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David Paulides | Missing 411: The Hunted & Other Mysterious Disappearances

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The maestro of Missing 411, David Paulides, returns to THC after several years to talk about his latest work, including the new documentary: Missing 411: The Hunted and cases from his most recent book, Missing 411: LAW.

As the documentary’s description says, hunters have disappeared from wildlands without a trace for hundreds of years. David Paulides presents the haunting true stories of hunters experiencing the unexplainable in the woods of North America.



PLUS Content

-A strange case of a missing 5yrs old in California. -Weather control technologies. Could they be involved? -Genetic markers of the taken. -Native American Myth and Lore that might be related to these areas. -David & Greg’s best guesses as to the cause. -The Hoopa Project & Tribal Bigfoot. -Davi’d thoughts on giant skeletons. -Cases that involve planes and areal phenomenon. -The strange bump in cases 1948-1950.
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