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Brian Cotnoir | Practical Alchemy, Alchemical Philosophy, & The Orum Potibile

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Brian Cotnoir is an alchemist, artist and award-winning filmmaker. Author of Practical Alchemy: Guide to the Great WorkThe Emerald Tablet,  a series of Alchemical ‘Zines, Alchemical Meditations, and most recently Alchemy: The Poetry of Matter. He has presented seminars and workshops around the world on various aspects of the alchemy. His work can be found at Khepri Press.

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PLUS Content

  • Making a Homunculus.
  • The story of the Mandrake Root.
  • The Golum, a man of clay brought to life by the power of the word.
  • Brian’s translations of the Emerald Tablet.
  • Cosmology and the flow of energy from Saturn to the Earth.
  • Alchemy, sound, & music.
  • Power & the esoteric toolbox.
  • Powerful people hiring magic practitioners and alchemists.
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Excellent! I really like the more Esoteric-themed episodes!

Christopher Manning

How about an episode on Antifa??
ive been subscribed for about a month and have been loving the archives. But, it is decidedly strange that you don’t have one episode where the subject search for ‘Antifa’ returns ANYTHING.


That would be a good show program that could arguably have conspiratorial roots to it, or at least an angle to it. I feel the majority of THC listener base is majority granola-tier liberal, which is a supposition supported by the 7 down votes of your comment. I have a history with that worldview, but Antifa is certainly a topic worth diving into and learning more about, either through THC but probably through other podcast or research channels first, I would imagine (I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Greg to cover this one, in other words).

Christopher Manning

Yes. Black clad, violent, brainwashed youth emblazoned with esoteric symbols and getting a free-pass from the power authority and big tech companies should certainly raise some red flags.
But, apparently, many of the characters around here draw the line at challenging their own beliefs and the sources of them.

Christopher Manning

Is there an episode that covers kabbalah – it’s practice and history?


Gem of a show! Hoping for a encore in the future😀


Loved it.. and look forward to the interviews of his friends/colleagues

Christopher Manning

I’m a new subscriber but have heard the show via YouTube in days gone by. This episode makes me wonder what happened to Frater X. I always liked his episodes (2 of them) and he used to have his own show – The Middle Chamber.
ive searched him but everything that comes up appears to be pretty dated. Any idea what he’s up to?


How do you feel about the picatrix?


That was a good episode. I enjoyed the Grimerica co-host interview as well (I assumed they were both two white guys).
I will have to keep an eye out for Brian Cotnor’s Alchemy zines. On that topic, however, I would like to plug the late Steve Mandich‘s 90’s era zine, Heinous. If you like Evel Knievel and the Seattle Monorail, you’ll like Heinous.

Alchemy and personal transformation seem like good, Covid-alternative topics to learn more about. I’ll have to check out Grimerica’s recent content along these topic lines as well…

Steven Sopaul Lal



Wow! Fab stuff! Sounded like a really fun fella and as well!

Jennifer Gray

Excellent high level info and a really authentic guy which seems to be a theme among alchemists. Thanks


So listening to this and I started to wonder if hermit comes from Hermes

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