Crrow777 | The Lunar Illusion, Dismantling The Control System, & The Road To Knowing

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Back in the saddle for a third time, Crrow777 joins THC to talk about his latest understanding of both the Lunar Wave footage and the Hadibov Research. We also talk about other big themes in the conspiracy community, the details of the control grid we may be victim to,  and the difference between belief and knowing.

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  1. Greg, I found your show because of crrow and I would thank him for that. It is refreshing to see the light being shined on the darkness. Fear is the mind killer and remember deeds not words.

  2. Crrow777 I know you frequent these responses so let me just put this out there given your last comments of this show. If you have the desire to come to S.Florida(Boca Raton,Delray Beach area) to film I can put you up in my home or if you are anything like me and hate being at people’s home I can put you up at the Boca Resort(Waldorf Astoria) free of charge . The skies are very clear here constantly because all the major airports( West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami ) are at minimum 35miles away from here each way. If this interests you just let me know and I can even get you a rental car for insanely cheap as well. I’m pretty sure the flights from your area to here are pretty cheap and would give you a great opportunity to film on the East Coast. Let me know and if you are thinking of staying more local just let me know where I can donate to the cause!

      1. Crrow You always have free accommodation here in Australia and we have a villa in Fiji on 10 Acres you can have for as long as you need, there is zero light pollution there I assure you, infact I haven’t even seen chem trails in the skies over Fiji. May be a little too far but You are always welcome Brother.
        Something about the moon in the southern hemisphere, it is always so much bigger than I have seen in the US
        Will email you my contact incase, thankyou for everything you are doing its always appreciated


        1. Holy flippin s#*t balls!

          Thank you both for the AWESOME broadcast! ! !

          Crrow, you’re playin some sweeeet tunes man, one has the utmost of respect brother!
          Greg, you’re not so bad yourself….
          Just trickin, you’re both doing a great job for the people.

          If you ever come to OZ, one can put ya up in a rusty ole Donga, swarmed by blowies, and surrounded by drop bears and hoop snakes…
          I can chuck in tough arse Sheila to bite the heads of the snakes. 🙂

          Worth a mention, if you put AB before a word, it means “away from.”
          Eg: abortion, abstain, abnormal, absent, abbreviation, abduct, absolve, absorb, etc, etc.
          One can assure, there is NOTHING AB about the “originals” of Australia.


          Much love.

        1. @ Giulia, can’t say I’ve heard the Red Ice interview, talking about the Aussie Murries…

          And one can’t take credit for the genius observation; merely parroting Max Igan @

          The more people that expose the filth, the sooner we can all clean house!

      2. Well I thought I’d be just so original and say anytime you are in Texas, you can stay in a cute little guest room upstairs in my house on Clear Lake…and then I read on…! It’s definitely not Figi OR Australia and I dam sure can’t buy your plane tickets…but I am a chick, at least…and my house and skies are pretty cool. ;)- Anyway, you gots a place in Tejas to visit if your path leads that way. (I might charge a 15 min session of q&a’s on how to use my own tele a bit better though!) Good luck to you and looks like you have an interesting and awesome road up ahead of ya…buckle up! 😀

  3. Maybe?? I’ve heard a few times the moon ‘arrived’ about the same time as the great flood. So if the moon influences the tides. When it arrived it could have disrupted the water so much that there was flooding. Huge shifts in water placements until a new balance was created more like we see now.. Just sayin

    1. How could his Youtbe channel be awesome yet him being interviewed bad? Makes no sense especially because he goes WAY OUT OF HIS WAY to not “rant” or try to tell you what to believe. Sorry man but your comment makes no sense.

          1. Get out of town and spend a night NOT staring into a campfire….
            If you don’t see at least 5 “shooting stars” in your first night, then I’m a PigMonkeys Uncle!! 😉

    1. Yep. To do with electric lighting mainly.
      It used to be that people went to bed pretty early, and got maybe 4-5 hours, and then got up again for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.
      Especially prevalent in societies where a fire was kept all night for cooking/warmth. Cruise into the kitchen(I am thinking outback homesteads like the ones my ancestors were populating) and do a bit of whatever by the light of the stove fire. In the summer, they would hit a candle up.
      This is another reason why no moon or full moons are important; “free” lighting. Where I am on a low moisture environ, you can nearly read by the stars when there is no moon/clouds! 🙂

  4. Amazing interview:

    I’ve recently converted to Islam. I find that there is still a rich esoteric aspect that fills certain gaps that Christianity never accounted for. For example: This hadeeth was narrated by Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) from the Prophet
    (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who said: “Allaah created Adam and he was sixty cubits tall. Then He said, ‘Go and greet those angels and listen to how they greet you, for
    that will be your greeting and the greeting
    of your progeny.’

    From what I understand, there was races of
    earthlings that lived and died thousands of
    Generations before Adam, as well.
    I keep an open mind and I definitely like to
    thank Crow for opening my mind to an
    alternative reality.
    Lastly, I once worked with a 32nd degree
    Mason. this gentleman was very Adamant in recruiting me into the fold but I was uninterested. I was Christian at the time, and he would wink when I would talk about
    the Bible. However one thing sticks out. He
    did tell me that I would be amazed how many Masonic references are within the Bible.

    Here is an online link to The Devils Pulpit (Thanks for the tip crow)

    1. There WERE various races of humans that lived and died before what we have now, unless all the varieties of Homo whatever are complete bunk, which I would have a hard time believing, even with the various frauds that have been perpetrated along the way. There is also genetic evidence of some of these other humans mixing with sapiens sapiens. The story of these earlier varieties of humans is obviously quite incomplete, plenty of room, and vast spans of time, for a huge story mostly unknown to us and passed along in fragments and currently unverifiable stories, but plenty of little pieces to try and make a fairly interesting picture of the puzzle. What blows my mind is that there are any written records at all describing this.

