Matthew LaCroic Stage of Time Anunnaki interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Matthew LaCroix | Suppressed History, Anunnaki Engineering, & The Eagle/Serpent Divide

Show Notes


Matthew LaCroix is a passionate writer and researcher who grew up in the outdoors of northern New England. From the secrets of ancient history to the nature of reality and the ancient gods of the past, no stone is left unturned in his endless pursuit of the truth. Matthew’s main goal as a writer and researcher is to objectively study the evidence from history, and then formulate logical conclusions to help answer some of our most difficult questions.

He’s the author of:

The Stage of Time: Secrets of the Past, the Nature of Reality, and the Ancient Gods of History

The Illusion of Us: The Suppression and Evolution of Human Consciousness

Much more great stuff can be found on his website The Stage of Time.

PLUS Content

  • How to use the more positive symbols once they’re identified.
  • Bloodlines, Rh- Blood, & the hidden story.
  • Planet X, Nibiru, & separating out the disinformation.
  • Mysteries of the cosmos and life in the Universe.
  • The Truman Show & the Dog Star.

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  1. I’m only 12 minutes in but man, thank you so much! Been looking for more information on this for a while and I think this is it! Again only 12 minutes in but so excited to have this content! 

  2. Finished the episode. Just as expected very good. Just what I was looking for to assist in my own rabbit hole- had to pause to buy his books to learn more.  Enjoyed the inspirational words at the end as well- preach it!! Thank you so much! This was good.

  3. Such good stuff! Thank you for having Matthew on, I've just ordered his two books. Always love your shows, Greg. Thank you so much for bringing these people to the table!

  4. He greg another great show ! 

    A part of this that coralated with one of Peter moons books called the secret parchment and how it describes an aincent satellite being found in Antarctica sending signals to Saturn's moons ….coincidence???

  5. G'day from Sydney Australia πŸ˜πŸ€™

    It was such a great great show (like all your shows), I cancelled my monthly Netflix subscription and gave my money to you.


    Please enjoy a coffee on me each month for your great work. Peace πŸ’šπŸ’¨

  6. This is a great interview! It reminds me of a good book I've read lately called the Anunnaki connection. Written by Heather Lynn PhD. Check it out you might be an interesting person to interview as well. Keep up the great work man!

    1. I recognise her name, I think maybe she's been on Earth Ancients with Cliff Dunning or maybe they talked about her research into the Annunaki. I've been wanting to chase that rabbit for a while but never got round tae it! 

  7. I understand history is told by the conquering “eagles”.  I believe the “Covid-19 virus” is a scientific monster created in corporate labs.  And as a life long non gmo / no processed food /exercise devotee who believes ‘terrain’ theory is what makes bodies dis eased …  I’m thinking ahead to the next virus / 5g  attack that is so lethal our healthy bodies are unable to survive.  What if only the vaccinated will by design survive?  Are we in ‘checkmate’?

    1. That is an interesting concept. It makes no sense to me that They would put out a vaccine that would kill off the people who would take them. Those are the sheep who believe, you wouldn't exterminate your supporters. But, killing off the anti vax xers by introducing a new means of extermination, that is not c o v I d, and the unvaxxed will die of that, makes SENSE. No, its not checkmate. I'm a hopeless optimist.

  8. Thanks Greg. Needed this one. The fear's been getting me lately. This episode has reminded me of my belief and goal. Remembered my faith in the universe. Love and louv.

  9. Great show!  Definitely one of my favorites of the year.  Lot's of thought provoking discussion.  Throughout other shows it's been discussed about imprisoning or capturing our minds but you add that with the conversation around the RH factor, constant distractions, and 5G/EMF,  It seems to me like we are being imprisoned mind and body and soul.

  10. Eeks! I was so stoked to see this show pop up! While I may not resonate with all that he’s into I never tire of his passionate work. I’ve seen him grow into this great role and am happy he’s made it to The HigherSide πŸ€™πŸΌ community. Thanks Greg! 

  11. The more I hear about the Annunaki the more they sound like an elite who came up with an elaborate cosmology to keep their lower classes in place. It’s the divine right of kings 1.0.

  12. This episode is why I got the plus membership, so interesting, I really appreciate the explanation of the serpent/eagle symbology. Thanks Greg and Mathew!

  13. This is why THC is one of the few podcast I pay for each month. Because the content is amazing. Thank you for another great show. One of the best! 

