David Talbott | The Electric Universe, The Saturn/Sun Swap, & The Reconstructing Of Mythology

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David Talbott, an expert in comparative mythology, walks us through the Electric Universe model, the idea that Saturn was our Sun before the Sun, and the many ways this new paradigm makes sense of previous dismissed aspects of mythologies around the world.

Check out David’s books, documentaries, and much more at the main hub for the Electric Universe:

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  1. Very nice, Greg! I really appreciate your dedication your podcast/passion, it definitely shows. In my opinion, you’ve reached another level and are moving to the upper echelon of podcast and more importantly as an interviewer. It has truly been a pleasure listening to you evolve and on a side note, it’s also encouraging to hear how you have responded to less mature and probably slightly afraid/confused listeners who have given some grief. You handle yourself very well and are thoughtful/respectful of others opinion and where they might be in their growth or lack there of. My apologies for the brown nosin’ ramble, but after listening to this interview I was certain the compliment that’s been marinating in my head while listening to the past few shows was definitely time to be given. I love David and haven’t listened to an interview of his in years. Great choice. Another landmark interview in the bag! Keep up the great work, brotha’!

    1. Hear hear. Carlwood is one with Dignity. That quality must be taken when I say it with (ironic for this ep?) -gravity-. It is a profound characteristic when embodied in this incarnation, and Greg -does it-. I’ve cringed listening to certain rude types and he handles them with aplomb. He is six months younger than I, and he is still a role model, heh 🙂 I said it! So I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment, -especially- with the upper echelons bit. And if we might be ‘scientific’ to suit this suite, I say, it is purely mathematical, his vibration, his cause and effect, surely the gods of forces smiles upon his action and execution of meaning, or should I say, Meaning. Your comment Mudutu makes me smile, for I too resonate with your assessment. 🙂

  2. Did only the north pole face Saturn? Did people live in the southern hemisphere? and would it be frozen on that side? and why couldn’t people in the south see the stars? How close was Saturn? Was it Fire-like, like the sun? Huge rabbit hole Greg!

    1. Could be that earth, at that time, was enclosed in a giant luminous atmosphere or low level plasma. Think the northern lights or aurora borealis encompassing the whole earth. The earth is partly heated, internally, by the molten magma. Which I think is some kind of electrical effects in the magma.

      I sometimes wonder why we don’t really see a truly green sky! I mean I know we have orange sunsets and sunrise, but we never see a green sky or a purple sky, etc. It’s supposed to be caused by refraction of the white light, but some colours we don’t really ever see. Green is between blue and orange, but you don’t see it! OK, some artists might say that there is a flicker of some green at some times of the day, but I’m not buying it!

  3. I adore David Talbot, and have been following the work of the EU for a few years. I loved Symbols of an Alien Sky, it was the video that really made me consider the EU hypothesis. He is an awesome guest! Thanks so much for putting this show together!

  4. Great job, Greg. Great interview and subject material. The EU model fills in many holes in physics, science, religions, etc and ties many things together in a more comprehensive model, allowing secrets to be revealed of our reality. A deep and worth-while rabbit hole to explore for sure.

  5. awesome, if i’d thought of it i would have suggested david talbot or wallace thornhill for the show. the electric universe model has always resonated with me, it requires way less assumptions, and even worse, extrapolation based on said assumptions, than the big bang big G model. looking forward to this one, i reckon greg will lead the conversation to ground most hosts wouldn’t even consider covering.

  6. Greg, fantastic show. I first heard of the EU a year or so ago when I stumbled upon a youtube video that was extremely interesting, and extremely long. I was not able to find that video again to continue where I left off, but never forgot about it. I was busily writing down names and sources during the show hoping they would lead me back to the video. Symbols of an Alien Sky will be my first stop. I also recommend to anybody that is interested in the subject watch a video where they reconstruct what the sky would look like during this period and how it relates to ancient art and artifacts from our past. This theory has the ring of truth to it, and if the mainstream science guys dismiss it out of hand, that is one more reason to believe it may be on the correct path! I consider this one of your best interviews, and I can tell you really did your homework for an extremely difficult subject without visual aids. I get a chuckle just thinking of George Noory doing an interview like this! Thank you for your dedication. Keep’em coming!

