JC Johnson | Skinwalkers, Crypids, & The Book Of Enoch

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JC Johnson, the man behind Crypto Four Corners, joins THC to talk about their investigations into strange and anomalous creatures and beings, as well as the many things that have been reported to them by other witnesses and the possibilities for their origins.

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  1. Awesome show. A breath of fresh air in the stagnant stench of the present paranormal dialogue. Well done Greg…worth hanging in for. Keep up the good work. Wayne in Toronto.

      1. I loved this so much the 1st time around so much that I’m goin on another ride! I simply adore this man! He’s a wonderful story teller. In fact, I believe JC has got to be the best speaker I’ve heard on this entire podcast. Monsters and strange entities are kick ass!! I love them! I’m so excited! Thanks Carleood!

  2. Times in the Rockie Mountains at night that I could feel the weight of eyes upon me. This show makes me think it could have been more than just critters. I can feel survival adrenalin tricking into my system just thinking about it.
    Joe , Stuck in 1st gear in Iowa

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of living most of my life at 6,000ft in the sierras… I’ve seen a lot of the country and of all i’ve seen is is just .001 of whats out there… thats all i got.

  4. i loved this show! Highly interesting. i do believe that Dogman is responsible for the park disappearances and I’m glad more people are considering this possibility. This show made me check around the house for tiny people entrances! :i Discussing cryptids and things too strange for most researchers is music to my ears!

    1. Yo, I hope your field trip comes through, U deserve it G. Keep up the good work and THC wil al be one of if not most important podcasts in your genre (if its not already).

  5. We have a cabin the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the deep woods surrounded by 10,000 acres of forests and lakes. We share the land with 25 other member cabins and we have been going up north for 40 years. When I was a teenager/young adult I would have really terrifying dreams of a giant bear breaking into our cabin to devour me. 30 years later I am sleeping in my room but now with my husband and at the time my 7 year old daughter. I woke up to find her staring out the second floor window of the bedroom looking at some trees directly below. She very nonchalantly turned to me and told me that there was a giant furry white man looking at her from the patch of trees. I looked and saw nothing. My husband and I decided not to freak out about it to her and to this day she still recalls seeing the creature.

  6. It seems like the majority of Plus people like this show, which is great news because I have a couple more coming up that are in this same vein.

    I always get a few negative comments about cryptid shows from folks who listen to THC for the sake of getting news/information. It does occasionally make me wonder if it’s a topic I should stop spending time on. A lot of them generally regard these shows as a waste of time. I totally get that, but I still think they are pretty interesting and worth doing once in a while.

    1. Once in awhile…okay. I have to admit I had a really hard time getting through the whole show. I mainly listened to the end just like to hear your closing comments which are always great

    2. Follow your gut because you have great instincts. I wish Carlos Casteneda was still alive. He would make a great guest because he certainly had his time with multi- dimensional spirits under the sorserer, Don Jaun’s, mentorship

    3. The cryptid shows are what got me hooked on this show. I would much rather hear them than the shows by Magik practitioners. Speaking of cryptids, have you heard anything about these flying creatures in our upper atmosphere that travel through the sky at impossible speeds in a screw like fashion? It wassuggested that the only way to see them is with a high speed camera. I saw a video on YouTube, but haven’t really heard anything since. My thought was that maybe there is a link to myths of flying snakes.

  7. OMG!!! This guy was great!!! 🙂 You can do a few shows regarding what this guy has seen, And that old black-eyed lady on the road!!???? Creepy. Keep them coming! 🙂

  8. I’m not normally into cryptids but this show was awesome. Most people (including me) are happy to accept that extraterrestrials can travel millions of miles to visit earth but won’t entertain the possibility of an animals evolution into something very rare or undiscovered. Thi show made me rethink my stance on this topic and for that I thank you!
    Top work Mr C

  9. Hey Greg, incredible show, brother. Definitely one of my favorites. The documentary JC mentioned, what’s it called? He said he’d send us the link if we emailed him, & I’m very interested in doing so. Would you please let me know, brother?

  10. Nice thread, connects a lot of points in historical writings with modern sightings amazing how many corners got folded
    Nice show, got to explore all rooms before you call an house a Castle

  11. I can just tell this guy is a guide.

    I can easily picture him telling his crazy stories to the “green” explorers. He is a great story teller and an awesome guest. Rad show.

  12. Wow I’m so excited to have found this!! I don’t think I’d found THC back then, let alone become a + member. I thought I’d gone back this far and listened to everything but I don’t remember this! I found this guy through Wes Germer and Brenton Sawin (who I think would both be great guests).

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