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Alain Nu | Mentalism, Manifestation, Strange Experiences, & Improving Your Psychic Ability

Show Notes

Professional Mentalist, Alian Nu, AKA “The Man Who Knows” joins THC to talk about his craft, how it relates to the mind and magick, how to increase one’s own psychic ability, strange experiences of his, paranormal tales from his fans, and even facilitates a mass on-air spoon bending demonstration. Have your metal spoons ready!

Check out more from Alian and watch him work at:

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Alex Ginsberg

boom time!


Too synchronistic! I’ve been reading all day. Perfect timing Carlwood!

Alex Ginsberg

greg I know this is off topic. but I just watched the 30 min coming attraction for xfiles… and Chris Carter talks about the internal struggle of mulder and scully. he then says he was inspired by a series of books called my struggle by knesguard which is why he named the first episode my struggle. well greg those books are actually titled min kamp….. I think this may be a subliminal message……… it immediately rang a bell because I watched a vice doc on the author of those books……..


I agreed. I think those guests who contacted you may have ulterior motives which is self promoting. When someone come from the place of ego and service to self, nothing good can come out of it and you can certainly hear it in their speech.

Greg, don’t worry too much about it my man… you win some, you lose some.

occultfan – Bill Hicks w/ Pink Floyd – but yea, I had a feeling you felt that way about this show. You can hear it in your voice – but there are some, like you say here – really good parts, and it’s pretty useful to show side by side with the magicians who – really – employ ceremonial magic and witchcraft – He’s a good contrast to say, Gordon White, who you indirectly mentioned –

But Alain does mention the mushroom basketball trip – I knew he was going to say he housed those guys – we beat the jocks at beer pong when we saw this grid appear over the cups and sank ’em all in pretty much one turn. Good thing since I don’t think our stomachs were looking for sudsy brew and shrooms too!

Greg if you want to look to a great Ceremonial Magician to interview look to Frater Xavier (I found him by looking for Frater X, but this is a different person) and I think he would make a great interview if you’re looking for one to talk about magic in a way that is less… well, what you ‘said’. You’ll find him at the Mind & Magick channel – and a great Witch in your area to interview is Uncle Birch over at the Sacred Grove Santa Cruz – FreakPhil913 on youtube.

I hope these help!

Shine on you crazy Carlwood.

and again, this episode was actually pretty ok. That’s the problem with being such a successful host/interviewer/content creator. You’re so used to churning out diamonds (boom) that sometimes a garnet doesn’t seem to have the same satisfying flare! But this was a good one for the ‘mainstreamy’ and who knows, it might help get some of the more tepid-stage individuals in for the deeper stuff, who knows? In either/any case, your show and you rock. 🙂


For sure. As I type this, you’re explaining to Marty Leeds about the ‘other life’ you were expecting to live. Always a pleasure to hear your voice. I hope you’re enjoying your day 🙂


I agree. While some of the subjects were interesting, Alain did not come across as a great orator and never really got to the meat on the bone.
Just a minor blip. I’m blown away by most of your shows, and I’m a long time listener.


Good call, G. Pretty boring interview in my opinion though no fault of your own. It’s all good brother. Keep on keepin on. Looking forward to the next episode. smoke weed every day


The Carlwood, yer my he-ro !


Btw, one sure way to increase your psychic ability is doing Buddhist mindfulness meditation. I know so many people who do Mindfulness meditation unlocked something, they become more psychic and intuitive.

However, mental training is no different than physical training, don’t expect to get buffed up from a couple of bench presses. Mindfulness meditation is something you need to do diligently if you want to see result.


Ya gotta get up pretty early in the morning…

The Mind-Bending Gallium Spoon Trick
Gallium is a shiny metal with one property in particular that makes it perfect for science tricks. This element melts just above room temperature (around 30°C or 86°F), so you can melt it in the palm of your hand, between your fingers, or in a cup of hot water. A classic set-up for gallium tricks is to make or purchase a spoon made from pure gallium. The metal has about the same weight and appearance as stainless steel, plus once you melt the spoon, you can reshape the gallium to use it again and again.

I googled images and found lots of bent spoons appearing with Mr. Nu. I enjoyed listening.


Thanks for bringing that to light. That’s good to know. You might be right. He comes on the show, says a ready-made “Oh I was nervous”, even though Greg gave him all the time he wanted, he spends it rambling about lamps. There are real magicians out there, but this guy ain’t one of them, and he admits that. I appreciate Greg’s purpose in bringing him on. This will be another ‘Dubay episode “, if perhaps milder. I appreciate how Greg is considerate of our reaction to lackluster guests. And again, great point with the gallium.

This is still cool:

Mark Mauvais Magnetokinesis like Magneto or Miroslaw Magola


Another great show, Greg. Please don’t sell this episode short. What he’s talking about makes good sense and a similar approach has worked well for me in my over six decades in shaping the kind of life I’ve wanted to live and what I’ve wanted to accomplish. Like a professional athlete or hardcore sports enthusiast, an extreme psychonaut may experience many intense thrills but possibly will beat themselves up in the process whereas this seems to be more about good spiritual/mental/magical fitness that should offer some lifelong benefits. This episode may not have provided the grand slams and my own attempt at spoon-bending didn’t knock one out of the park but living a similar sort of magical life has given me many winning seasons and made the game well worth playing. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this guest. Just keep ’em coming and you’re are bound to hit some chords and riffs that resonate well with the various members of your listening audience. If this one wasn’t your show another one will be.


