me "selfish" or "mind-controlled" but I'm just not going to buy in to her extremist viewpoints. 

    I am lucky that my family has lots of property and I am capable of accessing well water, farming, and wild game.  But if satellites can literally shoot down rods simulating asteroids and running to the woods won't do anything, then what is the point in even subscribing to what she has to say?  So, I will continue to listen to the show and do what I can to "wake" people up.  But I am going to continue to just live my life and control what I can control.  Trying to control what she claims is impending would make me and anyone like me crazy.  

    1. Well said, of course I have an idea but never know exactly what a guest is going to say. I can attest to the negative tone being a bit contagious though.

      What was so out of touch about her advice? I thought advice like going with a silicone gel generator instead of a lithium ion one or having energy-less parties wasn't so bad. 

      1. Sorry for the delayed response.  I love your show and still enjoyed this episode.  

        While yes, some of what she offered is doable, it just isn't possible for 99.9% of people.  You have to have an open mind to even be close to accept what Deborah was saying.  The majority of people would turn most episodes of THC off within a few minutes because they would seem far-fetched.  I like to think of myself as open-minded and being open to all possibilities, but there is so much work to even get someone to even possibly accept what she said in this episode.  I'm near your old stomping grounds; imagine trying to convince a midwesterner who just wants to make a living and take care of his/her family.  They don't have time or the mental energy to even consider what was said in this episode.  That is why it seemed out of touch to me.  

        It was a fun, entertaining episode but the majority of people already struggle to subscribe to even introductory conspiracies like JFK, MLK, 9/11 etc.  Getting someone to accept and practice what this episode preached is just not feasible for the common man. 

  7. I knew people would be a bit split on this one. Honestly, I've just gotten really used to colorful characters/unique personalities, and in fact I kind of admire them because I am not nearly as bold when it comes to my thoughts/ideas/theories. So I find it extra compelling from just a listenability standpoint, but when it comes to the main points:

    -They want to use Climate change legislation/COVID/Smart meters to throttle our resource usage & monitor our behavior.

    -They use weather weapons to provide the justification for these "much needed policies."

    -People are way too apathetic and under pretty sophisticated mind control.

    -Our electrical grid is unnecessarily and maybe even intentionally vulnerable, and that will one day be a major problem.

    I am very concerned about these things, and I think that is largely the plan. Maybe she could have had a less negative tone, but this is the personality you get when a person is this dedicated. I think we need people who sometimes go too far, because so many don't go far enough. 

    1. The points you listed are known issues and things to be concerned about. Yeah, I was terrified and really depressed after listening to this. But it's certainly not going to make me give up everything and crawl into a hole and die, (or cancel my Plus membership, lol). There are always going to be guests who make us uneasy or have a tone we don't like. Not everything needs to be comfortable all the time, especially when dealing with issues like this.

  8. Greg- thank you so much for sticking through this one to the end.

    While Deborah's tone and outlook was very dismal, the information she provided was top-notch. Unfortunately for many listeners, and our wonderful host himself, those who are able to retain this knowledge and understanding are those entrusted with imparting onto others as time goes on.

    This being said, I don't believe much of Deborah's outlooks will come to pass in the IMMEDIATE future. I feel that there is a huge chance that as time goes on, and as people are made aware of the plans in place, that communities will arise like a phoenix that has never been seen before.

    Yes, they control the weather, and sure, they can beam some suicidal thoughts into your mind, but ultimately, we are each strong within our own power, and have the ability to empower everyone around us.

    This is a battlefield, and it may be an uphill fight, but one fact that has been reiterated over all of history: there is no force greater than love and the power of conscious connection.

    Do what you can in your immediate surroundings. If you live in the country, connect with those that don't. If you live in the city, or suburbia, post flyers and posters around your towns with encrypted and private contact info, and reach out to those that may not have any connections into the realm of understanding we've been blessed to be in.

    God bless all you kind folks out there. Much love.

  9. "people can jump out of planes and not be injured"…..she's talking about Andy Perros' story.

    That's a lesser-known story from the deeper MK ultra survivor archives….on Bonacci levels…one of the 'delta-programmed' (assassin programming) people's stories. As with all these things, very dubious, no follow-up, etc….but very specific and detailed and worth considering.

    He talks about something called 'the silva method' as being the mental mechanism he was trained to use to develop his 'super-soldier' abilities. It's a real thing. Very interesting.

    1. Listening more…she's such a minerva lol. Civilizations go out with a whimper, not a bang. I wonder what kind of effect that super-paranoid world-view has on the body. Can't be good for you.

  10. Hey guys

    Thanks Greg another great interview, very interesting topics for the times deffo gets you thinking about the reality of what we are being subjected to and what we can do to make a diffrence …lots to look into! 

