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Jim Chesnar | The Bock Saga Returns, Hidden Helsinki Artifacts, & Ior Himself

Topics Covered: Lost Knowledge, Mysterious Places, Personal Stories

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Ior Bock was the last in a long line of Bocks, who preserved within their family, an oral tradition said to have emerged at the beginning of the human story. The Bock saga claims to be the original corpus of materiel from which Finish and Scandinavian mythology, language, and culture is derived. Today’s returning guest, Jim Chesnar, is one of the most knowledgeable Bock Saga proponents left in the world. He joins THC as part of his ongoing effort to spread this knowledge, and keep the saga alive.

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What the Saga has to say about the 13 original races on the planet and how we progressed. The truth and misunderstandings about the heart. The history of the hemp plant. The seeder culture that taught the rest of us. The Saga’s perspective on the pyramids
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