Jim Chesnar | The Bock Saga Returns, Hidden Helsinki Artifacts, & Ior Himself

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Ior Bock was the last in a long line of Bocks, who preserved within their family, an oral tradition said to have emerged at the beginning of the human story. The Bock saga claims to be the original corpus of materiel from which Finish and Scandinavian mythology, language, and culture is derived. Today’s returning guest, Jim Chesnar, is one of the most knowledgeable Bock Saga proponents left in the world. He joins THC as part of his ongoing effort to spread this knowledge, and keep the saga alive.

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What the Saga has to say about the 13 original races on the planet and how we progressed. The truth and misunderstandings about the heart. The history of the hemp plant. The seeder culture that taught the rest of us. The Saga’s perspective on the pyramids

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    1. I like this one almost more, just because it’s more about the idea of real buried artifacts. Sure, they relate to the Saga, but you don’t have to really take much stock in it to find the pattern compelling: Ior says they’re there, radar imaging find something, findings are dismissed by academics.

      Open the temple and show me the golden staircase to the inner Earth, dammit!

  1. I was JUST thinking about the Bock Saga earlier in the day! How wonderful to have even more information on this.
    (Sorry about the stupid name of bonerpizza. My son did this to me as a joke. Not funny. But he did get me a year of THC so I’m not too pissed off. I’m Juliesunshine333 and my son is a goofball. ????)

  2. He’s right about the heart just being a pump. It is given way too much credit for what it does, (emotionally and spiritually at least). What Jim should look into a little more is the organ that sits directly in the centre of the chest, an organ that hardly anyone ever talks about; the Thymus.
    It’s the largest organ in our body when we’re born. It’s the size of a mans fist in a newborn baby; it continues to grow in the child until we hit puberty and then for some strange reason when our hormones kick in it begins to shrink. It is hugely important for our immune system. And most interestingly is an organ that responds physically to emotions.
    When we experience extreme and sudden trauma the Thymus can shrink to half its size within 24hours. It’s the place we clutch when we are heartbroken or experiencing grief. It’s the place we touch when we say “I am…”. It’s the place that an ape or gorilla pounds to assert themselves. The thymus has its root word in Greek which they say it has no English translation but the closest would be ‘Soul’.

    It’s a fascinating organ and deserves more attention. I don’t disagree with Jim’s theory on the ‘heart’ being in the genitalia, but perhaps it’s a system of three, mind, thymus and genitals.
    Just a thought.

  3. i live in Finland. the temple u talk about is it the temple Lemminkäinens tempel in sibbo? what is the temple at sveaborg? our goverment news paper have cover’d this story quiet abit. on this last news , they have a 22min look in to this. not sure what to think about this. We in Finland is one of the least corrupt countrys in the world. and listening to them and sound really like the media tryes to figure this out, but can’t get the head around it. the news in is Swedish if any swedes also wanna look in to it.

    the killing of ior bock is very much strange. And also the company that helped him was also the company called Lemminkäinen they are in the house building business. so wierd that the co of that company was ready to invest money, but when interview’d he never says he believes the story of ior , he’s reason is just that we are boys that wanna have fun, and if the story is true or not doesn’t matter for us we hope for good pr.

    im here for u, i can travel to places to look for the stuff he talk about, if u give me coordinates.

      1. I saw a museum castle Suomenlinna near Helsinki, I believe Gumbostrand on google earth has also been mentioned as Lemminkäinen Temple in a related article.

  4. One of the gifts of flat earth is being able to quickly hear a story like this and know if it’s true or not. Earth tilt? Vacuum of space? 50million years of lost history? The Bocks oral tradition would have flat earth all over it if it was more than 100 years old… the globe deception is not NEARLY as old as you have been lead to believe. Late 1800s it started not 500 years ago. Ask your 90+ year old grandparents if they were taught globe. These guests have to catch up, were unravelling the bs more quickly now. Research infrared photography if you are still on the fence on where you live…

  5. Great episode, fascinating myth/history.

    Also, much respect to Jim Cheshnar for his strong words condemning the savage brutality and desecration of natural law that is circumcision. More than a few guests have said similar things now… and though by my username it’s something I care a lot about, I could probably make a list of a dozen other wish-list subjects to cover.

    That said, maybe an episode (or part of one) that focuses on the below-the-radar trend men have taken against having been circumcised by restoring their foreskin? There are enough authors and scholars on the subject, it has a historical basic going back to ancient times so could be a damn cool listen in the greater scope of body modification, etc etc. It would certainly be a ballsy (hahaha) subject to address with the range your podcast has.

    PS Greg–is Shamangineer ever coming back on to finish his elemental series? Those were incredible and so dense with great knowledge.

    PPS–would love another episode touching on Wilhelm Reich and orgone energy, ether, etc. James Demeo could be a great candidate to do this… in The Orgone Accumulator Handbook he has an appendix titled “A Dynamic and Substantive Cosmological Ether”… he also wrote the book Saharasia that that traces the history of civilization as it relates to “armored”/violent societies and genital cutting in the titular region of the world– as opposed to more peaceful matriarchal societies… admittedly I have yet to read it but it’s been near the top of my list. The book description and reviews on Amazon articulate the thesis really well. Thanks!

    1. I agree. Very interesting topic. Circumcision goes back to the ancient Egyptians (as far as we know) and is still practiced among the Dogon, too. I wonder how those views work with these views. Great episode.

  6. Greg, you have no need to make excuses at the end. Keep producing our mind candy at your pace. You give us 5 a month and they are all good Carlwood. Good luck on that forum you promised in the 25th though. The format is weaker than the mantle in your “office”. You have to sort that out (the mantle and format).

  7. And boom goes the mic once again Greg.. Thank you for another amazing show, it was so well worth the wait as all your shows are! There was many intriguing ideas presented especially about the pyramids being built and their purpose and it Rings true within me and I feel it has much importance to us so thank you for senting this to us and we will see you on Friday at the joint sessions ❤️

  8. Greg,

    It would be fascinating for you to get Laird Scranton and Jim Chesnar together. It seems to me Laird and Jim would be able to elucidate and corroborate each other’s work. As a linguist by training I’ve definitely found evidence that the official history of the semitic vs. the Indo-European language families just don’t add up, as I keep finding correspondences that shouldn’t be there if the two families were completely unrelated.

    I’d love to hear these two have a conversation.

  9. One of my favorite shows ever! Right up there with Richard Cassaro. Thank you both for coming together and making this happen. Love the hidden historical aspects and the theories on the body. I’ve always wondered why we mutilate baby boys as a norm in society. Looking forward to going back and listening to the first episode.

  10. Turned 50 this year but the 6th grade mind in me has to point out that boo-tay is the nest for the elixir of life.
    Love creation stories, how the hell did we get stuck with the “let there be… story” clearly the weakest of the bunch.

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