    Stay safe people !

  11. When she talked about distributed cell phones and laptops in poor communities, and I was reminded of that scene in Black Panther at the end where T'Challa goes to Oakland after killing Killmonger (the metaphorical representation of the black American male), and shows off his advanced tech in front of the low-income children.

    Something about it just felt off. Like predictive programming to use flashy tech to psychologically disempower the poor.

  12. hi greg!i looked up e.o.13834

    and no where does it state that we will be drinking grey water.its intention is actually specifically worded for FEDERAL GOVERNMENT buildings ,etc to be more envronmentally driven by using grey water,runoff,etc instead of potable water*(for nondrinking uses.)gotta be honest,often when i hear the shrill tenor of a woman out on a limb i begin to suspect fear aside from her disinformation and the shameless plugging of her channel instead of answering specific questions,and although quite a bit about the fires i do believe to be true,i stopped listening after she said they wanted us to drink our own piss and fecal waste,lol!alot of your guests are really great,like that alchemist-he was full of usefull info;)but in her case when u have blatant lies mixed in with some factual i gotta call your show greg,keep up the great work,i look forward to more fact based guests.blessings,and wash your hands;)*

  13. You would like to think that a person saying things like this would care to have any proof at all, I mean anything! She is giving nothing but a subjective opinion with no stats or studies or even, “so and so said to so and so (blank)”, wtf!?! Greg you do a great job, but with this one there has to be substance. It’s like listening to your drunk friends wife that everyone knows is full of shit when she gets on a blind rant!

  14. I think Tavares is one very smart and courageous lady and a strong researcher.  I found these comments on the show very interesting as well.  They seem to break down into the ants and the grasshoppers and the latter are definitely in the majority.  Winters coming much faster than most expect.

  15. I didn't see show notes on the solar power system she recommended to be off the grid.  She said materials were $14,000.  What kind of system was she talking about?


    BTW  I am the second PLUS member in our household. It's more convenient that way. smiley

  16. Great show, Ms. Tavares always gives great information and she gives it in a way in which you pay attention. Always feel like I am one step away from getting hit with a ruler when listening to her.

  17. Her logic is flawed.  She assumes that: some nameless group exists, wants to kill everyone, has the resources of the whole world and even omnipotent control over the weather. That this group spends great effort in secrecy but she can, with no resources or support, defeat this group’s deceptions.  That this group is engaged in a decades long effort using very complex actions to wipe out all people.   

    It’s ridiculous.   If such a group existed they would succeed through the most straightforward, cheapest, and easiest methods available not through some centuries in the making intricate complex scheme that can all be unraveled by one lone person with no resources, abilities, wealth, or skills.   

    What happened to critical thinking?   

  18. Sometimes the truth hurts…. we need to listen to everyone about everything…. as much as this was hard to hear.. we need to take stock of what she has told us!

    thank you Greg for giving us information, we are here for the good the bad and the ugly…. 

  19. Interesting show Greg but it was a hard listen and tbh I couldn’t stick with it through to the end.  There is no doubt that there are some very nasty people on the planet who seek only to satisfy their own desires and lots of them seem to be running the world of politics and business now and are doing nefarious shit in the world at the moment with the pandemic and a fair bit of social engineering too.  As this stuff has got worse I have felt my heart open to myself, my children, my neighbours, the life forms living in my garden and every life out there which is trying to get through, understand things and expand consciously.  We mustn’t be afraid – fear really does mess us up – and I feel that this lady is really thinking she is helping humanity but her fear is infectious and destructive.  All we can do is to deal with what we can solve and try to live out our lives through a lens of love and kindness.  I have reached this conclusion after 60 years of fear and struggle – wish I had learned it a lot earlier but I have learned it which is the important thing.

    Much love to you and the other listeners – keep doing it Greg…..



  20. Not mentioned was a fire that ripped down to ashes approx. 3,000 structures between three towns in Southern Oregon this past Sept. 8th. It was fueled by the most potent Santa Anna winds I’ve ever experienced; a constant 20mph with  50 mph surges that came like winter waves rise and fall on the beach. My seventeen years here ( relocated from San Diego)has not once seen these winds. I ask people with thirty and forty years of residence if they recall Santa Anna winds, none do.

     When I woke at midnight to the winds and the smell of California’s forests burning it was no different than being in a bank, waiting in line for a teller and a six,six 285lb ripped to shreds guy walks in with two AK 47’s waving and yelling: I am the force of Hell! Your whole system tells you something ugly is about to happen.

