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Recluse | The Epstein Conspiracy, NXIVM, & The Blackmail Blueprint

Topics Covered: Connecting The Dots, Conspiracy, Epstein Network, Honey Pot Operations, Scandals

Show Notes

In a THC whopper of a show, Recluse of the VISUP blog returns to talk in depth about the Jeffery Epstein conspiracy, the NXIVM cult, and the archetypal things we know about blackmail and co-option networks. We discuss the connective tissue between the Epstein saga and NXIVM, because there are a few loose ties that bind. He also takes us back a few decades to the Profumo Affair which is a very similar situation in the 1960’s that even involves members of the same family. It seems that no matter what era you’re in, there’s someone waiting in the wings to get damaging dirt on powerful people, even if they have to arrange it themselves.

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