Dr Jack Hunter Greening the paranormal interview on The Higherside Chats podcast

Dr. Jack Hunter | Greening The Paranormal, Animism, & Foreign Intelligence

Show Notes


Dr. Jack Hunter is an anthropologist exploring the borderlands of consciousness, religion, ecology and the paranormal. He lives in the hills of Mid-Wales with his family. He is a tutor with the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and teaches on the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. He is also an Access to Higher Education lecturer in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Newtown College.

He’s the author of titles like:

Manifesting Spirits: an ethnographic study of a contemporary trance mediumship development circle in suburban Bristol.

Spirits, Gods and Magic: an introduction to the anthropology of the supernatural.

Greening the Paranormal: exploring parallels between anomalistics (the study of the paranormal in all its guises, incorporating parapsychology, paranthropology, cryptozoology, religious studies, and so on), and ecology.

Engaging the Anomalous: a collection of essays written by Jack Hunter between 2010-17. Together, the essays push toward the development of a non-reductive, participatory and experiential anthropology of the paranormal.


PLUS Content

  • Sensing animal consciousness/intelligence.
  • Soul birds & spirit possession of animals.
  • A Hidden Predator & the privacy of our own minds.
  • Fractal geometry & ecstatic experience.
  • Psychic naturalism.

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  1. I was talking about the green man last night with my friend he told me about it he knows a friend in Germany who saw one in the forest while on psychedelics and talk to it. were also talking animisme and Synchro mysticism

    Greg this is why I have been listing since 2014…

    Best apocalypse ever

    1. Damn! Well thanks a lot. I know this one was probably a bit soft for some of our people, but I'm glad it's well received.

      Wasn't too sure, but the next episode will be more than intense enough for everyone…

  2. A truly wonderful episode.

    We are sentient beings, we should all be connecting deeper with nature. Leave your phone alone and get out into the real world; the graphics are amazing.

  3. If Id Known Jack was coming back I’d have got you ask him what he knew of the Language of the Birds/ Green language- enjoyed this one just as much as the first time he was on- thanks so much for having him back!

    Nice job on the new song too- good lyrics Greg and Lauren is always awesome

  4. I am currently researching the correlation between ley lines, Earth energy, stone circles and the elite and their interest knowledge of them. If you want to get involved contact me. Cheers.

    1. I'm interested in similar things and I am very fortunate to live in a place I think might be significant. I'd love to hear more about what you're researching and share some info. 

        1. Thanks, and aye, we do 🙂  Great show, listened yesterday while I was out doing the rounds. Looking forward to the new one I've just seen has been uploaded. Love fae Scotland, thanks for aw you do! 

  5. Great interview!  Very interesting guest, I felt like I agreed with him at least 80%, maybe more.  Thanks for trying to get him to be more specific.  Especially around the topic of communicating with entities in the natural realm, and discerning them from random thoughts, or types of entities.

    I like this topic a lot!  Paranormal & What is the Universe are great topics to explore.  Re: your comments at the end about the difficulty of doing shows on the topic, I understand, and you have done lots of deep dive / specific shows in the past.  Constructively, maybe you could try to focus a show on solving one of the big questions within these topics, and share stories of people successfully dealing with it.  For instance, people who can confidently identify spirit entities and discern good ones from others.  It would be a great for us listeners to learn this skill.  🙂 

    1. Ripley I would suggest first getting to know your own energy, then when you encounter a spirit you can easily compare/contrast it to your own to determine whether it's "good" or not. that's one of the easiest way to discern. hope that helps!

  6. Very likey.  At times, i almost couldn't hear because it was so in accord with my views… like a frequency cancellation, or how you can't really smell yourself, if that makes any sense. haha

  7. Thanks Greg! As a life long medium I loved this show, I think this is the first time – that I know of – that you've had a show that spent so much time on the topic. 

  8. Fantastic topic. This is my favorite subject. I talked to trees when I was little… Everything is alive and we are all part of it. 

    Landed a new job, so just now catching up with your latest shows. Top quality as always! Please never stop doing what you do, Greg. The world needs you.

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