  5. I am looking forward to Crrow tackling the magical aspects of the moon.
    Taoism and Witchcraft( not Wicca) 101 is “Eating” the Sun,(Golden) the Moon(Silver) and the North Star(Purple).
    I can tell you, if you do this very simple meditation/visualisation at midday for the Sun and on the full moon, man, does it charge the batteries!! No North Star experience; I am too far South. 🙂

    What I am wondering is, say the moon is some sort of control mechanism, the Sun is a worm hole out of here and the North Star is the thing that was worshiped in the night sky before the moon landed on the scene, linked with immortality; we have three potentially very different things going on over our heads, but they all offer a “free lunch”? Is it that we just worked out a little way to game the system?

    The energy from the Sun and Moon to be had feels very different in the body, and don’t even bother unless the Moon is full.

    Having said this, as a magical apprentice of sorts, high ritual to do with the Moon makes me very edgy, and I have been putting off moving forward with my studies because the Moon thing just doesn’t sit well with me, and I have learned to trust that feeling….

    Then, just in Taoism, we also get visualisation( also very powerful but makes me feel a bit creepy) to do with the planets.
    Mars in one hand, Venus in another, standing on Mercury with Jupiter overhead. A balanced cross, colour coded to align with major internal organs, which their energy cleanses an energises.
    Is this another “free lunch by accident” that ‘The Ones Before Us’ grocked? Or is it intentional? All I got is speculation, but there is no doubting the direct experience of how different the different energies feel in the body.

    1. Thanks for outlining that Taoist meditation with the planetary energies, being a natal son of Big Jove, I like the idea that 4 is the apex of the cross. A small nasty part of me kind of digs that Mercury is at the bottom of it, as I had a lot of unpleasant oddity begin to occur when trying to work with Mercurial invocation. Boo! Kidding aside, that sounds like a basic yet powerful meditation I will begin immediately after doing some follow up research on.
      Just to relate an experience with Moon eating/gazing, I was walking one night when the low full moon was pretty much directly in my gaze for most of the walk, by the time I turned a corner, my brain was just buzzing with a LOT of strange ideas and information that I never come up with on my own, was some really tripped out material. I think the description of “moon struck” was quite fitting. Unfortunately has not occurred again when deliberately gazing at the full moon, I’m guessing that the motion of walking combined with the fixed bright point in the sky, produced a sort of self-hypnosis. The emergence of unconscious and pre-conscious material into awareness is what happens to me when doing various “ritual” involving candle flames and concentration on a fixed point, seems like the moon walk was a very similar sort of setup.

      1. Forgot to say that you perhaps do not have to wait on Crrow to outline magical lunar aspects, as I’m sure it has been done already many times over in various traditions. Forgive me if I mistook your meaning, plus it is always nice to hear the ideas that others have regarding a particular subject of mutual interest, one can only think so far and in so many directions, others will of course have different and probably useful, if not at least very interesting, insights otherwise on the same information.

      2. You’re welcome. Check out “Ken Cohen- Qigong Meditations” it’s an audiobook on iTunes/SoundsTrue.
        As to the Moonstruck thing not happening again, sounds to me like the same thing that happens in hands on/distance healing; the more you try, the more you block. You have to get your arse out of the way and just allow it through!! 🙂 Not easy to do……..
        Candle “magic” is a similar thing. Very powerful stuff if done right, but then flames are a lot like the Moon or Sun. There is a lot more going on there than meets the eye, energy/electromagnetically.

        So if this is a control, or oversight mechanism, and we can use it to our (puny) advantage, does that mean anything, or is it a bit like warming your hands on a car engine. Unintended benefit.
        If you thought your car was a big hand warmer, you would be missing the bigger picture!

        1. That is something I have been realizing lately, after getting a few of the obvious hurdles of being self-taught, I’ve come to realize (again) the huge pieces I am still missing and still attempting to put together in a useful way, becoming acutely aware there are those much further along that have had the benefit of being taught and associated with those qualified to do the teaching. On a better note, also figuring out I know a lot more than I realize I do.

          1. The other weekly Podcast I grab is “Why Shamanism Now” by Cristina Pratt. Not so long ago she was talking about the big issues she had around not being properly apprenticed to a “shaman” and how she felt like a bit of a fraud and that she was basically fucking the whole show up……. sounds familiar;)

            So she journeyed to Spirit to ask what she needed to do about the situation, thinking that she would be given the name and address of some shit hot shadowwalker from Peru or some such.
            Instead, she was shown a graph( makes sense for a chemistry major 🙂 ) and on it a course was plotted showing her potential growth in an apprentice situation. A nice linear diagonal line up the graph.
            Then her course was plotted showing her working solo with Spirit. A slower start, and then the growth became exponential and the curving line shot out the top of the graph!

            And she’s like “Oh.” and Spirit’s like “Yep. So quite whining and get back to work!” 🙂

            Now this might be the subconscious justifying the situation it finds itself in, but, I have done enough direct work in those realms to see that, if it’s all in my head, there are parts of my brain that are not safe to go into alone after dark!! 🙂 I don’t pretend to understand it, but I am not above using it to my lifes advantage.

      1. Thank you for responding, Crrow. I haven’t heard anyone else chime back on this yet, I should have been more specific in the problem I was having in trying to look it up. First, Google casts doubt (lol) asking if Im sure I meant Hadibov, or did I mean Habivov Research? When I look up either name and type in moon or *moon or +moon, I get a LOT of nonsense that is unrelated, or it all points back to your Youtube channel or this specific episode of THC. Surely it cannot be that difficult to find some non-circular sources for this research, am I missing something here? Apologies, feel foolish asking but I can’t be the only one running into this. I hope 🙂

          1. Its difficult for servers in America that use English to search topics or papers/research that are only in Russian. Google or any other search engine would have to bypass American and English websitesabd servers and then know to locate documents and websites written in Russian.