  14. My Dawg!!! That was splendid!!! Been listening to HSC for years and this is right up there in my very favorites!! Mr. Greg, NO ONE ON EARTH interviews as well as you do. No one. I'm a serious Seeker of the Real & the True, and I KNOW excellence when I come across it. And damn do I appreciate well done presentations!! The way you prepare is top shelf, my sweet man! If you ever think it's just not worth the incredible trouble it must be to read those book, watch the videos, or what have you, please- think again. It's what has guaranteed your success. Trust me on this. With a VAST amount of things to listen to that are basically conspiracies that are investigated, you better believe that QUALITY MATTERS. Why would anyone go back and then back again and again to a show that was mediocre? No reason. Boom. There you have the reason to continue with the prep work no matter how it sucks at times. ~*~*~ There is no greater time on earth in our history (that we are generally taught)  than NOW for the fate of humanity. Many of us more aware ones can feel the enormity of the coming daze, months, years. Something that will effect us for eternity is about to be decided. That we are able to find good, well researched sources of information will that allows us to make choices and conduct our lives in a more AWAKE & AWARE manner is more important than I can state. Which is why I never miss one of your shows. Even the ones that have topics I don't care about will have tidbits of juicy facts that tend to connect a dot in my research that I'd left unanswered but really wanted to know. I always learn something new. Your show long ago about sugar changed my life. I cut down dramatically. Thank you for that. I love you Mr. Greg. You're a very good man who has done so much for humanity in it's time of need. The world is a much better place because you're in it. And for al this and more I thank you. I bless you will every good thing that will be for your highest good. I hope you'll have children some day. You'll be a wonderful Papa. I know you will. Keep up the superb work, my friend!!! 

  15. I always find it weird that all the people who advocate an opposite concept to the biblical one, fall to all chemical ideas.   Also I question as to why if these beings were of a higher plane,  would choose the eagle and the serpent as symbols.  Are they not of the lowest lowly plane and those symbols represent the lowly plane.  You'd think it would be beneath them if they are so great.  It makes me wonder.   But we don't have all the answers I suppose.  

      1. I find the truth is usually in the middle. Most mythologies seem to take the Saturn perspective or the Jupiter. Depending on which, the heros become the villains. Say the Garden of Eden. The God the Father (Saturn) puts the world in order, with man as his highest creation. Then the serpent (Jupiter) see a greater potential for man, who too can be like the Gods. Of course, in the usual story, the serpent is bad and the God is good. in the Satanic version, the God the Father is imprisoning his creation and keeping them in ignorance so he can control them. The serpent is the Hero to save them, and the bad comes from the Father God's wrath. In reality, I'm guessing this is more about two opposing forces, both with their own good intentions, coming together and having unintended consequences. The demonizing of one side over the other is religion, the politics of spirituality.

  16. Greg, I personally found this to be one of the best episodes you’ve put out in a while ( I don’t mean that insultingly towards your other recent work ). But I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Keep fighting the good fight.

  17. This may have been one of my favorites, after many many years πŸ™‚ great guest, well done you two. Definitely giving it at least one more listen. I too try to put truth ahead of everything else, which has put me at oppositions with almost everything at some point. But I feel like it was one of the best choices I've made so far. Best thing about arguing for truth, is when I'm wrong, I only have to update the program, rather than throw it out and start from scratch.

  18. Thank you for having such an awesome guest on.  

    I really needed this episode….it answered so many questions i have been searching for.  I bought 2 of Matt's books to study more. 


    Been loving plus for 2 years now.  Thanks for all ya do. 

  19. Fantastic show Greg, in fact mind blowing well done, I have a question, could it be that an alien force is secretly guiding the Elite, or are we biological machines thinking we have free will but are unaware we are running a program, 

  20. Arent these people from these controlled institutions (Oxford, British Musuem, etc), who are translating these tablets, part of the "mainstream experts" that Matthew insists we cannot trust?


    Is George Smith's translation to be trusted?

    If so, why?

    If not, the whole story crumbles.

  21. I feel there are 2 tv shows that have virtually the same plot that are important right now both in reference with current events and with this talk. They are Truth Seekers and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If ever there was a clue to the future and a possible single man/ single organization working towards an ascension it would be in there. If you are so inclined towards Anime, I recommend FMA: B because the symbols are more stark and the metaphors more profound. Just a thought….

    Also excellent show as always!

  22. There is another deceptive nature to the old stories. The precession of ages has the cultures changing the names and characteristics of the stories as the stories are carried ‘backward’ over ~26,000 years. So… God might be Marduk the Bull (Taurus… Diamond/Crystalline matter) in one period. And prior to that it might be Enlil (Gemini-Air) in the previous age. How stories get rewritten will often depend on what part of the zodiac is presiding.

    So for instance in the Bible, Christ is the Fish (Wave-based Water… the current age that is about to end)… going backward through the ages, the coming age is Aquarius (Air) or the Jewish Messiah David, and then ~2000 years later the Saturnian Capricorn (Ice/Matter again).

    Recall also a previous episode with Michael Wann… Saturn takes 2 signs across the top of the Zodiac…. So Air/Ice are thus grouped and Fire/Water are grouped in opposition… they hand off over four-sign groups. Essentially Saturn rules via Digitized Cloud (Water Bearer) and then (Crystalline Materialism) – for a very long time.

    This is the coming Dark Age of that which imprisons the wave-based fire, and bears it in a cage (The Light Bearer)… Fire doesn’t come back until the Age of Sagittarius.

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