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San Diego THC Meet-Up Announcement

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Join me and my special lady for a fun evening of finding the others.

Sunday, Sept 19th 5PM at The Tipsy Crow downtown. It’s time.

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‘Local’ being the opportune word. I’m jealous. Anybody around West Central, Central, or South Central Indiana want to meet up in a symbol of envious solidarity?

Love ya the carlwood.


Wisconsin here, near Milwaukee.


Shame I can’t be there. Enjoy!!!


Hey Greg, I’m going to try and make this for sure. Would love to meet you and the rest of the gang.


We need to do a bigger national one at a ball room in a hotel for a few nights a conference everyone can plan book rental cars flights rooms ect.. have live presentations and speakers


Its gonna happen. Sucks I don’t live in CA anymore when I first listen to your show in 2015 and found out you loved weed Greg I always thought about dropping nugs off to you from our medical farm we had in humboldt wife at the time thought I was nutty


Yes!!!!!it would b the highlight and a great way 2start a New year….btw,so happy2hear that you’ve embraced you’ll no wat 3dimentional feels a grandma and loved being a made me relive many a childhood observation also…made me work harder than I ever realized was possible.

Joseph Yeaman

if only I could attend! Anyone in the Portland area want to do something in solidarity?


I may try to come down, how long are you planning to be there? I’m in LA, so if you’re planning to be there all night, I will try my best. Maybe you can get Alex T to come too, that way, I can drink with both my favorite podcasters! You should do the next one at Live Wire on El Cajon blvd. instead 🤞


I’m overdue for a road trip from Wisconsin and this would be a good excuse, but maybe next time with this short notice. If this goes well consider another one with a little more lead time!


Maryland here anyone. Baltimore County.

brandon weirdo

Hellz ya man. It feels like it’s time. We are stronger together. I respect you for taking this on.


Greg….YES!!!! a fantastic idea! I know you’ve got a lot going on and appreciate you taking the time to coordinate and bring us together. See you at the Tipsy Crow in a few days. Super stoked to make some local like-minded connections!


Anyone interested in buying some American Eagle silver coins at the event to help fund my travel expenses?


I have some 1995 & 1987 coins. The internet shows they’re roughly worth $35 & $38 apiece currently, respectively for the years (the ’87 ones are looking slightly more tarnished, but they still might be uncirculated, for all I know about coins. Ostensibly tarnishing doesn’t really affect the price, anyhow). I’m just looking to ensure I get a Motel 6 room and enough gas money for the ride back to L.A., so I’m willing to haggle/negotiate a little. Would be happy to sell a little more for a fair asking price, though.


I think that I will be there, please bring the coins and a few others, I think I may be interested in some. hit me up.


The dress code says no hats? Will you ask if it includes tin foil? If so can I get a religious exemption?


Southern Appalachia has a handful of AWAKE folks who are doing THE GREAT WORK. Anybody live here?

Lee Piazza

I can sense how lit it must be at this moment in time. I am thankful to be busy at work today, but man oh man do I wish I could meet some of yall and Coach Carlwood.

On a side note if anyone is interested in acupressure massage or sports massage message me. I was going to use the meet up as a networking opportunity but clients asked yo book and I am not in a position to decline. Cheers yall!

Rhiana Hughes

Oh damn! Sorry, I missed this. 🙁 I hope you have another one soon.



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