            I suggest using keywords to make it easier for the search engine like “Russian”, “physicist”, etc. Look up his credentials and mainstream work and then go from there.

            It was difficult for me to cross reference his name also. It took me hours because everything was in Russian. I lost the websitesI found and ddidn’t have time to go thru it all again.

  6. At the risk of sounding a little weird, One was listening with friends, and our conclusion was, geeee that sounds like, “Hari Bol” Godess/God…

    We reckon it’s all about sound vibration….

  7. best money i have ever spent.

    i knew of THC before but never listened to an episode. crrow made me listen and i instantly subscribed. love you crrow and greg, keep on doing what are you doing. much respect and love to you! (and all higherside chat)

  8. I saw a drone “news” segment. It was about a guy who wrecked his neighbors drone copter because he was being filmed. The news segment was arguing that he should not be offended by the drone, and how he was a bad person for damaging the expensive drone equiptment. THis fits right in with what crow was talking about the drones looking for sharks at the beach. It is designed to make the public accepting of drone surveilance.

    1. Good call, that’s another great example of this same type of social programming. I wonder what the sky will look like in 20 years, and how normal drones might become?

      1. Depends on how normal they want the sight of a pissed off Aussie in shorts and thongs armed with a laser pointer and a shotgun loaded with No.4’s to be the last thing their expensive little toy records………. 😉

        1. Haha Amen to that Hammer. I am in the process of getting my gun license sorted (in Aus also) partially for this reason, amongst others 🙂

          Its like duck shooting with 0 guilt!

        2. Nice. I would be pissed if someone was filming me, private, corporate or government. I’m sure they will write laws prohibiting the shooting down of drones soon.

  9. Something Crrow said – about a higher civilization before this time. Lets say the moon was toed or pulled here – and this was 18,500 years or so. They were saying this is about the same time of the Flood?? and the decrease of civilization?? One would think? – If the moon controls our tides today – what would it do if it wasn’t here and then all of a sudden it was put here? Even slowly over time. People do speak of text that talk about a time when the moon was not here. you would think the earth would start to have extreme weather, flooding, polar shifting or even melting, rising oceans…

    Just a thought – what do you think????

    1. take your pick on what blew up any one, or more, ancient, advanced civilizations at some point in the long history of the earth that today very little is really known about ,and even less accepted as true. I keep running into this idea over and over in the research I do.

  10. B-B-BOOM! No more words to express it! This coupled with Kev Baker / Popeye about the matrix – THERE IS NO SPOON! THE CHILDREN HAVE FOUND THE MATCHES! WE’RE FIXIN TA BURN IT ALL DOWN…

  11. I’m sure you’ve seen this ex nasa artist interview about fake earth photos, but in case you haven’t, here it is:
    I’ve noticed people waking up extremely quickly. Check out comments after news articles, FB posts, etc. There’s proof in all of the pudding. Thanks for this interview. Great stuff as usual. Always keep an open mind my friends! Love is the fuel that guides our curiosity and connects us all.

  12. Mr. Crow, Mr. Carlwood:

    Wow – just wow. This episode took me an entire day to wade through because it was so intense. I stopped off for awhile to read some excerpts of ‘The Devil’s Pulpit.” And again, wow – As I lifelong Christian (raised Catholic for 20 years; then the rest of my life as a non-Catholic Christian) – it’s not as though it offends my sensibilities so much as the fact that I’m actually turning each page afraid of what it’s going to say next. I skipped right to the chapter about the Crucifixion so I’ll need to go back and get some context before saying anything further. The thing is – these words – without even much context – have an air of truth that I feel within. That’s problematic to my world view. I’m actually afraid to work to know the entirety of the information but know that I must.

    As for the Lunar Wave – Crow, you know how much I’ve dedicated to capturing more footage of the Lunar Wave so I’ll continue to do that. The Lunar Wave will always be interesting but it absolutely pales in comparison to all of what is going on here. This information is becoming so widespread and systemic that I don’t know where this journey is leading – but I’ll trudge on with the help of guys like y’all.

    Amazing work. I had to pay to become a subscriber again but it looks like I’ll stick around this time. Too much good content, Greg!

    1. Fear not my friend for the knowledge you will gain has always been here and nothing is changed – except what you now know. I too once “joined” religions and now belong to nothing seeking only that which is real. Cheers.

      1. Crow – you’re absolutely right and I cannot argue with that at all. I can’t say I’ve ever technically “joined” a religion as I was just raised that way, but, at 31 with a family of my own – I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it all. Sometime around the age of 20 did I realize that the Catholic Church in particular was corrupt and almost occult and/or satanic. By that time – and even now – I can goto a Catholic Mass and have great feelings and memories but the symbolism – now that I know what some of it means – is just too overwhelming. I attended a Baptist church for years after but just had to quit going after some time. The minister told me I may have generational curses, which to me was ridiculous. While it could have truth through genetics – it was so off base because he was so simplistic in his explanation.

        I was explaining to my wife today, who has been a Registered Nurse for years now, about the ashes over the pineial gland situation and I actually – physically – got chills explaining it to her. Likewise – when I heard this in the episode – it was so chilling because when you know the things we are coming to understand – you just KNOW it’s truth.

        People say they’re looking for truth – but when it comes to books like The Devil’s Pulpit – it’s like wow – I’m not sure how much more I want to know to be honest. Nevertheless I will trudge forward and go as far as I possibly can – it’s just going to take some time. Really looking forward to your future articles Crow. The social experiment going on here is incredible in itself. You have to realize I was just a regular Youtube user years ago and now with your information – I created a website, an entire channel, bought everything I needed – telescope, DSLR w/ high resolution, and I’m now literally spending hours of my life filming the moon to attempt to capture it myself. I believe I need to not only film it but actually experience it to fully grasp it. Honestly, the first time I looked through my scope at the moon, my older brother happened to be there with me – who is an extremely well educated Doctor of Pharmacy, and I told him – “…wow, look at that, it doesn’t even look real…” And I just had this deep, deep feeling that what I was seeing was somehow off. He looked and said, “just looks like the moon to me.” We can openly discuss anything but I just thought that was interesting. I’ve Been hooked ever since.

