Nick Redfern Conspiracy Fallout Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Nick Redfern | Conspiracy Fallout: Suspicious Deaths & Missing Files

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Eureka! THC+ is here! Legendary conspiracy researcher and author, Nick Redfern, joins us to talk about the interesting stories within his two newest books: For Nobody’s Eyes Only & Close Encounters Of The Fatal Kind.

In the first hour we talk about the deaths and descents-into-madness of several people who knew the facts about Roswell, the interesting life of Wilhelm Reich and his thoughts on UFOs, Marilyn Monroe, JFK’s connections to UFO stories, the “Melting Man”,  and a few wild and deadly UFO encounters that most people never hear about.

In the Plus show, we talk about the idea that the Greys may be an Inner Earth terrestrial race, and not from space at all. Nick also tells us about a government-sponsored remote viewer who thought he saw underground alien based and didn’t live to tell the tale,  a strange virus outbreak associated with the Roswell crash wreckage, the odd string of 31 deep level scientists that had over-the top “suicides” and “accidents,” the case that Aleister Crowley worked for British Intelligence, the CIA’s Operation Often which explored witchcraft, and a ton more!

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A deeper dive with Nick Redfern!

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  1. Excellent show! We’ll worth $5/month already. I’ve read Lynn Buchannan’s book about some of his experiences and it was fascinating. Keep’em coming!

  2. Excellent Interview, man!

    Bob Frissell’s books come to mind; Nothing in This Book is True & Something in This Book is True…
    Makes me want to read a biography on Aleister Crowley; does anyone recommend a good one?

    Greg, ‘been listening for a while now, glad I’m finally reaching out. You do such a great job with this show; explaining where you’re coming from and what your intentions are. It’s refreshing and the type of intimacy a culture needs to breed trust and partnership with the folks who bring them radio (education, encouragement, moneybombs, interaction with like-minds, etc)…

    A couple of things, and I’m just gonna post ’em here for everyone to add/subtract too (vs sending it in a private email)…
    …Please consider asking your web-master (or if that’s you) to get a logo/icon that will appear in a typical browser (I use Firefox) when one bookmarks you to theiir toolbar. As of now you are just a blank dotted square outline…
    …Please consider listening to the Out There podcasts from about 8 years ago or so. They were fucking awesome, but hurt us a lot when they stopped making podcasts after about 100 episodes or so. Please don’t do that to us. You’re fucking great and I need to know I’m not the only crazy person out there!
    …Get some XL’s in the Conspiratee’s shop, we wanna buy that shit but we be hefty, bro…
    …Get to work on some bad ass new designs for Conspiratees. Don’t be afraid to ask your subscribers for suggestions, we be good at makin’ trippy shit…

    Well, I ain’t gonna tell ya how to do nuthin’ else, but I’d like to keep posting comments and reading the others. A community forum would be kinda cool, but that shit gets outta control. or maybe I’m wrong… Anyway, keep on keepin’ on and II’ll be listening.


    1. Much appreciated Ryan, thanks a lot. As for your points:
      -I”m a one man show, from website, to marketing, to sending out t-shirts…the mini-logo thing is on my list of things to look into, but it’s pretty far down. Good eye though!
      -HaHa I’m honored that there’s a portion of the population that would be bothered if the show was to stop. Which really leads to why I went with the Plus model to begin with- longevity. As long as the people support the show, I’ll be doing it. Right now the numbers are a bit lower than I had hoped, but high enough that I know it was the right move, and we can build from here. There’s only one episode up right now anyway, so any sign ups should be considered positive.
      -I have a ConspiraTees order arriving in just about 2 weeks which includes 2 new designs AND a ton of Xls and 2XLs.

      Thanks for the feedback man, we’re on the same page!

    2. The best Aleister Crowley biography I have ever read is “Perdurabo” by Richard Kaczynski. Buy the newest edition of the Hardcover because the author added a bunch of new stuff that is not in the previous paperback edition. It’s a beautiful book and well worth the price. 🙂

  3. Greg, if I try to listen on my phone through this format I have to leave the phone screen on. I really need to be able to down load to be able to listen anytime. Really I need to be able to download my two hour shows on iTunes because I listen to all podcast with my iPhone at work. Someone please help.

    1. Oh really? I think the majority of people are able to leave their screen off, but you can also click the word “Download” right under the media player and save the mp3 to your iphone. That should be better for ya!

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