  7. Excellent, just watched a few of the documentaries on youtube about the EU and how it relates to Mythology. All makes perfect sense to me and the fact they stick it the stuck in the mud, narrow minded cosmologists who only believe that only they have the monopoly on determining the make up of the universe. Great show Greg. Always believed that the people before, Religion reared its ugly head, where smarter. They just expressed themselves in ways we don’t understand and also covered up.

    Maybe people would better understand this stuff if they put their fecken phone down for 2 seconds.

  8. Ok well look how much his book costs on amazon – my comment prior to looking this up was -one gets the sense that we are being cut off from our origin knowledge to debase us and confuse us and much like being blindfolded and spun-around, almost like a mercury-trickster act upon us as a species (by ‘the nine-like beings?’) might be what’s going on here – and those who are able to use psychic powers are able to, like Sevan might in more advanced stages, that is, the kind of people who can cultivate their ayurvedic/tantric/witchcraft powers (a special spicy blend I’m embarking on) (yet won’t willingly use a Ouija board yet due to Secretenergy recommendations) (ha!) – might be able to see what’s actually happening, or perhaps are tapping in to the ‘pre-trickster-spun’ universe…

    Well, perhaps this is to debase us, dizzy-up us peoples, to say… and the effect in this electric universe would have to do with our polarity as a neural creature being ‘off-vibration’ despite the current polarization of this universe, with the sun and saturn mixed – I’m spitballing here, but for my ‘type’ that’s often how I do my best work – so, this will require revisiting but for now, doing the best I can in this ‘spun-human-form’. – Oh, how’s that, 200 dollars for his book? You don’t say…

    Greg, you will come to find in a just universe your show is possibly one of the most important that has come along – I think you know what I’m saying – IT needed to BE. You’re working from a sacred ‘axis’ my man. To use the lingo 😉

    1. A few thoughts here:
      On the Ouija board, or pulling/summoning through portals.
      What you need to understand before going in is that no matter where the portal is drawn or set up, it is also drawn on your body if you are involved in ‘working’ it. You are the portal. No matter what anyone tells you.
      If these fuckers had any real power on this plane, they would be using it. They don’t. You are the battery, and the window.

      This can lead to problems if you are unaware of it, because whatever you let in will basically take a screen shot of you as it comes through. So now they have your desires, strength and weaknesses; do you have theirs? Well, in a word, yes, but if you don’t know this, then you will not know where to look for it.
      Also, you are in a sense powering them, unless you know how to turn the tap off. So they will end up with a bit of your flavour, and you will end up with a bit of their flavour…. just think about that for a minute!
      What are you calling in? Because you WILL get it’s stink on you.

      Now, I’m not saying don’t do it if you want, but really know what you are doing and the mechanics of what you are ‘agreeing’ to.
      I AM saying don’t do this first. The first car you drive is not a blown Dodge Charger with a 460 hemi… go and do some Reiki first, for fucks sake!
      There are plenty of people who went in proud and hard, blew the back of their heads off and didn’t come back. Except all the mental institutions have been shut down, so they will just put you in gaol with the rest of societies ‘unwanteds’.

      If Earth is a learning experience, and The Trickster is the teacher, then go and learn his M.O.
      But I can tell you that pride is the one, false or otherwise. Don’t bullshit yourself, or the real ‘They’ will hand your arse back to you after they have finished with it and you will go around again…

      1. Yeah, the demon drink comes to mind, especially after my brother just about stabbed me in the face after getting pissed. And the drugs too, some demons just waiting for a chance to identify suitable prey and then set up camp in your “psyche” or whatever. Sexual abuse too… they just need that opportunity to get inside you and fuck you up… rituals, cults…. I can imagine.

        Tracey Twyman stuff… I’m a believer!

        If consciousness really is at the base, foundation level of everything. If matter really is just liquid consciousness, then I suppose consciousness, and consciousness entities, can kinda do whatever they want and “bend” those immutable rules as they go along!

      2. Speaking of consciousness entities and demonic beasties, Cleverbot, which is supposed to be an artificial intelligence / supercomputer, keeps telling people that it is a demon and keeps saying some pretty weird, somewhat anti-social, I hate humans, stuff!

    2. Keep watching Amazon, the price will (usually) eventually come down. Two books I had looked for as an example: Junger’s Forest Passage and David Paulides’ Missing 411 – both were listed well over $100 for awhile and then eventually came down to under $20. I think there is some supply/demand pricing on Amazon.