        Not to plug myself but anyone interested in the Lunar Wave check me out at which will lead to to my only form of publishing which is Youtube. Nearing a year ago I started filming the moon, seeking the Lunar Wave, and bought a telescope, DSLR camera, created the website, YT channel, and am spending a ton of time looking for it and posting the additional info I find in the mean time. That to me is a testament to Crow’s hard work in this field to actually convince a guy like me to go out and spend my life currently filming as much as I can.

        Take Care.

  13. I am confused about the upgrades discussion. So the upgrades stopped in 2012. Where are they saying the upgrades came from? This whole visual of the finger of god touching us reminds me of the film Lucy, where she goes back in time and touches the ape, Lucy. I’m searching for clarification, of whether these upgrades were coming from the moon? If the moon is being used for nefarious purposes, then to stop the upgrades would be a good thing, right? But from earlier discussions and readings on Crow’s site, the 5 billion are not going to evolve further, so then it begs the question of whether the upgrades are coming from somewhere else, and the rest of humanity will continue to receive these upgrades. Can anyone clarify this?

    1. It seems were are still at the mercy of translations. It is hard to know much of anything Hatybov – for sure, only what I can match to my understanding.

    2. I was thinking about the upgrades from the moon and how they would stop for one segment also. It makes more sense to me that if the moon is a control mechanism that the upgrades would be used to control those getting the downloads, so if a large portion of people stoped getting the downloads in 2009, it would fit this whole “waking up” period we have saw in so many people between 2009′-2012’… which is a good thing.

      So my perspective on those who were cut off from the download are those who have been freed from the moon control mechanism download sessions and have woke up enough to open their mind to the possibility of the deceptions and control mechanisms that are in place.

      So, Christonas, you are not alone in your reasoning. :0)

    3. This thing about downloads may be more of an idea or speculation than theory being put forth. Looking back over 2012, I advanced a LOT in my understanding and awareness of things spiritual over most of the year, which continued into 2013. A lot of what happened, just happened, out of nowhere, I wasn’t seeking it out, things I had never before nor since experienced. 2009 is also when I started to go much more in depth on seeking out esoteric and underlying information on just what is going on. Haven’t stopped since. I’m glad and also a little surprised to hear other people pointing out 2009 for the same reason.
      One mans take on the idea, there really is something to astrological influence, maybe downloads is a confusing way to think of it. We really are all connected to and part of one mind, the trends and influences directing it probably have a lot to do with the ordinary flux of many people focusing on the same ideas at the same time, and many other factors and influences going on at the same time. What could possibly influence general trends in huge numbers of people in ways that have nothing to do with mass media? I asked myself this when I first noticed it, the only answer I could come up with is astrological influences. If you give this some thought, try and visualize how vast and complex such influences would have to be, how multi-layered. I’d be glad to hear anyone that has a different possibility to put forth.

      1. Forgot to say, it sounds like some of you are giving way too much credence and power to this idea of the moon being some kind of encompassing control mechanism running our minds and emotions. Whatever your current situation is, you still have choice and the power to act of your own volition, the ability to act from will instead of habit and what is easiest or what is expected, the impetus is in you, not out there or anywhere else. It would seem that we have all already made the initial choice. The influences are all over the fkng place, no doubt, but they are influences, not commands or imperatives you must follow.

        1. @Winter_mute: When I speak of a subject on here, like the moon being a control mechanism for instance, I allow myself to put all other previous beliefs, ideals, notions, theories, etc. aside to totally emerse myself in the current thought experiment. Then I try to make connections with other ideas, beliefs, theories etc to see if anything fits or might correlate to make a bigger, more meaningfulpicture. So while there are those that seem like they are buying into everything,they could just be keeping an open mindto a fresh/different peperspective. Really, its the only way to grow and learn new perspectives or find truth is to allow yourself to open your mind to new possibilities enough to use your critical thinking skills and instinct to sort out what’s bullshit and what might be factual/partially factual.

          1. Absolutely correct, I have to push past initial resistance to new concepts to really get what is being put forth, not easy to do. And the weird just keeps getting more weird 🙂

        2. I think women understand this idea of the moon because some women can set their menstrual cycle by it. A very physiological control, but when women congregate together, their cycles will line up together even over the moon’s influence. If all is energy, then it is as likely there is a mental/emotional control as well as physical. This is harder to verify and certainly we are less likely to believe we can be controlled because it always feels like us making the decisions. And I understand when you say at some point there was a shift and people seemed to begin searching for answers and other things. You look around and wonder why others can’t see what seems so clear, and they can’t see things and can’t seem to rationalize things either. It boggles my mind. I wonder why some people break free and others can’t, many people I know are smarter then me believe silly things. The genetic idea is very alluring to provide an explanation. Especially after listening to the work of Harold Kautz and how the nano particles from chemtrails can be used for mind control but there are those that are immune. Its all fascinating.

  14. Okay.

    So there’s a download at Easter, which is Passover in Judaism.

    They put ash on the Christians’ foreheads and lambs’ blood on the Jews’ doorposts.
    And the ones who don’t have the lambs’ blood lose their firstborn, and the ones who go out that night surely perish.

    Then there’s twelve notes in the chromatic scale in addition to twelve tribes of Israel and twelve signs in the zodiac.

    Then there’s that science is coded in so many ancient writings, and even in art, with positions in yoga and hand mudras standing for we don’t even know what…

    But it’s there.

