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Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh | True Consciousness & The Science of Tesla’s Magic

Topics Covered: Consciousness, Secret Science, Tesla Tech

Show Notes

Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh has been tinkering with the world from an early age. Born in 1964 in Amsterdam, he was repairing all things electronic by his teens, and built his first computer when he was 18. He went off to University to study computer science and physics and worked in IT until 2005. Then he moved to Thailand and while looking for a new hobby, decided to take a deep dive into the work of Nikola Tesla and it’s really been off to the races ever since.

He has since collected all of Tesla’s works that aren’t sealed away in classified files, has been replicated Tesla’s experiments- and has written 4 books along the way:

Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter: Recreating Tesla’s Dream
The Problem of Increasing Human Energy (annotated): The Tesla Code
The Battle for Wardenclyffe: A Story In Letters
and his most recent release, the topic of the day: The Science of Tesla’s Magic.

He is running a creative experiment to crowdfund his work by allowing donors to denote the category they’d like their donation to go to using this system for the last digit of their donation amount:

.01 Rebuilding the Colorado Springs experimental station.
.02 Research worldwide wireless transmission.
.03 Research single-wire transmission.
.04 Rebuild a full sized Magnifying Transmitter.
.05 Research downscaling Tesla’s energy source.
.06 Anti-gravity.
.07 Fundamental research into the nature of things.

Use his PayPal address or his QR codes for donations:

PLUS Content

-The perfect Phi ration distribution of the planets in our solar system. -Tarot and connecting to higher consciousness with playing cards. -Why D-Wave isn’t anything special. -Tesla, Ether, & the flying saucer. -The connection between magic and science. -The importance of the dragon.
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