Darren Schaefer Interview on DB Cooper Vortex on The Higherside Chats Conspiracy Podcast

Darren Schaefer | DB Cooper, The Cooper Vortex, & The CIA

Show Notes


Most people have heard the infamous tale of DB Cooper, the mysterious man who pulled off the only unsolved skyjacking in aviation history. Today we take a deep dive into the story and the suspects, with one of the leading authorities on the case and the host of The Cooper Vortex podcast, Darren Schaefer.

We release this episode a week before CooperCon, a DB Cooper Conference in Portland that THC fans would surely love! Check it out, Nov 22nd-24th, 2019.

PLUS Content

-A “pros and cons” conversation about the top suspects and possibilities among researchers. -Zodiac killer case & Alcatraz escapee theories. -The idea that maybe some of the flight crew was in on it. -The culture of these sorts of investigations and mysteries. Researchers fighting, etc.

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  1. Even though i dislike Einstein:
    “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
    Once i was doing some maintenance in the hoof of my house found a little loose piece of ceramic. Without much though i tossed it out over my shoulder. Problem was that hoof location is near a small street at the opposite side of the entrance the house, as it is at the street corner. So that small rock landed over a car hood that was passing by ! Immediately the car stopped and all the family started to search the thing that just hit them… As i was to ashamed to confess my error they will never ever understand what happened neither what hit their car or why an object landed over them… A family mystery was born that day. But i know all the answers because i was one floor above them 😉

  2. I’m about to listen to this but do you know who I was thinking about today? Levenda. Been a while since he’s been on. Also, you’ve been covering health so why not mental health? Dr James Gordon would be an interesting interview. And…recent interviews have been great – Daniel Immerwahr, Tiffany Fitzhenry. So interesting. THC has been such a great discovery.

    1. Yes! Our mental health is certainly under attack as much as our bodies are. And it’s a potential one two punch. When the mind isn’t right the body succumbs to illness, and vise versa.

      We already know that chemicals are being used to deteriorate our mental capacities; fluoridated water reducing the IQ’s of our children, aluminum falls from the sky causing Alzheimer’s, the emotional numbing/apathy caused by the epidemic of prescribed anti-depressants, to name just a few. Speaking of the latter, I’ll add my personal experience: decades of suffering from severe depression until I removed aspartame from my diet.

      We need to educate ourselves on the insidious, covert (as opposed to the physical MK style) trauma that is weaved into our culture and society. We need to understand how these mental injuries manifest in our individual behaviors and what to do to heal ourselves.

      I encourage anyone with guest suggestions to post them under that topic in the THC Forums. For that matter, I encourage everyone to participate in general in the forums!

    2. Jim is the only soul I’ve ever met who spent time with and around Sai Baba. What does he think about him some decades later, looking back on what he witnessed and observed I wonder.
      I also wonder if he thinks he has been able to help any of the politicals who come to see him in DC.
      He made a huge impact on my life. He freed me from Doctors. At least he put me on the path of independence and health freedom. I have not avoided any of the pitfalls, camo trappings or any other wonders life has put on my path but what I learned from him still stands as a major benefit in every decision I get to make. Food is medicine! and teaching people when they need a Doc and when they can make better choices was basically the prescription I got.
      Just some ideas Carlwood, in case you find his books interesting to interview about.

  3. my grandpa was a Federal Judge in Utah and he tried a DB cooper case. He also had the unibomber send him letters. He discussed both cases at most Holiday dinners. Richard Mccoy was the plaintiff in the case. Bernie Rhodes was the FBI agent, which was a family friend. He also wrote a book about it.

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