    I’d love to hear Mark Sargeant and Crrow and someone like Laird Scranton, who’s deciphering ancient languages and cosmologies in terms of particle physics, mosh.

  15. Minor point, just because I recently read this one, at the end when Crow asks about the blues seen on the moon during the eclipse (not caught on camera) that is the cones in the eye adjusting for low light levels. The Rods in your eye are very active at low light (they distinguish TONAL contrast) the cones are way less active at low levels (they distinguish COLOR differentiation). However, the aspect of the cones that distinguishes blue is closely correlated and activated by Rods, so the light appears more blue. This is why a camera doesn’t read the moon or scene at night as blue, but our brains interpret a coolness to night. It is also, sadly, the reason movies throw a stupid blue filter on all night scenes, hehe.

    Anyway, I don’t know much, but I just read about that phenomenon in a painting book, thought it was interesting, may have butchered it, but figured I’d try to help on one small point.

    1. I got a blue tinge on my iPod camera shot of the eclipse in UK.
      Just noticed it today as I heard it mentioned too, so I looked back at the photo.
      Cloudy shot.

    2. To be clear I have images of the colors at the eclipse which is why I was and am in wonder of what it means. I have never see anything but reds/browns and have no doubt a this point that lunar eclipses are a manipulated event.

  16. Ohh holy father crow, matrix, flat earther, I can’t wait to hear thy commandments , and the holy scrolls (a book that you are obviously going to write) of bullshit, stick to filming good footage and leave your views and opinions (bullshit) out.

    1. Wow, gringo, what a strong opinion you have. And what big ears you have. And how about that bridge you came out from underneath. I would suspect you were a troll except you made the comment that he takes good videos.

      You are entitled to your own opinion but atleast get the facts straight, Crow is not a “Flat Earther.” I am intrigued by Crow’s views and feel they are presented with genuine integrity based on experiences he has had personally and he, like you, is entitled to his own opinion. Just because his thoughts, experiences and perspectives of things differ from yours I dont see why you would feel the need to spend your time to write such a comment.

      So tell me, what exactly do you think is such bullshit about Crow’s opinions? I would be interested to know your opinion of what you disagree so strongly with.

        1. Listen to how many times this dude says he knows for a fact, and then The moon is a facade, ?. How because he captured footage of waves. What caused those waves, ?. The camera?, the pollution in the atmostphere?, heat waves, ?. What kind of camera do you use? do you have image stablization on? Satellites how come my dish network has a channel with a camera on a satellite pointing at earth, it just has to be fake right? GPS just works off of cell towers probably. Satellite radio runs off radio towers. Pointing my satillite to different parts of the sky so I can get different channels is a facade. I can go on and on but I’m on my phone and it’s hard to type.

          1. I get what your saying, gringo, and I’m not convinced that the moon is a facade either, but the point is that Crow isn’t expecting you to believe him, he is just trying to plant a seed in people’sminds to look for themselves and make their own determinations based on objective reasoning, personalobservations, an open mind and use a sound set of critical thinking skills that you don’t get in our finacial banked/big businessbacked, slave controled school system and society. Which I suspect is the reason and basis for his upcoming “Crow’s Laws.” It will be a set of personalguidlines that he uses to relearn the facts of what he knows. After learning of the true magnitude of deception that comprises this reality you have to go back to square one with you new found, hand built by you, bullshit detectorand box of truth seeking tools in the form of a well thought out set of structured

        2. …rules that you go by to prevent being decieved in the future. So his “Crow’s Laws” isn’t meant to be a set of 10 commandments, only to share the rules that he has put in place to use to figure out reality and the true nature of his world for himself. He might suggest using his “laws” or more than likely suggest you make up your own, so that you and break free of the deception reality and find the truth to everything on your own as well.

          If you listen to his previous shows he tells you the exact make/model/settings/lenses of his camera and telescope used in tge capture of the 2012 lunar wave.

          Its fantastic that you are questioning things but it seems to me that you attacked someone that has evidence, or claims to have evidence, that would alter your perceptionof reality and you went into full attack mode like most people do. Its ok. You just have to get over that hump and either accept the responsibility of figuring things out for yourself or take the blue pill and live in the world of deceptions, purposely
          Ignorant because you were too scared to step out of your comfort zone.

          1. To be clear I should not have used the word “laws” I think. What I will provide in he next article is a set of rules I hold myself to in order to discover and hare that which is hidden and plausibly deniable. These rules are also what I used to open my eyes over the course of about a year – a long time ago. I hope it may help others now struggling with a very harsh reality.

  17. I also have to say – and I do not mean this in any sort of political, non-political corrected form, nor racist, nor any negative connotation AT ALL attached to it:

    Greg – the fact that you are able to use the words “house negro” – AT ALL… these days, yet keep it entirely respectful and historically accurate speaks volumes to your character. People can say whatever they want but those people would be ignoring history. And let’s face it – you’re our younger, combination of characters Mr. Hand & Jeff Spicoli teaching us our history here. Kidding – but you must know what I’m talking about, I’d think. Point is – huge “props” for just speaking loudly out in the open as we should all be able to do without everyone getting so damned offended.

    Or to quote your other guy hosting you on XM – “the fuck is the fuckin’ matter with you Greg? Greg…naw bro…Fuckin’ naw bro…you’re fuckin’ out of line brah…fuckin’ reptiles and your fuckin’ bullshit. No fuckin’ way…you’re not allowed to use that language.”

    Such a double standard. Which is why, I believe, THC is just the cream of the crop of these shows. Conspiracies or not – great job brother.

  18. Ash Wednesday part made me think of how hindus put the red dot over the pineal , when in most cases of people supposedly seeing this chakra it is not red , its violet . It seems to me this could be another trick to steer the masses away from true spirituality,
    Red is earthly and if used imbalanced it is the will to the material , where as violet obviously is a combination of both red and blue body and spirit etc .