I want to add, it was recommended at one magical organization I belonged to some years ago that I learn some parlor magic as well. It was suggested that becoming adept at a little sleight of hand would help facilitate the abilities to perform good sleight of mind and I have found that to be true. I don’t mind providing a little razzle-dazzle when the occasion calls for it. I don’t believe that cheapens the ‘real’ magic by also being able to do some tricks, some people just want a show, and those who “don’t get it” probably never will. Those who are wanting a serious discussion of magic and things of an ethereal nature I am happy to provide what insights I can with that too. Most times it is easy enough to know what is a trick and what is real but I do like those other times when I can leave some doubt as to where one becomes the other. And there are times when even I am not sure which it is although I am the one performing it. In those rare moments I’d say that is when the true nature of the mind and magic becomes most apparent. There are times when things happen that are beyond reason and rationale and it would seem self-defeating to the ability to perform the most beneficial of those works if they are scrutinized too intensely.


His thoughts on tribal shamans in relation to craft were spot on, I thought.


“It was suggested that becoming adept at a little sleight of hand would help facilitate the abilities to perform good sleight of mind and I have found that to be true.” and Hammer1 with the Shamans – I agree with you both. He does represent the ‘more entry level’ and that has value of course. It brings ‘porch masons’ to mind, or that one needs to use training wheels more often than not to learn to swim. Is that the right metaphor? 🙂 But really good points EronGari. This show is the tops – Carlwood just said ‘failure breeds character’.* I think that fits in really well, even if this wasn’t a failure in the ‘strictest sense’, Greg is only going to get stronger from this, just like we get stronger by incorporating what’s ‘real’ from the collective knowledge this show provides us. I’m glad I read your comment. And again, Hammer1, agreed. That part was for sure insightful, on Shamans.


Very positive stuff on this podcast – I hope some of the other THC+ members get a chance to listen to this!

Also I’ll add this – Greg (and all THC+ subscribers!) you’ve really got to check this out! You might want to interview him even! –


Also, don’t be too discouraged, psycho-fans; bending spoons for real is some next level shit!
Listen to Gordon W. talk to his mum about U.Geller. Spoon manipulation is one thing, but getting wristwatches that have stopped to restart, and run for “some time afterwards.” from a distance…. THAT is real Universal Consciousness manipulation. Magic does not even come close to describing it! 🙂

On a side note, I have heard it said that when all the shamans/UC manipulators got together, that being a master over fire, and then metal when it started to get around, was the bottom rung in what is essentially a 5/6 tire system. Very flashy, but beginners stuff….. water is much more tempremental, apparently.


Super key point Hammer1. That almost messed with my mind, but I’m going to keep trying and ‘failing forward’ until I CAN use the powers that are our birthright. That rune soup interview is on my list – you’ve just bumped it up a bit – I think you’ll really enjoy Mind & Magick’s youtube channel. Cheers! 😀


People have called me a mentalist too, but for different reasons….


I thumbed up my own comment. Is that allowed?

Interesting about marketing and advertising, I went to film school and decided to not pursue a career in media because of the manipulation. I couldn’t work in that field with a clear conscience.
Loved this show! Thanks Greg, I am really enjoying my subscription to the Plus site. Best Saturnalia gift ever!

Have you thought about getting Amy Allen the medium on the show? I think she would be a great guest.


Thumbs up from me!


lol 🙂 Good one!


This one wasn’t easy for me to listen to all the way through. To paraphrase a line from Dylan’s The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest – nothing much was revealed. A hat tip to NLP, google search money prayers, guessing around about sleight of hand in shamanism, bar stories, lucky lotto numbers. Sigh. When he got to the spoon bending part at the end, I ran and grabbed a spoon and I was like, “Alright lets do this!” And then he hurried right through and jumbled the countdown and visualization setup, it seemed rushed. I don’t want to come across as a hater though, the guy seemed kind and sincere, and the conversation was positive. I’m willing to believe that his theatrical presentations are compelling.


He just sorta started talking, and 2 hours later he was still going!


The opening voicemail about time travel is pretty cool.

Anyone have a link to those YouTube videos?

I can’t make out the last name, sounds like “jaycox”


Some interesting perceptions on the likely reason that showmanship is often mixed into the paranormal/occult which I get if you are trying to make a living at it. I’m not really a believer in magic but more in the will and work people can exert towards a goal and think many of the ruts we find ourselves in is really the surrendering of our own will to that of the programmers. Take it back.


I bent the shit outta that spoon. Hell yeah!

en fin 8 expansion

Best show since jan irving greg! Haha. Although a bit painful to hear about lamps for over an hour. I thought the spoon bending was quite unique. And although my titanium spoon didnt do a damn thing! I felt highly focused and like i was really in control of my mental wheel house. Meditation has probably been the most difficult part of my evolution and i think it would be great if you could get sumone on the show, who could just lead an honest positive 2hr meditation session. Just a basic starting point for those of us who need a good jump off point. Thx

Hey Greg long time listener yeah I really didn’t like the show at all it was boring just to say the least but it’s the first show in many many that I didn’t like so Greg keep on keepin on.

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