     I’m not swallowing everything that Deborah is serving up, but this year has unfolded a magnitude of deceptions by those at the tops of whatever their little mountain is called. And it’s bizarre that we’ve really set 911 so far back in our minds that we don’t see that this corruption is a force alive and in motion.
     It’s time to hold big frames, to expand on as many scales of perception as possible; and to monitor closely our beliefs. To me, what Deborah is presenting is part of the frame; it’s valid as that. It’s like one eyeball of the Mona Lisa painting.

     The official narratives will rule the collective until the evidence outways the force of deception. We as a collective, because of the threat of shame and poverty both financially and psychologically participate to some degree in sheltering those deceptive forces, keeping them alive with traction.

     Therefore, we typically are a massive “Johnny come latelys” to the scene. Children are raped and murdered by heads of states way before it could possibly be considered true.

    with all the interviews I’ve heard here, she too has a valid voice. Like the others, she’s pointing us to Notice something out there in the field of possibilities. The other golden rule is, Don’t Believe, gauge your own experience; and consider you may need a little push into the un-noticed field where your own investigation takes place. We’ve become complacent with a consensus reality for at least a few thousand years, so that in itself is a force to overcome.

     I know this is long winded, but something I’m trying to say is, notice, we as humans want and decree, knowledge; that we want and have knowing. Without it, we feel insecure ( because others have it). The field of knowledge seems to me a field of illusions. What seems more real is the field of possibilities. And I would submit that story to any event changes as time moves on and pieces to the puzzle are released from the universal phenomenon.      

    we’re in the beauty, and the hell of it all. And for me it feels rather critical that we consider whether what we do is to be helpful or, hurtful . We can’t be a hundred percent, but 49-51 leans toward the greater potential and away from the ever present Entropy that is, in fact, working every millisecond to eat your and my sweet little ass alive.

    Just my view on it.

    Greg is holding great space. Can’t wait for the next THC !



  21. Whoa. This one was hectic, but a good wake up call. I have prepped, but looks like I might need to prep some more. So f'ed up.

    Someone should tell her that her site is not secure and my browser won't let me connect to it.

  22. good news here. We had some bullshit in Liverpool over in the UK with a gym that has led by example and created a huge dent in the elites plans that I don’t think they can fix because they basically admitted defeat and in doing so opened them selves up to even more criticism over what they pretend to think they know about what’s best for us, instead of sticking to their guns.

    basically lots of gyms were forced to close but resisted and won the rights to remain open during tier 3 lockdowns and anything else they throw at us because according to the facts something like 83 people got covid out of millions and millions of people that were using gyms and after them facts were shoved in our governments face and our citizens all got together to resist and help pay the fines to help the gyms stay open, one gym even raising 50k! the government gave up and accepted defeat. They didn’t have a leg to stand on, the mayor, the police, the citizens, all knew it was wrong and refused to follow orders from up top.

    The lad has more to say about it, nick capo whitcombe, a Liverpool gym owner, went pretty viral over here, he hints who was really behind the attempts to shut everything down and even apparently were contriving ways to seize the 50k raised that was going to mental health charities. A very evil few in the health sectors.

    big victory though, gives me hope, It’s insane over in the US though and I’m sorry about that, I hope we overcome this collectively!

    1. I saw the interviews on this and it gives me hope we can do the same here (Canada).  They 'allowed' us the gyms for a few months and recently forced them to close again and people are outraged.  The mayor of my city is trying to figure out how to open them 'safely', when we all know they were perfectly safe to begin with.  I hope this kind of bullshit starts waking the normies up to what's being done. 

  23. I didn't read all the comments, so not sure if someone already said this, but reading individuals data from cell phones to identify you, is easier when people are 6 ft apart. Sound familiar? 

  24. Man.

    The next THC better be about ESP communication with puppies, or how to transcend death and orgasm at will with the pineal gland, or something. Crikey.

    Props for sprinkling in some real heavy-hitters though, Greg.

  25. Thanks for giving us something meaty to chew on.  As always, I can always count on you for fearlessly and fairly giving me the introductions to people I had not known of before.

    Please return this guest for the rest of the topics you and her alluded to but didn’t finish.


  26. I just have to say. Deborah is the real deal & i couldn’t be any more appreciative of this show & the content addressed.Always great to put on an episode of T.H.C. & get that cold—refreshing splash of reality to the face. Bravo! Thank you x100!

  27. Rapid fire ADD romp thru the cliff notes of conspiracy with almost no new information and almost no supporting docs. Made it to 75% before I couldn't do it anymore. First time I have ever turned off an episode. one

  28. This was such a great episode. I loved the ideas for doomsday prepping. You mention climate change in the outro, and it reminded me that Ben Davidson of the suspicious observer has a new book. It might be interesting to do another episode with him.

  29. As soon as it became obvious this guest is unable to see that the “elites” are not a united front and have many competing factions, most of my interest dissolved. Her cosmology seems fairly un-examined as well. 

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