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David Paulides | Missing 411: The Hunted & Other Mysterious Disappearances

Show Notes

The maestro of Missing 411, David Paulides, returns to THC after several years to talk about his latest work, including the new documentary: Missing 411: The Hunted and cases from his most recent book, Missing 411: LAW.

As the documentary’s description says, hunters have disappeared from wildlands without a trace for hundreds of years. David Paulides presents the haunting true stories of hunters experiencing the unexplainable in the woods of North America.



PLUS Content

-A strange case of a missing 5yrs old in California. -Weather control technologies. Could they be involved? -Genetic markers of the taken. -Native American Myth and Lore that might be related to these areas. -David & Greg’s best guesses as to the cause. -The Hoopa Project & Tribal Bigfoot. -Davi’d thoughts on giant skeletons. -Cases that involve planes and areal phenomenon. -The strange bump in cases 1948-1950.
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You can do it Greg!


I like Dave. I will leave it at that.


Wow Greg, I am continued to be impressed with such great interviews. I’m always excited to see a returning guest. Thank you for another great episode.


First time on the new and improved site, so far so good!


The new 411 movie was far better than the first. Watched it this weekend. About 3/4 of the way through when they visit “The Camp” and play a recording of what the hunters heard in the woods will send chills down your spine. Its a mixture hoops and howls mixed with what I could only describe as samurai soldiers. Really weird. Still waiting on someone to do a Doc on the Todd Sees case.

Thomas TS

Where you got it ? The new “Missing 411”.


From where did you get this new “Missing 411” ?

The first one was crap… and i have been following Paulides since Coast2Coast.
Paulides shows at C2C used to give me goose bumps like any other… Specially if one have kids !


I watched it on Amazon it was $4.99 I think.
Completely different format than the first film.
If you check the reddit on 411 they have a link to the recording at the camp.

I havent heard Paulides talk of Todd Sees. But that case is like a 411 but they have found witnesses to events that were happening during the time that he went missing.


I agree, the “The Hunted” documentary is the best thus far ! The sounds in the woods captured in the Sierra Camp also affected me and so I did some digging on YouTube and found many, many recordings of Sasquatch vocalizations. In a partial interview titled, “Sasquatch Language 2: Scott Nelson Interviewed January 18, 2012” (search for it on YouTube); a discussion with Scott Nelson and Ron Morehead about the Sierra Camp recordings and deciphering their language. There’s also a website for Ron Morehead with his books and recordings:


Even the audio sounds better to me through this website, but thats probably just me




Boy, this episode creeped me out. Pretty scary!


So, Paulides doesn’t think people who die of hypothermia at high altitudes try to take off their clothes and seems to be using this logic to argue that paradoxical undressing is unrelated to hypothermia at low altitudes.

He doesn’t offer any proof that paradoxical undressing does not occur at high altitudes other than “we don’t hear about it.” We don’t hear about a lot of things, that’s why we do research to seek out information.

I think he needs to do actual research and reading rather than speculation.


Can’t find the plus content on mobile…frustrating.


Never mind, I found it.


Now i did listen the show and could offer some comments.
As a parent i have dozens of hours of Paulides in my belt… since back the 90s with C2C radio.
It is obvious that there are several causes for the “missing” context and am not crazy to say that i know anything at all about anything at all… BUT one can make some connections:
– Secret Space Program -> Breakaway Civilizations -> Nazis -> German ancestry people -> slaves
– There are signs of an interplanetary or intergalactic or interdenominational commerce of “souls”
– Other kinds of humanoids beyond homo sapiens is a components, about missing and returned people
– There are rumors about reptilian creatures below ground, more or less intelligent but hungry…
– Natural time and/or dimensional shifts are present, specially where there are less dense consciousness
Etc… Etc…


The thought crosses my mind that the the opening of a portal etc is what is causing the weather change?
Or possibly the cause of the disappearances is not CAUSING the change in weather but anticipating it?


great show, love DP and the way he presents the mystery. I’ve been in a dept. store and lost my kids in an instant but they are soon found. These stories send shivvers down my spine.






Eh is there any here that are members of Dr. Joseph P.Farrell’ web site ???


Not me

Wayland William

I remember when David first came on. His take has always felt a little different. I love it. This isn’t so much as a conspiracy, as a problem. He is still one of my favorite guests. Glad ya got him back!


I often think about the guests (as a benchmark) and how they would fair if they sat down with someone like Jordan Peterson for a session, and try to convince him about their theories. I suspect 95% of them would walk away embaressed…but Dave would stand up to the scrutiny. BTW I watched the new film and it’s good. Especially the last 15-20 mins!


I just switched to an iPhone, and when I copy and paste the rss to apple podcasts it says subscribed but it doesn’t show any episodes, can anyone help at all with this plz plz plz highersiders help a brother out ….. also thank you Carlwood!!!! Since becoming a + member I’ve gone real deep back in the catalogue and am just in love with ur show!!! You and Sam Tripoli are my two favorite conspiracy shows!!!


…early native Americans have similar stories, passed down through their generations, about spooky things that they have experienced in remote places. Much of their culture revolves around these experiences …if you can get them to talk to outsiders.
Skin walkers for instance…

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