    1. I no longer use that language and suspect it maybe a façade. I think there is a difference as I am no longer using language to suggest a new model but there really is no way to start the conversation if at least that much is not said. The flat Earth folk are creating whole new models on top of the baggage from a very old society. I see a difference.

  19. Keep having crow back. Steven e Tracey would be good to talk about 911 since he was fired from BYU for it. James Tracey is another professor who almost got fired for talking about sandy hook. Keep up the great show!!

  20. One of the best thing crow has going for him is his work. If he didn’t have so many great videos that made me scratch my head I would think he was nuts. Keep up the great work crow. I’m still wtf ?!

    1. I see so many folks without footage of any kind trying to show folks the way but they make little headway for the reason you point out here. Cheers

  21. Another great chat with crrow! thanks a lot for this one!
    Some random thoughts after listening :
    This year the jewish holiday ‘Yom Kipur’ is on the September 23 (!)
    This date is all over the media with some major and horrific apocalyptic theories
    and other biblical prophecies. AFAIK this date is parallel with some high gear experiments
    in CERN.

    Thinking about the reason of the control system is being 100 steps a head of people might got a lot
    to do with the existing of time travel technology as Andrew D basiago stated
    on his many interviews. he actually mentioned the 9-11events as a fact that was known since
    the 70’s to some high ranks of CIA and military personnel .in one of his interviews he actually describes
    the exact moment they found about it using a Chronovizor which is a device that is capable to
    show future events using sounds and visions. this device was developed by the vatican in the 50’s and was improved
    later in the USA.
    BTW- Basiago might be a great candidate for one of your future shows. he has a great story IMO.

    As for music- I’m quite convinced about using is as a frequency weapon in mainstream media but on the other hand i always thinking about all the pleasure it gives us in life. personally i can give up everything else but music. i also i think that it can give us so many clues and information. I’m sure that some of the artists out there are actually screaming out what we all just can’t see…
    look at Arcade Fire for example, a huge band which is not exactly considers to be mainstream . you can find on each of their albums so many messages that are not even hidden about the system and our own existence .
    “my body is a cage” is one of my favorite examples:

    My body is a cage that keeps me
    From dancing with the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    I’m standing on a stage
    Of fear and self-doubt
    It’s a hollow play
    But they’ll clap anyway

    My body is a cage that keeps me
    From dancing with the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    You’re standing next to me
    My mind holds the key

    I’m living in an age
    That calls darkness light
    Though my language is dead
    Still the shapes fill my head

    I’m living in an age
    Whose name I don’t know
    Though the fear keeps me moving
    Still my heart beats so slow

    My body is a cage that keeps me
    From dancing with the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    You’re standing next to me
    My mind holds the key
    My body is a

    My body is a cage
    We take what we’re given
    Just because you’ve forgotten
    That don’t mean you’re forgiven

    I’m living in an age
    That screams my name at night
    But when I get to the doorway
    There’s no one in sight

    I’m living in an age
    That laughs
    When I’m dancing
    With the one I love
    But my mind holds the key

    You’re standing next to me
    My mind holds the key

    Set my spirit free
    Set my spirit free
    Set my body free
    Set my body free

    Set my spirit free
    Set my body free

  22. some of your comments are just too long to read-
    there is just one thing i would like to address crow over,
    eric dubay.
    why do you think he is a dis info agent?-
    sorry to repeat myself but where is the proof of a bloody globe?

    1. I have never spoken with Mr Dubay and I have never said anything about him. What has been said is that he has been saying publically I am a shill – according to followers. Again, I have no idea why.

      1. I’ve puzzled over his comments about you as well. If anything your views and observations seem somewhat compatible. I have noticed with him if you deviant a millimeter from his views you are a disinfo agent. It really does not help his cause, unless his cause is to be some sort of guru on flat earth and truth.

  23. Great show. Has anyone on here ever heard of “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” series of books? They are interesting reads. Anyway, they were translated from Russian into English by a Canadian named John Woodsworth. I’m not sure of Crrow’s interest in getting a professional translation done of the Hadybov research, but that might be a good guy to talk to if that route became a feasible option. Crrow could always start a Kickstarter campaign (or something similar) to raise enough money to pay for the translation. I’m sure listeners of this podcast would donate to the cause. You can check out his bio here:

  24. Amazing conversation you two! Thanks for your thoughtful response to my question, Crrow. I think you’re right that realizing it’s a construct is the most important first step because then we know we’re looking at a dependent existence as a planet, not just flying on a rock in a larger real universe. Boy, you aren’t kidding about throwing away all received knowledge being the hardest thing ever. Though the works of my namesake were hugely influential for me, playing around with discarding all belief can be all fun and games until it touches on things you experience every day. As Fort said though, “you want power over something? Be more nearly real than it.” So our task now is primarily to get a hold of what is more *relatively* real by seeing what is deception. I guess I’m not quite as paranoid as you 😉 , even if the system we live in is closed I don’t think we know enough to say whether we’re totally at the whim of some outside control, or whether we’re part of a larger, inter-dependent reality. Perhaps this is a co-created soul playground/learning center as some religions teach, and the dominance of deceptive forces is just the current state of affairs. Gah, emotion and the overwhelming desire for narrative do play such a huge role. I suppose attachment to the comfort of some sort of benevolent divine order and fear of living in a system decidedly not made for human benefit should both be considered obstacles to real understanding. For me, it’s enough for now to see how fundamentally wrong our history and materialist ideas of consciousness are. That alone lends, not faith maybe, but confidence. Anything is likely to be better than *that* horror-show!

    I hope your focus on data collection and steadfast refusal to spin stories spreads like wildfire! You’ve certainly inspired me to stop worrying about absorbing enough information and get down to some experiments I’ve cooked up.

