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Nick Redfern | Conspiracy Fallout: Suspicious Deaths & Missing Files

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Disclosure, Paranormal, Scandals

Show Notes

Eureka! THC+ is here! Legendary conspiracy researcher and author, Nick Redfern, joins us to talk about the interesting stories within his two newest books: For Nobody’s Eyes Only & Close Encounters Of The Fatal Kind.

In the first hour we talk about the deaths and descents-into-madness of several people who knew the facts about Roswell, the interesting life of Wilhelm Reich and his thoughts on UFOs, Marilyn Monroe, JFK’s connections to UFO stories, the “Melting Man”,  and a few wild and deadly UFO encounters that most people never hear about.

In the Plus show, we talk about the idea that the Greys may be an Inner Earth terrestrial race, and not from space at all. Nick also tells us about a government-sponsored remote viewer who thought he saw underground alien based and didn’t live to tell the tale,  a strange virus outbreak associated with the Roswell crash wreckage, the odd string of 31 deep level scientists that had over-the top “suicides” and “accidents,” the case that Aleister Crowley worked for British Intelligence, the CIA’s Operation Often which explored witchcraft, and a ton more!

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A deeper dive with Nick Redfern!
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