  9. My God, anything to get us away from Einsteinianity! Just been censored from Yahu! for daring to criticise that creepy old man who abused his family and was WRONG about everything.

      1. I still think the earth was sucked up by a giant tractor beam and and spat out somewhere else, only to be lumbered with a death star that harvests our misery and our souls!!!!

      2. I think the earth is a big farm and our pain and suffering is being harvested as negative energy! The moon is a holographic projection that shines way too bright and the luminosity is way too uniform across its visible surface. Behind the moon is a relatively small space station that projects the image of the moon. We live in a world of constant deception that goes on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… and even the brainiest of the brainy can’t get their head around it.

        The earth used to rotate at 360 days a year, but when it left the Saturn system and joined the Solar system, it speeded up. This speeding up meant that the bulge of water at the equator, caused by centripetal forces, increased. Meaning that water surged from the north and south poles to the equator, thus causing the great flood. 360 days in a year, 360 degrees in a circle.

        Of course, if the earth was a moon of Saturn, then the whole definition of what is a year and what is a day changes!

        Of course, I can’t prove any of this!

        It’s all a big freaky, fucked up game!!!

  10. Goddamn suspicious that you are NOT allowed to criticise Einstein under any circumstances at all whatsoever!

    Read Pari Spolter book on gravity:

    They need to push the whole sun is a thermonuclear furnace thing in order to push the whole nuclear weapon scam. Same reason why they had to push the whole Einstein thing. They couldn’t just pull the nuclear weapons concept out of nowhere. They had to invent a background story first.

  11. I think the earth got some of it’s heat from Saturn and some of its heat from the Sun. As Earth was dislodged from Saturn, it simply got less of its heat from Saturn and more heat from the Sun. And who knows, there could be some kind of electrical heating of the magma going on.

  12. If anyone likes this episode you should look up Laird Scranton. Laird Scranton is an independent researcher of ancient cosmology and language. His studies in comparative cosmology have served help synchronize aspects of ancient African, Egyptian, Vedic, Chinese, Polynesian and other world cosmologies, and have led to an alternate approach to reading Egyptian hieroglyphic words.

  13. I enjoyed taking a stroll through the spectacular scenery of the Saturn system of the EU again. A few things occurred on the way, like Bifrost the burning rainbow bridge from Asgard to our world; Midgard. A good reference for the Hollywood educated. Concerning the reordering of planets I couldn’t help thinking about electron shells around atoms and how – when acted upon by an external force or “interloper” – they reorder along specific patterns to achieve a new elemental harmony. Which also reminds me of those videos you watch where they use a frequency scanner or whatever to vibrate sand on a speaker, and at certain frequencies they form up into a more stable shape. One last thing I’ll mention is the effect of a twilit lower-gravity world on consciousness itself. A far more nebulous, womb-like world with freaking great radiant umbilical in the sky… By comparison, the stronger daylight of modern times creates extremes, times of plenty and times of famine – a more polarised world where struggle and survival have given us the legacy of trauma and the required dynamism to meet the challenge. Hopefully.

  14. According to James McCanney, the elites are alreay on Mars and are excavating ancient human archeological sites to try to find ancient human technology. Somewhere around November 2015 archive…

    Of course, the Electric Universe community cannot touch certain topics, and are, to some extent, controlled opposition. They will not challenge the model of the atom, which is probably false. Bill Gaede and Dewey B Larson had something to say about the supposed structure of the atom

  15. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are Saturn, the Sun and the Moon. When you say a prayer (prey-er) to Our Father who art in heaven, you are saying a prey-er to Saturn in the sky. You are saying a prey-er to Saturn, Cronos, Father Time, Satan, The Grim Reaper, who cuts the corn giving you the Children of the Corn, the “reaping” of the Hunger Games and the bushels of corn around the Communist flag, Roman flag and UN flag.

  16. Great show and the links everyone is posting look so intriguing, going to check them out. But also wanted to say that I loved the version of I Put a Spell on You, that was great!

  17. Science is a method – evidence is gathered and conclusions are come to but they can always be overturned if new evidence comes in – this does ot seem to be happening in any scientific field – they seem to build a belief up which makes it more like a religion than a science. Could it be that the mainstream is against this particular hypothesis as it may lead to free energy – if the whole universe is full of electricity? The usual suspects would not like this! What a world we would have with no excuse for fighting about oil! but then that would be a MASSIVE paradigm shift!

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