  25. Great show, have you checked out the mainstream scientists who say the moon is artificial? Although you may not agree with a lot of their “facts” based on NASA data, there is still a goldmine of info out there, work that good intentioned people have already done, just waiting for you to dive down into and pull out the giant nuggets (Christopher Knight, “Who Built the Moon?”). Even David Icke has written an interesting book about our fabricated satellite that’s worth looking at.

    1. Tell me about it…I keep going back to the source material and keep rereading it. The mythos is sort of falling in place; I am hoping to get a few more summaries posted – fascinating stuff

  26. Once again, I forgot to add, this reminded me of an Ayahuasca experience of one of the big names in the entheogen field, I think it was Jeremy Narby, the guy that wrote The Cosmic Serpent, among others……went something like this. A reptilian form began to communicate with him, showing him how they fell from the sky, from space, obviously, and begin to hide themselves into the lifeforms they found on earth, trying to escape detection and destruction from some enemy that had wiped a lot of them out and sent them on the run through the galaxy. They explained that they had been part of humanity from the beginning and were the “rulers of the universe” or the galaxy, something along those lines. When he told the shaman of what he had seen the next day, the shaman was quite familiar with these beings and how they manifested and explained themselves, said that they are always saying they are the rulers of all.

  27. Crow you are the man, I thought I had some sort of idea of what was going on but your info has taken me to a new level and really given me a wake up. Daylight savings has always given me the shits and now I know why. If you are ever in Australia you are welcome at my place anytime.

    1. Or you could just provide a link to something that could be addressed, rather than making a broad statement and asking everyone to google something. Do you have a link?

    2. I am not sure how filming footage and showing it to people makes me a fraud. I have never shown false clips or knowingly lied in anything I have provided on my channel.

  28. I initially paid for my subscription purely to hear the rest of this conversation. Great job Carlwood.
    My two cents: Being awake for the last five years, I spend a lot of time researching alternative topics. Some weeks ago when entertaining myself with a certain gentlemans evidence of a flat earth (not to name drop, but I’ll call him eric), I heard mention of a Crrow 777 in an unsavoury light.
    After looking at Crrows work and listening to his interviews, I just have to say ‘thanks eric’, and although he had some good thought provoking evidence, the best thing I got out of his dissertation was Crrow777’s name.
    I realise the importance of observable facts and the need to limit speculation ( paraphrasing Crrow ), but I enjoy hearing Crrows own thoughts and possible implications of the Hatybow research, as facts without inference are relatively bereft of meaning.
    Anyway I realise that if posts are too long, they generally don’t get read, so I’ll close by saying if I had the funds I would fly Crrow and ett to NewZealand put them up for as long as needed, buy them new equipment in exchange for intelligent conversation over bottles of good Scotch.
    Intelligent convo is indeed hard to come by when everyone is fast asleep.

    1. To be clear I am very interested in helping demonstrate that our world – all of it – has been miss described. I am not interested in joining clubs of long standing societies to this end. I feel the best work will be done by individuals that move toward a better description in an organic way. Most of all I will not be a part of belittling people or fighting over details and theories.

  29. I checked out the link that winter mute posted, and this message from Houston Skywatch was there. I thought it was worth reposting here:

    “I have offered this up but I will mention it one more time as almost all of my efforts revolve around the concept of the Lunar Wave. Back in late 2014 I took it upon myself to start the journey to capture it myself, experience, donate the clips, and share it with others. I started a .com website, a Youtube channel with nearing 200 subscribers now, purchased a telescope, a 26 megapixel DSLR camera, all of the small pieces I need to hook it up – and am actively filming the moon nightly in order to attempt to capture “the wave.” So far – I have not seen it. Many have offered up “debunking” but not a single theory holds any water. So the best I can do is take my telescope, DSLR Nikon, and film and see where it takes me. In that time I have captured many UFO’s crossing the moon, chemtrails, tropical storms, and great shots of the moon and sun and stars.

    My website is which is a portal to reach me at my Youtube channel which is I exclusively release my work on Youtube.

    The entire website and web presence is dedicated to capturing the Lunar Wave and then sharing it if we can ever witness it. If we do – it’ll be like winning the lottery. As a matter of fact, however, the latest capture was in Houston and I had been filming that night both before and after the instance of the wave. I missed it in a matter of about an hour by sheer chance.

    My idea is this: There is a website called “Fiverr” ( On this site, you can pay for any range of services – one being Russian to English technical writing translation. It only costs $5 for a certain number of words. So if we can get Crrow himself to give us what he considers to be the relevant passages – I would gladly pay for the services. I have attempted to get this going but so far with no good response. I am tempted to do it on my own but if anyone wants to help please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form located at – near the bottom of the page. That emails me directly and I always respond. Let me know – anyone out there reading.”

    Houston Skywatch

    1. Good to see you here sir. That last capture in Houston was strange indeed as I too missed it by inches. My best guess is that we will have a very good chance at the wave in Sept near the fall equinox though constant shooting is a plus. I hope we can have many locations filming this Sept.

      Right now am ramping up for the road trip and have little time to deal with much else on top of shooting but your idea is good one. I think the single lunar page from Hatybov is the best place to start and clearly the direct link to the wave.

    2. Wow – thanks for the plug. I am Houston Skywatch (Jeff) and I have followed the Lunar Wave, and Crrow, as long as I have been aware of his work which has been just over a year now. I often times wonder if this is some massive social experiment – but I’m also a pro at reading people, so if Crrow were to be doing an experiment – based upon listening to him for hours on THC – and over a year now on his YT channel – he is absolutely, unoquivocally the real deal. We talk often and his work has literally brought me to the point where – and it’s like I’ve told him – I cannot watch movies, listen to music, nor see any form of entertainment without seeing right through it. It is all so transparent now. His information even caused me to start questioning Christianity – which is hugely problematic to my world view as I’m not a kid – I’m 31 now – and so my beliefs are formed – BUT I am open to any new ideas that “ring” true. His ideas ring absolutely true and like you guys I subscribed to THC just to listen to Crow and Greg – unsubbed because I thought $5/month was too much, but now I have re-subbed and don’t plan on canceling now that I see how great a host Greg is.

