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Darren Grimes | Empire, The Indian Act of Canada, & The Residential Schools

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About Today’s Guest:

We know Darren well as one half of the podcasting powerhouse that is Grimerica.

Darren is a descendent of Canada’s Indigenous population, and has just written his first book, A Canadian Shame: Thw Indian Act & Residential Schools which covers much of the Empire’s takeover and mistreatment of those they found there.

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PLUS Content

  • Darren’s new show The Indian In The Room.
  • Darren’s thoughts on the spiritual and religious rituals and beliefs that were lost.
  • The intensionally introducing disease aspect.
  • The 60’s Scoop.
  • The missing and murdered Indigenous women of Canada.
  • Musings on podcasting.
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Evan Fields

I find this kind of topic to be among the most important that you cover, but fuck is it depressing. I come away wondering how far we’ve really evolved from the times when genocide was national policy. Anyway, great stuff as usual.

Last edited 1 month ago by Evan Fields

As a member of the Haudenosaunee, descendant of residential school survivors I truly respect and appreciate the awareness. Ona/Nyo , to all my brothers and sisters. Great show, great topic.


Im so glad you heard this one Burn !!! stay safe! Many have been hoping you are well.
Greg should interview you lol.


Excellent ♥️

Michelle levesque

Canada’s dirty little secret – Beauty and the Beast of Suppression. Thank you for helping get the truth out – takes courage to dig deep and find out why our original people are so disadvantaged even into today’s time . As a past student of native studies I remember when an entire university class where almost brought to tears in a room of 200 students when we heard some of the stories from the survivors . The times we are living through is a small shadow of what has been done to our natives since Confederation . Thank you for your attention and time on the subject .

Andrew Taverner

I couldnt imagine not having a family or parents to learn and un learn from. A tree with no roots is like a man with no History, though if we get these rootless trees some brownsgas water it wont be to late

Steven Sopaul Lal


scott patrick

Thank you for another great conversation. I’ve heard of Grimerica a few times now and this clinches it for me, I’ll have to add them to my line up & “make time”.
Again, thank you.

Jayme Fougere

Kitatamahin brother. Thank you so much for putting this episode out there. It truly is a reality check for people who are unaware, and there are alot of them.

Daniel Malloy

Thank you guys! It was great to hear a fellow Canadian perspective and on one of the most important topics in this country. The Liberal Party Minister of Indigenous Services is my MP, and he got in again damn it. I voted for the first time ever, against him, and for the only candidate that openly opposes vax passes. We’ll see what happens, but I’ll be reading the book in the meantime. Thanks again!

Moshe Diane Ramsay

No Greg.
Darren is a low integrity guest.
“Just wears his mask now.”
”Has his vax pass, but he didn’t get the shot.”
He hunts in Canada as a bureaucratic choice while saying he’s of native decent?

No thanks. Nothing to waste anymore of my time listening to with this guy.

Grant Lambe

Yeah, Greg. I agree with the genius above me.

From now on your guests should only be the purest of the ideological pure; no one who has ever paid tax, held a job, attended a school, or compromised with the mainstream world in any way.



Ha ha I have the chin shield too but I don’t put it on until someone asks me to and no one ever does.


In 2020 the virus was a hoax. In 2021 its the vaccine bioweapon.


The vaccine paper is a space holder for the digital passport


shocking information about the atrocities done to the indigenous ppl by the Canadian government…..It is very sad 😢 to heard that kids were taken from their parents and put in this schools prisons!!!!
BTW in South America Colombia they kill indigenous people all the time; this is done by corrupt groups in within the government and by mexican drug lords .
Colombia’s drug production is now manage by the mexican cartel.

great show!

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