      As for all of what you had posted as quoting me – it’s absolutely true – and so far – I think I’m one of the most vocal people who has taken up this issue (mainly the Lunar Wave) head on – funded myself 100% of the time – and so like I’ve said before I have no agenda other than helping to capture the Lunar Wave – document, experience, and share it – and let others know exactly how/when it happened and if anything else stuck out. Right now I’m sitting on hours of footage of the moon like always that I have to go through. It has been a long journey but we are making progress I believe. Until I capture it I will likely tirelessly keep filming despite resistance and comments from others that I’m crazy. I can tell you also – Crrow has NOT been debunked by any stretch of the imagination. The debunking is comical at best.

      Keep in touch guys. Like I said you can reach me at through the contact form. That goes straight to me and I do my best to always reply to every last comment.

  30. Croww777
    You are definitly on the path. However, I cringe when you use an observation of space vehicles not getting to space, because they turn towards the horizon. This is a basic fundamental of orbital dynamics that cannot be fudged by “controlers”.
    Get kerbal space program and you will understand why they turn.

    I agree with you that this reality suspicious (lunar wave etc..) and is a little too perfect… look at Scott Onstotts work with number and measure…it all fits so perfectly as to appear to be crafted, however, I think there is enough evidence to suggest that this created reality can be viewed from space and is “real”. Like you, I watched as a 7yo the moon landings…That is a tough one to let go…

    Anyway, keep up the good work and always be a Suspicious0bserver (check out Suspicious0bservers on youtube for some good info on space weather phenomena)

    SansPeur!! = NO FEAR!!

  31. Aaahh the Moon. As mentioned, often associated with mystery, illusion and dream. Ruling the waters, and by correspondence the emotions and the illusive feminine. When seeking to illuminate the hidden or occulted world, one must also gaze within. As above, so below. So we can ascribe these qualities to the object we see, but in reality it is inseparable from the relationship.
    To take the idea of a facade and consider the implications internally, would imply an emotional deception of some kind. The question is, do we identify it’s source as external and compelling or more of a sympathetic projection? Where do we place the fulcrum of awareness?

  32. That was so engrossing. I had to listen twice to make sure I caught it all. The talk about 365 days in a year being out of sync with 360 made me think of Eclipse by Pink Floyd… “And everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.”

  33. Great show! Every time you have Crow on I think, what else could he possible say for 2 hours? Then I listen and it’s always one of the best shows to date. I really enjoyed it. I find myself looking at the skies wondering “what the hell am I looking at??” more and more. Thanks guys!

    1. Looks like it flattened out to me. I was at Epcot in Orlando in 2006 and saw it take off from there. Same thing…I wondered why it didn’t go straight up. I also noticed the earth seemed to have no curve from the window plane view.

    2. Thanks for sharing. To me it makes sense that a rocket would have to flatten out to gain speed to stay in orbit. Those curves were born from the complex equations those old white guys had been working on. Not that there isn’t a terrific bunch of crap they’ve dealt us, but I think the real conspiracy is found in the hidden technology; that they’ve left us with tin cans on a firecracker.

    3. This is a good example of two things we often see. he hard arc out over the ocean and the tape cut before too much is shown. There is no footage of escape from our world as far as I can tell. Good clip

  34. Crrow777 –

    I started thinking about the segment of this show concerning the satellites and whether they exist or not. I recall watching an episode of Prophets of Science Fiction about the famous author Arthur C. Clarke. In the episode it talks about Clarke being stationed at a radar installation during WWII. As an experiment he tried to bounce a signal off the moon for a possible method of global communication. It was said to not work because the moon was “too far”. That is when this future sci-fi author came up with the concept of satellites for use as global communication relays. Several things I found interesting about this. For one, the idea of satellites, which can not be verified by any of the methods you employee with your equipment, was invented (at least conceptually) by an author of fiction.

    The next thing I find interesting is that based on your observations, the moon appears to be much closer (video using google earth). If the moon is indeed closer; then shooting radar waves at it should result in some measurable bounce back waves. However, if the moon is both closer and not a solid object it would make total sense why Clarke did not receive any waves bounced back would it not?

    Just another bit of data to file away.

    Thanks for all your great work.

  35. Ok ….. i thought you were a good guest to listen to but to hear you compare 360 degrees to 365 days that is like comparing 12 ft to 12 min no correlation. Also to hear you call others ideas as “fantasy” yet none of your info is ever vetted its all stipulation be glad other guest dont sue your ass for slander and defamation of character .

  36. Hey, I know this isn’t a show about chem trails in particular, but I know Crow knows a lot about them so I’m putting my Questions here. I’ve been watching the skies and noticing the planes spraying, and even the second plane that comes after ….I get that they spray to block the sun, but, WHAT is it that they are spraying?
    And what are the effects on the human nervous system? Does it effect the pineal gland(which some believe to be the center of enlightenment in each person?) also….why dont they spray at night when we wouldn’t notice? How are they able to get away with this gridding of the sky so blatently with no questions asked?

    1. All good questions and hard to address. There are lab reports you can search online that show 3 heavy metals in chemtrails. I am sure what they are doing serves many purposes to include weather modification. The drought here in SoCal is almost certainly engineered.

  37. Definitely trying to push the drone agenda. I just seen a news segment where fire fighters used a drone to fly a life jacket to a kayaker stranded on a rock in the middle of a river, might have been the river hopper in me but I’m pretty sure I could have walked to shore, he was no more than 20′ from either side. They still used their regular equipment to get him anyways. But they had to broadcast the fact they used a drone.

    Any how thanks for all you’re doing both Greg and Crow.

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